openFrameworks is an open source C++ toolkit
for creative coding.
made with openFrameworks from openFrameworks on Vimeo.

3D Capture at 60fps

3D Capture at 60fps from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.
Running the PS3Eye at 640x480, 60 fps in Open Frameworks
This is an open source project, but the core is going through a lot of development right now. Check out the source or download the capture and decode applications
If you're interested in getting started with structured light, I've written an instructable describing how to use a simple decoder application to make a 3D scan
All except one of these were recorded at 60 fps, and uploaded at 30 fps (so every other 3D frame is dropped).
Dancing in front of a white wall (full body)
Awkward skit (portrait + sound)
Drumming (fast motion + sound)
White wall (showing waviness)
Chris Sugrue (portrait test @ 15 fps)
Facial gestures (portrait test)

1024 (PARIS / Fr)

" 1024 is the audio-visual branch of EXYZT,
created in 2008 by Pier Schneider and François Wunschel "

" About 1024 architecture
1024 architecture is a company created by Pier SCHNEIDER and François WUNSCHEL, both co-founders of the EXYZT collective.
1024 architecture focuses on the interaction between body, space, sound, visual, low-tech and hi-tech, art and architecture…
We make audio-visual installations, micro-architecture, urban intervention, performances, exhibitions and others… "

Blue Xmas / aka Noel Bleu from 1024 on Vimeo.
2k9 / Guebwiller / France
Noel Bleu is a video mapping project on the Notre Dame Church of Guebwiller, a happy village located on the "Wine Path" in Alsace, France.
The show consists of a 18 min graphical exploration of the Church, designed by 1024, following a musical ambient score composed by Vincent Villuis.
The show runs 8 times every weekend at dusk, til Xmas.
The video in HD format is warped in realtime on the facade, using our custom software.

GRrrrrridWave from 1024 on Vimeo.
2006 / Venice / Italy
Video installation designed during the Resident Meta Workshop, organized by the EXYZT Collective for the 2006 Venice Architecture Biennale, in the French Pavillion.
The concept is about being able to unfold space in video planes.
The setup consists of 6 synchronized 3500lm beamers , positionned in 3D space, projecting on a scaffolding structure. All visuals were sound reactive, however the video is shot using a SLR @3FPS.
This work has been done by the EXYZT collective, Frz Wunschel and Boris Edelstein - currently the developer of Modul8 VJ software.
Audio soundtrack by LadyTron - we love you !

MAPPING Festival 2009 from 1024 on Vimeo.
2k9 / Geneva / Swiss
This is a short sample of a facade projection 1024 presented at the Mapping Festival 2009, on the Usine building.
Unfortunately, this vid is shot in stop motion using a digital SLR @ 3fps, so we had to speed things up a little bit... hence the audio not in sync anymore.

TETRA.Tennis from 1024 on Vimeo.
2008 / Paris Tennis Masters / Bercy / Fr
TETRA.Tennis is an audio-visual show presented before each major tennis match of the french Masters Serie.
The show consists of a approx. 3 min video activation of the tennis court, just before the actual players enter the playground, at the beginning of a match.
The video content is played live using a PS3 controller, according to the audio played by Fred Viktor DJ-musician,
and then warped in realtime to the dimensions of the tennis ground, thanks to our in-house software.
1024 designed the visual system and content, and defined the ways of interaction between sound and visuals

MUSH-BOOM from 1024 on Vimeo.
2007 / Karosta / LATVIA
Montage of the Mush-Boom video performance in the former nuclear-submarine base of Karosta.
Setup consists of 3 beamers whose outputs were grid-warped.
Video content was done in a week, on location.
Done within the EXYZT collective.


Moe ( modular screen )

Moe from vedran kolac on Vimeo.
Moe ( modular screen ) is a light and video augmented sculpture, based on a single building element that can form an array of different, adjustable and reusable stage designs for club events and concerts. Dynamic structure that comes from the fact that elements come together at a 45 degree angle allows Moe to function well even as a standalone light object, a virtual kinetic sculpture.
This combination of a physical object and computer generated reality comes together via vvvv, a software for video synthesis designed by meso. A specific proprietary patch was built for the sculpture, using the same modular principle so that the composition of the video texture follows the thought pattern of the physical object. Every piece is textured separately, video textures are generated in real time and are input or ambient sound responsive.
For 2009. Illectricity festival in Zagreb Moe was built 5 meters tall and 8 meters wide, out of 180 pieces. The entire installation cost a little bit more than 250 euro to build ( just raw materials )
Moe awaits to be reincarnated in a different body.
project website:



V.I.A Demo Mix - Big Chill from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
Three way live performane inroduing the Hama Bent Mixer.

V.I.A MegaMix - Music Compiled and mixed by Gawain Carey from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
V.I.A MegaMix - Music Compiled and mixed by Gawain Carey

ETU from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
Experimental Music Video

Documentary Exploring

CTRL ALT SHIFT - from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
Ctrl Alt Shift is a documentary exploring VJ Culture.
With Interviews and Footage from
The Light Surgeons
Vj Anyone
Addictive TV
Vector Meldrew
This Project was created by
Dean G Moore
Simon Lane

Migration of The Arts PT1 from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
Documentary Exploring the Artist Involved In The Bauhaus Art Movement


iPad - VJ controller?

Tegnap bemutatta az Apple a nagy várakozással titkolt, de sokaknak (kreatív profiknak) - egyenlőre - csalódást keltő iPad-et.
De van remény, gondoljatok bele!
Már iPhone-ra is léteztek midi és OSC kontroller alkalmazások, amiket több-kevesebb sikerrel próbálgattun-alkalmaztunk vizuális programokhoz. Most ezek az iPad nagyobb érintőkijelzőjén könnyebben működtethetők és ha a fejlesztők már erre a platformra fejleszthetnek (tegnaptól), akkor hamarosan egy Lemur szintű touchsreen VJ kontrollerünk lehet a Lemur árának töredékéért.
Szerintem ezért (is) érdemes figyelni az iPad jövőjét...

VJ Fader DJ VJ set @ resBox 1-21-2010

VJ Fader DJ VJ set @ resBox 1-21-2010 from VJFader on Vimeo.
VJ Fader's debut solo DJ VJ set using faderTouch, Processing and Ableton Live playing minimal techno at 80 BPM.
Generative visuals programmed in Processing.
resBox is a monthly experimental music showcase curated by Hans Fjellestad at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood.


OMAR EOX vj (Italy)

You Like It? from OMAR EOX vj on Vimeo.
Music By Phonic.Lab
Title: You Like It?
Label: Electronic Petz
Video Mix By:

GUENDALINA discoclub OPENING SEASON 09 from OMAR EOX vj on Vimeo.

DUBIN from OMAR EOX vj on Vimeo.
Dubin (live) Performance live degli Insintesi riedita in studio dal video maker Omar Eox un mix tra live e digitale…
Base dub dalla ritmica lenta e dai bassi profondi in cui MissMykela improvvisa con le sue metriche partendo da un “classico” dei Fugees “Ready or not”…

LUCA AGNELLI dj + OMAR EOX vj @ GUENDALINA 13/06/09 from OMAR EOX vj on Vimeo.

Live act Chapelle St Roch

Jean-Paul dub - Live act Chapelle St Roch from Atelier Composite on Vimeo.
Report vidéo d'une collaboration entre Jean-Paul dub et l'Atelier Composite dans la Chapelle normande de Saint Roch. Le projet vidéo lié à l'univers de Jean-Paul dub est en cours de réalisation, grâce à l'appui de Face b association, nous avons pu concevoir une installation adaptée au lieu pour en présenter ses avancements.


Lumen - DemoVid no.1

Lumen - DemoVid no.1 from Lumen on Vimeo.
Demo reel:
Pre-processed clips, triggered and manipulated by audio input. Combined with real-time button bashing and knob twiddling and little bit of post-live comping.
Music - 'Chameleon Blush' by Girl After Shower.
Available free on Drawn Recordings Vol.1

Electrovision 23.01.10

Electrovision 23.01.10 from ceen tv on Vimeo.
Electrovision at the Roxy Bar and Screen near London Bridge, with interviews from Decollage TV, Anna Bopa, Deepvisual and Rovastar.


Carrie Gates (Saskatoon, SK)

Silent VJ clip made in Max/Jitter by Carrie Gates, featuring the glam antics of Murray Cusitar.

This collaboration between Jon Vaughn (audio) and Carrie Gates (video) is an intimate, yet risky, dynamic, and colourful presentation of live video and audio mixing using "no-input" techniques. The audio and video are created live, without using any external sources, such as cameras, microphones, or source tapes and CDs. The audio and video affect one another in surprising ways, but the intensity of the matrices of the complex feedback system are carefully controlled through delicate physical interactions with the machines. Aesthetically, the work pulsates with both human warmth and mechanical error-surfing, creating a sort of psychedelic, synaesthetic effect that hypnotizes viewers in a new world of relationships that are at once alien, but also suggestive of the secret micro-world of electricity and its fluid interactions behind everyday phenomena.

Description coming shortly.

Arkaos’ Grand VJ With The Ohm64

The latest version of Arkaos' Grand VJ has a template for the Ohm64. This makes it really easy to just select the template and start mixing without having to do too much configuration.


CoGe's Brushes plugin

VJing from CoGe & TagTool mini at Sunkissed rooftop party from Aylwin Lo on Vimeo.
I set up two overlapping projectors - one running CoGe and the other running TagTool - for this event. People were absolutely thrilled to have their creations become part of the visuals!

GrainStream from cybero on Vimeo.
Produced using a set of free AudioUnit plugins, [Grain Streamer version 1.0, Copyright 2006 Michael Norris] grain streaming an original GarageBand .mp3 mixdown into a totally different 'roboto - monastic' feel, rendered into video via Jing to capture the live composition render.
Quartz Crystal could not be used in this case as it refused to render a composition utilising CoGe's Brushes plugin for QC.
The composition was rendered live in QC 4 [32 bit mode only].
Captured in Jing Pro, saved as an .mp4 and then resynced with the GrainStream audio mix in GarageBand & finally output as an H.264 movie from that application.

CoGePSBrushes IterTrans from Lee Grosbauer on Vimeo.
Quartz Composition. This study utilizes the newly released CoGePSBrushes beta plugin from Tamas Nagy and incorporates dual instances of a variation on Iterator - Transparency.qtz from the Conceptual folder of the Quartz Composer developer compositions.
The CoGePSBrushes beta plugin is available on the The Photoshop brush files Brushed Ink and Finger Paints from were utilized. Recorded with Kineme QuartzCrystal.

RETINA-ERROR-- Solid Groove - This is Sick (Markus Lange vs BFK Remix)

RETINA-ERROR-- Solid Groove - This is Sick (Markus Lange vs BFK Remix) from retina error on Vimeo.
A live cut for Markus Lange Remix of This is Sick.
Just used still images, Resolume Avenue and a old Oxygen8
feel free to comment...


by Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku

a/v: 'Oh Yes' (by Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku) from Max Hattler on Vimeo.
Abandon Normal Devices Festival-commissioned found-footage a/v performance feat. a soundtrack by dubmarronics. Premiered at Moves09, Manchester, UK, 25 Apr 2009.
"Audiovisual experimentalists Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku present a playful performance with Oh Yes, a YouTube infused set offering a witty 2.0 take on bodies, movement and pop culture." (Abandon Normal Devices)

a/v: '/\/\/\' (by Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku) from Max Hattler on Vimeo.
Fredrikstad Animation Festival-commissioned live animation performance feat. a soundtrack by Rich Keyworth. Premiered at Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway, 12 Nov 2009.
"Watching Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku perform is an electrifying experience. The audio-visual duo work so seamlessly together that I forgot I was watching a performance as I became part of the event." (Nancy Denney-Phelps, Sprockets: Nancy's Animated World)
"Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku really explore new fields of narration in animation with their /\/\/\ performance, which combines real-time presentation with 3-screen projection. Interacting with Rich Keyworth’s soundtrack, almost symphonic in its structure, Hattler and Okaku gently improvise using repetitive sequences of animated figures and objects, ranging from simple drawings to more complex abstract structures. Just their subtle response to the audience reactions reminds you that it’s not a fixed film, it’s a live performance. Combining a sensitive beauty with discrete comic elements, /\/\/\ is an astonishing piece of work, and it was one of the highlights of Fredrikstad Animation Festival 09." (Trond Ola Mevassvik, Fredrikstad Animation Festival Director)

a/v: '(O)' (by Max Hattler + Noriko Okaku) from Max Hattler on Vimeo.
a/v performance premiered at London Short Film Festival, UK, 17 January 2010.
(O) - A new audiovisual live performance by Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku
"Max and Noriko first met when studying Animation together at the Royal College of Art. There are parallels in their animation-based experimental, semi-narrative, non-dialogue approach to working with film and video. Apart from their live work, they have collaborated on several projects ranging from tour visuals for The Egg and Basement Jaxx to stop-motion film Aanaatt and Max's latest short film Spin. With (O), their third collaboration, Max returns to his teenage roots in sound/music-making and makes a first foray into live audio performance, complemented by Noriko's surreal animated visuals." (London Short Film Festival 2010)


Steel Battalion controller as VJ tool

" It might be silly to keep a giant Steel Battalion controller around for use with two games (Steel Battalion and ... the other Steel Battalion). But to use one for those two games and a custom VJ setup -- that's ... well, it's still kind of silly, but it's also pretty awesome.
One "visual performance unit" called Bonsajo rigged up one of Capcom's indulgent Xbox controllers to control an audiovisual display. It turns out that with all those crazy, light-up buttons, the controller is well suited to use for VJing in dark environments! And it also looks really cool, in a way that we wouldn't expect of a mech game controller at a party. See the controller in action after the break. "

VJing with Steel Battalion Controller(鉄騎コントローラー) from Bonsajo on Vimeo.
hsgn@Bonsajo(VJ Unit)
We will use this sets at DTL.xna(2009.9.12,SuperDeluxe)!!!
Steel Battalion Controller==XBOX-USB converter==EeePC(GlovePIE)==USB-MIDI==MIDI-USB==MacBookPro(VDMX)

VJ with Steel Battallion Controller (2) from Bonsajo on Vimeo.
VJ performance with Steel Battalion Controller.
Fading, scratching, coloring, adding effect, bank/clip selection can be done with this single controller.
(with support of VDMX )
Perfomed by Bonsajo.


Matematic Art

Esta divida en cachitos por la limitacion de Youtube pero la sesion entera son 2 horas de audio y video.
Podeis bajar esta sesion sin visuales en mi web

VideoTutorial Modul8

VideoTutorial Modul8: La ventana de Previos (por Gnomalab) from on Vimeo.
Video tutorial, a cargo de Gnomalab, que nos explica el funcionamiento de la ventana de previos del Modul8.
Licencia Creative Commons
Reconocimiento - NoComercial (by-nc): Se permite la generación de obras derivadas siempre que no se haga un uso comercial. Tampoco se puede utilizar la obra original con finalidades comerciales.

Funcionamiento Básico de Modul8 Parte 1 from on Vimeo.
Videotutorial a cargo de Juanjo Fernández (Gnomalab) sobre el interface de Modul8
Gracias a Gnomalab
Licencia Creative Commons
Reconocimiento - NoComercial (by-nc)

Funcionamiento Básico de Modul8, segunda parte. from on Vimeo.
Juanjo Fernández - Gnomalab, nos ayuda con este nuevo videotutorial.
Gracias a Gnomalab
Licencia Creative Commons
Reconocimiento - NoComercial (by-nc)


Richard Devine Live @ NAMM AfterParty - 2010 Visuals by CPU

Richard Devine Live @ NAMM AfterParty - 2010 Visuals by CPU from Richard Devine on Vimeo.
Friendly Integration, Electronic Creatives and Droid Behavior present: WHAM BAM THANK YOU AFTERHOURS-January 15th 2010 :: future music and technology showcase ::.
Some short snippets of the show last night, visuals by Bryant Place-CPU. be sure to check out his other work, amazing visuals. (
Show with MaxForLive, and Reaktor.

Black Estate "Flora" Performance at Art Miami

Black Estate "Flora" Performance at Art Miami from Richard Devine on Vimeo.
Video Installation performance with Scott Pagano for the Black Estate "Flora" project. All audio was created live with Ableton Live 8, Max/MSP 5, Reaktor, Monome256, Lemur, Tenori-on, Korg Kaoss Pad3. Visuals by Scott Pagano, using Derivative's TouchDesigner.


[live] Sergio 5:56;02 from Iduun on Vimeo.
Giallo cinemix played at Festival Active Layer 2009, for fun.
Modul8 + Monomal Module + Monome 40h


Quartz Composer tutorial 6: Dynamic Slideshow

Quartz Composer tutorial 6: Dynamic Slideshow from goto10 on Vimeo.
Quick tutorial on how to make a dynamically updating slideshow out of a folder with images.
Note that although I'm using VDMX as an example QC host application here, this setup should work with any VJ software that can load QC patches and allows access to published inputs, such as for instance CoGe.
Links mentioned in the video:
Since the patch does nothing without the accompanying image files, it's not available for download. Please contact me through my website if you want to have it.

EIN HERZ FÜR ... NEWCOMER @ Harry Klein live

Egy "klasszikus" keverés...(kavarás)...
EIN HERZ FÜR ... NEWCOMER @ Harry Klein live from sinsynplus on Vimeo.
Visuals by..
purple analogue (shado,, Hamburg)
sinsynplus (shado,, München)
live at Harry Klein Club Munich | 01.01.2010

[Live] "Bridge"

[Live] "Bridge" 1/4 from Masato TSUTSUI on Vimeo.

[Live] "Bridge" 2/4 from Masato TSUTSUI on Vimeo.

[Live] "Bridge" 3/4 from Masato TSUTSUI on Vimeo.

[Live] "Bridge" 4/4 from Masato TSUTSUI on Vimeo.
Visual:Masato TSUTSUI
Sound:Shuta Hasunuma
TokyoMaxUsersGroup Presents "Bridge" Audio / Visual Live & Talk 2009
2009/09/13 at SuperDeluxe
Realtime generated with Max/MSP/Jitter.


Telenoika (Catalunya)

" Founded on 2000, Telenoika was created as a group of people interested in the audiovisual creation, which desired to share knowledge with the public and to present them the constant innovations of the artistic languages produced thanks to the democratization that the arrival of new domestic audiovisual technologies has meant. In order to achieve this purpose, the Videa Festival was celebrated from 2000 to 2002, and it was a worldwide referent regarding this kind of interdisciplinary events that range from science conferences to artistic workshops or public performances in which the audience can take part. Following this line, the VAX meetings, carried out during 2005 and 2006, showed the projects and creations of Telenoika that visited and took part in festivals and events included in the VAX sessions.
After 8 years of activity, Telenoika has managed to join a wide community of artists interested in interrelations, development and the possibility to show their interests to society. In addition, this community interacts with the society having good contacts with other associations, enterprises, individuals and groups connected with the field of new technologies.
Nowadays, the work of Telenoika is based on the support for emerging artists by means of subsidies for research and grants for artistic production, as well as on the audiovisual training through an affordable and varied program of workshops, presentations and courses. Its work is also based specially on a series of sporadic activities, which generate new creative and personal dynamics and cohesion the human-weave of the association.
AV Lives:
Telenoika joins a great number of audiovisual creators who, in a personal view, develop their creative activity within the live audiovisual performances. This is the case of La Màquina de Turing, Koulomek or Los Subwoofus, who have taken part in a large number of national and international festivals, such as Sónar, LPM, Fona, Bienal de Vilanova, VAD, Rec or Bogotraxx, and have participated in exchange programs with Colombia, Iceland and Portugal. Furthermore, a collective experimentation program comes up: the EnsembleAV, a kind of audiovisual orchestra made up by several members from the group. The JamsAV is another AVLive that, in a more participatory way, offers an artistic expression program to everyone who is willing to join it and play his audiovisual instruments.


Telenoika is very interested in developing acts that are open to the stage arts and theatre languages, seeking the hybridization between new ways of audiovisual communication and the historical bequest that the cinematographic and theatre language evolution has offered us. In this sense, Telenoika has collaborated with dance and theatre groups fusing the performance art with new technologies. Audiovisual and interactive scenography, light experimentation and association through sensors of images and sound to the performers acting are a sample of the contribution that Telenoika can offer to promote performing events. "
Scratch_Bcn_Now from Telenoika on Vimeo.
Un scratch sobre la ciutat de Barcelona. Realitzat amb PureData ( Audio+Video ) .errors.

Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping RELEASE 2 :: Figueres Cultura 19/12/09 [Full] from Telenoika on Vimeo.
NOU!! Segona Versió del Mapping Audiovisual de Telenoika sobre la façana del Teatre Jardí per la clausura de Figueres Capital de la Cultura Catalana 2009 (CCC09)
NEW!! Second release of the Telenoika's Audiovisual Mapping over the Teatre Jardi facade for the closing act of Figueres Catalan Cultural Capital 2009 (CCC09)
Omar Alvarez, Mikel Arregui, Miguel Gozalbo, Sergi Kasero, Eloi Maduell i Santiago Vilanova
Assoc.Cultural Telenoika
Mas Queló
LABfàbrica de Celrà
Festival Ingravid
Ajuntament de Figueres

Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival, Figueres 9/2009 [FULL] from Telenoika on Vimeo.
// català
Mapeig audiovisual de l'Associació Cultural Telenoika a la façana del Teatre Jardí, en la primera edició del festival Ingravid de Figueres. 20 min.
// english
Audiovisual Mapping made by the Telenoika Cultural Association into the Jardí Theater facade, on the first edition of Ingravid Festival in Figueres. 20 min.
Crèdits / Credits :
Omar Àlvarez, Miki Arregui, Miguel Gozalbo, Sergi Casero, Eloi Maduell, Santi Vilanova :: from Telenoika.NET -2009-
Agraiments / Thanks to :
Assoc.Cultural Telenoika
Mas Queló
Festival Ingràvid
BAF General de Catalunya


faderTouch 3.0 with Audio Visual Instruments

faderTouch 3.0 with Audio Visual Instruments from VJFader on Vimeo.
VJ Fader showing off the latest faderTouch 3.0, a portable rear projection touchscreen interface developed by VJ Fader. The display can be viewed from front and rear.
Audio visual instruments are programmed in Processing triggering sounds in Ableton Live via MIDI.

MOX MORKA (London)


Mox - video director / video artist
Lewis Gibson - Composer / Conductor
Alfredo Genovesi Guitar + Electronics
Simon Russell Double Bass
With Students and Tutors from Trinity College Of Music
Featuring children from Halstow Primary
School and St Peter's Primary School
Commissioned by Greenwich and Docklands International Festival 2009

The Cinematic Orchestra - Familiar Ground Dir.Mox from MOX MORKA on Vimeo.


Making of freeze light

How we freeze light (backstage) from FREEZELIGHT.RU on Vimeo.
How Team was preparing for the exhibition in "Samolet" gallery in August, 2009.
Making of promo video.
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 85/1.2
EF 24-70/2.8
EF 50/1.4


EIN HERZ FÜR ... NEWCOMER from shado on Vimeo.
DJ HERR PUNE (München)
DJ LEON KLEIN (Kiesbettmusik, München)
DJ ANTIDOT (München)
DJ SISSI (Harry Klein Records, München)
Visuals by..
purple analogue (shado,, Hamburg)
sinsynplus (shado,, München)

CELL + CPU demo uncut Jan. 9th 2010

CELL + CPU demo uncut Jan. 9th 2010 from CPU on Vimeo.


Mapping the Hungarian Palace of Arts Concert Hall

Mapping the Hungarian Palace of Arts Concert Hall from Viktor Vicsek on Vimeo.
This is part one of two. HD version coming soon.

night lights

night lights from thesystemis on Vimeo.
In this installation YesYesNo teamed up with The Church, Inside Out Productions and Electric Canvas to turn the Auckland Ferry Building into an interactive playground. Our job was to create an installation that would go beyond merely projection on buildings and allow viewers to become performers, by taking their body movements and amplifying them 5 stories tall.
We used 3 different types of interaction - body interaction on the two stages, hand interaction above a light table, and phone interaction with the tracking of waving phones. There were 6 scenes, cycled every hour for the public.
We had a great deal of fun making this, hope you enjoy it too.
Interaction Design and Software: YesYesNo -- Joel Gethin Lewis, Zach Lieberman, Pete Hellicar, Kyle McDonald, Todd Vanderlin w/ Daito Manabe sound design (
Projection / Staging: Electric Canvas, Inside Out Productions ( Production: The Church (, Simon Velvin. Production & Art Direction: Hellicar and Lewis (
Video features footage and edits by Simon Velvin, and music: 9th Wonder - Beautiful Morning (instrumental), Gin Wigmore - Under My Skin
Thanks to NZ Telecom and the Auckland City Council for supporting this, Peter Milne and all the Team, Simon Velvin and all at the Church, Mike Mizrahi, Marie Adams and all at Inside Out Productions, and Takayuki Ito.

Nocci F 02

Nocci F 02 from Visualicious on Vimeo.
Collaboration with Rome based composer, Nocci F.
Nocci F. works internationally as a Composer in classical music area as well electronic and experimental music. His music has been performed in all Europa: Milan “Festival 5 Giornate” (Electronic Music), Rome “Concorso Franco Evangelisti” (Orchestral Music), Berlin (Live set with Philpp Geist – Berliner VJ), Foggia “Teatro solisti dauni” (Orchestral and Electronic music), Bologna “Concorso Gigli” (Ensemle music), Abbadia S.S. Siena “Festival le dimore di Euterpe” (Symphony and Piano & Orchestra – Lviv Orchestra).

Onyx VJ - an open source video perfotmance tool

Onyx’s Core Features:
Mix up to 5 layers of video (FLV, SWF)
Extremely easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
Filters can be assigned to a tempo, make your videos respond to music
Create “mix files” that let you load and save mixes with all their associated filters and effects
Powerful API to create custom filters, transitions, and videos - create your own filters in minutes
Try the Onyx Online Demo Now!

More Onyx-vj Effects - Watch more funny videos here


lego_man (Bruxelles)

' VJ LEGOMAN (Yannick Jacquet)
With a background in graphic design and a passion for electronical music and digital melodies, I’ve been involved in VJing since the end of the year 2003. This activity allows me to combine my two passions: music and graphic design. My aim is to create live an osmosis of the music and the visuals.
My sets are in constant evolution. 98% of what I usually mix is made up of my creations, which become enriched weekly. I try to diversify my video sessions in different graphic types but keep my own style.
In parallel to my live Vjing performances, I also work on the conception of audiovisual installations.
My inspiration comes from various artistic movements; from animation movies to web-design, from Russian constructivism to music videos, from experimental cinema to graffiti.
I like to explore original techniques to leave the traditional projection on a 4x3 screen. For example, by using several projectors, other sizes of screens (square, very elongated, vertical etc.), 3-dimentional supports (buildings, statues etc.) or by playing with transparencies (screens out of mosquito nets, tile, plastic etc.). I can adapt my installations to the architecture and to the restricting issues of the place I’m playing in for every event.
I’ve had the occasion to present my work in Switzerland, France, Belgium, USA, England, Germany, Nederlands, Poland and Czech Republic at various workshops, parties, concerts and festivals.
I was resident VJ at the club le Zoo of l’Usine in Geneva from November 2004 to February 2006. I played there approximately twice per month. This concert hall, thanks to its program planners, has developed an excellent reputation in Europe for its active promotion of VJing, in particular with the organization of the well-known “Mapping Festival”. I continue to perform there occasionally.
I’m also participating in several dancefloor and experimental audiovisual projects with the Geneva based team Audioactivity, which I belong to. "

3Destruct @ biennale d'art contemporain de louvain la neuve from lego_man on Vimeo.
Audiovisual installation
Biennale d'art contemporain de Louvain-la-Neuve
15.05.07 > 17.06.07
Videos :
Lego_man (Yannick Jacquet)
Jérémie Peeters
Sound :
Thomas Vaquié

AntiVJ in Breda - TV Report from lego_man on Vimeo.
Here's a short TV report of the performance we did in the cathedral of Breda, on the 23rd of January 09.
Full video report and details soon on

AntiVJ in Breda - short Report from lego_man on Vimeo.
Here's a short report of the performance we did in the cathedral of Breda, on the 23rd of January 09.
details on
ANTIVJ is a visual label.
Visual artists:
Yannick Jacquet (Legoman)
Joanie Lemercier (crustea)
Romain Tardy (Aalto)
Olivier Ratsi (Emovie)_________________________________________
Music composed by Thomas Vaquié
Light design by Giacinto Caponio
Organ played by Gerard Maters
Special thanks to Simone Dresens & Dennis Elbers

The Technofile Awards 2010 - VJ/2

Best VJ Software:

Winner: Resolume Avenue 3

" Resolume 2 must rank as the most popular and widely used piece of VJing software on the planet, but as its creators, Bart and Edwin, are the first to admit, it has its limitations. That’s why they’ve rebuilt it (they have the technology) from scratch, using a completely different programming language and taken it cross platform (yup, it now runs on Macs too!). The result is an almost completely new program that’s exponentially more powerful, yet just as simple to master. Offering GPU accelerated support for multiple layers of HD in real time, full AV control and support for VST plug ins, Resolume Avenue 3 is a quantum leap that will have VJs and AVJs everywhere salivating (and yes, I hereby claim copyright on the term ‘AVJ’! "


The Technofile Awards 2010 - VJ

Egy kis válogatás a The Technofile Awards 2010 díjazottjai közül.

Best VJ Mixer:
Winner: Pioneer SVM-1000

The only mixer in the world tailor made to meet the needs of VJs and audio visual artists, the SVM was developed with input from leading DJs and VJs and it shows. With four channels of 24bit/96kHz sound, MIDI assignability, a stack of audio and video effects, an 11inch LCD touch screen and a build quality that gives the impression it could withstand a direct nuclear hit, this is a stonker of a machine that sits perfectly between a pair (or indeed two pairs) of DVJs.
"DJs and VJs: unlock your true AV potential.
Designed for use with our DVJ-1000 DVD/CD decks, the SVM-1000 gives you comprehensive control by synchronising both audio and video elements of your performance.
Even audio-only DJs can easily add visuals synced to the music from the SVM-1000's built-in visualiser capability.
Complete with LCD touch panel, an impressive range of effects and 96 kHz/ 24-bit studio sound quality, the MIDI assignable SVM-1000 functions in a similar fashion to our acclaimed DJM series; which for DJs mean that the doors to full-on AV freedom are now fully open!
DJs and VJs have worked together to deliver immersive AV experiences for decades, and of course it is natural that the two art forms are so closely interlinked.
Our revolutionary DVJ-X1 brought the two crafts closer than ever before in 2004, as the world’s first DVD
decks opened up VJing to DJs.
However, a major stumbling block for many was the lack of a simple and easy-to-use AV mixer; DJs and VJs
had to use separate mixers to blend sound and vision.
Now the super-versatile SVM-1000 has the power and technology to change all that.
Developed with input from leading DJ and VJ artists this mighty mixer works perfectly in both audio and AV set-ups.
For many artists this mixer will be the missing link they have been waiting for. DJs and VJs around the world now have the potential to explore new avenues of creativity!
SVM 1000: See the demo "

Pioneer SVM-1000
- 4 csatorna
- 3 sávos hangszínszabályzás (sztereó csatorna)
- fordulatszám szabályzó
- Talkover DJ mikrofonhoz
- csatlakozók: digitális kimenet koax., digitális bemenet koax., Midi kimenet, mikrofon, Phono bemenet, USB, XLR
- méret (SZ x M x H): 500 x 202,4 x 420,6 mm
- tömeg: 12,8 kg
Nálunk több helyen is megvásárolható potom 1800000-2millkós áron.

My, how the world of DJing has changed.
We've got our hands on the new four-channel audiovisual club mixer from Pioneer. It's not cheap at £3699, but it's worth every penny.

23 minute cinecities digital festival remix

aav/junktv/ 23 minute cinecities digital festival remix from amoeba on Vimeo.
a 23 minute live cinema av mix commissioned for the 2006 ciniecitys digital festival,
remixing footage using midi video from: gummo, holy mountain, rockers, david lynch, kenny everet, our man flint

The Best of 2009 by Eclectic Method

Eclectic Method - The Best of 2009 from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.


Projection Mapped Cityscape

Lumen & OCD – Projection Mapped Cityscape from Lumen on Vimeo.
Live performance projected & mapped on to a 2D drawing.
– playing with perspective and colour.
Music by Colours -
Lumen & OCD

c_cil in work

VJ Demo from c_cil on Vimeo.
c_cil / laptopsRus /Vision'R / Paris avril 2009
filmed by Dustmacadam
music by Bombay Dub Orchestra

Farbrausch - fr-062: the cube

"the cube" by Farbrausch, won the high end demo compo at The Ultimate Meeting 2009
Idea and code by chaos, music by paniq, additional code by ryg and kb, additional visuals by fiver2
made with werkkzeug4 (yes, this is new.)


Turbo 'Heavyweight Promises'

Turbo Heavyweight Promises official video 12/2009
Edited by Reich Tamás. Handpainted blobs by Vigh David and Kertész Violetta. Camera: SZIKO, Botos Zsolt, gőbel ákos, hosszú gábor, becsei kristóf, kasza andrás, dömölky dani, ivánka zsuzsi, farkas peti, bernáth milán

vj torna 2010

" VJ-k, készüljetek: az idei Cinetrip VJ torna március 29-április 3 között kerül megrendezésre – és amint az időpontból már sejthetitek: egy kiadós gyógyfürdős sparty-val zárul. Ez már a 4., és ezúttal az európai VJ-torna megalapítására is sor kerül. "

" VJ's, start preparing mentally and physically soon: Cinetrip VJ Tournament is coming up between 29th March and 3rd April – and as you may figure it from the date, it will end in an abundant sparty. This is already the 4th, and it will also feature the foundation of the European VJ Awards. "


Deep Shadows

Deep Shadows from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.
Music: Goblin 'Deep Shadows' Profondo Rosso Soundtrack 1975

CoGe 1.0 - FX - v002 Rutt Etra

CoGe 1.0 - FX - v002 Rutt Etra from luma beamerz on Vimeo.
Some fun with vade's v002 Rutt Etra Plugin.
The plugin available on vade's site:
The fx patches for CoGe available on CoGe's forum:
" CoGe compatible fx pack for the totally awesome v002 Rutt Etra 2.0.1 QCPlugin.
Requires v002 Rutt Etra 2.0.1 QCPlugin installed, grab it from vade's site:
The fx pack has 3 patches:
one with qc's blur
one with v002 blur (requires v002 Blurs 2.0 Plugin installed:
and one with Trackball control
For install the fx patches, unzip it, and drop the v002 Rutt Etra folder to CoGe/effect folder.
v002 Rutt "

Modul8 2.6.1


Version 2.6.1:
Sound Analysis.
DMX control (exclusively using the ENTTEC DMX USB Pro).
4 live video feeds.
Import/export of MIDI and key mappings.
Movie Folder feature allows for drag and drop of a folder containing images, into the media set creating an instant slide show.
Blend modes.
Wacom tablet support when using the Paint module.
Screenshot of preview and output windows
MIDI device filtering
Customizable aspect ratio of the preview panel
Specify the rendering size of your Quartz Composer patches
Support for Snow Leopard.
Download Now (37.4 MB)


surround projection at museum of modern art düren, germany

surround projection at museum of modern art düren, germany from pixelschubser on Vimeo.

Projection Mapping with Quartz Composer & Wiimote

Projection Mapping with Quartz Composer & Wiimote from GLUEH on Vimeo.
Quick Test for an upcoming event.
For the Projection Mapping we use a GLSL Shader / Vertex Shader, found at:
We added a JavaScript to set up the corner points with a wiiremote (or any other Device, using OSC).

Happy New Year 2010!

Egy kis szilveszteri hangulat innen-onnan.

Hard Fest NYE - LA 12/31/09 from EIKNARF on Vimeo.
In case you don't know for NYE in LA people here go HARD. 2010 was brought in with a bang courtesy of Destructo, DJ Mehdi, A-Trak, and Boys Noize at the Hollywood Palladium. Here is a sneak peak of the epic confetti and champagne that went down.

The Macau NYE Party 2010 Blue Frog at Venetian from Vj Donkie on Vimeo.
The Macau NYE Party 2010 Blue Frog at Venetian
Donuop VJs