vj loops

Few vj loops from polish underground movie


The 5$ video mixer – how to do a DV screen cast through Firewire

Ez egy érdekes ( és olcsó ) módszer két Mac videójának a keverésére.

" I have found a way to transfer a live video screen capture from one Mac to another Mac using DV over Firewire.
This might be useful for VJs who want to mix video from two computers without using a capture card – the 5$ in the title of this post is for buying a Firewire cable.
Have a look at this video tutorial or read on for a text version – sorry about the less than optimal video and audio quality – this is my first attempt at doing a tutorial:
Capturing the screen as a DV signal over Firewire from Udart (Vibeke Bertelsen) on Vimeo.
First of all you need to download a couple of components which I have collected in a handy zip file: DV screen capture components
Here are the links for the original sources of the components in the zip file:
VirtualDV (in FireWire SDK 26)
Quartz Composer Live DV
v002 Screen Capture
Please be aware that as I have not created the software I have no way of making changes or helping out if this hack does not work for you.
1. Connect the two Macs with a Firewire cable.
2. Download the software and start up the VirtualDV app on both computers. This is to fool the computers into believing there is a hardware DV device connected... "

Continue: Udart


Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (Charlie North Remix)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, an audiovisual remix created by Charlie North. For more information visit

Lucid house June 2009

Lucid house June 2009 from lucidhouse on Vimeo.
Eye scorching, Ear splitting, Audio Visual mix -up.
Audio & Visual mix by: Morris La Mantia [Lucid house]
Patricia Arquette, Pierce Brosnan, Maggie Cheung, Doris Day, Faye Dunaway, Cary Grant, Richard Harris, Ethan Hawke, Charlton Heston, Bruce Lee, Tony Leung, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Omar Sharif, Uma Thurman, Joanne Whalley,
Film Samples:
A Man Called Horse (1970)
Cinema Paradiso (1988)
El Cid (1961)
Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)
Frankie & Johnny (1966)
Gattaca (1997)
Genghis Khan (1965)
In the Mood for Love (2000)
Jumanji (1995)
Lover Come Back (1961)
Monkey Business (1952)
Power Rangers
Scandal (1989)
Stigmata (1999)
The Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)
The Green Hornet (1966)
The lawnmower Man (1992)
In order of Play:
Danjel Esperanza-Der Sonne Entgegen
Sam K-Desperate Housetrack
Pete Voyager-Dripfeed (Al Calavicci Nachtmusik Dub)
The Truffle Tribe-Start Funk
Lucas Tesselhoff-Body's Perfect
Tom Clark & Daniel Dreier-Smells Like
Marco Menichelli-Special D
Kalahari Surfers-Sustainable Development
Constructus-It Don't Mean A Thing If You A
Krushed & Sorted-Interlude 1


Smode Studio

A Smode Studio 3D-s alakzatok és effektek valós idejű midi vezérlését teszi lehetóvé a PC-s VJ világnak. ( Mac-eseknek marad a jóval fejlettebb 3L. )

" "Smode Studio is a tool for live visual content creation."
Edit by Brothersoft: A demo is materialized by a tree containing effects.The tree acts like a rendering Pipeline that is processed from top to bottom.Each effect can receive the last data produced above it.There is one data channel per data type.
An effect can be used either to emit, receive or transform data.Data can be 3D meshes and splines, 2D textures or texture lists...An appropriate Data Loader effect is created each time you drag a data file to the demo tree.If you think you're tough, drag an effect from the library, and drop it into the demo tree. you can free download Smode Studio 1.2 now. "

Download Now

Real time 3D from scratch #1 from Dip Media on Vimeo.
made using Smode Studio
real time 3D from scratch #2 from Dip Media on Vimeo.
Made using Smode Studio
Midi controlled real time 3D content from Dip Media on Vimeo.
Made using Smode Studio
Audio visual interaction from Dip Media on Vimeo.
Realtime 3D content by Dip Media
using Smode Studio software & Ableton Live
the midi controller is used to control audio and video simultaneously


shado vs. Acidkids

shado vs. Acidkids from shado on Vimeo.

urbanscreen (bremen/germany)

On one hand urbanscreen is a group of free media artists and architects, dealing with research and development of experimental media installations with the aim to stage urban areas. On the other hand urbanscreen acts as a professional agency which translates the creative potential of this current art form onto the dialogue between commerce and art.
We are interested in getting in touch with anyone working in the field of experimental motion graphics and new media art to establish interesting cooperations as well as getting new inspiration. Please contact us with any question or idea. "
" Large-scale projection on urban surfaces - this is our creative company's field of activity. We conceive and produce custom-made media installations using high artistic standards, an architectural approach and a consistently professional completion; in doing so, creating uniquely outstandig impressions.
Since 2004 URBANSCREEN has been working on media concepts for the public sphere within a dynamic and diverse network of artists, architects and technical experts. Founded in 2008, the company URBANSCREEN GmbH & Co. KG develops these concepts and transfers them into a dialog between art and marketing. Our clientele not only includes large enterprises in the fields of logistics and the automotive industry but customers in the art and cultural scene as well.
Every installation's central starting point is the architecture, or more generally said, the surface which it is projected on. The spatial context, the thematic addition to the object and the context of the performance interconnect, becoming the central driving forces behind any creation. We see ourselves not primarily as service providers, but as independent producers who face every order's requirement with an open and fresh mind.
Through our intensive experience of staging architecture we have developed a procedure for a custom-made projection: LUMENTEKTUR. Through exact measuring the projection is adapted precisely to the locality. This provides direct reference to and interaction with the background. Particularly in the era of reproducible media the product thereby acquires a clear reference to time and space, which gives it a distinctive uniqueness.
Thus, besides being a registered technical process, LUMENTEKTUR has also become a fundamental approach within our working process. The superposition of material structures with a custom-made virtual skin opens up a creative potential, which we are pursuing intensely. Hence, LUMENTEKTUR represents the central tool and topic of URBANSCREEN
We are open and willing to discuss any proposal. "

555 KUBIK_ extended version from urbanscreen on Vimeo.
555 KUBIK_extended version
"How it would be, if a house was dreaming"
The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture - the theoretic conception and visual pattern of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The Basic idea of narration was to dissolve and break through the strict architecture of O. M. Ungers "Galerie der Gegenwart". Resultant permeabilty of the solid facade uncovers different interpretations of conception, geometry and aesthetics expressed through graphics and movement. A situation of reflexivity evolves - describing the constitution and spacious perception of this location by means of the building itself.
Art Direction: Daniel Rossa -
3D Operator: David Starmann
Sound Design: Jonas Wiese
Realized with mediaserver

JUMP | media facade | urban screening from urbanscreen on Vimeo.
The project “Jump” is focusing on mapped video projection with a strict reference to architectural structure. The house front has been rebuilt in a studio setting with a proportion of 1:1,4. The setup becomes a stage for artists and performers. Later the captured video content is projected on the building.
For further information visit
Music by Jan Jelinek

Pinwall | interactive facade pinball | urban screening from urbanscreen on Vimeo.
Pinwall is a interactive facade pinball game. The project was realized in context of “Viertelfest Bremen” 2007.
For further information visit
Music by Flanger

Insektion from urbanscreen on Vimeo.
Ants breaking down a house.
For further information visit
Thanks to Stefan Bramkamp/ Osnabrücker Zoo

Interview: Lars Schlichting (DVJ Sound)

" Lars Schlichting (aka DJ Lars) of DVJ Vision talks to DJsounds during Miami Winter Music Conference from poolside at Remix Hotel… Lars runs the US-based video production company DVJ Vision, which creates DVD content with beat-synced visuals, and is a national trainer and consultant for Pioneer Pro DJ in the states… In this interview, Lars talks about the evolution of his company, audio-visual entertainment in clubland, and his third volume of Club Visuals – which includes visuals from the likes of Chris Andrews, Movement, VJ Bopa and Vanessa Ramos Velasquez. "


candas sisman (turkey)

" lives and works in Istanbul
Born in 1985 in Izmir,Turkey
Eskisehir Anadolu University - animation department ( 2003 - 2009 )
Noordelijke hogeschool multimedia design - Leeuwarden,Netherlands(2006 - 2007)
Izmir fine art high school ( 1999 - 2003 ) "

AVATAR - selected scenes from candas sisman ( on Vimeo.
Avatar is a dance performance for Istanbul Bilgi University,Management Of Performing Arts - Bodies and Technologies class.
10 min.
Visuals: Candas Sisman -
Sound design: Mert Kizilay -
Choreography: Yigit Daldikler
Concept: Neylan Ogutveren
Performance: Yigit Daldikler

Rogx from candas sisman ( on Vimeo.
Sounds : Candas Sisman -
visuals : Candas Sisman
PLEASE watch it in dark and with a high volume...
This is a video and sound experiment for one video installation which about light and place...,it projected in a one corridor with surrounded visuals and 270 angle
Another importance of this work for me , this is the first my sound experiment over the video and most of sound sample that i used in work are my own recordings....natural sounds,musical instrument , electronic based sounds .....i m trying to do something in sound field...
Rogx exhibited in 5533 gallery in İstanbul,Turkey

edicisum from candas sisman ( on Vimeo.
directed by Candas Sisman -
soundtrack by Isambard Khroustaliov
you can look the interview about edicisum from here

s from candas sisman ( on Vimeo.



VJ Fader using FaderTouch @ Interface 5-02-2009 from VJFader on Vimeo.
VJ Fader performing visuals with FaderTouch controlling Processing, at Droidbehaviour's (LA) warehouse techno madness 5-02-2009, along with VJ CPU.

VJ Fader faderTouch Processing - BeiJing studio 1 from VJFader on Vimeo.
VJ Fader's VJ demo using faderTouch (rear projection controller) showcasing his latest Processing sketches, to Kraftwerk's Mega Mix.
VJ Fader is currently based in BeiJing (China) until November of 2009.

faderTouch performance to Deadmau5 Slip (BeiJing studio) from VJFader on Vimeo.
VJ Fader's VJ demo using faderTouch controlling custom OpenGL Processing sketches at his BeiJing studio. Music playing is "Slip" by Deadmau5.
faderTouch is a rear projection touch screen controller.


Sebastian Duran 2.

Ismét Sebastian Duran művei:

R A D I O H E A D // Street Spirit Remix from Sebastian Duran on Vimeo.

La Muralla Verde (Los Enanitos Verdes) from Sebastian Duran on Vimeo.
Visuales realizadas para la gira
de EEUU Octubre 2008.
Tema: La Muralla Verde
Cliente: Los Enanitos Verdes
Productora: Buffalo Films (Argentina)
Psychosis V - Los Peyotes- from Sebastian Duran on Vimeo.
Video Proyeccion realizado para el show en Niceto.
En esa oportunidad compartieron escenario con
The Tormentos
David Lider: voz, guitarra rítmica y maracas
Oscar Hechomierda: bajo y coros
Pablo Peyote: batería y coros
Quique Melena: teclados
Rolando Bruno: guitarra y coros



A barcelonai Alvaro Posadas néhány munkája:

PLAY ACC//DENTS from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.

Jvox from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.

Random Echoes from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.
After Effects Random Echoes Test

jaysinspace (Austin TX)

Az austini jaysinspace az experimentális látványok művésze.

Abstract compressionisim V1 from jaysinspace on Vimeo.
First experiment playing with AVI I-frames and an old "music"track called "contradiction3" made with johnny5 in SF circa 1999. I like to call the technique "abstract compressionisim" rather than the better known alternative. ...
This video took about 6 hours to make. With more time and more attention to sequencing with the beat this technique could produce some interesting results.

Mapping at Make out from jaysinspace on Vimeo.
First test mapping with After effects preview output on to a fresh quick and dirty improv painting. This was done during the ArtSeen Alliance Make-out session 7/5/09.
The process worked well and was a good learning experience,
the next rounds will be more refined and hopefully more awesome.
Inspired by AntiVj.
Music by Bitstream.
Thanks to Artseen alliance
for the play space!

TentaMirror from jaysinspace on Vimeo.
Just a quick sample of recent experiments.
Having fun getting familiar with Cinema 4d.
Some post twitchiness with AE.
Music by otto von schirach.


Pár kompozíció a Kineme új, 3D plugin-ével.

parametric surfaces with Kineme3D from George Toledo on Vimeo.
Last night I was working with the Parametric Surface patch in the latest Kineme3D beta. After I got done with some basic shapes that I was wanting to "hone", I setup a quick little animation where I gave some of the objects rotation and movement. This was rendered in Quartz Crystal with 16x motion blur.
There's no GLSL on this, it's just the kineme3D Object Renderer with color settings, and the "smooth" normal settings. It's also in a 3 point lighting patch.

replicate_time from hipnosia on Vimeo.
replicate time + Kineme3D

Karambolage - LiveVisuals - WeLoveZoom

Karambolage - LiveVisuals - WeLoveZoom - Part1 from Luminanski (Karambolage) on Vimeo.

Karambolage - LiveVisuals - WeLoveZoom - Part2 from Luminanski (Karambolage) on Vimeo.
Recorded in spring 2009 at Zoom-Club Nürnberg!


Event Promo 2: Fukkk Offf, Arnaud Rebotini, D'Jamency, Erony & VJ Julie Meitz

Nem tudtam megálni, hogy ma ne mutassam meg Julie Meitz új videóját.

Event Promo 2: Fukkk Offf, Arnaud Rebotini, D'Jamency, Erony & VJ Julie Meitz from Julie Meitz on Vimeo.
My Promoter wanted me to make 2 promos of the same event, only with different music. So, this is * EVENT PROMO 2 * with Fukkk Offf's music.
* EVENT PROMO 1 * - with Arnaud Rebotini's Music:
This is a video promo of the event for Eject Management.
At this event I VJ-ed, videotaped, photographed and then afterward made this promo.
Merci to Marc (Eject Management), merci to Fukkk Offf for his soundtrack 'Rave is King', merci to Grégory Guy (aka VJ Firestarter) for shooting me VJ-ing live and to Rouge TV :)
PS: The educational films are from my 16mm collections in Detroit that I transferred digitally. I'm not sure I've seen the "Good Assignment..." film on Prelinger Archives, has anyone? And of course I changed all the titles, the first one saying "Make sure you understand" to "alcohol"...and Gus (kid) understands that! hee hee ;)
Video Promo & VJ footage by Julie Meitz
Eject Management -
Atomic Groove /// Citizen Edition
Globull Club -
Bulle, Switzerland / October 2009
Fukkk Offf
Title : Rave is King
Label : Coco Machete (USA)
Arnaud Rebotini

La Vitrine - Montreal

A magyar kirakatrendezők figyelmébe ajánlom az alábbi interaktív kirakatot! Ilyet a magyar művészek is tudnak készíteni...!

La Vitrine - Montreal from steven bulhoes on Vimeo.
Moment Factory ( developed the interactive system and designed the interactive content.
PHOTONIC Dreams ( created the original LED video wall of La Vitrine, in Montreal.
The installation includes tracking devices and low-resolution LED displays and is capable of showing many different visualizations based on the presence and movement of people.
Visitors can interact with the installation every night from 7 PM to 11 PM.
La Vitrine
145, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal
Filmed and Edited By: Steven Bulhoes
Music by Bonobo (Sugar Rhymes) -

microscope session :: in love with strict machines

microscope session :: in love with strict machines from on Vimeo.
microscope session...
program/ liveacts by:
Kangding Ray (FR)
noton.archiv für ton und nichtton Escape_Now! (D)
Bohnerwachs/suburban trash Quench (NL)
n5MD visuals from the skintouchfeel group content pool of b>d>s bodydataspace
excerpt from the concert by Quench (Don & Joel Funcken)
visuals: Armand Terruli (body>data>space)
17 November 2006, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden
CYNETart-Festival for computer-aided art
"microscope session" is a series of events for the latest trends in electronic audio-visual practices. From the temporary audio-visual laboratory to the actual audio-visual performance, between electronic music, VJ-ing and live audio visual art there is a field of artistic practice for performative strategies of synaesthetic interactions.

Akai Does Mini MIDI Keyboard, Pads, a la Korg nano

Az Akai megirigyelte a Korg Nano széria sikerét és kihozta a saját változatát. Eddig ennyit lehet róla tudni:

" Korg’s nano series has been a huge hit. Now it’s Akai’s turn, with their own mini USB pad and keyboard controllers. (Note: given lengthy product turnaround in this industry, these may actually have been designed before the nano – but that’s not as important, ultimately, as which models you like.) The Akai assumes you want something that’s a bit bulkier than the Korg nano line – with, presumably, a payoff in playability.
MusicRadar gets the scoop on the mini models to be announced at Summer NAMM. (Really? People still go to that?) Our friend Ben Rogerson says Akai tells them these are expected Q3 of this year – just in time for back to school. Matrixsynth posted the full press release though we do expect official details Friday.
Update: Akai tells CDM they will make the official announcement on Friday, by which time we’ll have more details to share.
The LPK25 keyboard looks like the biggest competitor here. Korg’s competing nanoKEY sacrifices quite a bit of playability to fit into an ultra-compact space, with an action that — while, incredibly, velocity-sensitive — feels like a laptop keyboard. The LPK25 has some sort of synth action. That ups the weight to “under a pound,” and it remains to be seen whether Akai will match Korg’s unbelievable US$60 street price. But for actually playing a keyboard, the LPK looks like it could be the one to beat – while still fitting on a coach airplane seat tray along with your netbook. And it’s got an arpeggiator, too, not that you really need one with something that only works with software.
The LPD8 is interesting, too, with 8 pads and 8 knobs. But here, to me the Korg may continue to reign supreme. I don’t see scene controls on the Akai LPD8, for one. (I thought the Akai didn’t have scenes, but it looks like program changes 1-4 are that — albeit minus those handy LEDs on the Korg.) Korg’s ultra-light pads — unlike the keyboard — are eminently playable, and feel fantastic. And while the Akai knobs are nice, I imagine I’ll still prefer the hold/flam/roll buttons and X/Y trackpad controller on the Korg. Korg also has some terrific software editing functions. Of course, some people would rather have knobs. That’s why choice is good.
That said, the LPK25 promises to fill a niche I’ve been waiting for someone to fill — a tiny keyboard you can throw in your backpack for programming tunes in a coffee shop.
Stay tuned – I’m finishing up not only a mini (ahem) review of the nanos this week, but also some new templates and scripts that make them easier to use with Ableton Live. "
( createdigitalmusic )

Septembre 2008, Caen

Semaine de résidence Atelier Composite from Atelier Composite on Vimeo.
Semaine de résidence qui s'est deroulée à la maison de l'Etudiant de l'Université de Caen (14). Au programme : ateliers d'initation, installation et concerts de JP Dub et Picturing Sound.
Cet evenement est a la base de la creation de l'association du meme nom.


PixelToy 2.8

A PixelToy 2.8 egy kis vizuális játék akár VJ-nek is. Teljes képernyőn, valós időben lehet vele rajzolni, képeket manipulálni, hangvezérléssel automatizálni. A Mac-esek próbálják ki!

" You'll swear it's the 60s again.
PixelToy is one of those rare programs that defies easy categorization — it creates unique, vivid special effects which can incorporate animated text, images, sound waves, and more. You can use PixelToy to create still images to composite in an image editor, generate ultra-cool QuickTime movies for use with video editing software, or just chill out and watch the beautiful, hypnotic patterns react to audio.
Dance clubs and cafes around the world dazzle audiences with PixelToy's live visual effects. What's more, visual artists have added PixelToy to their arsenal of video effects generation software, using QuickTime movies from PixelToy in non-linear video editors such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or After Effects.
25 filters such as blur, smear, spread, shrink, fade
Output as QuickTime movies at any speed or real timeCan display live full-screen — use a second screen for controls if you want
Sound waveform and "equalizer" objects
Use multiple Text objects, each with its own animation behavior
Configurable particle "fountain" objects
More configurable actions: Bouncing Lines, Wander Balls, Insect Swarm, Raindrops
PixelToy requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later. Sound reaction requires a sound input device, such as a USB microphone or an iSight (built-in or external). "



vj_waky-ról, vagyis Sergi Palau-ról csak spanyolul találtam infót, Íme (most nincs időm lefordítani, de ti használjátok az oldalsávban a fordítót):

" Sergi Palau aka. Vj_Waky
CINE: (Ayudante de dirección, guionista, Director de Fotografía, Cámara)
2003-2006 Director ejecutivo de la productora PUNTFOCAL s.l..
2006 Ayudante de dirección del cortometraje “Salvador. Historia de un milagro
cotidiano” dirigido por Abdelatif Hwidar y GOYA 2008 al mejor Cortometraje de Ficción.
FESTIVALES: IVAM Electra 03, Observatori, Sonivisión, ESTE 04 Y 05, SummerLab, BM05,
Overbooking, Ecléctic 05, NoSeOye, Llavoretes
LOCALES-SALAS: TheMillClubs, Leclub, La House, Space, Spook, Flow, Heineken
Greenspace, LaFulop, La Soireé, Velvet Club, Apache, …
HALFCHICKEN (Grupo audiovisual-experimental). Formación: Vj.Waky, Dj. Vladimir Dy-
namo y Dj. Sais..
2006 - La Pasarela del Carmen 06 Selección musical y visuales para el desfile “Lutolux” de
“La Cantante Calva” .
2007 - “El Canto de la Sirena” (obra teatral) Videocreación escenográfica para la escena
número 7. Director de la obra Antonio Moreno
2007 - “Blancos y Negros” Realización pieza visual.
2007 - “Sonivisión” en el C.C.C.Octubre. Homenaje a Bergman y Antonioni
Creació audiovisual en directo. Música de Sais.
2008 - Muestra de moda y cultura “Llavoretes”. “Deseo” video-creación dentro del colec-
2005- Exposición fotográfica EGO en Lalola.
2006 - exposición fotográfica - U7 - en Lalola
2006 - exposición fotográfica - Berlinbahning - en Gondwana
2006 – proyección proyecto fotográfico – Made in Berlin - Universidad Arquitectura
TU de Berlín "

Vj Waky at The Mill Club with Angel Molina from vj_waky on Vimeo.
3 moments from Vj Waky,s session at The Mill Club with Angel Molina on 06jun08

Desfile Lavandera Otoño-Invierno 09-10 from vj_waky on Vimeo.
Visuales realizadas por Vj_Waky para el desfile de Lavandera Otoño_Invierno 09_10 en la VI Semana de la Moda de Valencia.
Imágenes en blanco y negro en las visuales extraidas del cortometraje "The Perfect Human" (Jørgen Leth 1967).
Selección musical Waky y Mónica Lavandera:
- Eric Satie. "Sports et Divertissements (part 11)"
- Byetone. "Plastic Star (Session)" from Death of a Typographer(Raster-Norton 2008).
- Apparat."Useless Information" from Walls(Shitkatapult/Red Musical, 2007)
- Apparat."Schallstrom" from Duplex(Shitkatapult 2003)
- Byetone."Black is Black" from Death of a Typographer(Raster-Norton 2008).
Grabado con la Canon HV-30.
Visuals made by Vj_Waky for the Lavandera fashion show Fall Winter 09-10 at the VI Semana de la Moda de Valencia.
Black andwhite pictures in the visuals from the short film "The Perfect Human" (Jørgen Leth 1967).
Music selection by Waky y Mónica Lavandera:
- Eric Satie. "Sports et Divertissements (part 11)"
- Byetone. "Plastic Star (Session)" from Death of a Typographer(Raster-Norton 2008).
- Apparat."Useless Information" from Walls(Shitkatapult/Red Musical, 2007)
- Apparat."Schallstrom" from Duplex(Shitkatapult 2003)
- Byetone."Black is Black" from Death of a Typographer(Raster-Norton 2008).
Recorded with a Canon HV-30.

DESEO from vj_waky on Vimeo.
Video made for the fashion and cultural event "Llavoretes". Realized and edited by Niño Viejo Vj,s (Sergi Palau aka. Vj_Waky, Jordi Blasco and Migue "Ojo de Pollo").
Starring: Pili and Ojo de Pollo.
Music by "Producciones Sol de México"
Special thanks to: Antonio Moreno and Groovelives


Free vjLoops pack02 (Giuseppe La Bella)

Giuseppe La Bella elérhetővé tett 24 ingyenes loop-ot.

" 24 vj loops - use them as you wish/usateli come preferite. 640x480 (mainly) or 400x300 - .avi codec Motion JPG "


360˚ Human and his item (Katowice 2009)

Ismeritek Katowicét? Ha nem, most az alábbi fílmből megismerhetitek. :))

360˚ Human and his item (Katowice 2009) from Blazej Banys on Vimeo.
I was helping out to put this video in one piece some very nice female student. Subject was like above, makein footage during very rainy and moody weather in katowice wasn't easiest :), anyways I hope you'll like it .)
Camera :
Ewa Kucharska
Krzysztof Miller
Muzik :
Amon Tobin

s0n1v1s10 09

vj_waky munkái 2009 február 20-án az s0n1v1s10 09 fesztiválon.

Vj_Waky at s0n1v1s10 09 (Excerpt 01) from vj_waky on Vimeo.
Primer capítulo de la segunda actuación realizada por Vj_Waky en el festival s0n1v1s10 en el CCC Octubre, junto a Alex de La Sonrisa Divina, el 20 de Febrero de 2009.
Realizada y mezclada en directo con Modul8 y grabado directamente de la pantalla con la Canon HV-30.
-Counter by Alva Noto from "For"(2006 Line (a Division of 12k))
-u_04 by Alva Noto from "Unitxt"(2008 Raster Norton)
s0n1v1s10 es un proyecto que trata de profundizar en el personaje del
videojockey, pieza indispensable en la actual musica electronica,
experimental, pop o alternativa. En este ciclo podras visionar exclusivos
sets audiovisuales, cuyo leitmotiv es poner la musica a disposicion de las
imagenes, unos trabajos en los que los creadores visuales seleccionaran
la banda sonora por la que discurrir sus torrentes de imagenes.
Convirtiendo estas obras, en un "todo sensorial".

Vj_Waky at s0n1v1s10 09 (Excerpt 02) from vj_waky on Vimeo.
Segundo capítulo de la segunda actuación realizada por Vj_Waky en el festival s0n1v1s10 en el CCC Octubre, junto a Alex de La Sonrisa Divina, el 20 de Febrero de 2009.
Realizada y mezclado en directo con Modul8 y grabado directamente de la pantalla con la Canon HV-30.
-Aurora by Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto from "Insen"(2005 Raster-Norton)

Vj_Waky at s0n1v1s10 09 (Excerpt 03) from vj_waky on Vimeo.
Tercer capítulo de la segunda actuación realizada por Vj_Waky en el festival s0n1v1s10 en el CCC Octubre, junto a Alex de La Sonrisa Divina, el 20 de Febrero de 2009.
Realizada y mezclado en directo con Modul8 y grabado directamente de la pantalla con la Canon HV-30.
-Rocky (soft) by Byetone from "Death of a Typographer" (Raster-Norton 08)

Vj_Waky at s0n1v1s10 09 (Excerpt 04) from vj_waky on Vimeo.
Cuarto y último capítulo de la segunda actuación realizada por Vj_Waky en el festival s0n1v1s10 en el CCC Octubre, junto a Alex de La Sonrisa Divina, el 20 de Febrero de 2009.
Realizada y mezclado en directo con Modul8 y grabado directamente de la pantalla con la Canon HV-30.
-Warm Signal by Apparat from "Duplex"(Shitkatapult 2003)


The Nest That Sailed The Sky – Winner at Prix Ars Electronica

Glenn Marshall fílmje, melyet Peter Gabrielnek készített Processing-gel,, nyert az Ars Electronica-n. Glenn ezt írja a blogjában:

" My video for Peter Gabriel, The Nest That Sailed The Sky, has won an award of distinction at this year’s Prix Ars Electronica.
from the press release :-
“Glenn Marshall is the graphic artist responsible for Peter Gabriel’s music video “The Nest that Sailed the Sky.” The animation transports viewers into magnificent fantasy worlds in which plantlike organisms sprout, send out shoots and proliferate. The video was created with Processing, an open-source programming language & environment.”
ahem…I’d like to thank…
everyone who introduced/inspired me to learn Processing, and everyone on the Processing forums for their support.
everyone on/at Vimeo for hosting my work, and all the encouraging feedback and comments.
and finally thanks to Peter! "
( )

The Nest That Sailed The Sky from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.
This is the completed video I’ve done for Peter Gabriel -
I was asked to develop the ’story’ further from the original test (you can see on this page), and got some visual ideas from looking through photos from the original album shoot. I got three extra visual ideas from this - single cells, an empty nest, trails of red berries.

Ahmet Said Kaplan 2.

Ma folytatom Ahmet Said Kaplan műveinek bemutatását.

O-U-T theme 2 from Ahmet Said Kaplan on Vimeo.
O-U-T is an audio/video performance project, with Mert Cihan

Magda-The Black Room from Ahmet Said Kaplan on Vimeo.
I've made this for Magda from M-NUS.

Mtv Turkey from Ahmet Said Kaplan on Vimeo.
It was made it for Mtv Turkey. Thanks to my mom! :)


Ahmet Said Kaplan (İzmir, Turkey)

A török Ahmet Said Kaplan 2003 óta készít videókat. Az utóbbi időben az élőben szereti keverni a képeket.

" Ahmet Said Kaplan is still attending his education at D.E.U. fine art department. He makes videos since 2003 and his body of work has been screened in urban and foreign film festivals. Now, he focused on live video and animation. "

Depression from Ahmet Said Kaplan on Vimeo.
A music video experiment.
Music, Plastikman - Fuk .

On the mix from Ahmet Said Kaplan on Vimeo.
It's my first video work! with the sounds of Ryoji Ikeda.

Bilesim(Composed) AV Performance from Ahmet Said Kaplan on Vimeo.
Audio Visual performance by Ahmet Said Kaplan at Dokuz Eylül University on 25th of May 2009
Guitar: Erinç Açıkgöz
Contour Drawing: Ali Tünay
Object Design Sketch: Emrah Güzelçay


A Clusta, a tíz éve Bham/London/Los Angeles-ben működő digitális ügynökség tette közzé ezt a remek fílmet.

Plus+ from Clusta on Vimeo.
This film was concepted, directed and produced by Clusta for a design expo held in Birmingham in October 2006 It was an opportunity to do a piece of work wich was completely non-customer facing and incorporated the studios ideas and skill-sets.
Music: © Apparat - Wooden


FILE 2009

ANDRÉ RANGEL küldte ezt a levelet:
" ..."Graffonic" installation will be presented at FILE 2009 ( - Festival Internacional de Linguagem Electrónica in São Paulo, from July 28th to August 31st . We will also hold a conference about the project at FlLE 09 Symposium.... "
" FILE RIO 2009


Tehát: Július 28 - augusztus 31. São Paulo-ban lesz a FILE 2009 - Festival Internacional de Linguagem Electrónica. Aki olyan szerencsés, hogy arra jár, feltétlenűl nézze meg!
Most egy kis ízelítő régebbi anyagokból:

Performance de João Penoni
no FILE Hipersônica Rio 2007
MAM Rio de Janeiro

Crazy performance March 23rd 2007 in Rio de Janeiro (under the Museum of Modern Art) during Hipersonica at the FILE festival. Taken from my camera during the performance.

Gracias ANDRÉ !


kotaro tanaka - materials for vjing

A japán kotaro tanaka szerteágazó tevékenységei mellett VJ materiálokat is gyárt és tesz közzé ingyenesen. Segédprogramokkal le tudjátok öket tölteni az oldalról.

" born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979.
filmmaker, VJ bysexual team, part-time film lecturer.
rep for Tokyo Eizo Brig.
member of SVP2 (Spread Videoart Project 2).
exhibiting his works at home and abroad.
his main theme in his works is "gazing".
he is trying to expand the meaning of it and the concept of it.
also his theme is how to narrate "stories" without common scripts,
by just vision and audito.
he thinks that he has to try new narrative of cinema and
believes that he has what he can do for cinema so much.
"this experimental work aims at creating a truly international absolute language of
cinema based on its total separation from the language of theatre and literature"
author-supervisor of the experiment
dziga vertov
excerpt from "man with a movie camera" "

hair_3d from kotaro tanaka on Vimeo.

hand_triangle from kotaro tanaka on Vimeo.

kiretsu09 from kotaro tanaka on Vimeo.
penta_hexa_star from kotaro tanaka on Vimeo.

3L vj loops series 19 (2009`)

40 új, ingyenes 3L loop exiledsurfer-től.

" 3L vj loops series 19 -- Get Banged!

These 40 free vj loops were rendered in real time using the built-in DVR of the real-time 3d live performance software, 3L (pronounced "thrill) by

All files are 320x240 25fps in the mjpegA codec...forget the mpegs and all other formats on this site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and grab all the quicktimes in the column on the left... they are the original uploaded format

for more information regarding 3L, go to "



"Body Paint" Installation at "Clicks or Mortar", March 2009

Hát ez jó!

"Body Paint" Installation at "Clicks or Mortar", March 2009 from Memo Akten on Vimeo.
The public playing with Body Paint Installation at Tyneside Cinema as part of Clicks or Mortar.
Watching the gentleman (at the end of the video) playing with it for ages was especially touching.
More videos and info at
“Body Paint” by Mehmet Akten is an interactive installation and performance allowing users to paint on a virtual canvas with their body, interpreting gestures and dance into evolving compositions.
Custom software analyzes live feed from infra-red cameras in real-time, and converts shape and motion into colors, drips and brush-strokes. The software was written in C++ using the open-source toolkit openFrameworks and computer vision library openCV.
The installation is designed to work with any number of people and is scalable to cover small or large areas. The interaction is very simple - movement creates paint. Hidden in the simplicity, are many layers of subtle details. Different aspects of the motion - size, speed, acceleration, curvature, distance all have an effect on the outcome - strokes, splashes, drips, spirals - and is left up to the users to play and discover.
While the installation is suitable for a single user, when multiple users are present a new dynamic emerges between people. A user-to-user interaction is born when the audience start playing with each other through the installation, throwing virtual paint at each other, trying to splash their friends, working collaboratively to create shared artwork, or mischievously trying to vandalize others' work.
Music "Ridicule and self ridicule" and "Veals" by Ultre,
"Body Paint" performance at "Clicks or Mortar", March 2009 from Memo Akten on Vimeo.
designed & created by Mehmet Akten,
choreography & performance by Miss Martini,
music "Kill me" by Dave Focker,
Excerpts from performance at
“Clicks or Mortar”, Tyneside Cinema, March 2009
curated by Ed Carter / The Pixel Palace,

3L vj loops series 18

59 ingyenes 3L loop.


" 3L vj loops series 18 -- Turn on your Lava Loops These 59 free vj loops were rendered in real time using the built-in DVR of the real-time 3d live performance software, 3L (pronounced "thrill) by All files are 320x240 25fps in the mjpegA codec...forget the mpegs and all other forma....
This item belongs to: movies/vj_loops.
This item has files of the following types: 512Kb MPEG4, Animated GIF, Metadata, Ogg Video, QuickTime, Thumbnail "

Actop Live Visuals

Actop Live Visuals from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.


CoGe - "csak amolyan érdekességképpen :)"

Ezt a bíztató levelet kaptam .lov.-tól:

" Szia,

nagyban dolgozunk vade-el a cogewebkit pluginen, sikerült implementálnunk számos hasznos funkciót,pl. müködik az egérkezelés a processing és flash dolgokhoz:)

csak amolyan érdekességképpen :) "

Ez nagyon jó!
Nagy a várakozás a hamarosan megjelenő CoGe 1.0 iránt.
Remélem, minden vj labor olvasó nevében mondhatom: Jó munkát!

AVATAR - selected scenes

Hogy ma sem maradjunk látvány nélkül! :))

AVATAR - selected scenes from candas sisman ( on Vimeo.
Avatar is a dance performance for Istanbul Bilgi University,Management Of Performing Arts - Bodies and Technologies class.
10 min.
Visuals: Candas Sisman -
Sound design: Mert Kizilay -
Choreography: Yigit Daldikler
Concept: Neylan Ogutveren
Performance: Yigit Daldikler

58 Free Quartz Compositions for 3L

Régen volt már szó a 3L-ről, pedig a programot sokan megvették és használják világszerte. Most exiledsurfer közzétett 58 ingyenes Quartz kompozíciót, amiket a szokásos módon tudunk behívni és használni a programban.

" Most people are not aware (since we never mentioned it in any of the documentation) that the movie players in 3L support Quartz Composer playback. That means that you can load your QC compositions via the file manager like any other quicktime file, and the movie player will play them back, and allow you to adjust the speed with the speed slider. You will not have access to any of the "adjustable" parameters of your composition however, it will just playback based on your clock in the composition, so no synchronization of lfo inputs, but internal midi control should work, if your midi pipeline is set up correctly via OSX's midi manager.

If you want to try this out, and don't have any quartz compositions, download this 10mb zip file containing 58 free quartz compositions by exiledsurfer. These have all been tested in 3L. You can also edit and change these compositions to your taste if you have apple's developer tools installed on your machine.

Enjoy :) "

VDMX 5.0b734

A Vidvox kiadta egyik kedvenc softom, a VDMX frissítését.

VDMX 5.0b734
Realtime video studio for professional VJ's.

VDMX5 was created from the ground up to meet the demands of realtime video performance. Built around a robust data processing architecture it was designed to be used with whatever hardware - or software - you've got available. VDMX is a software based, media processing environment that lets you achieve stunning effects in real time. By linking together and controlling VDMX modules, you build your own virtual video studio, which is equally adept at event production, post production and motion design.

Following in the footsteps of audio software trends, video software and hardware are now fast enough to compete with expensive hardware boxes for doing real-time SD and HD mixing and FX processing. Using your Macintosh, you can achieve astonishing results that are infinitely more flexible than dedicated hardware, for a fraction of the cost. VDMX not only saves you money on hardware, but also saves time. Because of its real time architecture and a control design which encourages creative exploration, you can count on VDMX to get better results faster than working with timelines.
Download Now
Version 5.0b734:
Added a 1:1 (actual pixel size) sizing mode to Output Prefs & layers.
Main output window now displays current dimensions of the window.
Modal alerts no longer opened if the user is fullscreen on the main screen.
Fixed a bug with Bluetooth disconnect (WiiMote).
Media bin and WiiMote plugins close their options panels on preset restore.
Fixed bug with speed / volume slider defaults in File Loading Preferences.
Fixed potential OpenGL crash on Macbooks with integrated graphics cards.
Fixed potential threading issue with pop-up menus.
Fixed bug where deleting a behavior chain would sometimes cause a crash.
Value of an oscillator updates even when paused so that the point stays fixed on the curve.
Various other misc. bug fixes and updates.
Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later
QuickTime 7.2 or later
1GHz or faster PPC G4, G5 or Intel processor
512MB or more of RAM
AGP, PCI Express or Intel graphics processor with at least 32MB of video memory
OpenGL hardware acceleration


Take Me Away

A Microchunk (Link, Link, Link) művészeinek produktumai.

Take Me Away from Microchunk on Vimeo.
Visuals for "Take Me Away" when performed live by Chase & Status
played 1st at Radio 1 Big Weekender, Swindon
editor: muthabored
clips: microchunk artist's
movie sample: Brazil by Terry Gilliam

Smash TV from Microchunk on Vimeo.
visuals for "Smash TV" during live sets by Chase & Status
played at Radio 1 Big Weekend Swindon
edited by ladypat

Running from Microchunk on Vimeo.
Visuals synced to "Running" by Chase & Status for use during their live show
Debuted at the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Swindon May09
directed by Mischa Ying
edited by Mischa and ladypat
dancer Takura
lights and video by Bruce Selkirk

Eastern Jam from Microchunk on Vimeo.
Visuals for "Eastern Jam" when performed live by Chase & Status
played at Radio 1 Big Weekender, Swindon
edited by Mischa Ying
movie samples from "Devdas"
additonal graphics by ladypat, Todd Graft