worldwidewarnings (WCC EDIT)

Jacob Rendell michigeni experimentális művész a VJ eszközeit is beveti munkáiba:

worldwidewarnings (WCC EDIT) from jacob on Vimeo.
" this is the longer version of my entry for the Clytemnestra ReMash Challenge.
the female dancer (Blakeley White-McGuire) is playing the part of Cassandra, a prophetess who sees visions of evil. she warns the people that the king is being murdered.
the male dancer (Kerville Jack) plays the part of the Messenger of Death, which is not a specific character from Greek Drama but was created by Martha Graham to create an atmosphere of foreboding and inevitability. this abstract figure can represent many things: Fate, Fear, Guilt, Inevitability, Karma, etc. in this solo, the Messenger of Death sets the tone for Graham’s telling of the Agamemnon saga in Clytemnestra.
a symbolic metaphor was established between the characters and our planet's many warnings of the serious and eventual irreversible consequences of climate change. "


Mirror Avenue

Casper Øbro dán művész munkáiból válogatok ma.

Mirror Avenue from Casper Øbro on Vimeo.
A semi transparrent mirror mounted in a window interpreting the given motion on the street into a real-time slightly abstract reflection.
Software & Plug-ins:
Quartz Composer 3.0
Ive used a motion sensor plugin by Samuel Kass to isolate the motion in the live feed and then put together with the v002 Rutt Etra plugin thart emulates the 1972 - Rutt-etra Video Synthesizer originallly build by Bill Etra and Steve Rutt, downloadable in digital version by at
Dazzle 101 digitizer (Echofx videoglide driver needed for mac)
Old Security Camera with a 3.5 - 8mm manual iris, zoom & focus lense
3200 ansi-lumens projector
LEE filters 53D difussion filter.
Fottage is from the opening 24. January 2009
Music: Unknown artist. Track name Brooklin

Ribbon Abstractions from Casper Øbro on Vimeo.
Play around with a modified version of Memo Aktens Ribbon QTZ patch. And then manipulated live in eMotion.
Music by: Burial - Southern Comfort


automatic triggering

The Egg_NumberCruncher_Todd Graft from Todd Graft on Vimeo.
The Egg Live Brighton 2005.
I played with The Egg for many years, developing a set with midi interactive components, mainly keyboards and drums but we did try lead guitar once. The set progressed from mainly VJ led visuals to a complete automated routine triggered by the band themselves; much needed when I had my more high profile work to do with tours and concerts.
I have since moved on after the band had some success with the Tocadisco hit........

Digital Rainbow

Digital Rainbow (2003) from Artur Arias Dutra on Vimeo.
" The video is inspired by the romance "The Rainbow of the Gravity", of the North American writer Thomas Pynchon, however, it doesn't intend a reading centered only in the work. The video travels for themes as the excessive militarism, the sex while dominance form in the modern society, the excessive presence of the technology in the mediation of the human relationships, the possibility of manipulation of the systems of sensorial perception and the expansion of the mind through the drugs. All this sewn with images, animations and parts of films that search for Thomas Pynchon's richness narrative and for the romance that, even released exactly 30 years ago, it continues establishing an impressive relationship with the moment we live.
gênero: experimental
ano: 2003
realizado por Artur Arias Dutra e Nailana Thiely
Belém - PA - Brasil "


Livid Ohm64 MIDI kontroller

" A Livid bejelentette az Ohm64 MIDI kontrollert. A cég közleménye alapján a második generációhoz az ötleteket a leginnovatívabb és -népszerűbb szoftverek adták. A kontroller USB tápellátással rendelkezik, nem szükséges driver-t telepíteni hozzá, minden kontroll kiosztható rajta, és minden gomb programozható LED-ekkel ellátott. Ez utóbbi különösen érdekes: az Ohm64 felé történő MIDI üzenetek küldésével programozható a kontroller - ezek lehetnek adott szoftver által generált üzenetek vagy sajátok, és Max/MSP, Pure Data, Reaktor, Plogue Bidule patch-eken keresztül az igazi. Open-source patch-ek (többségében Max/MSP) valósítanak meg rajta különféle interakciókat, step szekvenszert, de akár egy VU kijelző is megoldható.
kétirányú MIDI kommunikáció
class-compliant: nincs szükség driver-re a használatához
75 programozható, háttérvilágítással ellátott nyomógomb
programozható MIDI kiosztás
aranyozott elektronika, anodizált alumínium előlap
open-source szoftveres eszközök a saját LED interakciókhoz
Ohm Core szoftver a MIDI editáláshoz és LED programozáshoz
DJ stílusú crossfader, 16 körbeforgó poti, 8 minőségi fader, BPM tap, 8 mute/solo kapcsoló, 64 gombos klip bank, plusz funkciókontrollok
jár hozzá a Cell DNA VJ szoftver
MIDI In/Out csatlakozók
USB tápellátás
alumínium vagy fa kivitel, a fa verzió kék, piros, natúr és nyers verzióban kapható (utóbbi a saját színt akarók számára)
Kicsit Monome, kicsit Ableton Live koncepció, nem tömegtermék, de nagyon pofás és okos kontroller. Az árát még nem jelentették be, további infókért keresd fel a Livid weboldalát. "
( forrás: adsr )

! The completely redesigned Ohm64 will be available soon. We will be accepting pre-orders and will announce them here soon !
Inspired by some of the most innovative and popular software, we've designed the Ohm64 to put your hands on your digital performance. Adaptive and programmable, the Ohm will output MIDI for control, and listen to MIDI to be controlled.
Design Innovation
It's our second generation of Ohm, and we've expanded it massively. USB powered, with no drivers required means you can plug in and start playing. All controls can be remapped to a variety of MIDI messages, and all the buttons have programmable LEDs, so you can create your own interfaces simply by sending MIDI commands back to the Ohm. It can be as simple as listening to the MIDI that is already generated by software, or you can program your own style with a sequencer, or more in depth programs, like Max/MSP, Plogue Bidule, PD, or Reactor. A growing library of open source software (mostly Max patches) give you the tools and talents to animate button interaction, make a step sequencer, or even make a VU meter.
In summary, the Ohm's controls feature a fully programmable, backlit 64-button clip bank, onboard function controls, 8 mute/solo buttons, a BPM tap, 8 high-quality faders,16 rotary knobs, and a DJ-style crossfader. The Ohm 64 is available in a hand crafted wood body, or a sleek aluminum body.
Finally, we're proud to say we've managed to build our company so that our instruments are manufactured and assembled by hand (with the help of a few small robots) in our Austin, Texas shop.
• USB Powered
• Bi-Directional MIDI communication
• Class-compliant: no drivers needed
• 75 Programmable backlight buttons for talk-back and
interactive performance
• Programmable MIDI mapping allows you to change the MIDI settings
on the hardware
• Immersion Gold Plated Circuit Boards (this makes the buttons more sensitive)
• Aluminum Faceplate
• Open Source software tools to create your own LED talkback interaction
• Ohm Core software included for MIDI editing, and LED talkback
• Cell DNA video performance software included
• Standard MIDI IN and OUT jacks
• Made in the USA by humans
• Available in Aluminum and Wood models. Wood is available in blue, red, natural, and unfinshed so you can stain or paint it any color you want. "

( Livid )

LADY'S Part one

A francia DUSTMACADAM videóját nézzük ma meg.

LADY'S Part one from DUSTMACADAM on Vimeo.
Enjoy your mind


agnespies (Wroclaw poland)

flat geometry / mithra music from agnespies on Vimeo.
what if your face was symetric??

audio city acid valentines 14.02.2009 from agnespies on Vimeo.
audio city acid valentines 14.02.2009 @ browar mieszczanski
visuals : front left LUMINATOR
front right AGNESPIES
behind right VANS GOBLIN
behind left WYZYR

music >>kiruk from agnespies on Vimeo.
szort szot with kiruk music

drum and fejs vizuals from agnespies on Vimeo.
live mix rekombinacja
live vizualz



A looop-r egy hardware-software hibrid interfész élő vizuálokhoz.

looop-r from rux on Vimeo.
" looop-r is the second generation of a hardware-software hybrid interface for live visual expression. The objective of this project was to create an intuitive and responsive interface for live visual performances using off-the-shelf components and 'mis-used' technology.
GUI and physical controls are merged into one interface taking advantage of the best each has to offer and combine them using natural mappings and spatial organization.
Actions have direct access controls (with no intermediate menus!) and an appropriate gestures are allowed by matching their nature with the sensor's affordances and cosntraints.
While encompassing a huge range of control and possibilities of media manipulation the interface keeps its simplicity and can be quickly (and literally!) grasped.
looop-r platform is currently running two software versions : VJ and A+V (AudioVisual). A+V veresion includes all features plus a 4 step mini sequencer! "
more info + pics::


Girls - miss ducktape (vienna)

A bécsi lány ennyit közöl magáról:

grafik // video // performance // vj

wemakevisuals for oskar. from miss ducktape on Vimeo.
Avantgarde ist jetzt - wir entscheiden die Möglichkeiten. Eine Interpretation die zeigt wie interdisziplinär Visuals funktionieren können. Einzelne Sequenzen aus der "Komposition in Blau" von Oskar Fischinger werden hier neu gemischt, bearbeitet und animiert - und das alles in Echtzeit!
Musik ist unsere Leidenschaft - unser Kopf denkt visuell.

progress of work from miss ducktape on Vimeo.
photos by marcüs
recordsession for soundframe 2009
it's all live mixing! yeah! :)

live set // inspired by peter halley from miss ducktape on Vimeo.
a minimal visual live set inspired by the genious peter halley.

guerilla_street art from miss ducktape on Vimeo.


by Sebastian Duran

96 TEARS from Sebastian Duran on Vimeo.


AVmixer Lite 1.0

Az AVmixer Lite 1.0 egyszerű, gyors és ingyenes szoft a Neuromixer-től. Most VJ Fader fogja bemutatni.
Download Link

" AVmixer Lite is simple, fast and best of all, FREE! This is your standard audio video mixer with intuative controls, solid performance and enough features to rock a VJ set all night.
You can think of it as a streamlined version of AVmixer Pro minus the visual effects column. It is perfect for less powerful computers and laptops.
AVmixer Lite is available for free. To help us build better VJ software, your generous donations are welcome.
Click here to fill out the Download Form, you will revieve the download link via email. "

AVmixer Lite Audio Video Mixing Software Demo - Neuromixer from Neuromixer on Vimeo.


D'Jamency + VJ Julie Meitz = Best Live Mix Excerpts

D'Jamency + VJ Julie Meitz = Best Live Mix Excerpts from Julie Meitz on Vimeo.
" This is a live VJ (Video Jockey) mix ; on the fly attempt to fit. Resolume beta 2.4 (audio analyzer *not* used).
That night I had technical problems and did not mix as well as I would have liked to. Yet, D'Jamency as usual, jammed très+très bien and that helped me keep my cool. :)
2 more technical notes; there is a hum in the sound and the night-shot mode (infrared) on the camcorder just doesn't cut it sometimes - yet without it, live feed of DJs just isn't possible, so...
Lastly, Le Globull changes it's deco all the time, so when I arrived, they had designed the screen in 2 parts and so often I tried to use an effect that separated the image into 3 horizontal parts to try and match/play with it's screen shape. "


The Wonderland Mixes 2008

The Wonderland Mixes 2008, Pjanoo by Eric Prydz from Todd Graft on Vimeo.
A sample from Wonderland - Ibiza 2008 with Pete Tong and Groove Armada.
Microchunk, who installed an amazing installation for Eden club, Ibiza, also produced and mixed live video content especially commissioned by Pete Tong and tthe Wonderland crew. The video uses one of the many tracks from "Wonderland" double CD from 2008 and material projected during the summer

Groups - Same Same Visuals (Copenhagen)

Ma a koppenhágai samesamevisuals-szal ismerkedünk meg.

" has been doing visuals for the past 6 years in Europe. As a graphic designer his style is very inspired by old animations and the love for 80´s movies is a distinct touch that follows him through his work. Most of the time, this can also be said about his vj material. His drive to find elements people can relate to, but didn´t expect to see in a club, is one of his biggest trademarks and forces.
Samesames style and ability to make personal expressions has brought him to such different visual tasks as: MTV art breaker, local theather lounge, remixing the archives of the Natinal Danish TV, Head of visuals for the National Danish TV electronic festival "public Service",Copenhagen Jazz festival, Royal Museum of Art and basicalliy every club in Copenhagen from the smallest to the biggest. "

Random clips from 2008/2009 from samesamevisuals on Vimeo.

Justice @ Vega from samesamevisuals on Vimeo.
Crazy night - maybe our first masking project ever when i come to think of it

Mini Copenhagen - visuals wall on windows from samesamevisuals on Vimeo.
6 Sanyo LP-XL50 with tripplehead2go - track by Afefe Iku - mirror dance


Girls - dejaVJ (Prague)

A prágai lány a ROXY és a FULL MOON party resident VJ-je.
Most lézervezérelt munkáját nézhetjük meg.

PHASE Show from Deja VJ on Vimeo.
VJ performance controlled by laser sensors created in cooperation with VJ Clad and VJ Jtr.


Delon & Dalcan + VJ Julie Meitz = Best Live VJ Mix Excerpts

VJ Julie Meitz már többször szerepelt nálunk. Most legújabb Best Live VJ Mix Excerpts-ét nézhetjük meg:

Delon & Dalcan + VJ Julie Meitz = Best Live VJ Mix Excerpts from Julie Meitz on Vimeo.
" This is a live VJ (Video Jockey) mix ; on the fly attempt to fit. Resolume beta 2.4 (audio analyzer *not* used).
This night I had technical problems and did not mix as well as I would have liked to. However, Delon & Dalcan did a wonderful set that night and it was a pleasure mixing to them.
2 more technical notes; there is a hum in the sound and the night-shot mode (infrared) on the camcorder just doesn't cut it sometimes - yet without it, live feed of DJs just isn't possible, so...
Lastly, Le Globull changes it's deco all the time, so when I arrived, they had designed the screen in 2 parts and so often I tried to use an effect that separated the image into 3 horizontal parts to try and match/play with it's screen shape.
Here are some photos to show what I mean:
Related Video - Club Promo:
Eject Management / Club Globull
Bulle, Switzerland / October 2008 "

VJ Hive clips & loops (Ukraine)

VJ Hive oldalán rengeteg anyagot találtok. Egy részük fizetős, egy részük ingyenes: érdemes válogatni.

" VJ Hive offers a variety of original footage and VJ loops in sizes ranging from 320×240 up to 1920×1080, priced from free to $3.49 each. Most loops were created by Lebedev, but other artists have joined the label. "


vj diPSy - "Abstract №1" (videoloops)

Ingyenes abstract videoloop-ok vj diPSy-tól.


" This is 10 abstract loops for vjing.
Resolution: 640*480
Codec: mjpeg
Container: avi
This pack is a part of "Axisrun - Progressors" project. Visit for more packs and info. "

Puma Lift.

A CCW - Lab (Brasil) készítette a Puma reklámját. Nem rosz...

Puma Lift. from CCW - Lab on Vimeo.
Sound: Sound Lounge
Sound Design: Trinitite Studios
Sound Designer: Brian Emrich
Music: Search Party Music
Music Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Song: Underwear

Resolume Avenue 3 released - Megjelent a Resolume Avenue 3!

" Hivatalosan is megvásárolható a Resolume Avenue 3 VJ tool Windows-ra és Mac-re. A 3-as verzió a 2-eshez képest jóval többet tud, egy kicsit másképpen, de nagyon okosan.
Az Avenue az élő előadásról szól. Audio + video klipek kompozitálhatók, layer-ezhetők, effektezhetők. Van FreeFrame GL és végre VST plugin támogatás is benne ezzel együtt multilayer kompozitálás az alap. Jelentősen javult a GPU teljesítmény, MIDI és OpenSoundControl használható a vezérlésekhez, a régire emlékeztető de új kezelőfelület. Ami ugyanaz, az a mögötte meghúzódó mentalitás.
DVX QuickTime videó codec található benne, mely speciálisan GPU playback-re és nagyfelbontású multilayer műveletekhez optimalizált. Van beépített audio analízis és FFT alapú paraméter kontroll. Továbbra is van transzport kontroll a layer-eken, mint a v2-ben. Billentyűparancsokkal és MIDI üzenetekkel állítható in/out pontok a loop-oláshoz.
Továbbiak a Resolume weboldalán. "
( forrás: adsr )

" Resolume Avenue 3 is out of beta and available now! Download here, manual there and checkout the release notes below. In short, it's good, we like it, we're happy Make sure you do not miss our new DXV Codec, it's much faster than any other codec.
Stability Stability Stability
If you tried the beta you probably experienced a few crashes. That's fixed. Resolume 3.0.0 is totally stable and if you do experience a crash, we want to know about it:
Stability has been our main concern with this release so we have put a lot of time and effort into making Avenue as reliable as possible. Because we put so much time into this we had to push Flash playback and audio recording to a later release. So next on our todo is Flash playback and we will make this available as a free update.
DXV Codec
Our new DXV QuickTime video codec is the fastest codec available for Resolume. It let's you work effortlessly with a lot of layers and high resolution video. Because it does all the playback on the videocard's GPU it's faster than any other codec. Checkout all the details:
Audio Analysis
Resolume 3 can now do audio FFT analysis to make any parameter bounce to the music. Animate the size, rotation or position of a clip or make effects dance to the beat.
More effects
Thanks to Dan Kent from Syzygy Resolume 3 now includes a lot more effects: Fragment, Goo, Iterate, Kaleidoscope, Point grid, Recolour, RadialBlur, Ripples, Stripper, Tunnel (YEAH!), VideoWall & Vignette.
Transport controls on the layers
The Forward, Backward, Pause and Random buttons are back where they belong! Due to popular demand we added transport controls to the layers so it works more like Resolume 2. By default they are hidden so before you panic you should just make them visible by choosing "Show Layer Transport Controls" in the View menu.
MIDI & Keyboard Mapping Changed
The Contextual and Direct MIDI and Keyboard mapping was confusing so we changed it to Application and Composition mapping. Also, If you want your midi and keyboard shortcuts working the Resolume 2 way then go for Application mapping and select the focus to Deck in the mapping panel.
Localized Interface
The Resolume 3 interface is now localized to English, Dutch and German. More languages coming.
Other small improvements
#226 Keyboard and MIDI shortcuts for In and Out points
#501 Corresponding clip is now shown in the clip panel when a layer is selected
#503 Speed sliders more sensitive at low values
#422 Only highlight non empty clips in Composition mapping
#463 Enable Beat-snap for all clips (not only the ones in bpm-sync mode)
#456 Swap clips instead of replace when moving in the deck
#407 Shortcuts on transport controls should work on Timeline and BPM mode
#428 Keyboard mapping, check for reserved shortcuts like ctrl + s
#416 Add global VU meter
#228 Show FFGL plugin description and about info
#414 Insert recordings into first empty clip
#405 Shortcut for MIDI (ctrl + shift + m) and Keyboard mapping (ctrl + shift + k)
#404 Shortcut for Composition Settings (ctrl + shift + c)
#388 Tap Resync Pause in Application Key/MIDI Mapping "
( bart, Resolume Developer )



Rafaël performance-a a CINESTHESY FESIVAL 2008-on volt látható novemberben, Párizsban.
Rafaël // Performance in Paris // Cinesthesy Fesival // November 2008

"Alice in wonderland" (cut-up videoloops)

vj diPSy jóvoltából tölthetjük le ezeket a loop-okat.

" Little b/w Alice, big b/w Rabbit, etc, etc...
This is 10 cut-up loops for vjing, cutted from really old film, placed on
Resolution: 640*480
Codec: mjpeg
Container: avi
Additional: low fps videoeffect
This pack is a part of "Axisrun - Progressors" project. Visit for more packs and info. "



Groups - kon.txt (Aus)

2005-ben öt multimédia művész tanuló alapította ausztriában a kon.txt ( vagyis kontext ) csapatot.

" The visual art collective kon.txt was founded in 2005 by 5 friends and Multi Media Art students in Austria. Focusing in generative and storytelling video projections and graphic applications, we transformed many spaces since. While developing interactive concepts at home, a great importance consists in our live performings with the musicians... "

Jakob Barth (Wien)
Martin Pühringer (Wien)
Georg Scherlin (Wien)
Benjamin Schröder (Salzburg)
Philipp Steinweber (Frankfurt am Main)

Kon.txt VJing at Nocomment 070309 from kontxt on Vimeo.
VJing at the Nocomment Heimspiel (home match)
Upper austrian dnb DJs
we used our new multiscreen setup for the first time and it worked quite well...
2xlaptops resolume 2.4 -> Video mixer -> VGA Matrix or DV Converter
1xmacbookpro modul8 + tripleheadtogo
3 beamer

Why? and kon.txt live 24.5.08 Munich from kontxt on Vimeo.
Short impression of our show together with Why? at the Feierwerk, Munich.

kon.txt live at the inorr festival 2008 from martin_puehringer on Vimeo.
VJing at the electro floor at the inorr festival in the upper austrian castle burg piberstein.


Groups - Pikilipita (UK)

Pikilipita, a francia-svájci származásu, angliában élő duó érdekesen viszonyul a VJ-hez: nem laptopon, hanem saját fejlesztésű programjukkal,  játékkonzolokon művelik!...

" Two players
mixing candy-coloured, Harajuku-style visuals
We are a duo of visual artists from France and Switzerland but we live in London, UK.
In addition to performing live video sets, we develop VJ softwares for various unexpected platforms. Those systems are our exclusive live machines: we are "No laptop VJs".
Our current favorite platform is the Playstation 2 "
" About me:
I'm a VJ : a live video performances artist
I perform visual sets only using video game devices :
a Nintendo Gameboy advance cartridge + a Nintendo Game Cube
a Gamepark Holdings GP2X
a Sony Playstation 2
More infos on my website : "

Pikilipita 4 | AV show | ElectroVision @ café 1001 from pikilipita on Vimeo.
Harajuku zoo animals escaping from the screen frame. Watch your back! The candy-coloured figures might bite you...
Video report of the Pikilipita 4 AV performance at the ElectroVision night at Café 1001 (London, UK) on January 26th 2009.
A collaboration between the PIKILIPITA duo (visuals), PRICKIMAGE w strap-on (mobile projections) and SLAUKA (dubstep mix). Slauka can't be seen on the video as she was mixing records behind the video screen...
Camera by Hugh Campbell

Pikilipita | VJ set | Drop beats not bombs @ Rainbow warehouse from pikilipita on Vimeo.
Drop beats not bombs @ Rainbow warehouse, Birmingham, UK on 8th november 2008.
Visuals by Pikilipita
Audio by PCM
Camera by Patrycja Grimm
The visuals are mixed live on a Playstation 2 using PS24VJ software.


Groups - Apparati Effimeri (Italy)

A bolognai Apparati Effimeri videóművészekből álló csoport. Sajnos csak anyanyelvükön találtam róluk infót és az olasz tudásom hézagos...

Apparati Effimeri ShowReel 2008 from Apparati Effimeri on Vimeo.
" Apparati Effimeri™ è un collettivo di video artisti nato a Bologna nel 2008, offre soluzioni video professionali attraverso l'uso cosciente di nuovi media e tecnologie, mantenendosi sensibili alle nuove tendenze artistiche ed alle esigenze delle imprese. Composto da personale qualificato, si occupa di progettazione e sviluppo di ambienti visivi unici e funzionali ai vostri spazi, volti a valorizzare qualsiasi tipo di ambiente.
Apparati Effimeri crea allestimenti video per concerti e live set, l'unicità del nostro lavoro consiste nello studio approfondito degli spazi, dal punto di vista tecnico e da quello della spettacolarizzazione. La qualità dell'allestimento è garantita da anni di esperienza in campo teatrale e dalle nostre competenzetecniche. Le superfici di proiezione esulano dal classico schermo in 4:3 per
avvolgere invece il pubblico in ambienti immersivi, con l'utilizzo di proiezioni estese multiscreen, attraverso l'utilizzo di schermi creati appositamente per gli spazi, oppure proiettando direttamente le immagini su pareti ed oggetti preesistenti. I contenuti, creati
ad hoc e sincronizzati all'audio ( attraversol'analisi dello spettro delle frequenze) vengono creati live, seguendo le prospettive ed i limiti degli spazi di proiezione, creando quindi un effetto scenico unico ed irripetibile. "


Mapping - Spatially Augmented Reality Toolkit by Brett Jones and Rajinder Sodhi

Hát ez nem semmi: egy program, amely beméri a vetítendő felületet és autómatikusan rááll.

" We are in the process of developing a toolkit for the development of projection mapping/spatially augmented reality applications. Our focus is on projection mapping for theater and new media installation pieces using tracking with embedded light sensors.
In this demo we are calibrating a digital model of the box to the physical box using embedded light sensors. Essentially, the projector displays a pattern which photosensors embedded into the box recieve and decode. With this information, we can determine the positions of the sensors in the projectors frame of reference. With enough sensors (at least six) we can determine the parameters of the projector (the lens etc.) along with the rotation and orientation of the box. Then using a game engine, we render a 3D model of the box from the projectors frame of reference. Finally, applying an animated texture to the 3D model of the box, yeilds the demonstration above. This technique is explained extensively by Johnny Chung Lee. "

Re-Edit Video & Sound Coffee & Cigarettes

Julie Meitz ( Link, Link, Link, Link, Link ) Újrafogalmazta Jim Jarmusch híres fílmjét, a "Coffee & Cigarettes"-t.

Re-Edit Video & Sound Coffee & Cigarettes from Julie Meitz on Vimeo.
" A re-edit of video & sound of Jim Jarmusch's "Coffee & Cigarettes", sequence 'Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil'.
To understand what I did, it's best to watch the original sequence, for it starts off slower, stays on long shots more, relies on characters to convey the mood - the 'real life' that i adore in Jim Jarmusch's films...and damn if he doesn't do it so damn well...
Since I VJ and I'm interested in new forms of video expression (remixing, etc.), I found this film to be ideal for that, why?
Well there are 11 sequences and one can mix them up together creating other meanings, complexities, etc. in a more flamboyant way, kinda like a music video + a visual-musical score/structure in space...admiring the work of Jim Jarmusch, i wanted to play with his art, putting it into another perspective, sharing my influence as spectator of his film ;)
I'm not sure I'm making a lot of sense, so let's get to the main points I want to make:
The plan was to play with images from a narrative film across 3 screens. and after watching "Jack & Meg", I found the narrative to have an under-lying commentary about male and female relationships (maybe not so under-lying, more obvious?) and then with the title of the sequence, in conjunction with the failure of the machine (Tesla Coil), well, I read sexual implications into it and so i tried to bring that out in 3 screens (and I'm not a feminist film theorist).
I also wanted to cut out some of the 'word' explication of the Tesla coil by Jack and try to say it in images, at least try to quickly convey a feeling of it's importance to Jack, yet, maybe not as interesting to Meg, but at the same time, her being sensitive to his feelings and asking him about it...and then later her joking, etc. ...the back and forth, up & down, in sync out of sync, life of conversations between couples.
Lasty, I added to this sequence, the beautiful classical music from the last sequence in the film called "Champagne" (the 2 older men, janitors, having a coffee break).
Almost forgot: since moving to France, I've had to learn the language and well, I still suck at it and my frustration with not being able to communicate very well here has influenced my art. And honestly, I don't like watching dubbed films, I like original versions with sub-titles, but I found it very interesting, insightful and fun intertwining 2 languages together. I Also wanted to make the project more universal with 2 languages + subtitles...and Jack is sexier with a french tongue anyway, ha! ;)
By the way, it's Jack and Meg from the White Strips and guess what?! They started out at my friend Neil Yee's bar in Detroit called, "The Gold Dollar" - a great place for artists.
Phew! Too many words, no time, stop, back to work julie!
ps: This idea lead into collaboration with the collective Le MaTriCe and performed at the Electro Choc 3 Music Festival in Bourgoin-Jallieu, France, 2008. "


MixEmergency 1.1 review by Jean Poole

A MixEmergency vj scratch program. Az alábbi videóban megismerhetjük a használatát.

" MixEmergency lets DJs use video files as well, so as well as music going to the speakers, video goes out to a projector, but the speed and timing of it is controlled by the DJ’s hands.
In other words, mix and scratch video and visualisations ( it’ll handle your quirky quartz composer patches) in real-time, if you’re already using Serato Scratch Live. MixEmergency doesn’t handle any audio itself, but as it runs grand in conjunction with Scratch Live, that’s fine. "


Az OSCRemote egy ingyenes távvezérlő alkalmazás iPhon/iPod-ra Tölthető az App Store-ból.

" OSCRemote is an intuitive controller (using OpenSoundControl) that turns the iPhone/iPod into a remote control for any other piece of software on another system within the WiFi network.
Client software may e.g. be Max/MSP, Processing or Blender for which example code is provided on the OSCRemote's website below. This makes the application suitable for controlling performances of all kind.
OSCRemote is an application by Leo van der Veen, an interactive media artist based in the Netherlands.
Key features of OSCRemote :
• easily create custom controllers with the buit-in editor
• control client software using the OpenSoundControl protocol
• save files directly on the iPhone (future release will be able to upload controller files) "

Download Link


FEVERISH35 - Edvard Romain (France)

Un premier essai sur la texturisation des corps avec le feedback... Je tente de mettre en osmose ces deux notions... Crée avec resolume.
Ayez la critique facile, ça me permettra d'avancer !

Hermaphrode, où lorsque le corps se transforme...
Hybridation et confrontation des formes.
D'après une musique de Iota
- Projet de Vjing - 2008 -


Cal Tech Live

Cal Tech Live from CyberPatrolUnit on Vimeo.
Inside the Synthesizer @ Beckman Auditorium
Thursday, March 5, 2009
Laura Escudé
Henry Strange
Bryant Place

Top 20 VJs of 2008 - Hexstatic (UK)

+ Artist alias(es) and real name, age:
Stuart Warren-Hill, Robin Brunson
+ Preferred URL links:
+ Primary country and area of influence:
U.K.,…Europe, Worldwide
+ Primary label, affiliation, collective, and/or residency:
Ninja Tune:


MIDI Motion Machine

A MIDI Motion Machine az iPhone/iPodTouch accelerometerével vezérli a midi jeleket. Csak WiFi kapcsolatra és egy szerver programra van hozzá szükség. Most ingyenesen tölthtő az App Store-ból.

" ** March 3rd 2009 - MIDI Motion Machine is now free! (old MIDI Motion Machine free is removed from Appstore, and the full version is free now).
** New! Drop by for a video demonstration of MIDI Motion Machine!
MIDI Motion Machine is an accelerometer based MIDI controller app for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Tilt your iPhone/iPod to control any MIDI CC parameter. Like other CM Software MIDI Products, MIDI Motion Machine sends MIDI messages over WiFi to a server application on your computer, which relays the MIDI messages to your favorite MIDI capable apps just like it was a hardware controller. Download the free server application from our website ( for Mac/Win/Linux.
MMM is very configurable. It has 5 user patches that are quickly selectable using numbered buttons at the bottom of the screen. Each user patch can have it's own MIDI Channel and MIDI CC configurations. The accelerometer visual display changes color based on which of the 5 patches is selected.
As a bonus, MMM has a set of sound triggers that overlay the accelerometer display. These can be used to trigger beats, samples and play drum kits while you're twisting sounds by tilting the accelerometer.
*Check out our other products! iXY is another MIDI over WiFi application. It features Multi-touch x/y controllers.
* Sign up and chat on our new user forums at
* Coming Soon: Sample Beater is an accelerometer based sample trigger application. Play drum sounds in the air with the 4 included drum kits, or trigger sounds on your computer using MIDI over WiFi technology.
* libDSMI - an Open Source MIDI over WiFI library. Create your own MIDI over WiFi apps using the same technology in CM Software's iPhone apps
What's new
* No longer requires entry of computer's IP address. "

Eclectic Method - 30 Rock (Jack's Laugh Remix) :)))

Eclectic Method - 30 Rock (Jack's Laugh Remix) from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.


Viktor Vicsek

A magyar Viktor Vicsek az MTA SZTAKI Médiatechnológia Csoport tagja.

Paca - Dirt from Viktor Vicsek on Vimeo.
Music is Invitation by Jemset . Vid is made with After FX. No camera footage. Unfinished preview.

Mess 1 from Viktor Vicsek on Vimeo.

Mess 2 from Viktor Vicsek on Vimeo.
Projection on Radiokraft party in Budapest 2009.02.13. Mainly testing our new software which is capable of mixing realtime generated content and videos up to 3072x768 pixels. So its kinda messy.


60 minute

A Club Chroma jóvoltából most újabb 60 percet táncolhatunk és nézhetünk végig.
<a href="">Frankenkat vs James Lauer 1</a>


Immersive Content @ Society for Arts and Technology (Montréal)

Appel à participation :: création de contenus pour dômes immersifs from Society for Arts and Technology on Vimeo.
" Video is a promo for attracting submissions for this year’s immersive festival in Montréal (deadline is today). Some wonderful examples from previous years. "

Interactiv dance mapping

Hmmm...ez érdekes...
A Chunky Move ausztrál tánccsoport és iskola produkciójában fontos szerepe van a vetítésnek. Az alábbi előadást 2008 januárjában vették fel a Sydney Opera House-ban. Legközelebb 2009 március 4-8-ig játszák Melbourn-ben, a Malthouse Theatre-ben.

Sydney Opera House, Jan 2008
4-8 March 2009, Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne. Tickets on sale now.


otolab (Milano, Italy)

Az otolab egy 2001-ben alakult zenészekből, DJ-kből, Vj-kből, videóművészekből, videó készítőkből, web designerekből, grafikusokból és építészekből álló milánói csapat.

" Otolab was founded in 2001 in Milan by an affinity group of musicians, djs, vjs, videoartists, videomakers, web designers, graphic designers and architects joined to go through a common path in the field of the electronic music and audiovisual research.
The projects are developed through lab sessions, seminars and live performance according to the principles of brainstorming and mutual support, free circulation of knowledge and experimentation.
The production includes collective and individual projects managed with languages ranging from experimental electronics to techno, dub and industrial sonorities, always looking for a symbiotic relationship with image and video.
Otolab is a cultural association committed to create live media and installations and to carry out audio and audiovisual projects, seminars and workshops.
In these years, Otolab members have been welcomed to festivals, cultural events, museums, national and international galleries and have contributed to the realization of self-managed cultural initiatives. "

otolab, u.d.o. from otolab on Vimeo.
An experimental clip from a long time ago.
audio: maikko
video: orgone
otolab - 2002

otolab, stare mesto from otolab on Vimeo.
Conceived for the ImproVisual section of the Prague Biennale (May 2003) this audiovisual performance originated from the obscure musical weavings of Dies_ and Maikko.
The graphic images come from Mud and xo00’s laptops: the former supplying mutant architectural environments within a 2D/3D ambiguity, the latter creating mouse-dragged planes and transparencies.
The live mix of the two visual sources in a chromatically homogeneous vectorial composition gives birth to abstract and evocative landscape.
visuals: mud, xo00
sound: dies_, maikko
total time: around 40’

otolab, animula from otolab on Vimeo.
installazione audiovisiva 5+1
Cinque forme luminose rinchiuse in uno spazio metafisico
danzano e cantano, scindendosi e fondendosi tra loro.
Originariamente concepito per una diffusione surround
a cinque canali "Animula" è stato realizzato
per il progetto Optofonica
Five shining shapes are locked in a metaphysical space.
They dance and sing, splitting and melting each one in other.
"Animula" was realised for a 5.1 surround sound diffusion
and was commissioned by Optofonica
otolab 2007
visuals: mud
sound: ssim_el
total time: 08.00’

otolab, reel from otolab on Vimeo.


Club Chroma

Ma egy 62 perces mixet nézhetünk végig a Club Chroma jóvoltából.

" Club Chroma features mixes from the international DJ/VJ communities. Exploring all genres of club experience. "