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" What's in a name? That which we call a VJ

In an interview with Eduardo Kac, Nam June Paik, Korean-born American artist, considered to be the first video artist, stated that the relationship between art and new technology is as old as art. He considered the Egyptian Pyramids as the combination of high art and high tech. There will always be visionaries in the artistic endeavors incorporating new technology of his or her times. MTV’s approach to image and music is interesting and popularized “visual music” in the entertainment culture. Nam June Paik give credits to artist like Laurie Anderson, a fine artist, performer, musician whose multimedia work has been a catalyst bridging high culture and popular culture. He claimed that the new technology of today can be and will be used artistically in two basic ways: in the fine arts and in the applied arts, and the line is blurred. The VJ community is divided into two basic groups. The artistic VJ, who typically does not call him or herself a VJ, but prefers the term media artist, practicing in the realm of fine arts, and the club VJs who traditionally have played second fiddle to the DJ’s in the club culture. There is a rift emerging between the traditional VJs and the new breed of media artists.

As I read many of the essays from Vague Terrain, an appropriate title, I am intrigued by the theoretical and philosophical discourse surrounding the real-time audiovisual performance. VJ or Veejay is a derivative term from DJ or deejay. The meaning of VJing has changed from individuals hired as TV hosts presenting music videos on MTV of the early eighties to media artists in real-time mixing sounds, visuals, light, audience and space at present. The definitions are as varied as the individual performers themselves. VJing incorporates many more practices than just video mixing; furthermore, wanting to be seen as representing modernity, art and style in the 21st century by the practitioners themselves. In her essay, VJ Theory, Ana Carvalho writes, “The term visual performer, describes practitioners working in live cinema, interactive installations, gallery performances, guerrilla interventions and club performances.” Words like hybridity and crossovers are often associated with the practice. In other words, the performers or practitioners are typically multi-disciplinary, non-conforming and working outside of the box. Looping through cyberspace at times, they see themselves on the cutting edge of mixing art and technology at a time when cultural materials have never been as readily available to the general public as it is now with the help of the almighty Internet, the network of networks. Like any emerging artistic endeavor, media artists’ practice is being defined and challenged at the same time. In his article, Last night a video band killed my DJ, Ryan Stec writes, “Currently, VJs have an exceptional collective knowledge of technology and have developed a clear understanding of how to augment the sonic experience for the audience. What is struggling to be understood is our role within the performance and how we might become the performance itself?”

Why the struggle? Ryan Stec again asks the question, “How does a VJ cultivate this performance side of his or her work? The more important question is whether the VJ, media artist, wants to dominate the live cinema that engages vs. allowing the audience to consume the experience. In the latter case, performance then takes on the “wallpaper” dilemma. Michael Betancourt examines the fine line between wallpaper visualizations vs. performance practice in Wallpaper And/as Art. Context is crucial. When a VJ performance or live cinema is set in a gallery/theater, it engages the audience and is customarily viewed as art. In the club setting, a non-art venue, VJ performances takes a back seat. The audio-visual mix on screen, however artistic it may be, becomes a “wallpaper” visual experience. The audience dominates and consumes the performance. There seems to be a real need on the media artist’s part wanting recognition for their techno skills. No doubt that artistic and technical expertise are required on the VJ or media artist’s part during their unique real-time performance. I suppose aside from creating Cubism, Picasso should also have demanded recognition for his brushwork. The need for many VJs wanting to establish themselves as performance artists because of their ability to maneuver electronic equipments seems superfluous.

Michael Betancourt writes, “Art can be transformed into wall paper, just as wallpaper can be transformed into art.” Although, the club VJ often considered second fiddle to the DJ, is very much like a film director, stays behind the scenes. The focal point of the VJing is the screen as it should be since the goal is to create synaesthesia, where the audience is engrossed in the totality of a sensory experience. Carrie Gates states, “The senses are enveloped and the mind is tantalized into a world being spun into existence on the spot. Perhaps it is this feeling of immediacy and immersion that is so rewarding for performers and audiences alike. Perhaps it is the intense bombardment of the senses that does it. Or perhaps it is the richness of the dialogue between technology, spatial architecture, and human expression that speaks to us so powerfully.”

This brings me to the introduction of VDMX by David Fodel. The software is amazing. The limitless potential of mixing audio and video is absolutely overwhelming. For any artists who might have the slightest inkling of wanting to work in time-based medium, it is like having a magic wand creating amazing humanly impossible special effects. The danger is that sometimes, the results obtained from manipulating software can be so far fetched and detached from reality that I wonder if we are really gaining anything? Just because we have unlimited access to technology, technology does not create artists. Is the latest thing always the best thing? Are we just blindly following fashion trends regardless of our body shapes? By overly depending on electronic devices, we are sacrificing our sensibilities as artists. In 1983, MTV was criticized for feeding its zombie-like viewers with endless doses of sugarcoated mindless garbage. MTV has greatly reduced its overall rotation of music video because of the Internet, the void I believe, has been taken up by a good portion of arbitrary art seen on the net.
In contrast to arbitrarily composed work, I enjoyed viewing professor Phil Solomon’s experimental video mixing gaming software and cinema. He is less concerned with the performance aspect but more interested in engaging the audience to experience his creation as he intends. His observation of the new paradigm, “the world is full of one-liners, superficial and immediate” is thought provoking. How do we balance the ease and the immediacy with which vast interactive materials are at ones fingertip, linking otherwise disconnected cultural data, and to transform and create work that is fluid, interconnected and relative, is hopefully the goal of every artist no matter the medium. "


Girls - Vj|andreea - Andreea Serghi (europe)

Ma a "lányok" sorozatban a román Andreea Serghi-t ismerjük meg.

May 1st 2008 visual reel from Andreea Serghi on Vimeo.
Live visuals performed by VJAndreea,
CLIENTS: gossip club Mamaia,, love events, one fm.
starting the summer along dj's like
Miercuri, 30 Aprilie:
- Monochrome (liveact) (Livio&Roby feat. George) (RO)
- Dj Optick (RO)
Joi, 1 Mai:
- AudioJack (UK)
- Dj Pagal (RO)
- Dj Faster (RO)
Vineri, 2 Mai:
- 2 Crazy Bastards Dj Rosario Internullo & Dj Adrian Eftimie, (RO)
- Dj Kool (RO)
- Dj Proof (RO)
Sambata, 3 Mai:
- David K (Freak'n Chic)
- Simon Baker (UK)
- Dj Negru (RO)

live visuals for Katya Vanila/DeepMix Moscow by Vj Andreea from Andreea Serghi on Vimeo.
visual reel live@gossip club/ 21 iunie 2008 /mamaia/black sea coast / romania ( & love events)

Rosario Internullo - Sentimente (Nagual 2CB Sessions 2007) by Andreea Serghi from Andreea Serghi on Vimeo.
Made with iSight in live Nagual Sessions

Princess Knickers

2009: Sample Whore: Princess Knickers from ladypat on Vimeo.
music by The Japanese Popstars 'Sample Whore' extracted from 'Pete Tong's Wonderland' CD (Ministry of Sound)
visual mix as performed at Pete Tong's Wonderland party in Ibiza summer 2008
starring Princess Knickers
original footage by Toby Amies


toby*spark (london, uk)

personal site:
vj site:
D-Fuse 'Particle' Performance [On_Off / 2009] from toby*spark on Vimeo.
This is a quick edit of the first performance of Particle, as part of the On_Off festival, São Paulo.
Thanks to Itaú Cultural, all the staff there who helped made it happen, and their photographer for the title shot.

D-Fuse 'Particle Experiment' [Abertura3 / 2009] from toby*spark on Vimeo.
This shows some excerpts from an experimental performance exploring some of the content and aesthetics of the D-Fuse piece 'Particle'.
As part of my on-going work with D-Fuse, I've been seeing what an abstracted live reworking of the Endless Cities project could look like. This is part of the answer, combining VDMX with some Quartz Composer patches that help collage sources into the triplehead format, and custom open-GL rendering.
Performed at Abertura3, curated alongside audio artists Ales Zemene and Tatsumaki


Vision Nocturne (Brussels)

Superformula Wip03 - VJ live performance from Vision Nocturne on Vimeo.
software: vvvv
work in progress
live capture (fraps)

VN_LIVE_ZOO_GENEVE from Vision Nocturne on Vimeo.
Live zoo Geneve@3 octobre 2009++++
generative realtime visual

Ninja Warrior from Vision Nocturne on Vimeo.
show tv for VT4, zommertoer festival 2006

REWIND ACT2 from Vision Nocturne on Vimeo.
rewind ACT2
Friday december 18
Theatre national
Tony Rohr
The Brixon's
Vision Nocturne


Halloween visuals

Submit To Me Now from NEWFUTURENOW on Vimeo.
Halloween visuals for Jon Berry (Kompakt) and his new label Fright Records. Performing live @ Brixton Academy 24 October 2009.
Music by Gatekeeper - http//


Salem Buur Nabulsi (Denmark) szépen összerakott fílmje egy fontos témáról.

Atomic Walse from Salem Buur Nabulsi on Vimeo.
This is a mashup i did from a collection of old footage from when the nuclear age started.
I added l lots of visual and sound effect to furhter enhance drama in the footage.
Music: Ginman/Joergensen
Note: All video material release under Creative Commons license.


luma launisch (new york / vienna)

Arstid Steiner, vagyis luma launisch a következő "áldozat" ma.

DEFUSION / SASS from luma launisch on Vimeo.
first time live visuals at SASS vienna made by LUMA LAUNISCH
DEFUSION by KARL MÖSTL with SIAN (pokerflat, simple rec)
music : afralon : karl möstl

RE:HAYDN audiovisual remix by ogris debris + luma.launisch from luma launisch on Vimeo.
some LIVE impressions ... re:haydn event at semper depot vienna ... oct 2nd 2009 : the CD on deutsche grammophon rec
audio:remix : ogris debris :
video:remix : luma launisch :

monstah UKO ken hayakawa remix from luma launisch on Vimeo.
... as a part of the uko/sound:frame remix project LUMA LAUNISCH did this video remix
some photo+video material (the singer who paints herself) was supplied by uko
... KEN HAYAKAWA did the great audio remix
many thanks to BUSK for his font "bolb" / / /

7 Minutes 20 Seconds from luma launisch on Vimeo.
The installation 7 Minutes 20 Seconds is a site-specific collaboration between Johannes GIRARDONI and Astrid STEINER. Two perpetually looped multi-media works investigate the relationship between perceptual phenomena and narrative imaging by layering opposite projections – pure light and video – into a spatial-temporal setting.
The installation is composed of two projected sequences:
The video is a visual metaphor of a dialogue between Alice in Wonderland and the Caterpillar. It refers to the different aspects of self-perception and identity in contrast to societal projection.
The LED and sound projection sequence investigates the boundary between manufactured states and perceptual events. Visual planes open and close depending on the viewers’ position within the work’s layered setting, creating a constantly shifting environment.
Music for Video Sequence by ZANSHIN aka Gregor Ladenhauf

Correspondences remixed - The Scents of a Metropolis from luma launisch on Vimeo.
Charles Baudelaire’s poem “Correspondences” is the basis for a composition by Gene Pritsker, originally scored for chorus, chamber orchestra, Di.J. (live Samplestra electronics) and accompanied by a live visual composition of luma.launisch. The original piece was premiered at the Musikfest Bremen in 2007 with Kristjan Järvi's Absolute Ensemble, the Latvian State choir "LATVIJA" and Astrid Steiner.
In the concert "Correspondences remixed" Gene Pritsker manipulates the live instruments and chorus and improvises on the material with electronics, while Steiner visualizes the poem live to the music.
Baudelaire's "Correspondences" describes the scents and smells of our environment, originally focusing on the sensation of nature. The visuals show the beauty of nowadays environment and visualize the scents of a metropolis – an homage to New York.

xx xy visuals (Rome)

Ma Sladzana Bogeska és Giuseppe Pradella római csapatát mutatom be.

" Rome, Italy - based - multimedia duo of Sladzana Bogeska and Giuseppe Pradella. Collaborate together since 2005. Start presenting their live av, installations and screenings in various art, music and film festivals.
Collaboration include artist as Fernando Corona – Murcof, through 2008/07 xx+xy also developed the visual concepts for
album Cosmos [Leaf Label], performing at more than 15 dates, at festivals as: Mutek 9 Montreal, Dissonanze 8 Rome, Play Madrid, Shift Basel, Seconde Nature Avignone, NatFilmFest Copenhagen, etc. "

BoZa AV set at Bestiario Opificio Telecom Rome from xx xy visuals on Vimeo.
BoZa AV set at Bestiario Opificio Telecom Rome
19 9 09
xx+xy visuals

Rabbi from xx xy visuals on Vimeo.
sound by IQBIT, Liminal. soon HD latest cut version ...check our web site for more.

LUMA from xx xy visuals on Vimeo.
LUMA audio video project by xx+xy.
full lenght, both video and audio.
Audiovisual project that consists of different and unique parts presented as complete single works
inside one composition.
Luma plays along with the sound, creating unique non narrative visual landscapes, deeply inspired by the earth and the air elements.
The sound, inspired and created for this project wants to create disturbing, unnerving moods with low and high sounds, through noises of nature tastes and metallic frequencies.

DOT from xx xy visuals on Vimeo.
dot/video produced in 2007/sound by ziv jacob, omonim album.



Egy kis mozi :) - cinema from Efe ışıldaksoy aka rastarules on Vimeo.

ArKaos GrandVJ 1.2b1

Az Arkaos egy béta verzióval frissítette a GrandVJ-t!

" This is a beta release. See Related Links below for the last stable release.
ArKaos GrandVJ...Powerful video made easy.
Manipulate, trigger and mix video clips, animated text strings or live cameras in much the same way as mixing music to create a spectacular visual show. GrandVJ can mix up to 8 layers with a vast library of video effects and sound driven video generators Works with all setups GrandVJ runs on both PC and Mac and accepts all common video and image formats. Its more...
Download Now
Version 1.2b1:
New ultra smooth engine
Support for Akai APC40 & Generic midi feedback (also for Behringer BCR2000/BCF2000, Livid OHM, ..)
Quartz composer player (Mac OS X)
Support for Flash Actionscript 3
Cell layer assignment
Mixer state saving
Added master blackout button
New enhanced soft-edging algorithm
Added vertical/horizontal position presets for TripleHead2Go
Several Bug fixes.
New fullscreen option (PC)
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
G4, G5, or Intel Mac (1 GHz and faster)
QuickTime 6.5.x and later
Flash Player 9.0 and later
3D accelerated graphics card "


VJing @ Peak Cologne

Egy kis Klubb hangulat...
Some Club feeling...

VJing @ Peak cologne with Nikon 1.8/50 from Johannes LDC Guerreiro on Vimeo.

VJing @ Peak Cologne from Johannes LDC Guerreiro on Vimeo.

AVmixer Pro version 1.5

A Neuromixer kiadta az AVmixer Pro új verzióját.

" AVmixer Pro has broven to be a professional VJ tool for mixing live visuals at concerts, dance parties, and special events.
AVmixer Pro is a simple software to use which is the key to it's success! It's a pleasure because of the simple interface, not to say it's not powerful, through it's various design stages it's increased with power and stability each time. "

" We are happy to announce the latest update to the popular VJ software AVmixer Pro version 1.5 is now available for Mac and PC. Download and use for Free for full 30 days.
For more info and introduction demo video please visit:
What's new in version 1.5:
- Built-in keystone for the main output window, great for projection mapping to a single surface
- "Fade to Black" slider for the main output window
- Desktop screen capture for Channel A and B for capturing onscreen content as well as software based feedback effect
- DV input for Channel A and B
- Improved performance
AVmixer Pro 1.5 license is nicely priced at $89. As our mailing list special, you may receive a 20% discount at check out by entering the coupon code "9f7z3h", act fast as this offer will expire soon.
Need an authorization code quickly? Now you can get your authorization codes right away through our automated on-line authorization system.
Coming soon: AVmixer Lite 1.5 and AVdrum 1.0 beta. "
Click here to download v1.52 for MAC OSX
Click here to download v1.52 for Windows PC
(Free download, trial lasts 30 days)
AVmixer Pro 1.5 Intro Demo Video from Neuromixer on Vimeo.
In this video VJ Fader will show you what's new in AVmixer Pro version 1.5, how to load content, execute simple playback controls, composite and apply effects.
AVmixer Pro is an audio visual mixing software by Neuromixer. You may download and try this software for free, trial lasts full 30 days.


AEAEAEAE Visual Remiks

AEAEAEAE Visual Remiks;;; Logo ~ Wxyz () Sabrina ~ Bois bois bois from Gutta Bois on Vimeo.
its the emtpiyness../ "Cacadysxi/>


A norvég designer és visualist KORNTVED, saját készítésű ezsközeivel, analógban nyomja:


R1_audio_distortion_video_effect_box from KORNTVED on Vimeo.
analog video distortion videoeffect.
vhs bjørniskog from KORNTVED on Vimeo.
Analog livemixing with vcr, edirol v4 and the noise box R1
for more:
kvalheim / korntved
Analog livemixing with vcr, edirol v4 and the noise box R1 (
korntved and kvalheim
THE F!#K SHOP! - VISUAL BEAT PARTY from Gutta Bois on Vimeo.
zuprextra, ÆÆÆÆ and Korntved came up with a new club consept 1 year ago. 4 screens were to be filled with different fucked up tv content, super-tightly mixed with the beat of the music. Martin Yang and Johnny Jaywalker joined as the club consepts DJ's. This clip is a mix created from the 4 hour long visual beat party called "The F!#K SHOP!". FEADZ warmed up for the club consept that was held at BLÅ, Oslo, 30.08.2008.


Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival, Figueres 9/2009 [FULL]

Egy kis mapping:
Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival, Figueres 9/2009 [FULL] from Telenoika on Vimeo.
// català
Mapeig audiovisual de l'Associació Cultural Telenoika a la façana del Teatre Jardí, en la primera edició del festival Ingravid de Figueres. 20 min.
// english
Audiovisual Mapping made by the Telenoika Cultural Association into the Jardí Theater facade, on the first edition of Ingravid Festival in Figueres. 20 min.
Crèdits / Credits :
Omar Àlvarez, Miki Arregui, Miguel Gozalbo, Kasero, Eloi Maduell, Santi Vilanova :: from Telenoika.NET -2009-
Agraiments / Thanks to :
Assoc.Cultural Telenoika
Mas Queló
Festival Ingràvid
BAF General de Catalunya
Contact ?
[Warping and video-player software developped by Eloi Maduell from with libs. Software will be available for downloading soon at]

Vision Nocturne (Brussels)

A Vision Nocturne brüsszeli VJ csapat, most megleshetjük őket munka közben.

Ninja Warrior from Vision Nocturne on Vimeo.
show tv for VT4, zommertoer festival 2006

Superformula Wip03 - VJ live performance from Vision Nocturne on Vimeo.
software: vvvv
work in progress
live capture (fraps)



Music by Babylon, Mungo's Hi-Fi

VJing machine

Kinetikus VJing gép, Moholy-Nagy László (eng, hun) szellemében.

Behind the Screen from Brian Steen on Vimeo.
This is a kinetic sculpture and advanced VJing machine. It produces images and reveals the production at the same time. It is a media facade installation and a comment on Villém Flussers techno-images. It is inspired by the Light-Space-Modulator by László Moholy-Nagy and can be called a Fluxkompensator as well.
We are playing with ferromagnetic fluid, using magnets and a self designed and produced acrylic gear. The fluid patterns can be used for further projection and interpretation.
It was created in 2009 in the classes "Narrative Architecture" in Potsdam University of Applied Sciences / Germany.
Shot on Canon XLH1 with 35MM Adapter.
Fabian Brunsing,
Cedric Kiefer,
Christopher Warnow,
DOP/Dir. Daniel Franke
Music by Julian Laping


c_cil Face B

c_cil -t már bemutattam, most megnézhetjük munka közben is.

Me, my light & I from c_cil on Vimeo.
Happy New Kiss

VJ Demo from c_cil on Vimeo.
c_cil / laptopsRus /Vision'R / Paris 2009
filmed by Dustmacadam
music by Bombay Dub Orchestra

Face B from c_cil on Vimeo.
Une virgule du poème "La face B du mont Venus"

Movement from c_cil on Vimeo.
2007/08 music by Dj RM


suka off

A lengyel suka off csoport így val magáról:

" Multimedial performer, educator, founder (1995) and leader of the artistic group SUKA OFF.
Holder of the scholarship of the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship. He is a video and performance artist, focused mostly on body art. He created over 150 'visual art' perfomances (theatre, happening, performance art). Together with SUKA OFF as well as individually, he performed at numerous events in Poland and abroad winning many awards.
In 2000 he started the BlackFleshVideo group to produce video art, music videos and visuals. BFV works were presented at many foreign festivals (among other in Brasil, Argentina, Japan, Estonia, France and Great Britan). "

V-H-S / FM_MUM from suka off on Vimeo.
live in Warsaw
PEWEX 06.2009
more info:

V-H-S 2009 / BLACK from suka off on Vimeo.

SYNAPSCAPE / ahuenna! ver.01 from suka off on Vimeo.
Music video for SYNAPSCAPE.
Track from new album "Again" (ant-zen).

MGFest09 :: Washington DC :: November 18-22

" Host:
Motion Graphics Festival
Music/Arts - Exhibit
Start Time:
Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 11:00pm
Various Venues
Washington, DC
Motion Graphics Festival 2009
New Motion + New Sound + New Code
Washington DC :: Nov 18-22
The DC Motion Graphics Festival showcases explosive artists and motion picture creators including: Shepard Fairey, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Chuck D of Public Enemy, KRS-One, Addictive TV, Digital Kitchen, The Mill, Passion Pictures, Animal Logic, Post Panic, Dvein, David Lobser and more.
MGFest presents a series of audio visual art happenings featuring live performances by: Ghostly's Matthew Dear aka Audion who recently wrapped up a European tour, the multi-talented composer and instrumentalist Benn Jordan widely known as The Flashbulb, and lightrhythm visuals sought after sketch projectionist Shantell Martin from Tokyo, plus many more surprises TBA with nightly eye-opening events happening November 19th through 21st.
MGFest hosts workshops and lectures about the shift in motion-picture audiences and explores the new technologies that motion designers will need on the video internet frontier. Motion design, sound design and interactivity, are all featured during November 18th through 22nd, with daytime workshops featuring amazing instructors such as: Richard Harrington and Nick Campbell at Future Media Concepts and Sterling Ledet training facilities.
MGFest Sponsors include: Maxon, Netdiver, SXSW, IdN, Stash DVD Magazine, Future Media Concepts, Lumen Eclipse, Sterling Ledet, 88DC, RE:Vision Effects, RHED Pixel, Create Digital Motion, Livid Instruments, All City Technology, UnScene, DigiEffects, Resolume, GarageCUBE, Lift Motion Design, VidVox, Boris FX, Toolfarm, Ableton, Michael Wiese Productions, fxphd, Wondertouch, and Clif Bar.
Silent Auction for over $30,000 in software, DVDs and training materials.
.: MGFest Schedule + Registration ::
Spread the Word --> "



Nagy ugrás a magyar VJ közösség életében a következő hír:

" Sziasztok!
Örömmel jelentjük be, hogy jövő pénteken megnyílik az első magyar VJ műhely, a VJCENTRUM BUDAPEST a Tűzraktérben.
Egy külön bejáratú tantermet kaptunk, hogy oda szervezhessünk a jövőben mindenféle workshopokat, bemutatkozásokat, kerekasztalokat...
Egyelőre sok minden hiányzik (bútorok, kütyük), de bízunk benne, hogy ezeket hamar össze fogjuk tudni dobni.
A megnyitó 16n, pénteken 17:00kor kezdődik.
-Megbeszéljünk a műhely működési elveit
-Az oda tervezett programokat
-A pénz kérdését (havi 25ezer forint a terembérlet, de nem ezen fog elbukni a projekt)
-Az információáramlással és a szervezéssel kapcsolatos dolgokat
-Kütyü bemutatók, sörözés, lazulás, zene
Hozzatok magatokkal ÉTELT-ITALT, ZENÉT-GÉPET, MIDIT-PROJEKTORT, ízlés szerint. "


Girls - Kalma (Spain)

A spanyol hölgy nem sokat árul el magáról, ezért inkább nézzük a munkáit:
Kalma vj Demo. from Kalma on Vimeo.
Music by Apparat: Useless Information ( a bit edited...)
Mixed with Modul 8

Viaje a la cocina from Kalma on Vimeo.
Audio no procesado y sacado del ambiente.

Visual Body Art video demo from Kalma on Vimeo.
Visual Body Art es un proyecto multidisciplinar que conjuga el arte del body painting con los visuales en directo.
Body painting: Fernando Santos, ganador del II concurso internacional de cuerpos artísticos FIKAE 2008
Visuales, grabación y edición: Kalma vj
Modelo: Noelia Núñez Perales
Visual Body Art 2009


Digital Slaves [Kazantip_Z17]

Digital Slaves [Kazantip_Z17] from Digital Slaves on Vimeo.
Kazantip is an ultimate non stop Rave from the 25 July to the 22 August which takes place on the Black sea in Ukraine.This year was the 17th edition, known as the Z17.
Digital Slaves was ask to build a huge wall of 50 m large and 10 m high with 72 square screens.
This wall was fully audioreactive using several meshes with several textures coordinates.
Digital Slaves made also two Vj shows on the Main Stage with different artist such as Paul Van Dyk, Sven Väth, ФОНАРЬ, Sanches, Nikitin & Semikashev, Kooqla ....
Many thanks to Anthokio and Eps from Moscow invited us for that project

L'Atelier Composite au Cargo - Soiree Factori vs Cool and Deadly

Bár a riport francia, de talán e nyelvet nem bírók is kihámozhatnak belőle egy-két okosságot...

L'Atelier Composite au Cargo - Soiree Factori vs Cool and Deadly from Atelier Composite on Vimeo.
Allocution de Président de l'Association de VJ's bas-normands : l'Atelier Composite à l'occasion de la soirée Factori vs Cool and Deadly qui s'est déroulée au Cargo le 7 mars 2009.


A gentlemans disagreement.

A gentlemans disagreement. from theLAB on Vimeo.
Well the one trick Tony is back on the mixer for some fun, and has finally come up with a couple of memory setting for the V4 that I'm really happy with. This is another minimal setup recording, mixer, P-10, feedback and one video loop.
Audio by the Future Funk Squad (Disorders of skill / Zones).

Scan Girl (interactive performance)

Scan Girl from offonoll on Vimeo.
This is an interactive performance for 'La Merce 09' in Barcelona.
We used a sensor dress for motion capture to interact with the video. Some parts are made in Quartz Composer and some others are in Motion Builder.


BudapestDeepCafé - 2009.08.11

Már volt róluk szó, de ez most különösen tetszik :)
BudapestDeepCafé - 2009.08.11 from BudapestDeepCafé on Vimeo.
BudapestDeepCafé team:
Dj's : Rizkid, Kormix, Nermal
Vj's: Pax & Six , SeNoN
Every Tuesday on 22.00 Hours
Dj's: Nermal, Bump & Ördög
Vj: SeNoN

Crystal Sky Open-Air 2009

" The Chilluminati Present:

// .:Crystal Sky Open-Air 2009:.
// .:October 9, 10, 11 2009:.
// .:Black River Falls, Wi:.
The psychedelic caravan stops in Wisconsin once again . . . Visionary Nomads, Gnostic Gypsies, join us for THREE days, TWO nights, and TWO stages of psychedelic trance and chill at our beautiful, wooded, and hilly campground and retreat center in the Northern Midwest.
We provide: 2 stages of sound, visuals, art, spiritual growth workshops, and amazing community. Warm indoor and outdoor amenities and many beautiful and secluded campsites for a relaxing and energizing gathering before the chill sweeps in.
Purchase tickets online through Psymbolic or The Smokers Den:
You provide: a tent, enough food and beverages for the weekend (or some cash - food and beverages will be available for sale this time, we promise), NO GLASS, NO DRUGS, NO PETS, NO FIREWOOD (firewood can be purchased on-site). Please respect the venue by keeping the grounds free of litter. **This is a LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT**
Join us as we bring the 2009 outdoor season to a close! "

Ha arra jártok...


Egy kis hazai :)
abstrAkt from vjlab on Vimeo.
Live VJ performance. (VDMX)
Music: Synaecide - Venom


Festival Visionsonic - October 29th to 31st 2009

Festival Visionsonic - October 29th to 31st 2009 from PIXELS Transversaux on Vimeo.
Digital art festival from October 29th to 31st in the centre Madeleine Rebérioux (Créteil) and le Cube (Issy-les-mlx). Show for youth audience, A/V performances, installations, workshops, ... every performances will be streamed live on the web.
The VisionSonic festival is an initiative of the Pixels Transversaux, the label V-Atak and the center Madeleine Rebérioux with the participation of the Cube and the support of the DICREAM, the Local Union of the MJC, the city of Créteil and the Ministry of Culture (MCC and DDAI) and the Caisse des Dépôts et des Consignations.
Show for youth audience
15h15 RVB en ALPHA (fr)
FRIDAY OCTOBER 30th (Créteil)
From 14h30 to midnight
chdh (fr)
RYBN (fr)
VJ MEAT (va)
IQBIT & LASAl (es, it)
From 14h30 to midnight
1n0uT (aus)
From 14h30 to midnight
OLIVIER RATSI (Antivj, fr)
SATI (fr)
REP (fr)
All the line-up and information :
Festival VisionSonic
Direction Artistique
Yro (Les PIXELS Transversaux)
& Rko (V-ATAK)
Relation Presse & Public
Amélie Dessaux
Création Vidéo & Design
Jesse Lucas (SATI)
Création Sonore
Erwan Raguenes (SATI)


TVLUX : Bagism Visuals from Tristan Brady-Jacobs on Vimeo.
During the Mathew St Festival 2009, Tom George ran a bagism event - a combination of improvised music, poetry and visuals. Situated in a corridor space in the View2 gallery. Not a lot of flexibility for equipment and we only had patterned duvets for bags - which didn't pick up subtle imagery very well. I found the abstract folder on the VJ drive and began to work with simple and strong shapes and colours, which started out of frustration but ended being highly rewarding.
The filming was by Tom O'Rourke, who accompanied Tom G during his dialogue, and music by Paul Barrow.


A/V Liveset

Himuro Yoshiteru w/Takafumi Tsuchiya A/V Liveset quick edit promo sample. from takcom™ on Vimeo.
Sound track from “Action Script” by Himuro Yoshiteru.
Footage shot by Keigo Anan, Kotaro Tanaka, Richard Byers.
Himu-logo designed by Keigo Anan.
We use Ableton Live, Modul8, Quartz composer, etc.
Booking: drop me a line or info (at)

Projections by Nuformer (Netherlands)

Impressive and stylish projections on buildings, a renewing way of communicating. For those who want to carry out a message in a striking and visually attractive way with guaranteed exposure: 3D Projection on buildings is the communication tool of 2009, and what an impact! NuFormer Digital Media develops high-skill 3D video mapping projections. These 3D projections will be custom-made to fit any specific building and will be exposed by a battery of powerful projectors.

Recent live performance of another 3D projection on a monumental building.


GreenRay Laser Interactive Installation by 3kta

Mint látjátok, visszajöttem. Ha lesz egy kis időm, csinálok és teszek fel egy kis "madárláttát" az útról.
Most egy installáció ANDRÉ RANGEL jóvoltából.

Designed by 3kta (André Rangel and Anne-Kathrin Siegel) to celebrate the thematic "Green Ray" party, organized by our client LuxFrágil with the collaboration of Patrick Goor, this light installation is simultaneously an intensely physical and artistic experience for the invited guests.
Our design, using green lasers and mirrors producing totally analog visual effects, consists of two light sculptures: a green ray of light apparently perforating the building and a big outdoor light tapestry whose appearance changes according to the movement of the guests that become co-creators and yet challenged to take part of this collaborative experience.
Intermedia Concept And Design: 3kta
Art and Creative Directors: André Rangel and Anne-Kathrin Siegel
Laser setup and Technical Consultancy: Gilles Libert, Ligações2
Production: LuxFrágil, Manuel Reis and Pedro Fradique
Music on the video: Simon Tagis a.k.a STRB
Special Thanks: Patrick Goor, Labworks


Steel Battalion Controller

Hát ez durva: lehet ütni-vágni. :)

VJing with Steel Battalion Controller(鉄騎コントローラー) from Bonsajo on Vimeo.
hsgn@Bonsajo(VJ Unit)
We will use this sets at DTL.xna(2009.9.12,SuperDeluxe)!!!
Steel Battalion Controller==XBOX-USB converter==EeePC(GlovePIE)==USB-MIDI==MIDI-USB==MacBookPro(VDMX)

VJ with Steel Battallion Controller (2) from Bonsajo on Vimeo.
VJ performance with Steel Battalion Controller.
Fading, scratching, coloring, adding effect, bank/clip selection can be done with this single controller.
(with support of VDMX )
Perfomed by Bonsajo.