eMotion+Wiimote in IR mode

Már többször írtam az eMotiion-ről - eMotion: az elektrónikus mozgás új megközelítése, eMotion, eMotion, eMotion 0.6.1 -, erről a fantasztikus szoftról. Most Johnny Chung Lee kiterjeszti a képességeit:

eMotion+Wiimote in IR mode from Adrien Mondot on Vimeo.
A demo of some possibilities using eMotion with a wiimote in IR mode (à la Johnny Chung Lee).
The mac version of WiimoteWhiteboard by Uwe Schmidt is used to transmit the multipoints informations to eMotion via TUIO messages,
The IR pens are the one from
To have more informations about this software, visit


Festival Vizual Invaders 1.5

Április 11-én lesz Lyon-ban a következő Vizual Invaders fesztivál.
Íme a trailer és egy kis emlékeztető a múltból:
Trailer Festival Vizual Invaders 1.5
11 avril 2009 au Transbordeur (Lyon, FR)
Festival electrovisuel alternatif.
infos et lineup complet sur
Visual Invaders 2008 : Tout Les Ecrans
envoyé par Julie_Meitz


Projection Mapping on trees and branches

Az ausztrál Kyle McLean (Brisbane, Australia) szintén a vvvv és egy laptop segítségével varázsol falakra és fákra.

Projection Mapping on trees and branches from Kyle McLean on Vimeo.
Some early experiments projecting on trees and branches using a laptop running vvvv. Editing is sequential only, all the effects are what is being projected.
Music is California Roll, by Tipper.


Az osztrák lichterloh (Austria) saját készítésű multiscreen vj programjával vetít, melyet a méltán népszerű vvvv-ben készített. A program, egy komputer a Matrox Triple Head2go-jára kötött három vetítővel:

using our multiscreen-vj-software @ raum for electronic arts from lichterloh on Vimeo.
this is a video showing the first use of our own multiscreen-vj-software programmed in vvvv. beside playing live visuals on the stage (as usual ;), we mapped some graphic stuff onto the full length of the Oswald Thomas Hall in the Planetarium Wien. we used three projectors and one computer connected to a matrox triple head2go to get this panorama projection done... enjoy!
location: Planetarium, Vienna
party: raum for electronic arts
main act: Axel Bartsch, Crunc Tesla
video by www . lichterloh . tv
track by www . myspace . com/shroomtune



Ha valaki holnap, február 26-án Párizsban jár, ne feledjen ide betérni!
" Concert le jeudi 26 février à 21h au passage 22 cour des petites écuries 75010 Paris
Mélange électro avec du rock psyké en live + des projections gratuit "

Groups - Iduun (Paris)

Iduun a neve egy skandináv istennőnek. Esetünkben egy párizsi duót takar: Volt’air (Bart) és Anome (Philippe).

" Iduun is an audio-video project for visual performances or installations. Behind the name of this Scandinavian goddess is a hidden duo of video directors: Volt’air (Bart) and Anome (Philippe). Together, they wish to use video as a stand alone and free live media for performances, like a musical instrument, able to follow a partition or to improvise… Iduun produce lives, as stories, dream-likes world. Every time Iduun play, a re-interpretation is born… "

[Live] Exil from Iduun on Vimeo.
This is the work in progress of Exil. Please, watch the definitive version here:
Live with four hands and drawings from Alexandra Petracchi, or the birth of the revolution act.
Music: Manifeste, OS of Exils (Tony Gatlif)
This is the first part of the first version of the live. Please, follow the work in progress in pictures of the next version here:
Modul8 + Monomal Module + Monome 40h

[Live] New Blue Birth from Iduun on Vimeo.
"New Blue Birth"
The birth of the New Blue, king of the sky and the seas, son of the so lonely Orange.
Music: Matthew Herbert / Faz-l / Leontyne Price
Modul8 + Monomal Module + Monome 40h

[Live] Threw from Iduun on Vimeo.
[Work in progress]
A dreamy trip through the earth, the sky and the ocean.
Music: Flying Lotus
Modul8 + Monomal Module + Monome 40h

Monomal Demo + Guide

A Monomal egy speciális modul, mely lehetővé teszi a kommunikációt a Modul8 és a Monome 40h kontroller között. Letölthető a Modul8 online library-éből.

[Audiovisual] Monomal Demo + Guide from Iduun on Vimeo.
" "Monomal" is a special module for the 40h monome.
It allows the user to control the video layers of Modul8, the opacity, the speed, the timeline, in a very fluid fashion.
Modul8 + Monomal Module + Monome 40h
Download the Monomal Module from the online library of Modul8. Monomal Module has been written by Iduun.



A Microchunk egy londoni vizuális cimke, mely az alábbi kreatív csapatot jelenti:

CREATIVE TEAM : Muthabored, Todd Graft, Ladypat, Overlap, Mischa Giancovich, Loki

Most a Loft Club sorozatuk néhány darabját nézzük meg.

" Microchunk is an established London based live visual performance label. Our team of digital artists truly move images as we evolve our shows alongside the latest live imaging technology.
Our videos showcase recent events we've worked on and demonstrate artistic content of our team and affiliates.
But the best way naturally to see our work is LIVE so get in touch !
new simplified website with loads of links to take you deeper into our creative cloud launching imminently this space!
microchunk.COM "

loft-01 from Microchunk on Vimeo.

loft-6 from Microchunk on Vimeo.

loft-8 from Microchunk on Vimeo.

loft-9 from Microchunk on Vimeo.

Wireless MIDI on iPhone: Open Source Motion Control

A DSMI egy nyílt forráskódu, ingyenes midi vezérlő iPhone/iPodTouch-ra. Zenére fejlesztették, de mi is remekül kihasználhatjuk a mozgásérzékelős vezérlés előnyeit.
Letölthető az Apple Store-ból.

" The Cupertino-Mushroom Kingdom gap has been closed: you can now mix and match DS and iPhone/iPod touch for wireless control of music and visuals. DSMI, the homebrew library that has enabled wireless and serial MIDI connections from the Nintendo DS, has come to iPod touch and iPhone. That means anyone building instruments and controllers on the iThing can now add wireless MIDI controllers that talk to computers - or other mobile devices, including the DS. It also means that DSMI’s acronym standing for “Nintendo DS Music Interface” has only one word that describes all the things it does.
If you’re a developer, you can grab the open source (LGPL-licensed) code. If you’re a user, apps are already supporting the new wireless features. There’s MIDI Motion Machine, which provides tilt and 16 triggers, and iXY, a 99-cent app for KAOSS Pad-style X/Y touch control. The MIDI Motion Machine author, TheRain, takes an interesting approach: there’s both a free and pay version, and the free version has source code.
Tobias Weyand, DSMI’s original co-creator along with TheRain, writes:

My friend TheRain has ported DSMI to the iPhone! This enables iPhone deveopers to easily integrate wireless MIDI in their applications, making it possible to control any MIDI application on the PC with the iPhone. The Wifi-to-MIDI bridge is the same DSMI server application that is also used for the DS, thus it works with Windows, OSX and Linux.
Also, like on the DS, both OSC and MIDI are supported!
DSMI for iPhone is available from our Google Code site ( together with an open source example application called MIDI Motion Machine that is a tilt-based xy-controller.
The cool thing is that this library takes away all the hassle of communicating MIDI messages to the PC and makes development of MIDI controllers very very simple. So, we hope that people will use the DSMI to create a lot of innovative iPhone MIDI controller apps.
Pretty cool, isn’t it? :-)
By the way, if you’re a loyal Nintendo DS developer and think this whole iNonense thing is useless, the main library for DS also got a lot of improvements, cleaner coding, and collaboration on Google Code.
What about using OpenSoundControl instead of MIDI? On the iPhone/iPod, it’s a non-issue: OSC is a networking protocol, so it’s already wireless-ready. On the DS, DSMI’s source includes an OSC example, and unlike the MIDI in DSMI, you don’t need a piece of software receiving on the computer end.
Now, any suggestions for how to broaden the acronym DSMI so it’s more accurate? Digital Signal Multimodal Interface? Digital Sound and Music Interface? Damned Sweet Machine Instrument?
Or, to go recursive: DSMI Sure Means Ideas.
DSMI Official Site
CM Software Designs (home of iXY, MIDI Motion Machine, more apps and tutorials - must-visit)
DSMI at Google Code "
( createdigitalmusic )

Ibiza 08

Ebben a "csak nem akar tavasz lenni" időben egy kis ibizai hangulat...

Microchunk vs Wonderland Ibiza 08 from Microchunk on Vimeo.
a short promo demo set to Grindhouse - a Wonderland staple track ! Muthabored compiled this warped electrotrippy edit to try and convey the visual feast that we were largely responsible for installing and running (screens and video bead wall) Thanks to Pete Tong - who invited us to push out the balearic boat with lush visuals every friday at Eden, Ibiza
Sorry not many DJ shots in this piece... its more of a VJ ego trip with some cheeky content and dancer appreciation mixed in! enjoy


February 16 Excerpt

Február 16.-án ezt vetítette Lady Firefly (Zarah Cabanas) a brooklyni MonkeyTown-ban:

February 16 Excerpt #1 from Zarah Cabanas on Vimeo.

February 16 Excerpt #2 from Zarah Cabanas on Vimeo.

February 16 Excerpt #3 from Zarah Cabanas on Vimeo.
Excerpt of a live performance by Paul Amitai (sound) and Lady Firefly (visuals).
Performed 16 Feb 2009 at MonkeyTown, Brooklyn.

VJ Bandit

Nick Benidt vagyis VJ Bandit montreali ifju, aki a Concordia University fílmszakán végzett. Így beszél magáról:

" After finishing my studies at Concordia University’s Film Production Program, I have been able to stand out from other VJ’s in the club scene by using grainy Home Movie footage and found footage. A collector of 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm found footage, I transfer these images to digital in my apartment through a home-made style telecine technique. My bank of images consists of a blend of old 8mm clips, shiny new digital graphics, sampled images, and small format digital media that I’ve shot on various consumer cameras. In the age of high resolution images, I appreciate the imperfection and aesthetic of consumer video technology, as well as the spontaneity of creation for which the form lends itself. Constantly shooting and collecting images, I try to bring forth new material to each live performance.
Like all VJ’s I sample clips from pre-existing films, and use digital graphics uploaded onto VJ forums. But I also have a working knowledge of celluloid imagery, and love for the form.
I started VJing at Projekt Underdog’s underground techno parties, for which I gained experience in the scene and knowledge of my art. But my life long love of music has led me to mix with music of all genres.
I have bridged into Montreal’s well known indie-rock scene by providing visuals for one of the cities most talented up-and-coming ‘classical rock’ bands, Sweet Mother Logic. With them I’ve been part of ambitious projects like Jehova’s 3D Mega Party, a Live Puppet Show with 3D visuals (red-blue glasses given at the door) and Quebecois folk tales being narrated by a Hobo tramp in costume throughout the show. This extravaganza was part of the Pop Montreal music festival in collaboration with the Fine Arts department at Concordia University. In addition, Sweet Mother Logic featuring VJ Bandit has performed at the most saught after venues in Montreal, including Casa Del Popolo, La Sala Rossa and O Patro Vys.
As a club VJ I’ve performed at some of the most prestigious venues in Montreal, including S.A.T., Opera, Stereobar, Salon Daome, and Circus Afterhours. And with some of the worlds A-List DJ’s, such as Ferry Corsten, Dirty South, DJ Preach, and Eric Entrena. With over 50 shows in less than a years time, and 250 hours of live mixing under my belt. I have recently been approved to be the subject of a Master’s Thesis dissertation from Concordia University’s Film Studies program. When I’m not VJing I make abstract experimental films and videos. "

Techno FM interview with VJ Bandit from Nick Benidt (VJ Bandit) on Vimeo.
This is a segment of a television show my friends at Techno FM made called Showcase. Ben Jackson of Pablo Pictures did the editing.
For more information on this pilot episode go to:
The interview was shot in July 2008.
Music in the interview by Gr0J

Sweet Mother Logic & VJ Bandit Live @ Oscar Peterson Hall from Nick Benidt (VJ Bandit) on Vimeo.
This was one of the two songs we played during our very short set at a charity event for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Quebec. Everyone was wearing red that night because of the cause, so I tinted a lot of the videos red.
'Counting Sheep' is unreleased at the moment.

Rainy Days from Nick Benidt (VJ Bandit) on Vimeo.
Ben and I made this video in San Antonio De Los Banos, Cuba. January, 2009. Shot on HDV, edited on Modul8.


Girls - digital donut (UK)

Caroline, a 28 éves angol lány Leeds-ben él, VJ és grafikus. Így val magáról:

" for the last four years i've been projecting mashups of video, animations, and live camera for music nights and festivals around leeds and the north of england.
a few years ago i became fascinated with animation, producing stop frame films made with all manner of vegetables, including a porn film starring beans. i'm now getting excited about chinstroking, poodle aerobics and fisher price records, amongst many other things… "

vj showreel 2009 from digital donut (vj) on Vimeo.
" recent vj mix with music by alphadrive-
thanks to for their collection of footage :-)) "

anorakism: no doctor required from digital donut (vj) on Vimeo.
" Anorakism AV Project 'No Doctor Required'
caro snatch (Live music); Paizan (DJ); Digital Donut (VJ)
For more info go to:
Also check out:
caro snatch:
digital donut: "
visuals by caroline


Freeman*Julie Meitz

David Carretta*Delon & Dalcan*D'Jamency*Mathew Freeman*Julie Meitz from Julie Meitz on Vimeo.
" This is a video promo for Eject Management.
Video & VJ footage by Julie Meitz
David Carretta was kind enough to let me use his soundtrack 'Disco Dance' for this video - merci beaucoup David! (et merci a Marc/Eject pour lui demande!)
I VJ mixed at this club to all the DJs listed above while occasionally taking small breaks to video tape and photograph the performers and crowd. Then I made this video :-)
Eject Management (Atomic Groove) -
Club Globull -
Bulle, Switzerland / October 2008
David Carretta
Delon & Dalcan
A few additional photos were used taken by Joel Bussard - Thanx Joel! "

Kontrollerek 1. rész - Korg nanoKontrol (by .lov.)

.lov., a CoGe (Link, Link) alkotója közzétette véleményét a nonamevj blogban a Korg nanoKontrol-járól.

" A nem túl nagy hazai midi kontroller választékban is nehéz lehet megtalálni a megfelelő kontrollert vagy kontrollereket a VJ programok vezérléséhez, így gondoltam elindítok egy ilyen sorozatot, és megpróbálom amennyire lehet objektiven kivesézni a "környezetemben" fellelhető vezérlőket.A sorozat első áldozata a Korg nano-széria egyik "zsoldosa", a nanoKontrol - melyet nemrég sikerült beszerezni.
A nano jelzőből egyből kiderül, hogy egy kis mé
retű vezérlőről van szó, pont olyan hosszú mint egy 13.3"-os MacBook , magasságra is kb. akkora, sőt, a fehér-kék design illik is a Johnathan Ive által megálmodott Apple stílusba.

A működtetéséhez egyetlen USB kábelre van szükség, amit természetesen gyárilag mellékelnek is hozzá. Az alján van 6 kis gumitalp, igy kis tömege miatt is jól tartja magát az asztalon még erősebb "tekergetések" mellett is.
A készüléken 9 darab forgó- és 9 darab tolópotméter található, valamint 19 háttérvilágitott gomb, illetve még plussz 6, amelyeket szabadon programozhatunk, de képesek üzeneteket küldeni a különböző DAW-oknak is, igy pl. a Play gomb megnyomásával az lejátszás elinditható Abletonban. Van még egy Scene gomb is, ami nem programozható - ezzel tudunk a "memóriaba" eltárult 4 különböző beállítás közül választani - de ne szaladjunk ennyire előre.
A kontroller kis mérete miatt azt gondolná az ember, hogy a potméterek is nagyon kicsik - ami igaz is, de abszolút használhatók. Kényelmesen meg lehet a tekerőpotikat tekerni, és elég hely van közöttük, kényelmesen elfér az ujjunk két vezérlő közt. A gombokkal azonban vigyázni kell, mert nagyon közel vannak a tolópotikhoz, előfordul hogy egy gombnyomásnál kicsit a poti állásán is sikerül mozditani ami nem túl előnyös.
Mint általában, ezt a kontrollert is testre lehet szabni, vagyis az egyes elemeknek megadható, hogy melyik midi csatornán illetve melyik midi note/cc értéket vezéreljék. Ehhez a Korg oldaláról le kell töltenünk egy ingyenes szoftvert, a Korg Kontrol Editort.
Több gyártó is használ ilyen editor-szoftvereket, de eddig ez a legjobban használható és legtöbb lehetőséget kináló editor amivel találkoztam.

Az egyes egységekhez megadható hogy CC vagy Note üzeneteket küldjenek, beállítható pl. hogy a gombok lenyomott állapotban milyen értéket küldjenek ki, ki- és bekapcsolható a háttérvilágítás, stb. Mindezt megtehetjük a már korábban említett 4 Scene-hez, és egyszerűen 2 kattintással el is menthetjük a kontrollerbe. Hogy miért jó az, hogy ennyire testreszabható rész a kontroller, mikor az emberek többsége úgyis a Midi Learn funkciót használja kedvenc szoftverében, arra egy külön cikkben fogok írni hamarosan.

Összefoglalva, a Korg nanoKontrol bruttó 17.000.- Ft-os árával , kis méretével és testreszabhatóságával véleményem szerint az egyik (ha nem a) legjobb kontroller a piacon.

A magyarországi viszonteladó: "
( .lov. )
(forrás: nonamevj )


14th February 2009

Headhunter LIVE AV Dubstep / Techno Performance @ Stuk, Belgium

Headhunter LIVE AV Dubstep / Techno Performance @ Stuk, Belgium from VectorMeldrew on Vimeo.
" Edited version of the first ever Headhunter live dubstep/techno audio visual set that took place at the Stuk arts centre in Belgium on the 14th February 2009. This set was part of the artefact festival.
Visuals performeced live by Alex Donne ( "
VectorMeldrew Link, Link, Link

liveVJ | Waldfrieden on Tour | 14-02-09

liveVJ | Waldfrieden on Tour | 14-02-09 from JobaGoba on Vimeo.
- Arigo
- Capowne
- Alice D.
- DerLoth
- JobaGoba
[ ]
Original Quality on "


CoGe 0.94b - Quickstart

CoGe 0.94b - Quickstart from luma beamerz on Vimeo.
" A really basic quickstart video without comments for the open-source, semi-modular, Quartz Composer powered vj application called CoGe.
More info:
Music: Implant - Pointless [CPHNK005] "


turboslow (Istanbul)

turboslow, vagyis: Atil Altas Issztambulból.

Film maker, music video director, video artist, Vj . . .
garbagesupernova sessions 01 from turboslow on Vimeo.
" garbagesupernova sessions 01
video by Atil Altas "

garbagesupernova sessions 02 from turboslow on Vimeo.
" garbagesupernova sessions 02
video by: Atil Altas
scene work from the short "

Komputer-Satin Traffic from turboslow on Vimeo.
" Komputer-Satin Traffic
video by: Atil Altas "



VJFader munkáit már láthattuk a blogban - AVmixer Pro 1.5 beta, “theOrb” Visual Projection System -, de őt magát még nem mutattam be. Íme:

" Video Jockey, mobile video projection, video graffiti, music videos, Processing...
Name: VJ Fader
Age: 30
VJ Fader is an audio visualist, expressing music through moving images, stimulating the mind with dancing pixles. He is also the creator of the Neuromixer line of audio video performance software.
City: los angeles
Hometown: Shen Yeang, China
Country: United States
Occupation: Visual Artist
Schools: Art Center Collge of Design
Companies: Neuromixer
Interests and Hobbies: VJing, music, Burningman, movies, massage, butoh, programming, experiencing the new...
Movies and Shows: What the Bleep Do We Know, Charlie kaufman films, Woody Allen films, Quentin Tarantino films, Stanley Kubrick films, Japanese Animation...
Music: M.I.A., Akufen, Aphex Twin, Bjork, Portishead, Kanye West, Jay Z, Outkast, MANDY, Audion...
Website: "

Henry Strange live - visuals by VJ Fader & CPU from VJFader on Vimeo.
" Henry Stange performing live @ Irwin's Conspiracy, AC Lounge, Venice California 2/04/2009.
Visuals by VJ Fader and CPU using AVmixer Pro, Processing, Module8, and VDMX. "

neither-field (Scott Pagano, LA)

" los angeles, ca
As filmmaker, motion designer, and spatial reconstructionist, Scott Pagano creates moving image content utilizing shards of architecture, disfunction, and futurism. With influences ranging from minimal painting to cinema, his work offers a re-envisioned perspective on the graphic stratas that saturate our visual perception. His meticulously constructed abstract artworks push the boundaries of audio-visual composition and process using a dynamic mix of cinematographic and synthetic imagery. "

Parks on Fire from neither-field on Vimeo.
" Parks on Fire is the latest short graphic film creation of digital artist Scott Pagano. It is an exploration of the complex, interpenetrated, and reflective relationships of structure, form, and motion that both bind and conflict the natural and manmade worlds. The experience is a visual and aural expedition through a series of uniquely explicated environments. Stunning synthetic worlds of micro precision evolve and meld in to landscapes of natural forms evoking the achingly unknowable sublime that is here captured, redefined and expressed via intensive digital reprocessing. Sound and image drive each other to create the uncanny sense that both are emerging from the same dammed-but-divine ethereal engine. The lush cinematic soundtrack is by Trifonic, and is available on their debut release Emergence. "

Flight 404’s New Visualizer - The Rev

A Flight 404 team új visualizert adott ki az iTunes-hoz mindkét platformra, Rev néven.

" A few months ago, the Barbarian Group was approached by Erasmus to help with promotions for the Relentless Energy Drink. Relentless, available only in the UK, is a frequent sponsor of music festivals and sports competitions. They asked us to make an audio visualizer that would run in real-time so they could show it at these venues. In addition to the live application, they wanted a content creation version and an iTunes plugin version. The content creation version would allow them to create renders from recorded audio and the iTunes version would allow members of the Relentless Order to experience it on their own computers. "

Relentless, The REV from flight404 on Vimeo.
" Made with Processing. Audio by The Flashbulb ("Six Months Without Light" from the album Kirlian Selections)
Read about this project here:
View the high res version here (300Mb):
Please note that this video is not an official Relentless video. It is a test render to make sure the audio reaction is behaving properly. The Flashbulb is not affiliated with the Relentless brand. I chose this song because I love The Flashbulb and his songs are extremely easy to analyze.
Read more about The Flashbulb here: "

" Transform your iTunes music into audio-visual art.
The REV is a state-of-the-art music visualiser originally created to enhance the live performances of Relentless Artists. Now the same cutting edge technology appears as an iTunes plug-in for Mac and PC that responds to the music you play at home in an infinite number of combinations. Every track you own becomes a personalised piece of audio-visual art as The REV generates a totally unique set of complex three-dimensional forms that can never be repeated again... "
Link to download


CoGe 0.94b out now!

Megjelent ma a CoGe új verziója, látványos átalakulással.
" Changelog:
- new user interface
- fixed hang on load large files
- fixed output window aspect ratio issues on fullscreen
- new BPM tapper patch
- fixed problem with filetype detection
- no distortion with 16:9 movies
- movable output window
- synth b's 13. thumbnail now works
- fixed issues with LFO
- fixed issues with master BPM multiplier
- added preset load/save to maskerspoter and master
- 4 clips for maskerspoter
- 4 master mode
- master mixer on/off
- autoload default.qtz controller module on startup
- 120 BPM on startup
- maskerspoter performance up
- clip triggering to 1/4 or 4/4 beat
- switchable v002/qc movie player
- sync with midi clock
- sync via osc
- sync for sequencers
- switchable "clip rewind" when triggering new clip
- midi controlls to fx on/off, swap, master and maskerspoter effects
- default controller module for Korg nanoKontrol "

Telepítés elött vegyétek ki a régi CoGe-t az Applications mappából, mert lehet, hogy másképp nem frissít!

VJ Interviews

Avagy: hogyan csinálják a nagyok...

VMM Addictive TV Biography

In The Studio: Addictive TV Remix Slumdog Millionaire (DJsounds)


" The VMM Video Interview VJ Oli Sorenson founder of the AV Social. The VMM Catch him while doing all the Video instalations and VJing for ARMIN VAN BURREN at the DJ MAG TOP 100 "
Ne1co DVJ Video Content For Toolroom Records (DJsounds)

VMM Interview VJ BOPA


Girls - VIDEOGRAMMES (France)

VIDEOGRAMMES, a 27 éves francia lány rejtőzködő típus, mert más képet nem találtam róla.
Viszont a munkaeszközeit közzétette, íme:

" Compétences techniques
Vidéo temps réel, VJing :
Max Jitter 5 (licence personnelle)
Arkaos VJ
Montage vidéo :
Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro
Edius de Canopus
Compositing :
Elastic Reality
Adobe InDesign
Authoring DVD :
Sony DVD Architect
Adobe Encore DVD
Prise de vue :
DV CAM, HDV, BetaCam
Installation et réglages de vidéoprojecteurs,
optiques, écrans
calcul des distance "

Munkái közűl kettőt nézünk meg, egyik sem könnyen emészthető, időt kell rájuk szánni! :)

" Performance dansée avec dispositif interactif temps réel de captation de l'image et du son (30 minutes). Dans certains états de conscience, l’être humain fait l’expérience d’un autre corps, un double de lui-même, dans lequel il vit des expériences diverses, le plus souvent sans contrôle. Parfois, les deux états du corps sont ressentis simultanément. drop crossingCaptant la danseuse avec une caméra, la performer-video transforme l’image en temps réel pour la lui renvoyer et ouvrir le dialogue. L’image, fantasmatique, fait perdre à la danseuse le contact avec son propre corps, tout en la ramenant constamment à sa propre perception : la proprioception est constamment remise en cause. La dynamique de la réplique visuelle a plusieurs origines qui s’entrelacent, le mouvement induit par le corps dansant, celui induit par le geste vidéo et celui porté par le geste sonore. "


Ma kicsit komolyabb témákkal kezdem.
Előszőr két installáció, majd a következő bejegyzésben egy kis színház.

Az első installáció LightScraper-től szabadtéren, egy számítógéppel és két vetítővel készűlt, a másodikat a finn Teemu Määttänen készítette, akire a későbbiekben még vissza fogok térni.

" The LightScraper is a custom built aluminium structure, fabricated with a layer or semi translucent mesh. The structure can be easily erected in various compositions in an outdoor or indoor setting.
A single computer and two projectors are use to bring the sculptures visuals to life. The LightScraper also acts as a giant musical instrument, people’s location influence the melodies emitting form the sculpture.
Visitors position are tracked via an Infrared camera mounted at the peak of the structure, and transposed into musical notes, the result is ever-changing melodies and visual delight. "

NOSTE installation from Teemu Määttänen on Vimeo.


Forever by Universal Everything (UK)

Forever at the Victoria & Albert Museum from Universal Everything on Vimeo.
" The Victoria & Albert Museum presents Forever. Floating above the pond within the John Madejski Garden, a large videowall installation of endless animations responding to an ever changing soundtrack. The bespoke generative design system at the heart of Forever will spawn unique audio-visual films everyday, forever. By the always amazing Universal Everything. "

sanch (europe)

Sanch, vagyis David Dessens a vvvv ( csapatát erősítő művész.
" I´m David Dessens generative artist know as Sanch, I do most of my work with vvvv, a software from the vvvv group ( ). It is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously. "

VA/Orbit @ ClubTransmediale from sanch on Vimeo.
“Orbit” is our new project, it´s a journey into an interactive realtime audiovisual solar system ,
In this computer generated 3d world , sound and visual are synchronise for a full audiovisual experience. The graphics and the movement of this abstract generative system is driven by a deep minimal dancefloor beat with a strong emphasis on realtime interaction. Orbit is a high resolution audiovisual experience. A panoramic trip into a futuristic organic 3d space …

VJ loops to arkaos from Hungary

Ingyenes loop-ok Magyarországról, visuBaltól.
Free VJ loops from hungary.
Producer: visuBal

Dobd el! / Drop it! :)

The Cigarette Is Dead from FL2 Interactive on Vimeo.
Cool motion graphics piece we've been working on for a national anti-smoking campaign. Forward the video on or visit the website at
Adam Espinoza - Motion Graphics/Design/Art Direction
Christophe Eagleton - Sound Design
FL2 - Web/Creative Direction
Cactus - Copy



A Visual Music-kal foglalkozik. vvvv-t, vvvv-2D-t, vvvv-3D-t használnak Arkaos VJ-vel és Stop-Motion-nel. Most az utóbbival készűlt mixeket nézünk meg.
" ° the image mixer
ArKaos VJ
° the image machine
vvvv - 2D
vvvv - 3D "

live visuals-- stop-motion--handmade from on Vimeo.
" Created with classic stop-motion technique, composed live with MIDI-Keyboard. The work is part of my diploma on visual music. For further information please go to "

live visuals-- stop-motion--handmade from on Vimeo.
" Created with classic stop-motion technique, composed live with MIDI-Keyboard. The work is part of my diploma on visual music. For further information please go to "

Live visuals -StopMotion - handmade from on Vimeo.
" The micro-clips are created by classic stop-motion animation, composed live with MIDI-Keyboard.
Music by CHLOE "

Mégegyszer: Codanova VMX VJ v2 / Unboxing of a Codanova VMX VJ v2

" LeCollagiste has created a Flickr gallery featuring the unboxing of a new Codanova VMX V2. These mixers are apparently bespoke (i.e. made one at a time for you) from France, so they can take weeks to build and ship. This new version (v2) is a slightly slimmer version than the previous, which can be seen in the images…

- VMX VJ is Self Powered By USB. No power supply needed.
- 99 free assignable controllers
- Plug & play (windows XP/Vista, MAC OS X and above, USB drivers for Linux)
- 2 jogs and 2 cross faders for video frame-by-frame scratching
- 8 tracks with soft touch faders
- 20 knobs
- 28 switches (loops, play, pause, replay, etc…)
- 39 radio buttons (effects)
- dimensions : 28×40,5cm (equiv. to a 17″ laptop), 3kg
- White steel flavour
Link to Flickr gallery "

CoGe - régi oldal, új külsőben / Coge website - new designe

A Coge oldala új kűlsőt kapott! Tudjátok: innen mindent megtudhattok a CoGe-ről és segítséget kaphattok. ( Hamarosan jön az új! Hurrá! )
Nézzétek, élvezzétek!



vj Fabinho (Brazil)

A brazíl vj Fabinho profi a multimédiában, szereti a digitális animációkat, amiről mi is meggyőződhetünk.

" Professional in the multimedia area and digital video,
editor, producer graphic, animator 3D
and of visual effects.
Inspiration, to synchronize and creativity,
presents a repertoire of arts
and digital animations of own authorship,
checking a tone dynamic, irreverent and psychedelic
to his visual proposal
Its productions have a bold profile and modern
Vanguardist for nature, it reflects the new
and cooling languages
Has as base the surrealism and the construction of new
concepts,creating atmospheres visual
totally unusual. "

VJ SET (a VJ Fabinho)_Michele Adamson_Fortean from vj Fabinho on Vimeo.

Tira la tanga_vj Fabinho in poser from vj Fabinho on Vimeo.
3d animation _Jesica is an Poser model_rendered in after effects,vj mix modul8
scenes in pack vj loops free_ tira la tanga

visual reel from Andreea VJ

VJ Andreea új videóval jelentkezett:

May 1st 2008 visual reel from Andreea VJ on Vimeo.
Live visuals performed by VJAndreea,
CLIENTS: gossip club Mamaia,, love events, one fm.
starting the summer along dj's like
Miercuri, 30 Aprilie:
- Monochrome (liveact) (Livio&Roby feat. George) (RO)
- Dj Optick (RO)
Joi, 1 Mai:
- AudioJack (UK)
- Dj Pagal (RO)
- Dj Faster (RO)
Vineri, 2 Mai:
- 2 Crazy Bastards Dj Rosario Internullo & Dj Adrian Eftimie, (RO)
- Dj Kool (RO)
- Dj Proof (RO)
Sambata, 3 Mai:
- David K (Freak'n Chic)
- Simon Baker (UK)
- Dj Negru (RO)


3L vj loops series 15,16

3L vj loops series 15 -- Star Wars: The Thrill Strikes Back
These 65 free vj loops were rendered in real time using the built-in DVR of the real-time 3d live performance software, 3L (pronounced "thrill) by
All files are 320x240 25fps in the mjpegA codec...forget the mpegs and all other formats on this site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and grab all the quicktimes in the column on the left... they are the original uploaded format

3L vj loops series 16 -- Cathedrals, Devils, Skulls & Celtic Warriors These 65 free vj loops were rendered in real time using the built-in DVR of the real-time 3d live performance software, 3L (pronounced "thrill) by All files are 320x240 25fps in the mjpegA codec...forget the mpeg....
This item has files of the following types: 512Kb MPEG4, Animated GIF, Metadata, Ogg Video, QuickTime, Thumbnail
Download 15
Download 16


Girls - VJ Lady Firefly (aka Zarah Cabanas) NYC 2 - ambient

Golden from Zarah Cabanas on Vimeo.
An excerpt of a live VJ performance with musician Paul Amitai, performed at Optosonic Tea at Issue Project Room, NYC.

Glasswebs from Zarah Cabanas on Vimeo.
A piece on melting and memory. Cracks in glass create icy atmospheres. A video work in collaboration with Sea Peoples (musicians Ned Wilbur and Alex Colwell).


Dr Babylon (Brooklyn)

Hogy ne csak lányok legyenek - találn közeledik a tavasz, hogy ennyi csaj kerűlt a blogba?:)) -, most ismerkedjünk meg a brooklyni Dr Babylonnal, aki egyszerűen csak "Live Visualist"-nak nevezi magát.

Live Visual Demo from Dr Babylon on Vimeo.
First experiments with VDMX and live sampling

Abstract Journey from Dr Babylon on Vimeo.
Excerpts from an impromptu live AV jam session with electronic musician Erica Ford
Audio and visuals captured live from a Sony handycam recording the projection

Live Visual Demo 2 from Dr Babylon on Vimeo.
A small sampling of the Dr. Babylon live experience...

ambient by kowalski

A better place from kowalski visuales on Vimeo.
Kvideo with Pleq Track " A better place".

Misyos-Bajo tu mirada from kowalski visuales on Vimeo.
Video experimental musical
:::Photoclick y Kowalski:::

Ánima from kowalski visuales on Vimeo.
Video experimental musical
:::Koulomek, Mila Gritos y Kowalski:::

3L vj loops series 14 (2009)

A 3L csapata új ingyenes loop csomagot bocsájtott közre.


" 3L vj loops series 14 -- Fun with arrows
These 48 free vj loops were rendered in real time using the built-in DVR of the real-time 3d live performance software, 3L (pronounced "thrill) by
All files are 320x240 25fps in the mjpegA codec...forget the mpegs and all other formats on this site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and grab all the quicktimes in the column on the left... they are the original uploaded format
for more information regarding 3L, go to
more loops from 3L on
3L VJ Loops Series 1
3L VJ Loops Series 2
3L VJ Loops Series 3
3L VJ Loops Series 4
3L VJ Loops Series 5
3L VJ Loops Series 6
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3L VJ Loops Series 8
3L VJ Loops Series 9
3L VJ Loops Series 10
3L VJ Loops Series 11
3L VJ Loops Series 12
3L VJ Loops Series 13 "


Girls - BettyMü (Munich / NewYorkCity)

Visual Club Scenes - BettyMü vs. Hiltmeyer .Inc from BettyMü on Vimeo.
Visuals Artists BettyMü and Hiltmeyer .Inc doing Visuals
////Club Scenes at:
_ HarryKlein /Munich
_ Registratur /Munich
_ ErsteLiga /Munich
_ Flex /Vienna
_ Kerosin-Orange /Augsburg
_ Monsters of House /Munich
Schnitt by Oliver Hutzler

Best *LIVE* Mix Excerpts by Julie Meitz

Julie Meitz ( VJ JULIE MEITZ,  Girls 2,  VISUAL INVADERS 2008 : TOUT LES ECRANS,  *LIVE* Mix Excerpts ) saját mixei legjobb munkáiból.

Oxia + VJ Julie Meitz = Best *LIVE* Mix Excerpts from Julie Meitz on Vimeo.
This is a live VJ (Video Jockey) mix ; on the fly attempt to fit. Resolume beta 2.4 (audio analyzer NOT used)
Eject Management / Club Globull
Bulle, Switzerland / May 2008

The Hacker + VJ Julie Meitz = Best *LIVE* Mix Excerpts from Julie Meitz on Vimeo.
This is a live VJ (Video Jockey) mix ; on the fly attempt to fit. Resolume beta 2.4 (audio analyzer NOT used)
Eject Management / Club Globull
Bulle, Switzerland / May 2008

David Carretta*Delon & Dalcan*D'Jamency*Mathew Freeman*Julie Meitz from Julie Meitz on Vimeo.
This is a video promo for Eject Management.
Video & VJ footage by Julie Meitz
David Carretta was kind enough to let me use his soundtrack 'Disco Dance' for this video - merci beaucoup David! (et merci a Marc/Eject pour lui demande!)
I VJ mixed at this club to all the DJs listed above while occasionally taking small breaks to video tape and photograph the performers and crowd. Then I made this video :-)
Eject Management (Atomic Groove) -
Club Globull -
Bulle, Switzerland / October 2008
David Carretta
Delon & Dalcan


Az alábbiakban rövid riportot láthatunk az ANTIVJ csoportról. ( Mi az az AntiVJ? / What is the AntiVJ?, Projection, AntiVJ )

Here's a short TV report of the performance we did in the cathedral of Breda, on the 23rd of January 09.
Full video report and details soon on


Girls - VJ Lady Firefly (aka Zarah Cabanas) NYC

Úgy tűnik, ma csajos nap van...:))
" Zarah Cabanas (aka VJ Lady Firefly)
Video artist and VJ who performs at various events throughout NYC and abroad. With a unique electrorganic style of musical and beautiful visuals, Zarah mixes video wherever there is a good mood, good people, and a power outlet--from nightclubs, galleries, fashion shows, warehouse parties, concerts, recitals, festivals, audiovisual salons....and has collaborated with numerous talented musicians, VJs, DJs, dancers, visual artists.
Zarah is also video editor at Blue Man Group, crafting concert and show visuals, music videos, and video installations for high-profile productions such as the Blue Man How to Be a Megastar Tour, DJ Tiesto's Elements of Life Tour, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Regis and Kelly, among others.
Lady Firefly continues to create and VJ specialized video content for collaborative events. Her work has been supported by Experimental Television Center, and was recently featured online at Design Spotter, Joost, and Forward Motion Theater's EyeWash 3 DVD. "

Live Visuals at Lick:Circus City from Zarah Cabanas on Vimeo.
We Welcome Crazy: A live dance/vocal/video collaboration presented at NYC's Webster Hall Studio late January. VJ Lady Firefly's live mix features mastermind and dancer Roela LaMazing and dancers Mochi, Nicole Johnson. Makeup and wardrobe by Leslie Espinosa.

Lady Firefly VJ Reel from Zarah Cabanas on Vimeo.
A delicious sampler of Lady Firefly's live video work!

Girls - Vj|andreea (Bucharest, RO)

Romániában is dúl a VJ élet...

Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Body type: 0' 0" / Slim / Slender
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Occupation: visual artist

live visuals for Katya Vanila/DeepMix Moscow by Vj Andreea from Andreea VJ on Vimeo.
visual reel live@gossip club/ 21 iunie 2008 /mamaia/black sea coast / romania ( & love events)

Rosario Internullo - Sentimente (Nagual 2CB Sessions) from Andreea VJ on Vimeo.