Painting a Song in the Air (Spain)

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Labuat - Pintar una canción en el aire from Herraiz Soto on Vimeo.
" For the launch of music group Labuat’s first single, we created a paintbrush that “listens” to the music and reacts to its changes. To share this experience with others and let people make their own wall paintings, as if they were waving a conductor’s baton, we hooked up a Wii joystick to a laptop and took the display to different parts of the city. "
" Para el lanzamiento del primer single del grupo musical Labuat, creamos un pincel que “escucha” la musica y reacciona a sus cambios. Para compartir esa experiencia con la gente y que pudiesen pintar en paredes como quien mueve una batuta de orquesta, sincronizamos un mando de la wii al laptop y llevamos nuestra instalación a diferentes puntos de la ciudad. "

MSAFluid controlled by faderTouch

Most megismerhetjük közelebbről VJ Fader touch controller-jét.

MSAFluid controlled by faderTouch from VJFader on Vimeo.
faderTouch is a rear projection single touch controller by VJ Fader.
MSAFluid created by Memo Akten.



Radosław Janicki (Wroclaw) munkája, aki "vizuális animátor". Infót sajnos csak lengyelül találtam róla, úgy meg sajnos nem értek.:(

Luminator_live_set from Radosław Janicki on Vimeo.
Luminator - main vj & montage
Patchouli Island - muz
12.09.2008 / BlipVert LIVEACT! NIGHT / Wagon
04.10.2008 / AUDIO-CITY WROCŁAW #5 / Browar Mieszczański
14.02.2008 / AUDIO-CITY VALENTINES #6 / Browar Mieszczański
28.03.09 / THERAPY SESSIONS / WROCŁAW - Browar Mieszczański
extra vj's:
Agnes, Vans Goblin, Wezyr, Vison

Eric Glick Rieman @ ResBox with VJ Fader 4-17-09

Ez történt 17-én VJFader közreműködésével LA-ben:

Eric Glick Rieman @ ResBox with VJ Fader 4-17-09 from VJFader on Vimeo.
Improv live visuals using Processing and FaderTouch rear projection single touch control system.
Eric Glick Rieman on keyboard.
ResBox is a monthly experimental music showcase in Los Angeles.


dnllnb videója

minimal..(to be countinued) from dnllnb on Vimeo.



Ma a mapping témájában mutatok pár új videót.
A készítők: patcon96, CyberPatrolUnit, vj Lab ( a névrokon :) ), dirk rauscher, Digital Slaves.

So this was a really sweet project. Ricky and the boys hoisted 5 20K Christies up to the 4th floor balcony overlooking the plaza. The other two were stacked away on the ground and off at a 40 degree angle from the smaller building.
We modeled the entire space in 3D and then created media for it in 3DSMax. Very cool.
The media we created was designed to work directly with the architecture and synchronized to a music track created by our own Alex Oropeza. Some of the new guys did some really amazing work with the media, and the FireFrame software did the trick by synchronizing and blending all the projectors and fitting it perfectly with the old SF Mint building.
The project was commissioned by one of our clients, McAfee, who are great to work with and really creative.

Etienne De Crecy !! from CyberPatrolUnit on Vimeo.
Live at Coachella 2009

Indoor mapping • boxes and circles from vj Lab on Vimeo.
Scenes from my last week test, just to see some new nodes in some old shapes :) made using VJO
Sorry about the camera focus in some scenes.
music: Ride a White Horse
band: Goldfrapp

BLUEPRINTS FOR ROMANS - AV Social at Late at Tate Britain from dirk rauscher on Vimeo.
Slide - Videoinstallation by BOPA & BRUNO TAIT
Supported by VMS VideoMovingSystems
Using Slide and VMS untis, Bopa and Bruno Tait incorporated neoclassical works from Return of the Gods into a slow motion light installation.

Digital Slaves [Imagine Create] from Digital Slaves on Vimeo.
Create Imagine 2009 was a 3 days festival which was focused on the creative applications of technology; specifically in the areas of audio, image, games design, web media and digital interactivity.
The festival was organised by the University of Ulster’s School of Creative Arts at Magee, in partnership with the School of Computing & Intelligent Systems and with other regional partners including Derry City Council, Skillset Media Academy, North West Regional College, Nerve Centre and the Void Gallery, and took place at various venues around the city.
The event was aimed at audiences from a range of backgrounds, including businesses engaged in the creative industries and future creative professionals in the shape of students from secondary and tertiary education.
Imagine Create invited :
Gregory Taylor - Cycling 74
Greg Maguire - Lucasfilm
Irene Molan - Dreamworks
Craig Mullins
Box Cutter
Digital Slaves shown an audio reactive demo mapping
On the afternoon Digital Slaves proposed an introduction to vvvv programming.


Amazing 3D immersion technology

Ez nagyon jó!
Akinek tériszonya van, nem ajánlom!

Amazing 3D immersion technology from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.
A simple, featherweight headset, a 10' x 10' x 10' white room, and $600,000 worth of projector and computer equipment, combined with the smarts of the folks at Eon Reality, results in one insanely real experience. For more info visit

Live @ Spread the Groove Tour 2009 - Supermarket - 17-04-2009

Megleshetjük, hogy milyen eszközökkel dolgozik a VJ Team SynAck és SynFin.

Live @ Spread the Groove Tour 2009 - Supermarket - 17-04-2009 - Part 1 from SynFin on Vimeo.
VJ Team SynAck & SynFin live @ Spread the Groove Tour 2009 - 9 Years ( Berlin presented by Hoooj im Supermarket in Zürich - Part 1

Bekult 1.0 (France)

" NeoKult is an entertainment company organizing artistic events featuring new artists of the international scene! The concept evenings NeoKult based on the synergy of an eclectic musical quality where the discovery of new sound sensations and a spirit prevails festive cause you to the end of the night! Audible and visual scenery total insured !!! Step into the NeoKult's world, Join us !!! "
Link to event on Myspace

Report BeKult 1.0 from bekult on Vimeo.

Addictive TV vs Laurel & Hardy live at the NT, London 2008

" August 2008 and the 4th successive year the Addictive TV guys play a live outdoor show at the National Theatre on the Southbank "


Cosmic Poetry with WvS - Session 5

Zarah Cabanas (aka VJ Lady Firefly) új videót osztott meg velünk.

Cosmic Poetry with WvS - Session 5 from Zarah Cabanas on Vimeo.
Live Studio Recording improvisation with sound artist WvS; as part of an ongoing audiovisual exploration themed on the cosmos. Video elements created during residency at Experimental Television Center, Dec 2008

Superfluid vs Particle

Na, ez az igazi multitouch!

Superfluid vs Particle from jimi hertz on Vimeo.
" Ever heard about MSA Fluids ?
Ever had particles on your water screen ?
Mad scientist Memo Akten wields the immeasurable Power Processing Particles (PPP) and is one of the most powerful entities within the Multitouch Universe; he has created the MSAFluid , a tools that gives to any multitouch user access to limitless fluid & particles energies .
That's insane ! Please Stop Memo ! Call Superfluid !
We will be @ IDC in San Jose & in San Francisco next week ! "



Doug O'Neil (NJ/PHL/NYC) néhány műve:

Domino VJ Demo from Doug O'Neil on Vimeo.
NYC/ NJ/ Philly's favorite psychedelic 8-bit crunk inspired VJ. Available for events of all types. Shown here:
@ CoSM the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Manhattan, NYC.
@ Seed Gallery, Newark, NJ with performance artists Philippe Garcesto and Asad Khan.
@ Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NYC with Philippe Garcesto.
Music: La Roux - In for the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)

Otz Chiimera - Complete from Doug O'Neil on Vimeo.
Otz Chiimera is a vision quest through the realms of the astral, as according to the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, the very crux of the Western Mystery Tradition itself. Both the creation and conveyance of this video is intended to be a meditation on the metaphysical energies of each Sephirot in the Tree, that dynamically changes and evolves as my understanding of the system evolves. Thanks to Vimeo's settings I can update the movie file as I edit it to include more symbolism and energy of the system. So...check back here every once in a while if you're interested, and suggestions are very welcome.
Soundtrack: a mix of Six Organs of Admittance, the Flashbulb, Kid 606, Sigur Ros, Hallucinogen, and some Tibetan Monks.

Archaic Revival

Archaic Revival is a mystically fresh art collective. This is a demo of some of our VJ work by Kaliptus, Domino, and Æres. Shot at Seed Gallery in NJ.

Archaic Revival VJ demo from Doug O'Neil on Vimeo.


Online VJ Mixers: MixMasterTube and FilthyTunes

Na, ezt is megértük: online tudunk videót mixelni, és a házibuliban kirakni a monitorra. Mindezt a YouTube videókkal tehetjük meg két oldal és szotver segítségével.

" MixMasterTube and FilthyTunes are online VJ mixers have crossed my path in the last couple of days. Both are very simple and worth a min or two of play, but they’re burdened with money-making schemes that render neither worth a second look. Otherwise, they’re cute and I’m always happy to see stuff like this get developed. "



Szóval volt ez a pár nap Dubaiban... Sajnos - mint előre sejtettem -, sok volt a dolog, kevés a szabadidő, a blogolás pedig a szórakozás kárára ment volna... szóval... értitek...

Pár kép a 39. emeleti lakosztály teraszáról - majd lesz fílm is -, és holnaptól az oldal is a megszokott módon fog működni. Most alszom egyet (végre...): see you tomorrow!


Frankenkat vs James Lauer 3

Egy hosszabb mixel búcsúzom egy időre: megyek Dubai-ba kicsit dolgozni és nem tudom, lesz-e időm blogolni, új és érdekes dolgokat keresni nektek.

Addig: Kellemes Húsvéti Ünnepeket!


VJ Psyvortex (New Delhi, India)

Ma az indiai VJ Psyvortex szórakoztat bennünket.

Space Hop from VJ Psyvortex on Vimeo.
Studio VJ Mix by Aman & Prashant (VJ Psyvortex) []
Sample VJ mix created using Sony Vegas, from a collection of loops that we own/use, for live VJing, this is a sample mix to promote VJ art. and ourselves. this is not for commercial use.

Erotic Club Mix from VJ Psyvortex on Vimeo.
just another VJ mix, with some hot babes :)

Ambient Video Mix from VJ Psyvortex on Vimeo.
Another VJ mix created by
Ambient music and somewhat ambient visuals :)
from our old collection, video made in 2005

Live at Spanish embassy, India

A 3 screen backdrop created adding light and visuals to the entire stage and show.
Event organised and produced by “DesignSmith” India.
Music Courtesy “Jalebee Cartel” India.
Visuals & Live-VJ Psyvortex “AudioVisualInteractive” India


Shortcut Series 005

A luma beamerz Shortcut Series sorozatának új darabja:

Shortcut Series 005 - The Unlocked from luma beamerz on Vimeo.
" Shortcut Series is our vj loop creation method in collaboration with our music producer friends to make vj loops for clipz from their unfinished or unreleased tracks.
Music : Sollabong - mueZZZin [unreleased] "


Na, ez az igazi multitouch!!!! :))

GUTEN TOUCH from Multitouch Barcelona on Vimeo.
Designed for the Red Bull Music Academy 08, Guten Touch is an interactive installation that involves people into a natural relationship with technology. A two projected display system plus a 3m x 2m multitouch wall showcase applications designed to engage us into human friendly experiences rather than flashy and jaw-dropping visualizations. Space Invaders hitted by foam balls, pixel paintings created with brushes and digital objects holded by hands try to blur boundaries between real and digital.
Guten Touch is our enthusiastic good morning to natural interaction.



Egy kis filmecske Amerikából, a Nintendó standjáról és a közreműködő VJ/DJ-kről.

Nintendo DSi American Launch @ Universal Citywalk 4-04-2009 from VJFader on Vimeo.
DJ Baseck on the ones and twos, VJ Fader on the visuals. "I-Ball" sphere projection system by Brite Ideas Lighting.


Már megint Julie...

Julie rendületlenűl dolgozik...:))

David Carretta + VJ Julie Meitz = Best Live Mix Excerpts from Julie Meitz on Vimeo.
" This is a live VJ (Video Jockey) mix ; on the fly attempt to fit. Resolume beta 2.4 (audio analyzer *not* used).
That night I had technical problems and did not mix as well as I would have liked to. Yet, David Carretta jammed très super-duper bien! The house was on fire! Yeahhh-Ouaisss!!! :)
2 technical notes; there is a hum in the sound and the night-shot mode (infrared) on the camcorder just doesn't cut it sometimes - yet without it, live feed of DJs just isn't possible, so...
Photos of the gig:
Related Video - Club Promo with track "Disco Dance":
Eject Management / Club Globull
Bulle, Switzerland / October 2008 "

David Carretta*Delon & Dalcan*D'Jamency*Mathew Freeman*Julie Meitz from Julie Meitz on Vimeo.
" This is a video promo for Eject Management.
Video & VJ footage by Julie Meitz
David Carretta was kind enough to let me use his soundtrack 'Disco Dance' for this video - merci beaucoup David! (et merci a Marc/Eject pour lui demande!)
I VJ mixed at this club to all the DJs listed above while occasionally taking small breaks to video tape and photograph the performers and crowd. Then I made this video :-)
Eject Management (Atomic Groove) -
Club Globull -
Bulle, Switzerland / October 2008
David Carretta
Delon & Dalcan
A few additional photos were used taken by Joel Bussard - Thanx Joel! "



Multiscreens set up done with vvvv at Olympic for Scopitone Festival - Sept 2007
Feat : Digital Slaves, Sanch, Crustea and Atypic Lab

Digital Slaves [Kitsuné Party] from Digital Slaves on Vimeo.


Na, ezt kapd ki! - Teenage Engineering Operator OP-1 szintetizátor + kontroller

" Teenage Engineering Operator OP-1 szintetizátor + kontroller: ha a Korg-nak nem jött össze a Nano szériával, az nem jelenti azt, hogy másnak nem lehet. Az előzetes infók és a már élő weboldal alapján az OP-1 a miniatűr cuccok szerelemeseinek az álma lehet: 4 körbeforgó poti és 16 kapcsoló + transzport szekció a vezérléshez, a számítógépről leválasztott standalone módban pedig szintetizátorként használható. 8 szintetizátor modell, 8 sampler, effektek, szűrők és EQ-k és step szekvenszer/arpeggiator!!! Lesz benne beépített mozgásérzékelő, amit extra vezérlő információnak vagy effekt kontrollnak használhatsz. Ööööö… izé… FM rádió is lesz benne, a sampling kedvéért. Meg beépített mikrofon. És beépített hangszóró. Full grafikus színes OLED kijelző. 3.5mm-es I/O, elemes vagy adapteres működés, USB 2.0 csatlakozás a számítógép felé. A kávéfőző az eredeti kiadásban még nem lesz benne, de szupertitkos infók alapján a Messe után egy ingyenes upgrade után eszpresszó, latte és különféle turmix-ok lesznek lesz készíthetők, a mozgásérzékelő “Shake” funkciójával és némi titkos billentyűkombinációk egyidejű megnyomásával. A rossz hír az, hogy a saját bevallásuk alapján még 10-12 hónap kell a piacra kerüléshez... "
( forrás: adsr )

" OP-1 stands for Operator 1 and is a pocket size controller for your favorite software sequencer. Connect it to your laptop and it lets you control your sequencers transport with the common play, stop, rec, forward and rewind. Use it to control your software synthesizers with the 4 rotary encoders and 16 dedicated quick keys for fast selections.
When you disconnect the OP-1 from your computer you suddenly have a stand-alone portable wonder-machine with 8 synthesizer models, 8 samplers and effects like Delay, Flutter, Filters and EQ all built in. Use all that synthesizer power to record your work with the truly unique (at present time, secret) sequencer. We promise you a really cool and creative way to record your sounds and tweak them in a completely new way.
Use the magic step sequencer/arpeggiator to get the notes right. If that is not enough use the built in motion sensor that sense every shake or move you make and turn it into really cool sounds.
Then relax and sample a beat from the built-in FM radio or memorize a tune by whistle it into the built-in microphone. Play your piece to your friends through the built-in speaker. Or...convert it right away to mp3 and mail it to them. "
( teenage engineering )


Black Rain by Semiconductor

A Semiconductor csapatot 1999-ben alapította két angol művész: Ruth Jarman és Joe Gerhardt.

" Semiconductor make moving image works which reveal our physical world in flux; cities in motion, shifting landscapes and systems in chaos. Since 1999 UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt have worked with digital animation to transcend the constraints of time, scale and natural forces; they explore the world beyond human experience, questioning our very existence. "

Ez a munkájuk nagyon tetszik...:

Black Rain from Semiconductor on Vimeo.
" Black Rain is sourced from images collected by the twin satellite, solar mission, STEREO. Here we see the HI (Heliospheric Imager) visual data as it tracks interplanetary space for solar wind and CME's (coronal mass ejections) heading towards Earth. Data courtesy of courtesy of the Heliospheric Imager on the NASA STEREO mission.
Working with STEREO scientists, Semiconductor collected all the HI image data to date, revealing the journey of the satellites from their initial orientation, to their current tracing of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Solar wind, CME's, passing planets and comets orbiting the sun can be seen as background stars and the milky way pass by.
As in Semiconductors previous work 'Brilliant Noise' which looked into the sun, they work with raw scientific satellite data which has not yet been cleaned and processed for public consumption. By embracing the artifacts, calibration and phenomena of the capturing process we are reminded of the presence of the human observer who endeavors to extend our perceptions and knowledge through technological innovation.
Commissioned by Animasivo Mexico City, 2009 "