Messy Robot

Messy Robot from robotblood on Vimeo.

Abstract Rotate

Abstract Rotate from robotblood on Vimeo.

Swirl Fractals

Swirl Fractals from robotblood on Vimeo.

My Custom VJ Setup

My Custom VJ Setup from Anna y los lobos on Vimeo.

Custom VJ Setup build in TouchDesigner 099 including:
- layered style video tracks with 'Over' and 'Difference' compositing
- video transitions, controls and effects
- audio file in/mic in with custom cutoff of the Hz
- selective cooking

Made by me for 2 weeks (and still in progress) with some basic Python scripting.


ORGANICA001 - OGK01 from Ignacio Astorga (Mirai) on Vimeo.

Este es el primero de una serie de sesiones VJ en las cuales trabajo con material de video intervenido, investigando formas y movimientos de carácter orgánico.

Song: "Guap" - Yaeji
(no copyright intended)


Plexus audio Sphere

Plexus audio Sphere from hipnosia on Vimeo.

What a Surprise!

What a Surprise! from Roy G Visuals on Vimeo.
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passage from Miemo Penttinen on Vimeo.

"Sukupolvi.Nyt." light installation at Helsinki, January 2018. Timelapse of stills compiled, stabilized and slowed down in After Effects.

Original artwork credits: & Yle & Raimo Lång

Audio used in this video: Floating through time by Jeris (c) copyright 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: MissJudged

MANDALA ArtWork // AfterEffect // MMGraphics

MANDALA ArtWork // AfterEffect // MMGraphics from Mattia Maffioletti on Vimeo.

New Motion Graphics Videos coming soon!



VJ LOOP 001 from Mattia Maffioletti on Vimeo.

Wiggle (Jason Derulo)

Wiggle (Jason Derulo) from TWISTCUBE on Vimeo.

model: Chiori Fujino


CHAPAGNE BUBBLE EXOTIQUE short special 1 from Brian B. Decker on Vimeo.

This is an excerpt of an hour-long video designed as a visual environment projection, to bathe New Year's Eve party guests in swirling champagne.
See here the high-concentration version.

The video's on-screen title may sound raunchy. However, it contains only bubbles and is SAFE FOR WORK, play-room or family den.

Vezér 1.8 released

We started the new year with a big update for Vezér that mainly focusing on audio enhancements but also improving user experience.

Highlight of the new features added:
  • New Audio Engine that support multi-channel audio and audio routing
  • Faster Audio Track init and reload by caching audio data
  • Default Interpolation for Keyframes
  • Added Tree View for OSC Query
  • Added GRB and GBR output formats for Art-Net Color Track
Also a bunch of issues has been fixed.
Discover the improvements

Maagid - BEGYA(白夜) CYPHER (Ain’t The Same) (Feat. Denny Wickid, Jacob, Marcus Way, AFE)

Maagid - BEGYA(白夜) CYPHER (Ain't The Same) (Feat. Denny Wickid, Jacob, Marcus Way, AFE) from PIIWAVE on Vimeo.

BEGYA Cypher (Ain't The Same)(Feat. Denny Wickid, Jacob, Marcus Way, AFE)
I recently worked on 'Cypher' music cover art and music video
for the based on 'hip-hop and art' crew BEGYA/백야.
Their musical vibes was reinterpreted into 3D images.

흑인 음악을 베이스로 하는 아트 크루 BEGYA/백야의 뮤직비디오 및 커버아트를 제작했습니다.
이들의 음악적 바이브를 3D영상으로 재해석했습니다.

Visual & Artworks by piiwave
Music Produced by marcusway
Music Mixed & Mastered by marcusway


slow bw vj LOOPS

slow bw vj LOOPS from KSU Visuals on Vimeo.

dynamic bw vj footages

dynamic bw vj footages from KSU Visuals on Vimeo.


Raiz from Barbara Ann on Vimeo.

Rare Byrd$ - “LuvYaSelf” (Live)

Rare Byrd$ - "LuvYaSelf" (Live) from 75 Ohms on Vimeo.

Rare Byrd$ performing "LuvYaSelf"
Mirror Fears Album Release Party, Rocket Space, Denver.

Live visuals by 75Ω


Ummet Ozcan Tour 2017

Ummet Ozcan Tour 2017 from VEEMEE on Vimeo.

Currently touring with DJ Ummet Ozcan with a brand new visual show. From Tomorrowland – hell yeah! – to festivals overseas in Japan – Arigatou – and Korea. Our visuals tell the story of Ummet & ‘Ozclan’ traveling through the jungle, space and a tropical forest. Explore their journey with us!

Client: Newjam / Ozclan BV
Date: June 2017 – ungoing
Highlights of 2017: World Club Dome, Tomorrowland, Parookaville, Wish Outdoor, Hanoi Countdown, Osaka Music Circus, Storm festival Ghuangzhou & many more.

Check out more >>

MNVR Notchmeister Entry

MNVR Notchmeister Entry from Richard De Souza on Vimeo.

Kinect realtime FX, audio reactive realtime visuals made with Notch.
Visuals Richard De Souza, MNVR.
Audio provided by Subbass


MATERIA_002__dedicated_VJ_MIX from martynika*martinovna on Vimeo.
track: Marco Bailey - Thorn (Moteka remix)

Rozzenmusic | INTRO | 3D

Rozzenmusic | INTRO | 3D from mainovoworks on Vimeo.

About: Rozzenmusic is a duet of deejay and electronic music producers.
The animation that was created will be used in the openings of the shows that they will play.

Direction: MainovoWorks | Music Motion

Design / Animation : Lucas Matheus Binsfeld

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