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A Discard Study - Live performance

A Discard Study - Live performance from Katherine Melancon on Vimeo.

A MUE (Catherine Debard + Léon Lo) and Katherine Melançon performance. Excerpt from the visuals for a live performance: A discard Study. World premiere at Mutek 2022 in Montreal, see the documentation here:

The performance:
Cut fruits and vedge
Eat the flesh and record it
Scan the leftovers
Use a pH sensor into the leftovers; see what fruits and vedges leftovers are selected and made into an animated composition (the VJ is the fruits and vedge)
Towards the end, close the "Bowl Cam" and the "Scan Cam" and let the visuals take all the stage.

We've created this editing for a discussion event organized by online magazine Le Sigh.
Le Sigh is a visual magazine investigating time-based contemporary practice:

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