Retro VJ set

Retro VJ set from Gonçalo Nobre on Vimeo.
This is a showreel of my main VJ set.
With a revivalist thematic, gathering references from the early's XX century to the late 60's, mainly from advertising, magazines and newspapers.
Estas são algumas imagens do meu principal VJ set.
Com uma temática revivalista, onde são reunidas referências desde o ínicio do século XX até ao final dos anos 60, vindas principalmente de antigos jornais e revistas.
Music: Ray Charles - I Got A Woman (Gold Digger Diplo-Edit

Retro VJ loops02 from Gonçalo Nobre on Vimeo.
This are some video loops from my Retro VJ set.
Those are some specific videos that i made to be used on bar.
Music: Shempi - Ratatat

Pikidoo - VJ software for Dingoo A320 handheld system

It's a quick port from our previous project Pikix
While working with the Dingoo device, I have been quite disapointed by this system on various points, so cannot really recommend to purchase one.
But if you happen to own a Dingoo A320, check out Pikidoo!
We only used this software live once, for our AV show Classic Masakra at LPM Roma
Pikidoo is compatible with k17 video files compressed with the kouky2x tool.
See Pikix for more infos about those video files
Dingoo features:
Fits into your pocket!
Rechargeable battery
Composite output (PAL and NTSC)
Screen resolution 320x240 pixels
4GB Internal memory
Mini SD card slot
more infos on

Download Pikidoo

Pikilipita 3 | Classic Masakra | LPM 2010 @ Brancaleone, Roma from pikilipita on Vimeo.

A Classic Masakra!
Performed by Pikilipita 3 as a collaboration between Pikilipita and Icyd.
Big cheers to Aga for her first live performance!
Thanks to Boryz for the camera recording!




Create gapless video streams from online clips

Sound complicated?
- Just search for a video,
- drag&drop some clips on your tape,
- lay back and watch or share it with friends!

Sound complicated?
- Just search for a video,
- drag&drop some clips on your tape,
- lay back and watch or share it with friends

Dragontape is a webapp that enables you to create mixtapes of your favorite online videos, so you can watch them as a continuous show. The tapes you create are accessed through a single URL, so you can easily share with friends or embed them in a webpage. The source clips remain in their original locations, Dragontape simply remembers where to find them.

Dragontape Demo Video from Dragontape on Vimeo.
Learn how to use the Dragontape editor!

VJ Retina Error vs. Patrick Wurzwallner

VJ Retina Error vs. Patrick Wurzwallner from retina error on Vimeo.
This is from the Home Research Jam-Session between me and Patrick. Done at the KTC-Wittenberg for the wbmotion e.V. project "European Roots Movement 2010"
Drums and Sound: Patrick Wurzwallner
Live Video: Daniel Urban

essay: Resolume Avenue 3.1

VeeJayTsunaMiX Paris-Vegas-Nautilus essay 01 : Resolume Avenue 3.1 from veejaytsunamix on Vimeo.
VeeJayTsunaMiX, Producer, First Resolume Avenue 3.1 essay : Paris-Vegas-Nautilus : demo Hi Def vjaying HD

VeeJayTsunaMiX BUTTERFLY EFFECTS essay 02 : Resolume Avenue 3.1 from veejaytsunamix on Vimeo.
VeeJayTsunaMiX BUTTERFLY EFFECTS essay 02 : Resolume Avenue 3.1

VeeJayTsunaMiX Moon Eclipse - Sphinx - Fire Performers essay 03 from veejaytsunamix on Vimeo.
VeeJayTsunaMiX Moon Eclipse - Sphinx - Fire Performers essay 03 : Resolume Avenue 3.1


Tempus Visuals Pack

Tempus Visuals Pack from John Hammond on Vimeo.
11 original VJ clips for you to use in your visual performances. All clips are either 2, 4, or 8 seconds long and some will seamlessly loop.
Download, chop up, export using your favourite codec and enjoy!

audio reactive content experiment #1

audio reactive content experiment #1 from Justin C. Larwick on Vimeo.
all original material created in quartz composer, running in vdmx, filmed with a cheap point and shoot sony cam. good things are coming soon... (sorry about the horribly low sound quality). this was a test not a "real" performance (yet)

Black Hole

Black Hole from 360angles on Vimeo.
Made with Processing. Audio by John Murphy. - here you can read about my process.


Live @ The Big Chill. Lukas, Dave Bain, Lumen & OCD

Live @ The Big Chill. Lukas, Dave Bain, Lumen & OCD from Lumen on Vimeo.
Live AV performance for the BFI at the Big Chill Festival 2010.
11.30 - 00.30 at the Dereliction Drive In.
Music by Lukas -
Live Drawing by Dave Bain -
Visuals by myself - and OCD


Electric Tears - visual music video

Electric Tears - visual music video from VJFader on Vimeo.
Original visual music video composed and directed by VJ Fader.
Live projection mapping done with custom code programmed in Processing.

SPACING | facade projection |

SPACING | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.
A 70m*20m large architecture-projection produced for the “Internationale Tanztage Münster” in May 2010. Dance, graphics, sound and architecture united to a site specific scenographic staging.
"Spacing" is a translation of certain aspects of choreography into a lumentecture-setting.
The lead-inspiration for the motion graphics and the video-mapping is the choreography, even though both maintain their self-contained aesthetical and spatial concept. Developing the graphics, the main focus lay on having a spatial interpretation discernable only through presence and movement of the dancers. This creates the appearance of a stage. The virtual three-dimensionality is merely hinted at graphically, deliberately relinquishing a 3D-video-mapping. As a result of this abstraction the observers percipience switches between graphical and spatial, depending on the dancers as the frame of reference. The dancer defines the spatial latitude through his presence and movement. Lumentecture’s versatile design elements allow a visualization of the interdependency between the dancer and the surrounding space, also referred to in contemporary dancing. The projection’s direct urban surrounding was another reference point. At the narrow, almost constricted projection-site in the “Stubengasse”, the building projected on takes up the entire field of view. The audience has to turn left and right during the show, in order to overlook the whole façade. Both the given sense of space and the resulting, special characteristics of the narration are woven into the projection.
title: Spacing
building: Stubengasse Münster
dancers: Mimi Jeong, Magali Sander Fett, Leonardo Diana
choreography: Constantin Georgescu
concept: Till Botterweck
art direction: Till Botterweck, Max Görgen
compositing: Max Görgen, David Starmann
grafic design: Daniel Rossa, Till Botterweck
sound design: Jonas Wiese
producer: Thorsten Bauer
technical director: Thorsten Bauer
produced for: Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster
Internationale Tanztage Münster
Theaterfestival "Statements"


Sziget Fesztival 2010

Sziget Fesztival 2010 from vjlab on Vimeo.
live vj mix
soft: CoGe
music: Muse

Quad Time

Quad Time from The Joy of Box on Vimeo.
Imagine music and video playing a game together. And telling stories at the same time. That’s what it’s like to experience a performance by audio-visual collective Origamibiro.
The collaborative trio merge found objects, unorthodox contraptions, multi instrumentalism and persistence of vision to create an atmosphere both nostalgic and otherworldly.
Together, musicians and producers Tom Hill and Andy Tytherleigh and video artist The Joy of Box make connections between seemingly unrelated elements and create a world that plays the scale of human emotions.
With atmosphere oozing from their fingertips, it’s no wonder the Dublin Fringe Festival described Origamibiro as "undoubtedly the most original offering of the fringe calendar"
This promo marks the first of a new series of av works to come out of the new Origamibiro stable- The BiroBox Workshops. Originally a Nottingham based audio-visual night run by Origamibiro, the Workshops has expanded to become a working space where biro can develop new ideas, experiments and working methods to play live.
New album also coming soon…


CSTNG-SHDWS x Nonagon Live Video/Audio from CSTNG-SHDWS on Vimeo.
This performance was for in San Francisco. It's a collection of artists and musicians that also contains a major component they call LearnTech, where artists and visualists present their setups and show their methodology in a workshop setting. As such, we've all learned a lot very quickly.
CSTNG-SHDWS is Colin Sebestyen and Justin Metros.
For this promo video, we are syncing to prerecorded Nonagon tracks, however, the performance was all live. Nonagon has a MAX patch that sends his monome and MIDI data to control Ableton live. We split this signal and used his data for our VDMX setups. Justin and I VJ in VDMX exclusively, however, our real focus is interactive and motion graphic design.
Nonagon (JB Kirby) is a brilliant guy, he programs AI during his days and makes soulful computer music at night. In working and discussing with him, we had a lot of creative discussions- sacred geometry, decay, math in the natural world and etc. His music was in progress for this show, and we designed visual packs that he could approve and give influence to his sonic landscapes.
We typically design and sketch out our ideas, and then design in Cinema 4D and After Effects for our motion loops. For a final round of approval, we typically create polished motion loops, and then remove as many of the extraneous effects as possible so we can recreate and control the effects live using effects chains in VDMX.
Justin has a programing background, so we have messed with programatic visualism (Quartz, Flash, etc) however, we have found that the design sensibility typically suffers as opposed to a loop based approach.
There are three tracks in this promo... the live show was much longer, about 10 tracks or 45 minutes. We had a live vocalist in Angie Donkin and her violinist. They had both worked with Nonagon- The violinist we could not glean any data off of, so our data inputs were nonagon's MIDI feed and of course, the live audio levels. The violinist, however, had effect pedals that he utilized and added a beautiful organic feel over the whole set.
There are three tracks represented in the promo - First, "Fixed Action Pattern"- in which Justin and myself researched as much about geometry and nonagons, specifically. We looked at the number nine and it's representation in the natural world as much as we could. We used 9 as our random seed in our flocking simulations, generated nonagons in dozens of configurations.
For "Mr Sniggles House", we used timelapse to capture an overhead projector with various natural live detritus occluding the light beams- feeder crickets, worms, beta fish, all acquired at the local pet store (and returned to nature when their staring roles concluded) and also created a live font using address stencils.
For "Kontrol (I wish you were here)" We worked with Nonagon + Angie and created projection mapped scenes of original photography of tokyo and spain. Using a live font we created for a corporate job! (check out we visualized the loss, yearning, and emotion in the song.
We mixed using a standard V4 Video mixer and projected. It was a bunch of work, but also satisfying in the crowd response.
xxx C - S xxx

CSTNG-SHDWS x Akufen from CSTNG-SHDWS on Vimeo.
Micro house legend Akufen took the Mutek show on the road for Avant_Mutek at the Grey Area Foundation for the Arts. We were asked to provide the visual backdrop for the sonic legend and to display our work in an intimate gallery space.
xxx C - S xxx

Live visualism out of San Francisco. We're here to make eyes bleed.

CSTNG-SHDWS x Nonagon x Colorsynths x NASA from CSTNG-SHDWS on Vimeo.
CSTNG-SHDWS participated in Lovetech.SF's booth at Yuri's Night at Eames Research Lab at NASA. An awesome opportunity to get our retinas shot into space! We performed new material with Nonagon, gave demos of how we have our stuff hooked up, and performed with at least half a dozen colorsynths with Eric Bateman
Check out
xxx C - S xxx

CSTNG-SHDWS x Aesop Rock None Shall Pass demo reel from CSTNG-SHDWS on Vimeo.
Visual Demo for Aesop rock 2007 Tour. Multiple artists worked on these visual tracks- 80 minutes of original motion graphics were ultimately produced. Need a whole wrap up? Check out the blog post:
Also full credits and promo site at:
Thanks to Aes, Rob, Big Wiz, Shaun Roberts, Upper Playground, Buddy Giguerre, Alex Tarrant, and Lisa Klipsic.
xxx C - S xxx

CSTNG-SHDWS x Boys Noize from CSTNG-SHDWS on Vimeo.
CSTNG-SHDWS was called in for live video at a Boys Noize show in San Francisco for at
Source art was delivered to us 24 hours before the show and we made a mad dash to deliver. Animated loops, HD and SD content, custom VDMX layer chains, and multiple screens designed in a matter of hours with seconds to spare. This one put us in the hospital, but probably was worth it after watching the crowd reaction.
Thanks to Monika at Blasthaus for calling us up to pinch hit.
xxx C - S xxx


Dearlove loop

Dearlove loop from lucidhouse on Vimeo.
A short free-form audio visual test.
Video has been looped twice so it plays a bit longer.
music: Nathan Dearlove
visuals: lucidhouse
Find hi-def versions of some loops used in this piece

Inverted Wasteland

Inverted Wasteland (part 1 of 2) by VJ Carrie Gates and DJ KERO from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.

Inverted Wasteland (part 2 of 2) by VJ Carrie Gates and DJ KERO from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.
nverted Wasteland is a 10 minute live video performance piece by Saskatoon VJ Carrie Gates, with sound by Detroit DJ KERO. This work was made in response to an invitation to perform at an artist salon in Edmonton called "Future Worlds", organized by the MileZero Dance Company.
Carrie plays up to 10 layers at once, using modul8 to manipulate the footage in reatime. All of the footage is custom shot and/or generated by Carrie. This video is a mixdown created after the live event (which is documented on Carrie Gates' YouTube channel).
Video Models: Kari Peters, Thirza Cuthand, Natalia Heinze, Kim Chatfield, Erica Ambrose, Stephanie Norris, and Laura Longley.


Sziget Fesztival 2010 - 5. nap

Bár sok felé kellett volna mennem, de a Kasabian és Daniel's papa Jack nevű fia nem engedett a nagyszínpad homokozójából. (Na, most jól a média résébe vágtam, a la Esterházy)
Akkor most az előzmények és utózmányok.
Nekem a Hangmással indúlt a nap és meg kell vallanom, jobban tetszett, mint a Danko Jones. Billy Talent földbedöngőlt hihetetlen lendületével, a Mahala Rai Banda pedig remek rezeseivel. Aztán a már említett Kasabian bizonyította be, hogy utolsó albumuk nem méltatlanul lett az év legjobbja.
A Muse-ra nagy várakozással készűltem, hiszen első lemezük óta figyelemmel kísérem a munkásságukat. És nem csalódtam, sőt halljatok csodát, az egész katlan látványorgiában fűrdött: VJ, lézer és tomboló rajongók.Na, erre a napra még visszavolt a Napra (bocsánat a gyenge szóviccért!), akik kicsit lerövidítve, de virtuózan játszották dalaikat. (Lehet, nem is rövidítettek, csak én hallgattam volna még őket szívesen.)Aztán volt még egy kis Jazzékiel és az eső meghozta Dr. Máriást is a Tudósokkal.
A végén már csak a búcsu Jack-től, a szekszárdi boroktól, régi és uj haveroktól, de nem volt Fanta.
Sáros utak, eldobált poharak, egyszerre szomoru és vidám arcok, HÉV… és az ágy símogató ölelése… a vér dobolása a fülben...
A Szigetből 2010-ben ez maradt…

candas sisman (turkey)

Candaş Şişman was born in 1985 in Izmir, Turkey.He is graduated from Izmir Anatolian Fine Arts High School then got his undergraduate degree from Eskisehir Anatolian University Faculty of Fine Arts, Animation Department in 2009.Than, he established a company called "Silo1' that is creative collective based in istanbul with his friends in 2009. He is currently working as an individual artist and freelance in İstanbul. His works joined a lot of festivals, exhibition and performance both Turkey and İnternational.....

Rogx from candas sisman on Vimeo.
Sounds : Candas Sisman -
visuals : Candas Sisman
PLEASE watch it in dark and with a high volume...
This is a video and sound experiment for one video installation which about light and place...,it projected in a one corridor with surrounded visuals and 270 angle
Another importance of this work for me , this is the first my sound experiment over the video and most of sound sample that i used in work are my own recordings....natural sounds,musical instrument , electronic based sounds .....i m trying to do something in sound field...
Rogx exhibited in 5533 gallery in İstanbul,Turkey

edicisum from candas sisman on Vimeo.
directed by Candas Sisman -
soundtrack by Isambard Khroustaliov
you can look the interview about edicisum from here

Kether - Grafitti, Day 2

Kether - Grafitti, Day 2 from Andrew Hoeveler on Vimeo.
The first official music video for Kether's "Grafitti" as well as a taste of "Day 2" from their latest release, "Marine Layer".


Sziget Fesztival 2010 - 4. nap

Kicsit elfáradtak a fiúk...

Nem mi, szigetlakók, hanem akiknek nem kellene: a technikusok. Több koncerten is minősíthetetlen színvonalu hangzás bosszantotta a nagyérdeműt főidőben. Ha én így dolgoznék, már rég kirugtam volna magam! (Vagy a fesztivált akarják tönkretenni szarok bele alapon? Szlovák alkalmi ismerősök jelezték, hogy többet ebből nem kérnek.)

Most akkor az elejéről, megint idő- és erőhiánnyal küszködve.
A Vodafon flashmob-ja látványos lett volna, ha nekünk készűl és nem reklámnak, mert így semmit sem láttunk belőle. Nehezítette a helyzetet, hogy az Iron Maden rajongók 6 órával a kezdés elött igyekeztek maguknak jó helyet foglalni. A kamerák kb ezt látták:

A Zorállon jót lehetett mosolyogni a pultot támasztva, Ferenczi Gyuri a Budapest Bárt is szímpadra szólította.
A Rupa & The April Fishes kábé harmadik dalától már majdnem minden hangszert lehetett hallani, kivéve a csellót, ami a szólók alatt is az érzékelhető tartomány alsó határát súrolta. Viszont Rupának már az első dal felétől szólt a mikrofonja!
Az Iron Maden-ről sok helyen írnak ma, talán a hangpultba borult sörök miatt nem élvezhettük felhőtlenül.
Azért ne gondolja senki, hogy rosz nap volt, Nina Hagen mamáról például csak szuperlativuszokban lehet beszélni.
Bekukkantottam még ide-oda, de a rúdtáncot nem próbáltam ki..:)

Villa Nah live with visuals by Synthetics

Villa Nah live with visuals by Synthetics from Synthetics on Vimeo.
Synthetics performing live visuals for Finnish synth pop duo Villa Nah at The Drop, London on 7th July 2010.
A film by Synthetics.
Special thanks to Tom Bunning for his beautiful camerawork.
Credits: -
Music: Villa Nah
Visuals, Edit and Post Production: Ben Cook
Director of Photography: Tom Bunning
Villa Nah:
Tom Bunning:

mapping @ club tresor berlin

mapping @ club tresor berlin from pixelschubser on Vimeo.
just a quick and dirty mapping at club tresor berlin during the visual berlin festival


Sziget Fesztival 2010 - 3. nap

"Esik, esik..." (népköltés)
Időgép, visszafelé

Lassan bandukolunk a HÉV megállója felé, már csak szemerkél az eső.
Bejön a sátorba két lány röhögve, hogy hol lehet megmosakodni? Tetőtöl talpig sárosak. Az Erik Sumo Band feat. Kiss Erzsi nagyon jó!
Sikerül átverekedni magunkat a pocsolyákon a Wan2-hoz.
Mostantól nevezzetek Noénak!
Így születnek a legnagyobb barátságok: két orosz, két holland, két angol, Peti, Krisztián. Később egy magyar hoz pálinkát.
Legközelebb egy női WC, sikerűl bemenekülnünk. Csak pár méter, de bőrigázom.
Leszakad az ég.
Szervezési pánik: világvége közeleg, mindenkit kiterelnek a Jack Daniels-ből.
Az Oi Va Voi...! Mindenkit mellbeüt és letaglóz a színpadról áradó érzelem és profizmus. A tömeg megtölti a katlant és együtt lélegzik a zenekarral.
Buli, buli, buli: a RotFront, az emigránsok zenekara a mi lányunkkal, Gryllus Dorkával táncbaviszi a szigetlakókat. Lendület...
Teltház: Papa Roach. Hozzák a formályukat, mindenki boldog.
A Lyapis Trubetskoy nekem nem jön be :(
Ma nem lesz nagyon erős nap, de ami érdekel, azok szinte egyszerre kezdődnek. Na, majd válogatok és szomoru leszek a kihagyottakért...

bernard george (berlin, germany)
the things i LOVE
digital creativity
electronic music
artistic photography
technological evolution
tranZintelegent lifestyles
and the 21st century i am proud to live in

betterthrillerotic from bernard george on Vimeo.
thnX to nicole and miguel for this shooting
thnX to benjamin fehr from cantenaccio records
without your creative support this work wouldnt be real
please dont forget to plug in a high quality sound system

portodrivebyshootingmix from bernard george on Vimeo.
dedicated to my friends in porto
track by phonem
for your best entertainment
please watch fullscreen
in a dark environment
and a soundsystem

seXysoccermix 2010 from bernard george on Vimeo.
making of impressionmiX by tranZvision tv
what a fun - thnX grrrls

tranquiliZeroticmix from bernard george on Vimeo.
thnX to toby deschamps for tranquilizer
please visit on
please use the hd fullscreenversion
and watch on your biggest screen!


kleines_k from sinsynplus on Vimeo.
Rooms are commonly not perceived, but rather defined by and reduced to its function. This is also true in fine arts, where space, mostly used as exhibition space, serves as a container for the reception, display and storage of art objects.
The media installation kleines_k, taking place during the Jahresausstellung 2010 of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich, aims to overcome this bad habit and sets a room in the focus of interest. This is done by redrawing the main architectural shapes describing a certain space, which means in case of kleines_k, tracking the room A.02_63 by 163 single elements and reconstructing it virtually. The resulting grid structure based on lines and shapes is mapped back on the real architecture by a video projection covering the whole room.
However, spaces define themselves not only alone by architectural characteristics, but they are also constantly in reciprocal effect with their users. This interaction brings rooms to life and transfers human vibrations to the architecture.
Demonstrating that rooms can be fragile structures an oscillating sound collage functions as basic noise, deforming the virtual interpretation of the room. The sounds and noises generated by users working as an interactive component are mixed in real time to this sound source to ensure a dynamic sound cloud transfering non-repetitive permutations of distortions to the virtual reconstruction of the space.
kleines_k, a space visually reconstructed by light and deconstructed simultaneously by acoustic stimulation of those present, shows a room as a living, sensitive organism.
Konzept und Realisierung
Quirin Empl | Martin Mayer
Daniel Door
Jahresausstellung 2010
Akademie der Bildenden Künste München
Raum A.02_63


Sziget Fesztival 2010 - 2. nap

Most már féljél faszfej!

Valami ilyesmit énekelt Tereskova, akiról megtudhattuk, hogy nem csak illatos, hanem jelenleg szőrös is a pinája egy baleset miatt. A zenekarnak pedig szórös a fasza. Ezt, a lányok nagy bánatára csak verbalizálták. (Na, ez a kezdés és cím nagyon bulvárosra sikeredett, bocsánat!) Szóval majdnem a végén kezdtem, pedig ez csak a hab volt a tortán.
Akkor a többi, röviden:
A Kries horvát sámánzenéje pironkodásra késztethetné a magyar sámánokat, mert ez átélt, szuggesztív, magávalragadó, mozgásra késztetö nuzsika volt annyira, hogy a vén specialistákig -The Specials-, le is lassultam kicsit, aholis az első sorok kívűlről fújták a ska-matuzsálemek felejthetetlen sorait.
A Vad Fruttik nem méltántalanul váltak mára a közönség kedvencévé, most is hozták a formájukat.
A Faithless mint várható volt, teltházas koncertet adott, én meg csodálkoztam, hogy nincs rajta vizuál, pedig a régebbiek alapján számítottam rájuk.
Viszont a Cöxpon-ban a Luma Beamerz - .lov. mester csapata -, egész este rendületlenűl és remekül nyomta. :) (mély nyelvcsapások, de megérdemlik)
Majd a már fentebb említett "orosz űrhajós" és roma disco (már megint). (Sok minden kimaradt, de az idő és az ember teljesítőképessége sajnos véges...)
Közben mérgelődés a Dreher kizárólagossága miatt - nekem megfájdul tőle a gyomrom, de másokat is hallottam panaszkodni -, töprengés a kicsit több vizuálon és fáradás
szép lassan

GlitzerTeppich 1

GlitzerTeppich 1 from BildPeter on Vimeo.
GlitzerTeppich (GlitterCarpet)
The idea of this composition is emergence of patterns. Ordered structures are introduced followed by a chaotic flow. As a third stage there a slightly different chaotic flow, in which you can see moving and changing patterns.
- Chaos becomes order -
This little set is live rendered and recorded.
Programmed with Quartz Composer (see picture below).
Controlled by a midi controller.
Comments of what you like and what could be improved are appreciated!

a story of light

a story of light from Jerome Monnot on Vimeo.
cam op / editing : jerome monnot
extra cams : vania jaikin miyazaki / ilan katin / camille dedieu / boris edelstein
music taken from 'ancestors' by Gonjasufi - prod by flying lotus
... documentary in pre-production


Sziget Fesztival 2010 - 1. nap

Az egész Hitler faszával kezdődött...

Mikor a Gwar horror-show-jában Hitler 40 centis faszából változó színű ejakulátumok spricceltek a közönségre és a zenészekre, a tömeg beindúlt és elkezdődött az első nap. (és még csak 15 óra volt...)
Itt egy kis videó a Sziget saját felvételéből, hogy érezzétek a hangulatot:

Azután a Kolin, számomra kicsit ambivalens zenéjén gondolkodtam el és döntöttem, hogy legközelebb is megnézem őket.
A Magashegyi Underground kedvelt, de sokszor hallott dallamai elvezettek a cseh Cankisou ázsiai és közép-európai mixjéből álló igazi bulihangulatára, és ebből a tombolásból csak a Ska-P tudott kirángatni és berántani egy rég volt - tán sosem volt -, Mano Negra típusu őrületbe. A Madness hozta a formáját, a Peaches AKTuális meztelenkedése és zenéje annyira elkápráztatta a nagyérdeműt, hogy alig lehetett beférni a sátorba. Ennek betetőzése volt a Roma Sátor Világzenei Nagyszínpad hangulatát idéző etno disco-ja.

Mint láthattátok, a blog célját, a látványt nem feszegettem. Volt, de számomra egy fesztiválhoz mérten megint kevés. A party helyekről pedig elcsábítottak a zenekarok... Azért vannak felvételeim, amiket majd egyben, a végén szeretnék megosztani veletek, kivéve, ha nem lesz olyan, amit nem tudok magamban tartani. (Ha jól tudom, ma .lov.-ék a Cökxpon-ban!)

Azért, hogy az egész hangulatát érezzétek, itt egy Sziget gyártásu videó az első napról:

reaktorplayer (Illinois)
Consider using my audio samples at FreeSound for your next film or video:
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I also have a Yahoo group dedicated to the Korg Kaoss Pad located here:
Evolving Art from reaktorplayer on Vimeo.

FractalX from reaktorplayer on Vimeo.

Capture 11 Circular Blend from reaktorplayer on Vimeo.

External Chaos from reaktorplayer on Vimeo.

Structures Flashing Before My Eyes from reaktorplayer on Vimeo.
Bat For Lashes visuals from Treat on Vimeo.
Robin and Julia directed these visuals for Natasha Khan early 2010. This is a short edit of around 20 mins of footage produced. They were projected behind her singing with a string quartet, it was ace.


In June 2010

Isaac Himself from JimJam Graphics on Vimeo.
In June 2010, a great being sent us a message.
Gifted with an unworldly sonic power and the ability to broadcast psychometric music purely through thought the great being, who we only know as Isaac Himself began transmitting the following message.
Some of science's greatest minds are still undecided as to what the message precisely means, or indeed, how it even works.
However, many recipients of the message, have described the experience as a form of enlightenment.

Generative Cities (alpha version)

Generative Cities (alpha version) from pixel noizz on Vimeo.
first test of this performance, presented at the b-seite festival mannheim. 2010.
40 min.
music tracks: astrowind, vicsek and moog conspiracy
special thanks to auderoselavy for the video record.
chapter 1
arrivals: structure-state
chapter 2
transport: virtual-state
chapter 3
reconstruction: organic-state
chapter 4
time: discontinuation
The performence contains four chapters and four different aspects of my generated city. Nothing is fixed at the beginning, just small video fragments from Gabor Body's film are shown. People are arriving into the future. I don't consider this state as 'future', but as a borderline between the space of the reality (where the audience is sitting during my performance), and my own structure, i. e. my generated city.
Entering the city I try to create some basic rules as: space, aspects, structure. It is the structure that will construct the next level, the virtual state. The virtual state is nothing else but a modelled world with a virtual surface. During the performance I try to walk around in the space of this city, involving more and more the audience into it. My perspective is more like a 'human viewpoint', the movements are not predefined. I try to walk from object to object, observe them, collecting my own experiences, every time a different one! It is not a fixed part of the performance, as I have a real 3 dimensional controller for this part for improvisations inbetween the fixed objects. At the end I let the light in to this virtual space, and I try to fill it with more and more realistic sceneries. By the increasing abstraction of the light, the impression of the entire situation becomes gradually more and more organic.
This organic like visualization of my virtual city becomes then more and more like a self-analysed scene. At this point, with a noise in the background, I try to fly back to the reality, showing some video fragments with very trivial symbols (a plant, a clock, a dead man in bubbling water, a walking woman on a corridor). With this last step I try to finalize the journey so I discontinue it. This is the end point
tech.: triplehead2go, quartz composer, iphone, wii
credits: Vade (V002-many plugins), George Toledo, Kineme as always and the folks on
Gabor Body and mr. IM for the additional footag



ENIGMATICA from Kit Webster on Vimeo.
Enigmatica acts as an experimental platform for the combination of light, sound and space.
A series of suspended frames diminish in size down the length of the gallery acting as a canvas for the display of surface specific projected visual sequences.
Within this constructed inter-dimensionality and through the development of abstract visual and sonic sequences I aim to juxtapose expression with conformity, whilst demonstrating the potential for new forms of digital sculpture.

VJ Reel Mix - The Green Project

VJ Reel Mix - The Green Project from André Arruda on Vimeo.
A video mix made to participate into the The Green Project VJ contest.
Hope to win!


AI♥IU (arg)
VJ SET 2010 - PLUMITA from AI♥IU on Vimeo.
VJ SET 2010

Mapping el Origen- Facultad de Derecho from AI♥IU on Vimeo.
Producción General
Estado Lateral Media Lab
Realización de Mapping
Project Leader
Enrique Mármora
Dirección artística y técnica
Martin Borini
Ivan Ivanoff
Cristián Reynaga
Manuchis Portela
Jefe de Producción
Gastón Yamazato
Nacho Kairuz
Lola Salvio
Sol Eskenazi
Dirección de Animadores
Alejandro Rodriguez
Animación Trompo y esquema de luces
Mauro Misiewicz
Modelado del edificio y Simulación de Fluidos
Alejandro Rodriguez
Animación Laberintos y Rigs y modelado de objetos animados
Agustin Aloe
Explosiones y simulaciones de física
Franco Carlesimo
Posproducción de video
Eduardo Imasaka
Feel Look
Pablo Maffezini
Render Management, Shaders e iluminación
Alejandro Rodriguez
Banda de sonido
Nahuel Sauza
Herramienta de mapping
Nahuel Sauza
Montaje técnico
Matias Marzetti
Proyección de video
Sonido 3.1

SHADER Proyeccion sobre fachada from AI♥IU on Vimeo.
El jueves 15 de octubre 2009
pic & proyecto
Pieza audiovisual
• Vj Lima ( )
• Lucas Dm (
• Dogrush (de Mdz -
• Manuel Palenque ( )
• Ailaviu ( )
• Música: Leonardo Martinelli ( )
Pieza interactiva
• + - Estado Lateral -

SHADER (back stage) from AI♥IU on Vimeo.
Video de la jornada.. (backstage)

VJ SET 08 from AI♥IU on Vimeo.
material grabado vivo . musica de frikstailers, tema: foonky boogie

Osheaga Bud - Architectural Projection

Osheaga Bud - Architectural Projection from Gridspace on Vimeo.
Budweiser was a partner again this year in the Osheaga musical happening, held July 31 and August 1 on Île Sainte-Hélène, site of the 1967 Montreal Expo World’s Fair. For this event, the Bud Musique team concocted a unique projection that was beamed onto Lévis Tower.
As the central point of Bud Village, Gridspace transformed the 96' heigh tower into a Bud Musique bottleneck using Coolux, a leading-edge technology in architectural projection.
The Levis tower was built in the 1930's as a water reservoir and observation deck.
Client: Labatt Brewing
Creative Direction / Production: Guillaume Therrien (Mosaic)
On site coordination: Mathieu Barette (Mosaic)
Art Direction / Motion Design: Christian Pomerleau (Gridspace)
Projection Mapping: Christian Pomerleau (Gridspace)
Technical Production: André Langevin (Les Années Lumières)
A special thanks to André Girard (Acideo / Coolux Canada)



Forest from LICHTFAKTOR on Vimeo.
This lightwriting video by LICHTFAKTOR, is the first one done in the nature, we did it in the forests of the High Fens in Belgium.
Thanks to the creative review magazine for there support, for more information check:
sound by the green man / basswerk

VJ Smash's Interactive Stuff

VJ Smash's Interactive Stuff from RetchyvSmash on Vimeo.
Here's some bits and pieces I've been playing about with including some basic live drawing apps, some visualisations controlled with a PS3 joypad, some ambient environments and a bit of 3d sprite stuff.
Music by Esperi

KAMIKAZE July 30th 2010

KAMIKAZE July 30th 2010 from David Bell on Vimeo.
Live screen capture from Kamikaze club night 30th July 2010.
KAMIKAZE! is the only night in Edinburgh, or anywhere else, you will hear the very best of pounding, hardcore, fucked up breakcore, rumbling, filthy dubstep- as well as live electronic/techno/digitalhardcore bands.
LOST ORIGIN (frenchcore set)
TEKAMINE (hardkore)
SADISTIC (breakcore/hardcore)
ROB THEFT (dubstep)
BOMB BERLIN (digital hardcore)

vj granda

Vj Granda started making visuals in Andorra (Club Qtr) and Barcelona (Club La Cova, and in many underground raves) in the year 2005.
He has projected visuals with international artists such us: Oliver Ho (England), Steve Bug (Germany), Cle (Germany), Angel Molina (Spain), Animatek (Spain), Paola Cazenave (Spain), Òscar Babani (Spain), Miki Craven (Tresor Berlin) (Spain), Mouse up (Spain), Nativix (Brazil), bastarandgranfaker (Uruguay-Spain), Prince off (Belgium), Yousef (UK), Popular Damage (Germany), Shumi ,Kompakt, (Germany), among others...
Vj Granda has shared line up with the best european vjs like: 4youreye (Austria), Pixkompressor (Austria), vj Anyone (Uk), Bombaklak (France), Born digital (Holland), Electromoon (Hungary-Polland), Shado visuals (Germany), Scouap (France), Goto10 (Holland), Justin Hoffman (Usa), Okinawa69 (Germany), Bruno Tait (Germany), Decollage tv (Uk), C27 (Austria), Lichterloh (Austria), Rotok (Spain), Bildwerk (Austria), Lichttapete (Austria), Tofa (Germany), Telenoika (Spain), Motionlab (Austria), vjJekk (Austria), Lein Wandler (Germany), Fritz Fitzke (Austria), Adisign (Austria), Neon Golden (Austria), Team modul8 (Germany), E:V/A (Austria), Pixelschubser (Germany), Nowemba (Austria), among others...
In June 2010 has been hired to perform in the main stage at the URBAN ART FORMS Festival, the europe's leading audiovisual festival, which takes place every year in the Austrian city of Wiessen.
This year he also plans to participate VJFEST Istanbul, and vjCAMP to Salzburb, Austria.; And continue working with the national group likantropika.

vj Granda & dj Yousef at URBAN ART FORMS FESTIVAL 2010, Main stage from vj granda on Vimeo.

Apu & vj Granda @ Nemo 08-02-08 from vj granda on Vimeo.

LIKANTROPIKA - Blue river turns red from vj granda on Vimeo.
film for a live performance

1h. dubstep by CRAM! & vj GRANDA from vj granda on Vimeo.
Live session


Dirty Two Minutes With You - VJ Carrie Gates and Phlegm Gadget

Dirty Two Minutes With You - VJ Carrie Gates and Phlegm Gadget from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.
Video by VJ Carrie Gates, sound by Phlegm Gadget, dance by Blair Fornwald. (July 2010)


RetchyvSmash@Glitch from RetchyvSmash on Vimeo.
Here's some highlights of our recent appearance at Glitch in the Reading rooms, Dundee. Enjoy :)

Venus 2017

Venus 2017 from Briareus on Vimeo.
More fun with blender...
Music and video produced by Briareus.

FREE VJ LOOPS / Green Code // 20 VJ LOOPS // Matrix video backgrounds

A visual journey through green code & matrix style.
Tunnels, wormholes and Backgrounds = seamless loops.

To be use as Royalty free VJ LOOPS or video backgrounds for your projects or VJ shows (1920-1080 Photo Jpeg 95% .MOV)

Immediate Download:

or get it on VJ LOOPS.TV

You can watch each loop here or get them individually:

Enjoy a taste of a GREEN CODE FREE LOOP:
Please Download Here:


Staro Riga 2008 lights festival: A dream of one house - Tiesas Nams

Staro Riga 2008 lights festival: A dream of one house - Tiesas Nams from Viktors Keino on Vimeo.
Technical realization: Radošā apvienība DABA
Project leader: Arno Šķipars
Project coordinator: Inese Auziņa
video: wickiss & davis bojars
audio: lipo

Resolume Avenue 3.3 Released

" Hurray! Another Resolume update! Version 3.3 includes DMX input, a faster DXV codec, improved camera capture on the mac and a boat load of other goodies. Checkout the release notes below and then hit the download.
DMX Input
This is a big one, you can now control resolume from a lighting desk using DMX. Or any other show control software that can send DMX. Resolume receives DMX via the Enttec USB Pro device or via ArtNet.
DMX Auto Map and/or Composition Mapping
By default the most important functions in Resolume are automatically assigned to a DMX channel. This is called DMX Auto Map and it's done for all layers. This way you can create profiles for your favorite desks and rest assured the DMX Auto Map will always be the same.
If you want to assign your own DMX channels in Resolume you can do this like you are used to with MIDI using the Composition DMX Map.
DMX License
We want to keep the base price of Avenue affordable so an additional DMX License is required to use DMX input. You can first try it as long as you like of course, just enable it in the DMX preferences, only a Resolume watermark will be shown.
You can buy a DMX License for 199 Euro in the Resolume shop.
Faster DXV Codec
Rendering video files to the DXV codec used to take forever. We have spent a lot of time optimizing the rendering algorithm to make it faster. And faster it is! In some cases it's 20 times faster! This means rendering takes about as long as the Photo JPEG codec so you do not have to wait an entire decade to convert your files anymore. A few other bugs have also been fixed, like rendering with Adobe Premiere on Windows.
Application MIDI mapping on effects
You can now assign midi notes or dials to (for instance) the opacity of the first 3 composition effects and use them no matter what effect is loaded. Many old Resolume 2 users will love this. All you have to do is assign your MIDI controller and you can load and unload effects as you like. The midi will always control the effects, no matter which is loaded.
Improved Camera Capture on the Mac
Resolume now uses the latest Mac OS X 10.5 capture APIs so it's faster and more stable. Note that your current compositions might not load your cameras anymore. Just drag it in again and it will work. Sorry for this inconvenience, it was impossible to make it backwards compatible.
Set Rotation to 0 with MIDI
All parameters can now be set back to their default value with a MIDI controller. So when you move your MIDI dial or slider the Scale passes exactly 100% and Rotate exactly 0 degrees instead of 2.04 or something. Small things like this can make life so much better
Master Audio Preview
As requested by Alessandro from FrankSentUs, you can now hear the master audio output before the delay on the monitor output. You enable this composition preview by clicking on the "Composition" button at the top op the interface. This is essential when you are using the Master Audio Output Delay to line up your audio on the PA with the video on the beamer.
Show in Explorer/Finder
Ever forgot where you saved the video file in a clip? Select Show in Explorer (or Show in Finder on the mac) in the clip menu.
RGB Blend Mode
With the RGB mixer you fade in each colour channel separately, it's hard to explain what it does, give it a go, we quite like it. "