VJ @ Camarote Salvador 2017

VJ @ Camarote Salvador 2017 from VJ CHICO ABREU on Vimeo.

VJ Robson Victor
VJ Erms
VJ Ortega
VJ Chico Abreu

Apple Produções

Trang Brons

Amanda Sage Animation 1

Amanda Sage Animation 1 from pixelpusher510 on Vimeo.

A quick clip I created to show at Lucidity 2017. Special thanks to Amanda Sage for allowing me to use her artwork here.

Final Project - Annie Kane

Final Project - Annie Kane from Live Video Performance Art on Vimeo.

VJ set

Mountains feed

Mountains feed from hipnosia on Vimeo.

audio react quartz composition.
tnxs music Joel Villena, Sphunkgraphics.

Free VJ LOOP: Isometric Cube Animation Loop

Free VJ LOOP: Isometric Cube Animation Loop from Denzyl Basterfield on Vimeo.

Feel free to download and use these assets for your projects.

If you support me on Patreon you gain access to the Project Files.

Have fun and be creative.
You do no have permission to sell or redistribute these assets.

smoke trails

smoke trails from Marcus Everson on Vimeo.

V-Mass + Lumen



cube from Marcus Everson on Vimeo.

V-Mass + Lumen


FRIDAY TRAFFIC / V.1 (loop) from Switzon S. Wigfall, III on Vimeo.

[Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons.]

Music: Aaron Brockovich - "Break" /
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FRIDAY TRAFFIC / V.2 (loop) from Switzon S. Wigfall, III on Vimeo.

[Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons.]

Music: TEK.LUN - "Wuntoori!" /
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Kio Griffith for Kernal-festival Impetus

Kio Griffith for Kernal-festival Impetus from Kio Griffith on Vimeo.

visuals for Kernal (Jean-Phillipe Schopfer) at Festival Impetus


SIMULATED SIZZLE (loop) from Switzon S. Wigfall, III on Vimeo.

[Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons.]

Music: TEK.LUN - "Aburoy" /
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koleido loop

koleido loop from Misha Ksjushina on Vimeo.

FUNKY BARS (Version 4.Remix) (loop)

FUNKY BARS (Version 4.Remix) (loop) from Switzon S. Wigfall, III on Vimeo.

[Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons.]

Music: Scout. - "Execute" /
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experimental from user21212121 on Vimeo.

a live recording


robot-vj-frame-drop from david guttman on Vimeo.

Mapping LIVE

For its third and last week, Mapping _ Digital Shifts decisively takes a festive turn with the launch of the Mapping LIVE strand from May 24 to 28! Audiovisual performances, club nights, films, public screening at the Musem of art and history of Geneva...Discover the full line-up day by day!
Passes and tickets available online or at the main ticket office at ACT (2pm-8pm).
You can already have a look at the first photo reports of the 13th edition!

/// Mapping LIVE - wednesday, May 24 

Mark IJzerman - Presque Vu >> video synthesizer & organic resonances
Tarik Barri ft. Lea Fabrikant - Versum  >> 3D performance 3D and vocal art
// Doors 8:30pm / Performances 9pm

Club #1 @Le Zoo - Full on love and balearics
DJ sets by The Mole (Maybe Tomorrow / CA)
++ Borusiade (Cómeme / RO)
++ Pascal Viscardi (LoveNotes / CH)
Visuals par Graphset (FR) >> immersive installation "White Lodge" as a reference to cult series Twin Peaks!
// Doors and performances 11pm

/// Mapping LIVE - thursday, May 25 

Alex Augier _nybble_ >> digital minimalism and organicity
Martin Messier FIELD >> electromagnetic composition
// Doors 8:30pm / Performances 9pm

/// Mapping LIVE - friday, May 26 

Screening of short animated films, followed by a Q&A session with the artist
// Doors 7:30pm / Screenings 8pm

Public screening following the 3D mapping workshopconducted by Ivó Kovács, Viktor Vicsek and artist Laszló Zsolt Bordos, who performed at the MAH in 2011 (courtyard) and 2012 (main façade).
// Doors open at 8pm for a DJ set by Lacrema
// Public screening at 10pm in the courtyard of the Museum of art and history of Geneva

Club #2 @Le Zoo - Leftfield
Live AV by Peder Mannerfelt (Numbers, Avian / SE)
++ DJ set by ENA (Hidden Hawaii, 7even / JP)
++ Live by Aleksi Perälä (Clone, Clolundi Sequence / FI)
++ Live AV "Tension" par YON & POL (CH)
// Doors and performances 11pm

/// Mapping LIVE - saturday, May 27 

KINOTRON #1 - exhibition and screenings @Spoutnik Cinema
With Serhiy Klymko and Ruslana Koziienko, from the Visual Culture Research Center of Kiev, Ukraine 
- 2pm Guided tours of the Kinotron exhibition (free)
- 6pm Screenings: "Seven Steps Beyond the Horizon" (Felix Sobolev, 1968), "Approaching the Truth" (Valerian Pidpalyi, 1972)

Tarik Barri & Paul Jebanasam Continuum >> immersive and disorienting sci-fi / deep-listening universe
Maotik AERYON >> drone narration of an electronic and sonic landscape
Rainer Kohberger Brainbows >> sound layers and waves of pure light
// Doors 8pm / Performances 9pm

Club #3 @Le Zoo - Head to the spiral
Live by Neel (Spazio Disponibile, Spectrum Spools / IT)
++ DJ sets by Acronym (Northern Electronics, Dimensional Explorations / SE)
++ Refracted (Pole Groupe, Mind 2 Express / DE)
++ Clara (Nuisances sonores / CH)
Visuals by STEREO NIGHT (HU) >> Stereoscopic live!
// Doors and performances 11pm

/// Mapping LIVE - sunday, May 28 

KINOTRON #2 - exhibition and screening @Spoutnik CinémaWith Serhiy Klymko and Ruslana Koziienko, from the Visual Culture Research Center of Kiev, Ukraine
- 2pm Guided tours of the Kinotron exhibition (free)
- 6pm Screening: "The Target is Your Brain" (Felix Sobolev et Victor Olender, 1985)
IMPORTANT: for performances at Spoutnik Cinema, please make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early!

Also this week, two free masterclasses (no registration required): TouchDesigner for creative performance (May 25) and Design realtime content for spherical environment(May 26), both conducted by artist Maotik, who will perform at the Alhambra on saturday, May 7!
On top of this, don't miss the Paradigm Shift _ Forum on May 24 and 25 (schedule for Day One / Day Two) – and still, the exhibition DISNOVATION.ORG to enjoy at ACT until Sunday, May 28 (11am-8pm).

‘MYSTERIES’ [Шоу – ТАИНСТВА] - Interactive Show - Promo Visuals by Kristy VJ & VJ Vizart

‘MYSTERIES’ [Шоу – ТАИНСТВА] - Interactive Show - Promo Visuals by Kristy VJ & VJ Vizart from Kristina Snowflake [Kristy VJ] on Vimeo.


‘The world is full of mysteries’…

Таинство сотворения - это мечта и догадка человека постичь непостигаемое.
В бесконечной пустоте содержится потенциал возникновения жизни.
Три светоносных духа - символы триединства проявления Бога, воплощают задуманное объединив свои силы, создают жизнь, атом к атому, молекула к молекуле, заполняя космос сияющими звездами и туманностями - колыбели жизни, везде от микро до макро уровня силой притяжения и сохранения является Любовь - Божественная энергия!

Действие высокотехнологического ШОУ ‘MYSTERIES’ длится 8 минут 40 секунд. На сцене появляются 3 персонажа, которые олицетворяют триединство божественной энергии, высшее космическое сознание - физическую энергию, которая создала и соединила простейшие элементы в множество сложных явлений и предметов. Мы сделали космически красивую картинку - 3D video mapping, который погружает нас в потрясающую атмосферу космического научного фэшн-шоу: вспышки, первые элементы, звёзды, сакральная геометрия золотых оттенков, где персонажи идеально синхронизированы с 3D графикой и создаётся единое захватывающее пространство и действие. В костюмах использованы высокотехнологичные материалы.

Toolkit: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop.
Direction & Idea: Nataliya Talandite
Concept/Direction/Design/Compositing: Kristina Snowflake [Kristy VJ]
Animation/3D/Compositing: VJ Vizart [Valeriy Soprunov]
Photography: Anatoly Polyakov [DJ Existence]
Cast: Nataliya Talandite, Love Morzherina,

Loop Triangle Mograph

Loop Triangle Mograph from Luca Genovese on Vimeo.

Funny test with mograph in cinema4D - VJ Loop
Music : Xenophobia - Rush In The House


CIRCLEPUNK CRUSH (loop) from Switzon S. Wigfall, III on Vimeo.

[Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons.]

Music: The Toxic Avenge - "Kids" /

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_̇ͬ̐^̛̟ͬe̱ͬͬr͏ͬ᷀r͖ͬ͏o̶ͬ͒r̟̻ͬc̼ͬ̈́l̶ͬͮi͎ͬ͌p̤ͬ̑(̬᷾ͬ(̰ͬ̃[̧̱ͬ_̖ͬ̾0᷊̳ͬ2̝ͫͬ_̿ͬÍ from MK0111 on Vimeo.
F̖̲͖r̨̻̪̚e͉̜̩e̤̜̿ ̞̓D̼ͧ͆̏o͈̫͋͠w̳̓͆n᷊ͬ̐l͙̻͌o̺̹͋ͥa͆̃͜d᷊᷿͜


vj loops

vj loops from Misha Ksjushina on Vimeo.




Video: 4k H264
Time: 0:21 min
Audio: No

Downlaod For Private Use Only.


stars from Marcus Everson on Vimeo.

V-Mass + Lumen

Kaleidoscopic Base

Kaleidoscopic Base from Sonst Ich on Vimeo.

VJ Viz


Paradigm Shift _ Forum

Mapping _ Digital Shifts is proud to present the first edition of the Paradigm Shift _ Forum, which will be held at ACT (Le Commun, 28 rue des Bains) on May 24 and 25, 2017. This new international forum, supported by the Federal Office of Culture, will gather over two days inspiring artists, designers, curators, journalists, decision makers and researchers to critically reflect, raise questions and discuss the state of culture and society in today’s technology-driven world.
These two days of free talks and conferences are curated by Carmen Salas, independent curator and creative producer working at the intersection of art, technology and digital culture.
Free entrance - registration required via the dedicated form.
For all enquiries:

/// DAY 1 - wednesday, May 24: The Future Unfolding 

With a focus on the creative collisions between art, science and technology, Day One's programme offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from a diverse range of speakers, all with an interest in exploring the future of our culture. Such speakers are: Nicolas Nova, Régine Debatty, Alexander Scholz, Sabine Himmelsbach, Nora O Murchú, Monica Bello, Martin Howse, Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman), Joana Moll, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, Edwina Portocarrero, Beatrice Pembroke, Engin Ayaz, Vasilis Charalampidis, Bert Holvast, Olof Van Winden et Lucía García Rodríguez.

The sessions that will run through day one include:
• 09:30am - 10:00am: registration, coffee
• 10:10am - 11:10am: Magical Thinking, Contemporary Superstitions and Digital Technologies
• 11:10am - 01:00pm: Digital Art and Digital Futures: Unpacking the Complexities of Computational Cultures
• 02:00pm - 03:20pm: Revealing the Unseen, in collaboration with Arts at CERN
• 03:20pm - 04:35pm: New Voices
• 05:00pm - 06:00pm: On the Move: Shaping Europe’s Future Through Artistic Mobility and Global Cultural Networks
• 06:00pm - 07:00pm: Building Innovation through Human Ecosystems in Cities

/// DAY 2 - Thursday, May 25: Becoming Human 

Day Two's programme will offer a space for speakers and the audience to debate ideas of identityfuture loveAI and human consciousnessinternet addiction, and the role technology plays in our lives. The closing session includes a screening of Werner Herzog's film "Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World", followed by a participatory sessionwhere the audience will have the opportunity to share their ideas in relation to the documentary. The speakers of Day Two are: Leigh Alexander, Chris Baraniuk, Ghislaine Boddington, Carmen Salas and LaTurbo Avedon.
Day Two sessions include:
• 10:30am - 11:00am: registration, coffee
• 11:10am - 12:10am: The Big Disconnect 
• 12:10am - 01:10pm: Social standards: Has Social Media Lowered the Bar for Humanity?
• 02:10pm - 03:10pm: Future Love - The Internet of Bodies
• 03:10pm - 03:50pm: Me, Myself and My Avatar
• 03:50pm - 05:50pm: Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World - a film by Werner Herzog
• 06:10pm - 07:10pm: Present Futures - Interactive Session
We are looking forward to meeting you at this unique international event!

A’mas Drone Project & l’Aubaine at VJ London (full set)

A'mas Drone Project & l'Aubaine at VJ London (full set) from l'aubaine on Vimeo.

A'mas Drone Project & l'Aubaine at VJ London, 27 April 2017. (full set)
Totally improvised set on both side. A'mas Drone project playing with modular synths and me, with an analogue video synth going through Modul8.

VJ Loop #06 Psycho Liquor

VJ Loop #06 Psycho Liquor from Kanon Kakuno on Vimeo.

A vj loop made with Blender + OctaneRender.

sealife | vj sample

sealife | vj sample from Katarzyna Irmina on Vimeo.

GLITCH | vj sample

GLITCH | vj sample from Katarzyna Irmina on Vimeo.



Doug, a 72 years old retired high school professor is studied intimately, using the 3D sensor Kinect to capture his athletic body, and the amazing tattoos that cover his skin. Having a wisdom that only comes from age, he represents a community that is fighting ostracism and societal stereotypes, that consider him "abject". The song "Anatema/Anathema" was composed by Mexican VJ and techno punk musician Zoonosis. For more info about the Cabaret project please visit

Doug, un profesor de bachillerato ya pensinado de 72 años, es estudiado íntimamente utilizando el sensor Kinect para capturar su cuerpo atlético y los tatuajes fascinantes que lo cubre casi en su totalidad. Teniendo una sabiduría y un coraje que llegan sólo con la edad, él representa una comunidad que lucha contra el ostracismo y las convenciones sociales estereotipadas, que lo consideran "abyecto". La música es compuesta y producida por el VJ y músico techno punk mexicano Zoonosis. Para mayor información sobre el proyecto Cabaret, visite

R2Y VJ Cosmos II

R2Y VJ Cosmos II from R2Y on Vimeo.