DJ Bitz, Edge MC & Vj Witness - Inna Deep Sessions Vol.3

DJ Bitz, Edge MC & Vj Witness - Inna Deep Sessions Vol.3 from Inna Deep Sessions on Vimeo.
"We're used to Bitz & Edge bringing the goods, but this mix is special. Not only did VJ Witness (who's been smashing it in the visual stimulation department at the IDS live sessions) compile a stunning visual mix of some of the most amazing places on the planet, but Edge is back once again, not only guiding us but bringing some solid bars!
From deep and soulful tunes to hard hitting rollers, and nostalgic classics that take you back, it showcases exactly what IDS is all about: to quote Edge jazzy, funky, drum&bass and some fucking good rap!"
listen & download (audio only) mix:
01. Seba - Soul 2000 (Looking Good)
02. Spectrasoul - In profile (free)
03. Krakota - Be myself (Ingredients)
04. Loxy & Isotone - Ancients (Cylon)
05. Bazil - Traction (Dispatch LTD)
06. Fields - Foundations (Utopia)
07. TEED - Garden (Calibre rmx) (Polydor)
08. Lenzman - Broken dreams (Metalheadz)
09. D Bridge - True romance (Metalheadz Platinum)
10. Calibre - Garbage man (Signature)
11. Sub Zero - Brighter Days (Playaz)
12. Silent Dust - The Giant (Marcus Intalex rmx) (None 60)
13. dRamatic & dbAudio - So strong (Mars)
14. Villem - Do you I wanna (Symmetry)
15. Dub Phizix - Shakedown (Soul:R)
16. Skeptical - Catch 22 (Ingredients)
17. Spectrasoul - The Gift (Shogun)
18. Loadstar - BLVD (RAM)
19. Commix - Be true (Metalheadz)
20. Bungle - Blue (Spearhead)
21. Marcus Intalex & SPY - Paulista dub (Soul:R)
22. Fierce & dBridge - Exale (Quarantine)
23. Icicle - Arrows (Shogun)
24. Eastcolours - Taken (Blackout)
25. Blu Mar Ten & Stray - Blind soul (Blu Mar Ten)
26. Bulb - Tenderness (Kokeshi)
enjoy ;)

VJ Box

VJ Box from seaneisenstein on Vimeo.
This is a portable interactive immersive installation.
Featuring video feedback and video triggering.
Sean Eisenstein


Most Insane Immersive Movie Experience EVER

Check out this guy's room totally change into the movie he is watching! No SFX, no post production, no cuts, everything you see here is 100% for real. We were funded by the Video Store of PlayStation® Store ( to make a series of movie related videos using 'Immersive Imaging' which takes 3D projection mapping as its starting point, but gives the viewer a supercharged experience with the help of the PlayStation Move controller. In the past, projection mapping worked only from a single, static view point, and thus was very limited. By attaching the PlayStation Move to the camera, we can track projections to screens in real time, enhancing the effect of spatial deformation and false perspective on the projections and allowing viewers to look round (virtual) corners, bend walls, create a hole in the wall, or remove the walls altogether to reveal vast expanses of virtual worlds.

Projection on the Bridge - Immersive Surfaces - As Above, So Below

Projection on the Bridge - Immersive Surfaces - As Above, So Below from Light Harvest Studio - Ryan Uzi on Vimeo.
We set out to create a one of a kind public art experience, a projection mapping installation for multiple surfaces and multiple dimensions. With a hand picked team of artists and sponsorship by Senovva, something incredible emerged.
Unfolding like an animated modern Botticelli painting, flowing above our heads and spreading outwards
in every direction, “As Above, So Below” immersed viewers in the architecture of the Manhattan Bridge. Audiences physically entered the story and explored the shimmering surface as it ignited with messages and symbols.
This originally conceived video mapping project was a challenge offered to a group of artists from varying backgrounds. Led by digital arts pioneers Farkas Fulop and Ryan Uzilevsky, with post production support by Sina Taherkhani, the group created a one-of-a-kind experience. Adding to the fun were Artists Simon Anaya, John Parker, Richard Jochum and Johnny Moreno. The final projection utilized over 25,000 square feet of architectural canvas, and ultimately won "Best In Show" at the Dumbo Arts Festival.
This production tested every technique in image-making conceivable in the short time frame, including stop motion animation, and the suspension of over twenty performance artists from fly wires at sixteen feet off the ground.
Leo Kuelb is responsible for securing the site and bringing the original team together. He also put together a great international video art showcase between screenings of "As Above, So Below."
Soundtrack by Daft Punk
Production Credits:
“As Above, So Below”
as part of “Immersive Surfaces”

Farkas Fülöp
Ryan Uzilevsky
Simon Anaya
Sina Taherkhani
John Ensor Parker
Johnny Moreno
Richard Jochum

Visual Effects Team:
Sina Taherkhani – VFX Creative Direction

Farkas Fülöp – Visual Effects Supervisor

Simon Anaya – Video Mapping Specialist

Ryan Uzilevsky – VFX Producer

John Ensor Parker – 3D Environment Architect

James Laudicina Jr – VFX Production Manager
Isaiah Palmer – 3D VFX Artist

Kevin Bleich – 3D Programmer

Luis Valdes – VFX Artist

Paul Imperio – VFX Artist

Cory John Stoffa – VFX Artist

Filip Radonjic – VFX Artist

Paul Daniel – VFX Artist
Adam VanDine – VFX Artist
J.k. Carrington – VFX Artist

Aerialists / Movement Performers:
Malado Baldwin – Movement
Kae Burke – Aerialist
Darnell Celius – Movement
Sarah Lisette Chiesa – Movement
Iara Celest Diaz – Movement
Nahdi Gibson-Zelaya – Movement
David James – Aerialist
Jesse Lenat – Movement
Erinina Marie Ness – Aerialist
Max Pollak – Movement
Anya Sapoznihkova – Aerialist
Rachael Shane – Movement
Julianna Takacs – Aerialist
Tyler Visar Shaqiri – Aerialist
Despina Sophia Stamos – Movement
Sarah Walko – Movement

Kevin Bleich – 3D Scanning – Web Developer
Chris Studley – Lighting Designer / Set Carpenter
Buddy Raymond – Rigger / Set Carpenter
Anya Sapozhnikova – Stunt Consultant
Marion Talan – Costume Designer
Dana Fairbairn – Script Supervisor
Darnell Celius – Production Assistant

Special Thanks:
The House of Yes
The Juilliard School
Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
Columbia University
Kevin Carlisle
Katy Hamer
Amelie Zadeh
J. Peter Siriprakorn
Andrew Esterly

GRID Multi-Touch sound visualization

GRID Multi-Touch sound visualization from 31fps on Vimeo.
Interactive Multi-Touch sound visualization with sound of the band Mathon.
Download for iOS, Mac, Linux & Windows.
Awarded FWA MOTD on 01.12.2011 and now as a free download for unlimited time.
Get the new Mathon album "Terrestre" in iTunes or on



SPACEHOPPA VJ (edit) from on Vimeo.
[lowrez clip test for planned and events.
set to our very own pete stormcrow's spacehoppa mix]


I just made a little new plugin for Quartz Composer with the nameCoGeTextFileReader.
Nothing fancy or magically inside the plugin, it just builds an indexed structure from a .txt file, by dividing the text to components separated by the space characters.
Licensed under the LGPL, available from the project’s site:


Just before a few days of NYE, tons of NYE related content taken recently, you know countdowns, fireworks and other stuff. That files mostly video loops, and I just got the idea why not creating this by Quartz Composer and make it re-usable every year. I’ve got a little free time in the past days and just made a little countdown in Quartz Composer, andI want to share with you. It should working in any Quartz Composer hosts, but I think the best way is using it with CoGe :)
Well, see what this composition does, and what you can set up:
  • you can set up the destination year
  • you can set up the message that will be displays when the new year reached
  • you can set up the font and font size displays the countdown and the color as well
  • the composition has some basic position and rotate controls
  • this composition will displays to seconds remains till the destination year



Isadora1 from Sebastian Losarela on Vimeo.
Graphic programming environment

Isadora2 from Sebastian Losarela on Vimeo.
graphic programming environment

Isadora3 from Sebastian Losarela on Vimeo.
graphic programming

GOLD MACP MiniProject 2012

GOLD MACP MiniProject 2012 from damien borowik on Vimeo.
Work done in Processing, using Monome 40h as live performance tool. This is a recording from a live performance where I control various parameters of patterns made by particles. Check out the making of video to get an idea of how it works with the monome.
In the memory of the Japanese Tsunami victims, and the belated Jordan Belson who inspired this piece.
Soundtrack by Kenji Kawai (川井憲次): Kugutsuuta Aratayo ni Kamutsudo Hite

GOLD MACP MiniProject 2012 - making of from damien borowik on Vimeo.
Work done in Processing, using Monome 40h as live performance tool. This is a recording of another live performance (not as good as where I control various parameters of patterns made by particles.
In memory of the Japanese Tsunami victims, and the belated Jordan Belson who inspired this piece.
Soundtrack by Kenji Kawai (川井憲次): Kugutsuuta Aratayo ni Kamutsudo Hite

Venetian Snares • Benton-C live (DJ vs. VJ)

Venetian Snares • Benton-C live (DJ vs. VJ) from benton-c bainbridge on Vimeo.
A/V feed excerpt from a live DJ/VJ set in DUMBO Brooklyn circa 2004. Warning: NSFW (just the last few seconds)


MCI 2011

MCI 2011 from TarraBasS on Vimeo.
Command for mci, perfomed at stravinski in Monthreux.
Motion Video Artist
Vj Likid
VJ zero
VJ Camille de Dieu
3d by Raphael italiano
editting by François Moncarey
More project at

mci mbi 2011 from TarraBasS on Vimeo.

Mapping on a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Mapping on a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera from supermafia vj's on Vimeo.
This mapping was presented on the 1st of december in Switzerland.
art direction & creation: supermafia vj's
in collaboration with amethys
client: adam motors / g marketing

VJing Set for Mr. Flash

VJing Set for Mr. Flash from VJHeads on Vimeo.
Set du 18 novembre 2011, collaboration de la filière Communication visuelle, option Espace/Media de la Haute école d'art et de design - Genève avec le PTR, Usine, Genève pour la réalisation de VJ Sets



35PLIS MAPPING FESTIVAL 2011 from 35PLIS on Vimeo.
A 35PLIS' video-sonic Live at Spoutnik in Geneva for the Mapping festival the 20.05.2011.
Video Production Mapping Festival
Camera : Jerome Monnot / Vania Jaikin Miyazaki / Linda Cavaliero
and Maud Mesnier


CUBE LOOP from SEEL on Vimeo.
First video projection 3D by SEEL , recorded in two different locations ,
Facebook page :

NIPAMOA Video Loop Pack (Sneak Preview)

NIPAMOA Video Loop Pack (Sneak Preview) from ican*agoesdjam on Vimeo.
20 Video Loops in FULL HD (1920x1080)
IT'S 100% FREE!!
Send request email to:
(Put your VJ's name,country, twitter acc, and website/facebook)
We will send you the link to download on December this year before Christmas :)
cheers ;-)
Backsound composed by @vinodii
Official Merchandise by @Simplify_Urban


Love Ambassade : VJing Session

Love Ambassade : VJing Session 01 from Meyzo on Vimeo.
First video mixed for LOVE AMBASSADE by VJ MEYZO.
Soundtrack mixed by DJ BANANA MUFINE.
Podcast Love Ambassade -> Follow us on iTunes for free !!! :
Meyzo :
Banana Mufine :

Love Ambassade : VJing Session 02 from Meyzo on Vimeo.
2nd video mixed for LOVE AMBASSADE by VJ MEYZO.
Soundtrack mixed by DJ BANANA MUFINE.
Podcast Love Ambassade (Follow us on iTunes for free !!!) :​podcast/​love-ambassade/​id390061412
Meyzo :
Banana Mufine :

Love Ambassade : VJing Session 03 from Meyzo on Vimeo.
Finally, the 3rd episode is released !!!!
Once again, big thanks to Banana Mufine for this awesome soundtrack !!! Your mix is my inspiration, mate !!!!!
Video mixed for LOVE AMBASSADE by VJ MEYZO.
Soundtrack mixed by DJ BANANA MUFINE.
Free Podcasts Love Ambassade on iTunes !!! :​podcast/​love-ambassade/​id390061412
Meyzo :​meyzo​meyzo
Banana Mufine :​Banana.Mufine​bananamufine

Love Ambassade : VJing Session 04 from Meyzo on Vimeo.
Ok, here is the 4th episode !!!!
Video mixed for LOVE AMBASSADE by VJ MEYZO.
Soundtrack mixed by DJ BANANA MUFINE.
Free Podcasts Love Ambassade on iTunes !!! :​podcast/​love-ambassade/​id390061412
Meyzo :​meyzo​meyzo
Banana Mufine :​Banana.Mufine​bananamufine

Love Ambassade : VJing Session 05 from Meyzo on Vimeo.
The new one !!!!
Video mixed for LOVE AMBASSADE by VJ MEYZO.
Soundtrack mixed by DJ BANANA MUFINE.
Free Podcasts Love Ambassade on iTunes !!! :
Meyzo :
Banana Mufine :


V-Module is a collection of multiple M4L devices which can be freely interconnected (or mostly so) to create potentially very complex real-time “media” processing chains within Ableton Live workflow. V-Module works on top of Ableton Live’s Max for Live (M4L) environment and is essentially a Live-like interface to Jitter functionalities in Max (along with a few creations of mine). 

V-Module is free. Here you can download V-Module latest version. Please read the "How to Install V-Module.txt" instruction file first. 
If you do not know where to start from or wish to have an idea of what V-Module is before trying it, please have a look to the User Manual. 

V-Module - Tutorial 1 from june74 on Vimeo.
This is a tutorial on a self developed Max for Live (M4L) tool called V-Module. V-Module works within Ableton Live and gives you Live-like access to video processing based on Jitter and OpenGL functionalities.
If you are interested in V-Module, please visit:

V-Module - Tutorial 2 from june74 on Vimeo.
This is a tutorial on a self developed Max for Live (M4L) tool called V-Module. V-Module works within Ableton Live and gives you Live-like access to video processing based on Jitter and OpenGL functionalities.
If you are interested in V-Module, please visit:

V-Module - Tutorial 3 from june74 on Vimeo.
This is a tutorial on a self developed Max for Live (M4L) tool called V-Module. V-Module works within Ableton Live and gives you Live-like access to video processing based on Jitter and OpenGL functionalities.
If you are interested in V-Module, please visit:

V-Module Tutorial 4 (Building a VJ set) from june74 on Vimeo.
A new tutorial to show some new features and to answer the most frequently recurring questions on how to use devices in V-Module to build a VJ set.
Topics this time are:
- Primary Mixing and Performance Monitor
- Secodary Monitor and/or small screen fro the performer
- Clip playback and triggering
- Several alternative folders for clips
- GL-based effects
- Feedback using GL-based effects
- Audio Analysis for parameter modulation (Live API)
- Use clips and envelopes to modulate and trigger stuff
- Smart mapping controllers to stuff for performance
V-Module a tool I develop and use myself, free for owners of Ableton Live and Max for Live.
More info on:


VJ pack "Flowers N Colors"

VJ pack "Flowers N Colors" from Space monkeys on Vimeo.
Season 1 out of 4 HD VJ packs with alpha channel
music by Qniezery

Freemote Festival - 7 to 11/12/12

Freemote Festival - 7 to 11/12/12 from ALU_Visuals on Vimeo.
I made a speedy video glimpse of the Freemote Festival in Utrecht. My participation was to make few animations to map on the giant upside down pyramid, a project of Zesbaans Studio. Music : SHIFT Bertrand Robinne

Freemote festival 2011

Freemote festival 2011 from Vj seve on Vimeo.
Vj set in main room at Freemote festival at Utrecht in december 2011


Connection Failed (Video Mapping)

Connection Failed (Video Mapping) from Deivi Garcia on Vimeo.
Analogy between the failure of internet connections and its subsequent effect like a chaos on the emotional state change of heart connections.
Motion Graphics:
Camilo Muñoz
Edwin García
Deivi García
Minot Sound

Visuals at UNSOUND FESTIVAL 2011

Visuals at UNSOUND FESTIVAL 2011
KiNK []
Temporary Space Design []
camera man

David Brunner (Toulouse / Paris / South of Fran)

Comtaporary multifarious artist
Art Director
Mix Video Live and a performer
Web-design, photographer
Graphic Design
Artificial Environement
Vj and your Dj
My specific site is

David Brunner uses emblematics objects of the electronic culture governed by the tendencis of fashion and design to create correlations with contemporary art, culture pop and the imagery of science fiction. It conceives si zones of friction, points of meeting. present VJ on the international stage of techno music, he exploits all media for his job artist plastic without hierarchy of type. His environnements are constituted of painting, sculptures, wall decors, photographs, numerical animations, etc.
It borrows readily from popular culture but also from scientific domain.

David Brunner, artist plastic video director and present VJ on the international stage of electronic music since 1997, models areas by his installations videos.
Original projections in every event are produced in form of series of animations and in direct mixed graphic creations. Very as a performance, it develops real-time and "in music" a correlation between the public and the artists.
Head of line of the veejaying, David Brunner, artist plastic video director is one of the first actors of this new discipline in France. The ancient member of the collective Inkorporation, his discoveries and meetings with them Pirate TV (Coldcut) took it to emblematic stages to the biggest dj of the international stage and the most emblematic stages (Justice, Soulwax, The rapture). Pointed out for these reactive multicoloured, dynamic and audio creations he uses numerous interactive means and securements by direct cameras for original inlaying real-time. It blends vectorand intuitive productions, of video art, a multitude of sources (5000 produced animations) and motion captures. having inspired pop culture, Russion constructivism and urban culture, he can assimilate some of these performances with the stage Berliner.

Coma - Live at "La Superette" (Neuchâtel-CH) - Mix & Setup Video David Brunner from David Brunner on Vimeo.
David Brunner:
Mix video live & Setup Video
String bitch
Festival La Superette
Neuchâtel (CH)
Coma (DE / Kompakt)
Coma - Fameless - from the 12" Famous, released on Kompakt
special thx: LA Fille(s) du Calvaire, JM, Supermafia, Superette team

Octo Beep Mathz #1 from David Brunner on Vimeo.
Sound & Video: David Brunner
Project for Video Installation

Superette 2010 - Installation Video & Mix video & Light show from David Brunner on Vimeo.
Festival La Superette
A L'Interlope (Case A Chocs)
Novembre 2010
David Brunner:
Installation video
Mix video live & light show & mask & mapping
Structure en Sagex
Djs & Live:
Perseus, Mathieu Raetz, Pharao Black Magic, Discodeine, Tim Paris...
special thx: Les Filles du Calvaire, JM, Supermafia, L'Interlope
music: Discodeine - Tom Select (Joakim Mix)


Visual Performance - 78th Street Studios - 9/16/11

Visual Performance - 78th Street Studios - 9/16/11 from Mancinetti Pictures on Vimeo.
Mancinetti Pictures filmmaker and visual artist Jon Mancinetti's epic visual performance at the famed 78th Street Studios.
To book a Visual Performance at your next event, gallery, show or venue, contact-
Through a unique blend of audiovisual material, Jon creates a one of kind experience that is constantly blowing peoples minds! Using found footage as well as original material, Jon uses the Numark Nu VJ video mixer to live edit and manipulate his insane visuals. He continues to express his love for music with a true cinematic twist.
His mixes feature music from,
The Field, Crookers, The Bloody Beetroots, Daedelus, Teebs, Lorn, The Bangerz, Busta Rhymes, Wikluh Sky, Jogger, Lone and many many more.

vidéographie 2.0

vidéographie 2.0 from Kréa Prodz on Vimeo.
Vidéo réalisé à la ZIP PARTY, dans le cadre du festival Nördik Impact XIII le 8 octobre 2011 à la Fermeture Eclair (Caen).
Performance : Plack et Dark Elixir
Vjing : VJ System D et VJ Paz
Musique originale : Pablo Wobble et DJ Bluff
réalisation clip : Krea Prodz
La rencontre de Plack (graffeur) et Pablo (VJ PAZ) en juillet 2010 donne naissance à un projet innovant : Videographie. Le but du dispositif est de faire vivre la matière en diffusant de la vidéo sur des espaces graffés. L'arrivée de Dimitri (VJ SystemD, Division Pixel) sur le projet permet à Pablo, aussi musicien, de se consacrer à l'écriture d'une bande son originale jouée en live. Grâce à leurs savoir-faire respectifs, les intervenants mettent en place des projets de plus en plus aboutis au long de la saison 2010-2011. Avec l'aide de DJ Bluff et Darkelixirone, le dispositif a pu prendre une dimension plus modulaire pour tourner dans plusieurs festivals et soirées electro (Big Room 2, Galerie Hypertopie, Festival Novéa).
Saison 2011-2012 :
08.10.11 : Nordik Impact, la Fermeture éclair, Caen (14) , Videographie 2.0
Saison 2010-2011 :
29.09.11 : MDE, Caen (14), Videographie 1.7
19.06.11 : Hermanville (14) , Videographie 1.6
18.06.11 : St Hilaire du Harcouet (61), Videographie 1.5
11.05.11 : Galerie Hypertopie, Caen (14), Videographie 1.4
15.12.10 : Université de Caen (14), Vidéographie 1.3
10.11.10 : Le Cargö, Caen, Vidéographie 1.2
24.07.10 : Hermanville/Mer, Vidéographie 1.1


SALVADOR WEEKEND 2011 - DJ ABEL RAMOS from Wellington Mendes on Vimeo.
Video Mapping feito no Hotel Stella Maris - Salvador - Bahia
Produção: Up Eventos
Designers & Mapping: VJ Erms
Direção Geral: Wellington Mendes
Cenográfia: Esmeraldo Cenográfia
DJ: Abel Ramos
Projetores: Sanyo PLC-XP200L by Sakamoto Produções
Estrutura: Chico Som.
Data: 12.11.2011


FFGL plugin experiment.

FFGL plugin experiment. from vj monz on Vimeo.
FFGL free frame GL 1.5 plug in running in resolume. made in openframeworks.


// ALTAVISTA // MAPPING // from Juan Martinez Garcia on Vimeo.

VJ Mode 1.5 - Bring to your visual show a new dimension!

VJ Mode is a software application intended for visualists and VJs for creating stunning visuals in clubs, venues, dance parties and festivals. The program has many tools and features implemented to control and automate easily and efficiently all the visual process that is needed for a complete performance. A powerful audio analysis enginecreates control parameters that are instantly linked to the visual processing units of the software, allowing the user to specifically set a time-based control that is needed to create a show that is desired.Pre-installed VFX units allow the user to design impressive visual styles and also is given the opportunity to upgrade the current effects database by using the Freeframe protocol. Moreover, the user may find selections for setting different transition modes between files and events, automatic configuration and interpolation of the user settings and intuitive storage and selection of files and folders. Other basic features include a real-time audio visualizer that displays a number of different visual-styled waveforms, multi-screen support with up to four screens, total control of the output screens (size, position, keystone, etc), and communication with internal and external hardware and software devices with MIDI, OSC, and TouchOSC protocols.   This is a promo video for the cross-platform software application VJ Mode 1.5 by SoniconLab. VJ Mode is a complete solution for creating stunning visuals in clubs, venues, festivals, and it includes a variety of options for automation, audio visualization, multi-screening, and support for various communication protocols. For more information please visit



PERCEPTION PARTY from Marco Morales on Vimeo.
PERCEPTION PARTY: one of the best electronic Parties in Costa Rica.

PERCEPTION was a production of DANCEFLOOR SINDROMA a join venture between VIDEOCAST STUDIO and ESPONTANEO.

COGE 1.2

COGE 1.2

Changelog - New features:
  • Auto Player Select aka APS - Wiki
  • Layer Group Gadget - Wiki
  • Sliders and Buttons can send MIDI and OSC messages from now - Wiki
  • Major performance increase - Blog
  • You can change the names of the Gadgets from now - Wiki
  • A Sequencer enable ClipSynth's Media Slot Matrix will give visual feedback about the currently triggered Slot
  • Using fullscreen when no second display attached hides the mouse cursor
  • Enables Open Recent menu item in the File menu
  • You can toggle the visibility of the Player container on each ClipSynth with the Show Players button
  • Speed up project loading
  • Added option to select how the rendering thread should driven Wiki
  • Added option to select the behavior for Sliders' automation rendering Wiki
  • Some other misc User Interface related changes, improvements

Changelog - Fixes:
  • A memory management issue with renderers that could caused crashes
  • A bug that caused Sequencers could not trigger Quartz Composer Compositions
  • A bug that caused sources rendered blank frames when was no Effect Chain but the Effect Chain button was toggled on
  • A bug that caused crash when searched missing files with the Spotlight Search function during Project loading
  • A bug that caused crash when OSC preferences changed when CoGe received or sent OSC messages
  • Fixes some threading related issues that caused crash when rendering SWF files or Web pages
  • Method of handling Push and Toggle buttons with TouchOSC
  • Toggle and Push buttons handled wrong with TouchOSC
  • CoGe using the default values as minimum and maximum values for a Quartz Composer Compositions if those values not defined instead of just using 0.0 and 1.0
  • Updated the list of unsupported old QC plugins

35.8 MB - Requires Mac OSX 10.6.7/10.7.0 or later.


To unlock the project/preset save/load related functions, you need to buy a license. CoGe Single User License is available from $99 but till 5th of January, 2012 (GMT) you can purchase a license with 20% discount! Orders are processed by my sales vendor, Fastspring. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!



FRECUENCIAS AUDIBLES Y VISIBLES from Patricia Saucedo on Vimeo.
Fragmentos de la intervención A/V en tiempo real realizada en uno de los edificios emblemáticos de la Ciudad de Monterrey, La Escuela Superior de Música y Danza , Carmen Romano.
(Duración de proyecto: 50 minutos)
(tiempo de producción visual 3 días)

"Homeless" by vjsuave

"Homeless" by vjsuave from vjsuave on Vimeo.
Making of:
Director: vjsuave
Art Direction: vjsuave
Character Design: Dante Zaballa, vjsuave
Character Animation: Dante Zaballa
Animation: vjsuave
Music: Juan Tortarolo
Edition: Guillermo Coube, vjsuave
Camera: Rafael Garcia
Camera assistant: Joao Maia
Locations: Rafael Garcia, vjsuave
Producer: Juliana Borges
Camera car: Neto Valesi
Supported by MTV

Making of from vjsuave on Vimeo.
Camera: Pedro Valente, Rafael Garcia, Joao Maia
Music: "Alegria" by Los Animales Superforros
Edit: vjsuave
São Paulo, 2011


EXORSIZM @ PLASTIC FESTIVAL BXL from supermafia vj's on Vimeo.
audiovisual installation
NOV 2011
© david houncheringer & mirko eremita


brainfeeder/vj.pack (one)

brainfeeder/vj.pack (one) from beeple on Vimeo.
eight FREE Creative Commons VJ clips w/ Cinema 4D project files.
download now at
daily artwork:
more free VJ clips:

Battle VJ Novela 2011 / Toulouse

Battle VJ Novela 2011 / Toulouse from Margot Lançon on Vimeo.


VDMX + OhmRGB from Simas Gineika on Vimeo.
I've made a post in my blog
about using vdmx and ohmRGB together.

VDMX + OhmRGB (Step-by-step) from Simas Gineika on Vimeo.
First of all, sorry this video is voiceless. I'm shy and I think this song its better to listen than my voice. Besides it's a beautiful song.
This is small tutorial for VDMX and OhmRGB feedback, and update for my last video, you could find more info here:
P.S. Music I use is Black Mountain - Queens will play. (I love this song)



"With CoGe you can use arbitrary layers since the 1.0 version released. For handling those layers you could use the Mixer chain, but as in the name is more like a mixer then a tool too handling layers, if you just want to use them layers like in other layer based application. Okay, its a bit crazy sentence, but you know, if you just want to place layers of the top of the each, playing with opacity… now you feel, isn’t it? :)
Thats why I created a new Gadget with the name Layer Group in CoGe 1.2. A Layer Group is for manage multiple layers, where layers are CoGe layer sources: ClipSynths and SyphonSources actually. A Layer Group is a layer source too, so you can mix them together or with other layers in the Master Mixer. Layer Groups also have a Syphon Server at the end, so you can use Layer Groups outputs as  sources in other Syphon capable applications.
A Layer Group with some layers added. You can also see all Gadgets are renamed as well.
Here is a summary list about what a Layer Group can do in non particular order:
  • you can use arbitrary amount of Layer Groups
  • it can has arbitrary amount of layers
  • you can change the source of a layer item
  • all layers have an Opacity slider
  • you can toggle on/off a layer
  • you can re-arrange layers
  • you can apply an Effect Chain on each layer
  • you can apply an Effect Chain on the whole Layer Group
  • you can change the blend mode (currently Over and Add) of a layer
  • you can use a layer source multiple times
For now, that’s all. Watch the video below to see this stuff in action. Anyway, only one new feature left I should talking about, and keep in mindCoGe 1.2 will be released next week, yay!"