Digital VJ Synthesizer

Digital VJ Synthesizer from urbanpixellab on Vimeo.

shortDemo of a series of digital Synthesizers. A live demo can be seen at the Intergalactic FM Festival 2017 in the hague/nl.

Salon Femmes br@nchées #87 : Pascale Gustin

Salon Femmes br@nchées #87 : Pascale Gustin from StudioXX on Vimeo.

Vidéo du Salon Femmes br@nchées #87 PASCALE GUSTIN (Paris) en duo avec VJ PINK RUBBER LADY (Montréal). Duo improvisé pour une session live, entre Paris et Mtl.

Titre forgé: FB87 Pascale Gustin
Matricules: 2012FBR51299O
Date: 2011-12-15

Showreel 2017

Showreel 2017 from eps on Vimeo.

some graphics and VJ pieces, old and recent, rendered and performed live

used footage :: l'enfer movie, fashion photo
music :: tokee 'numbers'
compiled 03.2017

Free VJ loop - Techno triangle

Free VJ loop - Techno triangle from nuns with guns visuals on Vimeo.

'Black and White mandala' is a free VJ loop. I ( nuns with guns visuals) did it/ but it is free to download. enjoy. I am on and

Free Vj loop -Basic circle ripple

Free Vj loop -Basic circle ripple from nuns with guns visuals on Vimeo.

black and white circles - good also for masks

Screenshox frames mapping.

Screenshox frames mapping. from Vj seve on Vimeo.

New live video mapping on recycled wood frames, version 1


Porter Robinson Worlds Tour Visuals

Porter Robinson Worlds Tour Visuals from We Are Prism on Vimeo.
We created a wild visual universe for Porter Robinson’s Worlds tour – combining anime with pixel art and glitched out Tumblr-inspired cg into epic landscapes and storylines. A huge cast of animated characters explore love, longing, and adventure in a series of fantastic alternate realities – which unfold on a massive set of on-stage LED screens. As Porter composed the Worlds album, he amassed a huge collection of links, screenshots, and story ideas pulled from the worlds of anime and online MMORPGs. We built on Porter’s foundation by adding layers of inspiration pulled from Indie games like Journey, Below, and Torchbearer and classic games like Another World and Space Harrier.
Our team included traditional illustrators, concept artists, cg specialists, and pixel artists. Many also worked as both designers and animators. Bringing these diverse backgrounds together – and responding to an exceptionally wide range of influences – presented a real challenge. The risk: being overwhelmed and ending up unable to create a coherent creative response. The challenge of avoiding a hot mess was something that everyone recognized. Some artists had their own struggles: “I actually have an intense fear of androids,” said Brakken, “so I was a bit nervous to work on the songs featuring the girl from ‘Sad Machine’. I never mentioned this to the team members, because I didn’t want to limit what I could contribute to the show. And lo, I ended up doing concepts for all three of her songs, haha.“

In the end, we found a way forward through the most traditional of approaches – putting aside the mountain of references and turning to long, late night brainstorming sessions. This allowed us to talk through, discover, and refine a unique concept for the project. Beau Brokop describes it as “Letting your subconscious do the work.”

Throughout the project, Porter Robinson remained a key part of the process, spending many hours calling in from around the world to be a part of the evolving conversation. These long talks crystallized an approach that used Worlds as a guiding principle – taking the opportunity to see the tour visuals as an extension of the reality introduced in the album.

Weeks of sketching followed. In this stage, lead illustrators oversaw each song in the set list to maintain a coherent visual concept. A large part of the project was spent in this conceptual stage, sometimes looping back several times in order to finally reach a satisfying result.

Once the conceptual work was complete, we began building out and animating each section of the show. Many of the artists on the team, because they came from such a diverse set of backgrounds, had no previous experience in working with other traditions. “I have never attempted something so experimental,” said Shawna Mills. The accelerated schedule – and massive amount of traditional, hand-drawn cel animation – added even more pressure. To maximize the amount of content available, work was done in an special ultra-large format and split into multiple layers.

As the animation continued, the epic scope of the visuals began to take shape. Finally, our editor Rodrigo Thurler, working closely with Porter and Ghostdad, the tour VJ, began to weave the animation into one unified visual performance. Because of the layered work that the animators had produced, the editors were able to remix and recombine content on the fly to create the final look of the show – with adjustments and tweaks continuing through rehearsals and right up to the day of the first tour date in Vancouver.

These visuals have lived on in the huge online community of Porter Robinson fans – most directly on Tumblr. Fans have recorded and re-edited the visuals into animated GIFs. This was quickly followed by original fan art based on our characters and worlds. A few even went to shows in Worlds cosplay. This embrace of the work – both online and offline – ended up being one of the coolest parts of the project, and fitting for something that began as inspiration pulled from the firehose of online digital ephemera.

Director: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard

monnalisa blue delft trip on grandmother ‘s wall paper - free vj loop

monnalisa blue delft trip on grandmother 's wall paper - free vj loop from nuns with guns visuals on Vimeo.

note, the end and the beginning are the same. enjoy this loop!

"monnalisa blue delft trip on grandmother 's wall paper" is a free VJ loop. I ( nuns with guns visuals) did it/ but it is free to download. enjoy. I am on and

VJ Demo Reel 2017

VJ Demo Reel 2017 from Will Burton on Vimeo.

MARBLED (loop)

MARBLED (loop) from Switzon S. Wigfall, III on Vimeo.

[Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons.]

Music: Tokimonsta - "Call Me (Remix)" /
More free VJ clips:
Daily artwork: |

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How to Make a Seamless Tunnel VJ Loop with Mir

How to Make a Seamless Tunnel VJ Loop with Mir from VJ Galaxy on Vimeo.

People love tunnel VJ loops and the feeling of immersion they cause. What better tool than Mir to create amazing tunnels! In this short tutorial you are going to learn how to easily create a tunnel loop with Trapcode Mir. Download the source file here:


PLUMM'D OUT from Switzon S. Wigfall, III on Vimeo.

[Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons.]

Music: Aaron Brockovich - "lovegalore" /
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Daily artwork: |

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Sunkid - Visual Imagination

Sunkid - Visual Imagination from Morning Glory Visuals on Vimeo.

VJ Demo Reel
Music: Sundkid - Visual Imagination DJ mix

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Ink and Smoke

Ink and Smoke from peter mamontoff on Vimeo.

Music by Two Feet

GIF me Somnium

GIF me Somnium#4 from Jango Tango on Vimeo.

GIF me Somnium#4 from Jango Tango on Vimeo.

Rag & Bones LIVE AV - demo

Rag & Bones LIVE AV - demo from a-li-ce on Vimeo.

Home demo for LIVE AV with Rag & Bones // video creation & live : A-li-ce

OMNI samurai spectre

OMNI samurai spectre from OMNI on Vimeo.

VJ OMNI free HD VJ loop
OMNI samurai spectre
\/ Please add my artist page for more free loops \/
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and check out < for more free stuff and pated loops


Christine_Janokowicz_VJ+DEMO+REEL from Christine Janokowicz on Vimeo.

VJ Demo Reel 2017

Analog + Digital effects

Song: Cauterize - Container






Video: H264 1920/1080
Time: 3:18 min
Audio: Tabla Impro in Teental by robert thalmeier

Millumin2 advanced setup test

Millumin2 advanced setup test from videosolid on Vimeo.

#Millumin2, 1 ledwall 3mm 1920x1080,1 ledwall 6mm 10247x768 location #Qube Party #Muccassassina
Music: Carl Cox - Time For House Music (Original Mix)


LOVE from marta nawrot on Vimeo.

Fragment projekcji do spektaklu Puppenhaus w reżyserii Jędrzeja Piaskowskiego realizowanego w ramach programu Debiut TR w teatrze TR Warszawa.

Mapping _ Digital Shifts

"Dear all,

Mapping _ Digital Shifts is glad to announce that registration for its new workshops is open!
Read below for details and feel free to spread the news by relaying it to your networks. 
Please note that we also propose two free masterclasses (no registration required): TouchDesigner for Creative Performance and Design Realtime Content for Spherical Environment (both conducted by artist Maotik). 

Best from Geneva,


True to its spirit of community and experimentation, the Mapping Festival, dedicated to audiovisual arts and digital cultures, returns with a unique range of workshops for its 13th edition under the heading Mapping _ Digital Shifts.
Both beginners and experts will once more be invited to explore a variety of subjects with an emphasis on new technologies and effervescent creativity, under the guidance of renowned specialists from all over the world.
The workshops will be spread over the three weeks of the festival, which is taking place from May 11 to May 28, 2017 in Geneva.
The deadline for registration is April 30, 2017. 
Check out our website for more information and register via the dedicated form!
Introduction to projection mapping (12-17 yo) /// 13-14.05 /// Etienne Mathé
Intended for teenagers and youngsters between 12 and 17 years old, this workshop will teach them how to create their first projection mapping thanks to the fun and simple HeavyM software.
Artefact /// 19-21.05 /// Mickaël Lafontaine & Xavier Seignard
This workshop will teach participants how to scan 3D objects in order to create an interactive device combining 3D animation, robotics and projection mapping. 
Interactive installations /// 23-24.05 /// B. Antoine-Loeff & N. Bertrand
This workshop aims at exploring various processes to create interactive installations including tangible interactions, animations, autonomous videomapping, and open-air video games.
3D Mapping /// 23–26.05 /// L. Zsolt Bordos, V. Vicsek & I. Kovács
Over the course of this four-day workshop, participants will acquire basic knowledge of mapping techniques (2D, 2,5D, 3D) and content creation. The results of their work will then be publicly screened. 
Introduction to TouchDesigner /// 25.05 /// Maotik
This workshop offers an introduction to the software TouchDesigner, an audiovisual platform that will equip you with the tools you need to create stunning realtime contents and rich user experiences.
Use your face as interface /// 27.05 /// Popesz Csaba Láng
Using Pure Data, a visual programming language for multimedia creations, participants will be able to control video playback with the movements of their face."


recording5 from Dennis Grupe on Vimeo.

VJ set 31.03.2017, resolume captured output stream (no audio)


recording3 from Dennis Grupe on Vimeo.

VJ set 31.03.2017, resolume captured output stream (no audio)


Multiscreen media surface

Multiscreen media surface from in[visible] studio on Vimeo.

Composition of various synchronized screens, designed as integral video surface.
Content playback, placement and mixing with fx are controlled by algorithms in realtime, which allows continuous non-repetitive translation without special content preparation.
Based on old concept of "auto-VJ" (algorythmic multiscreen videomixer).

Animated Visions Production | Vj Show Reel

Animated Visions Production | Vj Show Reel from Animated Visions on Vimeo.

Magical Formula March VJ Baby K

Magical Formula March VJ Baby K from YelloKat on Vimeo.

FIBER Festival

"Ciao Vj,
The fourth edition of FIBER Festival takes place from 11 to 14 May in Amsterdam and remains THE international hub for lovers and makers of innovative digital culture, audiovisual art and electronic music. FIBER Festival attracts over 50 participating speakers and artists, 2500 visitors and a wide selection of local businesses and organizations, who will gather in the city of Amsterdam. FIBER connects with both a local and international audience of young, professional creators and enthusiasts who are operating at the frontiers of digital technology, to create or encounter immersive and mind-bending experiences. The festival just released a dense program of audiovisual performances, live/DJ sets, installations, conference talks and labs.
The 10-day exhibition in collaboration with Looiersgracht 60 shows works of Semiconductor (UK)JODI (NL) & MFP (UK)Quadrature (DE) and Ralf Baecker (DE). The Conference presents Memo Akten (UK)Refik Anadol (TR/US)Jussi Parikka (FI/UK) and Femke Herregraven (NL). They are just a few of the names that fill the two-day international conference at De Brakke Grond. The music- and performance program accomodates Sendai (BE)Sky H1 (BE)Pita (AU) and Recent Arts (DE/ CHL). The FIBER team was inspired by the connections between today’s experimental art and a renewed interest in the ancient field of alchemy. Through an extensive program of conference talks, a public exhibition, AV performances, and live electronic music, the festival explores the theme Prima Materia; alchemical thinking and making in art, design and music.
FIBER Festival  2017
May 11 -14

FIBER Festival 2017 Prima Materia
Prima Materia shows the work of artists and designers who question and reimagine the relationship between man, technology and matter. Technology has a profound effect on nature and can help us find a sustainable and emotional relation with the earth. At the same time it is getting harder and harder to predict our future as a human race in the context of fast technological developments of things like artificial intelligence, big data and decentralised networks - developments that feel almost like organic, all-encompassing forces of nature. The human scale and the tools that we use to interpret the world with are being radically transformed. We seem to be caught in the middle of invisible forces.
Back in the day alchemists speculatively worked with matter to understand the design of the universe. Their main focus was reaching the mythical Prima Materia, the metaphysical matter that would connect everything in the cosmos. For a long time alchemy was considered a mystical pseudoscience, but it now becomes unmistakably clear that it is a precursor for contemporary science and the development of our knowledge about matter. FIBER points out extraordinary similarities between the work of alchemists and the modern interdisciplinary artists, designers, programmers and engineers.

See the full program here:

See you in Amsterdam!

AVnode Team"

Matoma Tour Vj Loops

Matoma Tour Vj Loops from Pablo Thomas on Vimeo.

Series of VJ loops for Norwegian Tropical House DJ and producer Matoma.

Track The Notorious BIG ft. Ja Rule - Old Thing Back (Matoma Remix)


RESOLUME HUD LINES PREVIEW from Splash Creative Media on Vimeo.

Free Resolume generative composition -

If you don't use Resolume feel free to download just the video file.

Audio - What's Best For You - Running Touch