K- conjog - And Love will come with a Red Light in Her Hands (lettieri live trailer)

K- conjog - And Love will come with a Red Light in Her Hands (lettieri live trailer) from Francesco Lettieri on Vimeo.
An extract video from K-conjog live set:
_And Love will come with a Red Light in Her Hands_
viusal lettieri


Lightrails from Strukt Studio on Vimeo.
The interactive audio-visual installation 'Lightrails' was a project that Strukt created together with unheilbar architektur for sound:frame Festival taking place at the Project Space inside the Kunsthalle Wien.
'Lightrails' is a light sculpture with the intention to re-define and re-interpret the exhibition room. An easy but effective mapping technique was used to create seamless projections on both sides of the object. Light-beams were triggered by the visitors and ran through the room, following the surface created by the sculpture. Each "reflection" of the light-beam was accompanied by sound. The speed and brightness of the beam was directly influenced by the force the visitors used when triggering the beam stepping on pedals on the floor. This also influenced the volume of the sound-effects. The audio signal was played back on a surround sound system that allowed a spatial positioning of the sounds and created a truly immersive experience.ounds to create a truly immersive experience.
The sound-design was courtesy of Digitalofen Audiobakery, which also created the ambient sounds that were pervasive through the room.
As usual, we have used our favorite real-time multipurpose toolkit VVVV to create the installation.
The construction of the sculpture was kindly supported by INDAT and the whole project was hosted by the sound:frame festival and financed by departure.
Thanks goes out to all of the mentioned organizations and all the individuals that helped us to realize this project!
Music by Architecture In Helsinki "Debbie (U-Tern Remix instrumental)"


TouchOSC on iPad and VDMX

TouchOSC on iPad and VDMX from CPU on Vimeo.
getting ready for the Media Jam Friday night in Toronto - setting up the iPad for bidirectional OSC control with VDMX

Living My Life Faster - 8 years of JK's Daily Photo Project -:)

Living My Life Faster - 8 years of JK's Daily Photo Project from JK Keller on Vimeo.
Oct 01 1998 - 2006
If you want the total experience, visit the project site:
music derived from: Jankenpopp
license: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0

Festival VJ VisionR 2010 - 2

Vision'R2010 : teaser 23 mai
Uploaded by Vision-R. - Discover more animation and arts videos.Teaser Vidéo du 23 mai du Festival VJ Vision4R 2010
Tous droits réservés aux artistes concernés.

VisionR 2010 - teaser video du 29 mai
Uploaded by Vision-R. - Discover more animation and arts videos.Teaser vidéo de la soirée de clôture du festival vision'r 2010 29 mai 2010
tous droits réserv&s aux artistes concernés

VisionR 2010 - teaser video 30 mai
Uploaded by Vision-R. - Arts and animation videos.Teaser vidéo du 30 mai Festival VJ Vision'R 2010
tous droits réservés aux artistes concernés


u-matic & telematique @ screendancing exhibition

u-matic & telematique @ screendancing exhibition from vj telematique on Vimeo.
Documentation of the live a/v session at the screendancing exhibition. Berlin, 05/2010
music: dj errorsmith
live vj-performance: u-matic & telematique
telematique specially designed a videomixing software for this event.

Silent Visual Music

Silent Visual Music from Onar3D on Vimeo.
Live procedural animation, controlled using multi-channel pitch, amplitude and beat detection. All graphics are rendered in real-time.
Here's a collage of work created using multi-track audio from a band. Because the music is all released material, I could not put the audio up on vimeo, hence this video being silent.
It was created using the Trinity system of custom software, for the live performance of visual music.
Responsible for the visuals in the Trinity system, is the Mother software, a free open source program I've developed for VJ-ing with multiple sketches (
The other two applications are unreleased, and are responsible for generating control data from music, and for mapping that control data to the control parameters of the visual synthesizers.
For more information, visit

Koch– Ouverture

Koch– Ouverture from Jean-Baptiste Di Marco on Vimeo.
Koch is a project developed by Jean-Baptiste Di Marco as a crossover between audio-visual practices. Koch– Ouverture introduces a progressive audio-visual narrative influenced by a VJing practice and experimental cinema. This video is representing one possibility and one step of a data based / loop based narrative.
Koch– Ouverture will be shown as an audio-visual performance from the 14th to the 18th of July 2010 in Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

Koch est un projet developpé par Jean-Baptiste Di Marco comme une passerelle entre plusieurs pratiques audiovisuelles. Koch– Ouverture présente une narration audiovisuelle progressive influencée par la pratique du VJing et le cinéma expérimental. Cette vidéo démontre une possibilité, une étape d'une narration construite à partir d'une banque de données, de boucles narratives.
Koch– Ouverture sera présenté sous la forme d'une performance audiovisuelle du 14 au 18 Juillet au Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
Special thanks to NURB who designed the humanoid rig.

VJ controller? - Roger Linn Design - New Musical Instrument Prototype

Festival Vision'R 2010

Uploaded by Vision-R. - Discover more animation and arts videos.Du 21 au 30 Mai 2010 : Teaser Festival Vision'R 2010 - montage court 2009 !
Annonce de la cinquième édition du Festival

Vision'R2010 : teaser 21mai
Uploaded by Vision-R. - Watch original web videos.Teaser de la soirée d'ouverture du festival vj Vision'R 2010 le 21 mai !
19h30 - 23h
Tous droits réservés aux artistes concernés.

Vision'R2010 : teaser 22 mai
Uploaded by Vision-R. - Watch original web videos.Teaser Video du Festival VJ Vision'R du 22 mai 2010.
Tous droits réservés aux artistes concernés.


Eyedropper Fill Visual Clips Promo

Eyedropper Fill Visual Clips Promo from Quasi Quadrate on Vimeo.
Eyedropper Fill is Design Group
base in Bangkok,Thailand
We working in the field of moving image, live visual performance and creative stuffs
For the Visual sets, we create 4 different unique visual styles from 4 designer, because we had a completely different motivation and inspiration.
"Difference is a harmony"
*sorry for the bad english
Phuket international Dance Festival
Date 25-26 June 2010
Venue: Karon Beach, Phuket
Features Artist //
-International Artists
Christopher Lawrence (USA)
DJs Yoji (Japan)
-Thai Artists
Buddha bless
DJs Spyda Monkey


Fire from Patrick Bergeron on Vimeo.
musique / music: Mathématique
Acheter le disque / Buy CD
vidéo original, Pierre-Hugues Carmichael

Taller de Video Creación en directo ( Livecinema & VJ) (from CoGe forum)

" hello I will be telling a workshop on Video Creation live under the new cycle Audiovisual Creation Practices held in the Spain cultural center of Chile wanted to tell you that I was asked to use open source tools so I decided to investigate the project Coge, I have the license Modul8 but some time ago that bore me direct my using this. I was pleasantly surprised to get the excitement back Coge and make a direct much more entertaining.
The point is that in the shop asked me to tell you I'll be teaching to use Coge.
Thank you very much for this great contribution to the world of vj and livecinema.
many greetings from Santiago de Chile.
Ricardo Tapia.

from google translate "


Intelligent Visualizer

Intelligent Visualizer from VJFader on Vimeo.
Audio Visual using Processing and Ableton Live.
Music: Miura by Metro Area


Götterdämerung from Martin Inda on Vimeo.
Video post production for Urano Films in Gotterdamerung opera.
This is a short view of the Wagner opera premiered in April 2009 in Firenze, Italy. These images were recorded by Franc Aleu during rehearsals and have no commercial intention. Unitel is producing an HD recording for selling purposes.
Direction: Zubin Mehta
Scenic Direction: Carlus Padrissa (La Fura dels Baus)
Scenography: Roland Olbeter
Videocreation: Franc Aleu / Urano Films
Costumes: Chu Uroz
Coproduction between Palau de les Arts in Valencia and Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Mel Mann + Inda @ Panoramica Bs As

Mel Mann + Inda @ Panoramica Bs As from Martin Inda on Vimeo.
Premiered @ Panoramica 2010 Buenos Aires
Live music: Mel Mann
Live video: Martin Inda


mapping festival

all things indoors - mapping festival from Jerome Monnot on Vimeo.
A video regrouping various visual performances showcased during the 2009 edition of the Mapping Festival, 'visual-audio festival and deviant electronics'.
Visual Acts: Defasten, Negativo, Teatrino Elettrico, a-li-ce, Vj Contest, The Proteins, Xerak.
Credits: Ilan Katin (camera), Jerome Monnot (camera, editing), Youri cayron (camera), Mapping Festival (producer)
music by Dachshund

Spying on MetaMapping from Jerome Monnot on Vimeo.
MetaMapping is a residence of 10 artists all working in the audio/visual field. Their mission is to work collectively for 8 days to produce a presentation during the mapping festival (07/05/2010).
I'm posting videos updates as regularly as possible on

homemade dolly for Meta Mapping from Jerome Monnot on Vimeo.
Finished building homemade dolly. Thanks to Aalto for inspiring me to do it !!
Tried it at the MetaMapping artists residence in Geneva which I am documenting at the moment, posting various quickly edited video updates on the blog - - and gathering material for short documentary which I'll be editing asap.
Shot with 5D Mark II
Music by Taylor Deupree 'Everything gone grey'

Soirée I-R-L - Dec 2009 - Paris

Soirée I-R-L - Dec 2009 - Paris from erelevil report on Vimeo.
Soirée de performances visuelles, musicales et scéniques avec
ScaleToneKey & &
I-R-L :
Espace Mercoeur
19 décembre 2009

a-li-ce et Graphset - Nov 2009 - Paysages Electroniques

a-li-ce et Graphset - Nov 2009 - Paysages Electroniques from erelevil report on Vimeo.
Les VJs a-li-ce et Graphset aux visuels sur le son electro minimal du label allemand TRAPEZ pour la soirée de clôture des Paysages Electroniques.
a-li-ce :
Graphset :
Piemont :
Max Cooper :
Les Paysages Electroniques :
Le 14 Novembre 2009

berlin city

berlin city from jorgk on Vimeo.
produced for visualberlin2010/DVD


VJ Tutorial

VJ Sloth gives a short tutorial on VJing, VJ software and techniques. Music provided by DJ Dameza.

Mirage Pad Harmonizer MPH

This movie is "Mirage Pad Harmonizer ver0.714" Demonstration.
It's will be Touchable VJ Software De-facto Standard near future.
Sakamo Ryuichi YMO Aphex Twin Adam Massive Attack Johnson Cornelius Jazztronik KORG Yamaha Roland Native Instrument FL studio Cubase Arturia CG Art Motion dive tokyo arkaos vj dmx midi video movie computer graphics siggraph eurographics ieee acm amazing future movie music club underworld chemical brothers prodigy denki groove sce sony computer entertainment avex warner brothers Metamatics Minister Mondo Grosso New Order Pet Shop Boys The Orb The Prodigy
Yellow Magic Orchestra
テクノ クラブ アート 芸術 コンピュータグラフィック エレクトロニック ビデオ 映像 音楽 パヒューム 坂本龍一 石野卓球 電気グルーヴ コーネリアス 驚愕 タッチ タッチセンサー ソフトウェア android iphone デモ

Free HD VJ loops by Beeple

" Beeple AKA Mike Winkelmann is a graphic designer living and working in Neenah, Wisconsin, USA. His body of work extends into short films, live visuals, graphic design, music and drawings. His latest audio visual creation is titled Instrumental Video Nine, where a series of audio visual loops are composed into a full length music video. You can explore his body of work at
Click here for free Download
(16 HD 1280x720 plus 6 DV 720x480 Quicktime Movies, Photo-JPEG, total of 22 loops, 889 MB) "


stefanie sixt, sixt sense (germany)

in 2000 i started my project sixt sense. under that label i directed and produced a series of music based short films, music videos and installations, shown at different places like european media art festival osnarbrueck, cynet dresden or bayerische landesvertretung, berlin. in 07 i started vjing and making music. 2008 electric indigo invited me to be a member of female pressure.
for more information see:

SYNCHRON - audiovisual performance from stefanie sixt, sixt sense on Vimeo.
An audiovisual band got together: Markus Mehr and Stefanie Sixt create a stand-alone piece by combining music and visual arts. On purpose sound-patches implement a latent visual quality, freed from structures and diapason, from graceful noise to tasteful kitsch.
The visuals show animated, colourized and partially longterm exposed, monochrome nature photographs. The pictures are already abstracted while the photographs are shot. By interweaving the clips form compositions are created – reminding of moving paintings.
23.10.2010 H2 - Museum for Contemporary Art, Augsburg
15.08.2010 Passionskirche, Berlin - Kreuzberg
15.05.2010 Bassart Festival München, Planetarium, Deutsches Museum
12.12.2009 Gallery "Muhackl oder Blutwurst, Augsburg

The Visual Rhythm of Dance from stefanie sixt, sixt sense on Vimeo.
The Visual Rhythm of Dance
Stefanie Sixt (visuals/music) and Anina von Molnar (dance/choreo.) create an interdisciplinary audiovisual performance inspired by the beauty of close up shots of moving microscopic cellular structures in relation to the melodic, minimalistic sound compilation which ignites the fully developed human form into dance.
The visuals blend sequences from the life of protozoa with abstract, digital and live mixed animation. Through Sixts´ coloring and composition (often reminiscent of Pop-Art style) and von Molnars´ both staccato, rhythmic and round, smooth movements, the microcosmos melts back and forth with the macrocosmos.

sixt sense vj reel from stefanie sixt, sixt sense on Vimeo.
through the last years i have been exploring vjing as fascinating media. creating live visuals for cultural- or stage events is a repeated, exciting challenge. while i'm thoroughly following a dertermined concept, a live set is turning out to be different every time it's performed.

brecht festival b-sides from stefanie sixt, sixt sense on Vimeo.
The Brecht Festival b-sides was celebrated at the main theatre in Augsburg on 02/19/2009. On Stage were FRANK SPILKER (Die Sterne), NIELS FREVERT, JOHANNA ZEUL, DOC SCHOKO, NILS KOPPRUCH (Fink), BOSSE (solo & unplugged) und LYDIA DAHER Moderation: DENIZ KHAN DJ: LEMON SQUEEZER (Atomic Café/Muc): Soul, 60ies & rare Brecht/Weill tunes Visuals: sixt sense Curated by Lydia Daher, Richard Goehrlich, Girisha Fernando

babylon from stefanie sixt, sixt sense on Vimeo.
the music video "babylon" by sixt sense is an audiovisual firedance with lydia schoenbrodt. "dance is meditation" she sais. the graphics put the dancer into a virtual world, driven by electronic sound with speech samples of "babylon 5".

New Fractal

New Fractal from George Toledo on Vimeo.
This is an example of a new type of fractal concept using one of a great variety of settings that it's capable of producing. This was programmed with Quartz Composer.
I decided to whip up a short music piece (using Garage Band) for the purpose of testing out how it reacted to being "powered" by some music.

GT Lines 2.0 Pop Art - Visual Instrument

GT Lines 2.0 Pop Art - Visual Instrument from George Toledo on Vimeo.
This is a screen grab of me testing out some settings on a recent Quartz Composer based application that used Quartz Builder and GL Tools.
I'm putting together this visual instrument as part of a an idea for a music video I'm putting together. I have made the app available (in this version), and am still having fun with it, and plan to add some more looks.
This idea was to have a "pen" that could draw many different types of looks, made up of line systems. Even though this screen grab is pretty long, I still haven't shown all of the variety of things that can be done with this by a long shot. This screen grab reflects me scrolling through some settings and seeing what I get, more or less.
This has some different view environments, some line offset stuff, color controls, audio reactivity controls, and some other stuff. It is a bit dense, but a rewarding visual instrument. I definitely feel a bit like this is a valid instrument that can be played like a music instrument, in many ways, and I look forward to refining it even more.
I've been kind of itching at doing this for awhile, so I've been having a blast putting this together, and as always, have a next version that is a few steps ahead of what is shown here. I've been wrapped up in some interesting QC work for the past week and a half or so, and this was like a fun, artistic release, but in a "programming way".
This is a bit of part of a quest to do stuff that looks more and more unlike what people thing of as being the Quartz Composer "look" (ala rotating cube tutorials). I had someone asking about this on the QC mailing list, and it was something I had already had on my mind from seeing some tv ads. I had someone mention it another time, so I took that as a good reason to make this a current side-project!
So, this is really just a whimsical scrolling through my app to feel it out.
The app is available at the Composition Repository at, as well as If you download it, keep in mind that the parameters are available via the menu bar or by hot-keying "command-I". Two finger x/y scrolling "does stuff", camera position can be inferred by "grabbing" the viewer window and repositioning (in all but "classic mode), and that there are a great deal of looks that can get made with this by changing the particle number at the bottom, and playing with the blend modes.
I plan on making the actual Quartz Composer source code available as well once I have it locked in exactly how I wish it to be. For now, I'm just compiling versions of the app as it evolved with Quartz Builder. Very alpha phase!


:) VMX Activ8 :)

VMX Activ8 from charlie mars on Vimeo.
réalisation: charlie mars -
chef opérateur: david baumann -
assistante réalisation: a-li-ce -
musique: zôl -
accessoiriste: lecollagiste -
comédiens: cédric imwinkelried - , joël baumann, andré badel

Trek Port Visual Mapping show reel

Trek Port Visual Mapping show reel from L.Laki Laszlo on Vimeo.
TREK PORT visual mapping
visual by:
Viktor Vicsek- The Neon Edge
Sztojanovits Andrea-Skylab
L.Laki László-Skylab
Pedro Zaz and Spetto
GOF 28-30. 04.
Eiffel Square
powered by Cinetrip 2010



The above mentioned options are great, but there are those of us out there who would just like to be able to do things for fun, as an enthusiast, without shelling out $ (or €). For their consideration there is the free Aestesis Electronika (for PC only) – although not in the big league by any means, it still offers a pretty decent set of features, including FreeFrame & MIDI support, the ability to select from up to 30 clips at a time, along with customization options. A rear view offers up the reverse side of your console/deck and there you can connect a number of A/V virtual wires to get the effects that you desire. If you’re a beginner, start here and work your way up. Check out the basic documentation and tips on the wiki.


drink team jam

drink team jam from Kiritan Flux on Vimeo.
cut-up of the first vj jam of ser & flux on july 10th 2009 at elektrotribe
vdmx vs. isadora vs. puredata
music: live recorded laptop DJ set of Moog Conspiracy (elektrotribe)

Visual:OKTOPUS.TV, Chile

Music:Marco Valdivia Asim´tria, Perú Visual:OKTOPUS.TV, Chile. from oktopus on Vimeo.Video de la última presentación de visuales de OKTOPUS.TV, dentro de las actividades Nuevas Prácticas en la Creación Audiovisual realizada en el Centro Cultural España de Santiago de Chile, en el concierto de Marco Valdivia Pacheco. Asim’tria ( Perú).


die puppe - snow white from Kuze on Vimeo.
usher from the band die puppe has seen my video neu on and asked me if i'd like to adapt the video to the track snow white.
the result is a new pretty video. i hope you like it.
for more infos about die puppe
Camera - Nizo 561
Kodachrome 40
Ektachrome 64T

neu from Kuze on Vimeo.


VJ Fest

The 3rd VJ FEST will be held at French Cultural Center-Taksim and Dogzstar-Galatasaray on May 20-22, 2010. The main objective of the festival is to introduce VJ-ing and demonstrate VJ performances and projects in Istanbul. VJ-ing can be described as realtime visual creations combined with music (e.g. projection screen and computer) .

This year 23VJs, 8DJs and 3 musicians from 12 countries will come together for VF FEST. Two free live audio-video installations; architectural mapping will take place in the garden of French Cultural Center. Dogzstar will be housing VJ-DJ performances, dance parties and video installations. Free workshops are organized at Apartment Project.

For more information please click.

Live Visuals - LA Art Walk Jan 2010

Live Visuals - LA Art Walk Jan 2010 from Jesse Nikette on Vimeo.
Projecting live mixed video onto buildings. Downtown LA Art Walk, January 2010.
Music track: SebastiAn - Head / Off Distributed by Tubemogul.

Bcco Particular Grid

Bcco Particular Grid from Jesse Nikette on Vimeo.
An experiment using Trapcode Particular particle grid for use in live visuals.
Check out more work at:
Music Track: SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross Distributed by Tubemogul.


CoGe 1.0 Beta 2

I’m happy to release CoGe 1.0 Beta 2 version. After a few months since the initial Beta 1 release, there are many changes under the hood and on the user interface, so this version aims to the stability and to make the UI more user friendly - check the Changelog below. The bad news – and i hope you guys will appreciate it – 10.5 Leopard no longer supported. It’s because i want to release new versions more often, and don’t have time to working on the 10.5 compatibility. Sorry for that.
Don’t forget the recently check the forum for new modules, there are many new things not included with the main release – just because those stuffs requires 3rd party plugins.
One more things: if you create a snapshot with the new built-in function, are has a video made with CoGe feel free to post that stuff to the CoGe Flickr and the CoGe Vimeo Groups.
Download: Projects Google Code page
What’s new:
multi-window layout
windows are resizable on Y
window collapse/expand
resizable preview window
user definable clear color on the main output
user definable start-up state (loads an internal stored project)
adds ‘playerChanged’ input for Players
right-click windows content re-ordered, now moduls on the top
adds snapshot creation feature
adds ‘meausePosition’, ‘bpm’, ‘currentBeat’ inputs for Mixers
adds ‘Find Missing Files with Spotlight’ feature
crashing on New Project
tearing when rendering to an FBO
wrong preview priority after startup
crashing when dragging a button cell
crashing if control module doesn’t has ‘bpm’ input port
crashing on project load
right-click windows shows only QC files
issues on event forwarding to compositions
too large sliders on Master FX
issues when swapping Media Slots
… and some other misc/minor changes/fixes


incite/ (Hamburg)

eye-catching grayscale audiovisual art
dynamic distorted idm-beats
criss-crossing art and club worlds
immersive synaesthetic experience for ears and eyes
incite/ is the Hamburg-based audiovisual electronics duo of Kera Nagel (solo: axiomatic integration) and André Aspelmeier (solo: GradCom). Mixing eye-catching experimental audiovisual art with dynamic distorted IDM grooves, the duo criss-crosses art and club worlds, creating intense experiences for ears and eyes. Fragmented electric junk, fragile bursts of static noise and extra-charged sub-bass-kicks join abstract monochromatic imagery. incite/ play seriously weird glitch and quasi-danceable grooves in synced conjunction with intense grayscale visuals.
incite/ 's audiovisual creations center around the duo's everyday life. The distorted visuals are mostly unrecognizable, hiding the underlying stories – an exciting expedition for the audience.
Live shows are the main focus of incite/. Since April 03 Kera and André have played more than 130 gigs: tours in Europe and the US, gigs on international festivals such as Némo (Paris), 5DaysOff (Amsterdam), Cimatics06+08 (Brussels), ExperimentaClub (Madrid), Dokfest (Kassel), Gogbot (Enschede), RECmadrid (Madrid), Media Art Biennale WRO 07 + 09 (Wroclaw), VAD Festival (Girona), The Great Escape (Breda), Simultan Festival (Timosoara), Kontra-Musik Festival (Malmø), LEM (Barcelona), OpenZemos98 (Sevilla), International Videofestival (Bochum), Avantgarde Festival (Schiphorst), 25fps (Zagreb), Cinesthesy (Paris) EMAF (Osnabrück), Videomedeja (Novi Sad), Forms of Hands (Gladbeck), e-pulse (Breda), MXPX (Paris), MUV (Firenze), Dark Fibre (London), Scopitone (Nantes) and many others.
Within the last two years incite/ were awarded three times for their performance: WRO07, 12th international media art biennale Wroclaw, Poland, May 07 – third prize (best performance) VAD Festival, Girona, Spain, October 07 - special prize 18th International Videofestival Bochum May08 – special mention

incite/ - psycho path live@ Némo from incite/ on Vimeo.
excerpt of the track psycho path, recorded at dualicities premiere @ Némo Festival, Paris, April 10 2010
produced by fragmented media and Arcadi
video recording by Karine Labrunie
music and live visuals: incite/

incite/ dualicities from incite/ on Vimeo.
4 min demo preview of the material for the upcoming incite/ live set.
to be finished and premiered early 2010.
co-produced by Arcadi (Paris)

incite/ - moon landing (excerpt) live at Ostrale, Dresden from incite/ on Vimeo.
incite/ performing moonlevel
at Ostrale Festival Dresden
August 14th 2009

incite/ - burning live @ WRO09 from incite/ on Vimeo.
incite/ performing burning live at WRO09, Media Art Biennally Wroclaw Poland
The track burning is featured on the new incite/ album mindpiercing and the video is released on the fantastic DVD Xabec - just a grain of sand, also on Hands



Harrison Digital Media’s Salvation is a Mac and PC based video processing and visual programming tool. It allows you to mix and manipulate as many video layers and effect as your hardware will allow. It comes with a GLSL pixel programming interface that can be used to create a host of unique effects – along with the multiple layers and individual manipulation of each, this promises practically limitless creativity on the part of the VJ. However, strangely, the output capabilities of that VJ will be somewhat limited because Salvation neither comes with DV output nor DMX. This is a severe limitation for software priced at $500.
The multiple windowing approach to the user interface, in turn, makes the software little confusing and cumbersome to use. But simplicity lies in its visual programming environment. Everything else is what you would expect from a professional software in this price bracket – FreeFrame & MIDI support, full LFO and automated mixing options, and SMS-to-Screen+Live-Text-Creation, among others.
They also have a video mixer called Salvation MX and it has 2 video channels (A and B; each can be manipulated) with the output being a composite. Salvation MX is available for an additional $49.99.
Salvation requires a 1GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, OpenGL 2.0 Graphics card, and at least Windows XP. Trial version is available for 60 days.

VJ Software User Testing Video

A user testing video for some VJ software that I wrote in Pure Data in 2007


Musical Visions Server

Musical Visions Server from Kyle McLean on Vimeo.
Work in progress. Following live music, the server projects responsive media back on to the performers. The system can take up to 4 mike/instrument inputs + Midi.
Developed in VVVV.
Programing: Kyle McLean
Musicians: Eva Luenig, Delany Delaney, Kyle McLean
Camera work: Pancho Colladetti

vjloophd - FK8

FK8 from COLOR BLIND on Vimeo.
Download loop pack "FORCE KINETIQUE" in 1280x720 pixels @
Please,if you download packs,make one or two clicks on the ads by google.
Blog will be update regularly.



Device+Context, the publishers, intend to offer MXWendler as a comprehensive solution for anyone looking for powerful A/V rendering and manipulation services. This naturally includes corporations in addition to artists. Apart from Stage Designer which is MXWendler’s software piece, the publishers also offer FXServer which is optimized to work well with the software. The hardware and software are pricey (hardware available at a €350 rental basis and an unquoted buying price; software is in excess of €850) and obviously the complete solution is not meant for a normal VJ. For the VJ there is the option of licensing the software on a monthly basis (@ 10% of list price) or take advantage of a 20% discount (only if you make less than 25000 €/year) to buy a Stage Designer Entropy Pack (3 options included; €850) or Stage Designer Eventdriver Pack (all options included; €2450). Go here for more pricing information.
MXWendler supports 10 layer video editing, 4 external video streams, with a maximum of 24 clips loadable simultaneously: each individually controllable. Its sleek interface makes it a joy to work with, and there is never any sense of clutter or incomprehension while working with it. Most features that come in other packages are standard on MXWendler and this is not surprising given how expensive it is (exceptions: no automated mixing, no SMS-to-Screen, no DV output, and most importantly NO FREEFRAME SUPPORT). The design philosophy is similar to VVVV, with a single real-time system and an output correction engine ensures that real-time multi-screen output is seamlessly achieved. You can view “555 KUBIK” installation to get a glimpse of its power.
The software is optimized for NVIDIA graphics cards (ATI is also supported). It works with 1 GB RAM (4GB recommended), 512 MB VRAM, and Mac OS X 10.4/Windows XP or later. There is no trial version.


collada textured vertice morphing - realtime

collada textured vertice morphing - realtime from George Toledo on Vimeo.
I had previously contrived a few different ways to render an arbitrary object at the vertex of any collada model.
Today, I thought of a way to morph between objects at a definable rate. For this example, I'm using a Kineme GL Point textured with a sunbeam, and I'm also adding a bit of a feedback effect, though again, any type of renderer could be used at a vertex position... even a small version of the model that is being decoded, for a weird infinity effect (that is hard to process).
It's also pretty cool for text morph/dissolve effects, as one can use Google Sketchup to make 3D lettering collada objects very easily, and free.

Quick Way Around

Quick Way Around from pamela VITALE on Vimeo.
All video shot, edited and effected by pamela.vitale
Music composed by Ryuta.k



A PC-based tool, VVVV is described by publisher as a “toolkit for real time video synthesis.” One of its most important features is its ability to simultaneously handle/manipulate a large number of objects. They call this feature spreading, i.e. spreading different parameter values across the large set of objects. This makes it easy for someone looking to use a large number of objects at the same time, and make behave in a certain way in real-time. VJs will appreciate the feeling of power that will inevitably strike them when they use “spreading.”
However, if you are a not so techie person, at first glance at the sheer number of options can overwhelm you. This is not to say that this is a big negative – the available functionality is certainly one of the things going for VVVV; but because of this large set of functions some time should have been spent improving interface design.
Professional VJs who like to tinker with every aspect of their A/V presentation will of course get over the interface hitches, and will love the Visual Programming Interface offered by VVVV, and the best thing is that prototyping and development takes place at runtime/real-time unlike other software that may implement these as separate modes or cycles. It is a great tool for 2D & 3D modeling and much more than VJ software, it is actually even a shoo-in for scientific applications. This makes it well-worth the €500 price tag, and best of all, VVVV is free for non-commercial use.
VVVV will handle as many as channels, layers and effects as your hardware can support, thus not applying any limitation of its own. While there is standard MIDI & FreeFrame support, VVVV does not have support for automated mixing.


VJ moVIC _mainLINE

VJ moVIC _mainLINE from movic on Vimeo. When there's nothing left to believe in... (fragments of Basketball Diaries; music by 4 Strings)



Another fairly popular Mac-only VJ solution is Modul8. Although priced in the same range as some of the software we have discussed here (@ €299; educational version @ €199), it does give you two licenses – possibly the freedom to maintain a Desktop and Laptop version at the same time. The interface does a lot by way of access to necessary functions and somehow feels a little bit better than a lot of competitors. This is partly because of the large preview screen as well as a fairly big (but not overwhelming) set of controls along the large left-pane.
Support for 10-layer video results in a rich composite output stream. Naturally each layer can be adjusted individually and in real-time, including the filters. And the rendering engine is optimized to run fairly fast – once again providing you with a flexibility that will enhance your creativity. Most features are pretty standard or are available as add-ons, such as sequencing and SMS-to-screen, the only thing that is lacking is the output options – For example there is no support DV/DMX output. Once you spend a little time bringing up the software up to your needs, you can be on your way. During that initial phase of discovery, another key thing is making the controls more flexible. Here, Modul8 easily outdoes everyone else, associating a keyboard stroke to a certain control is as easy as selecting the control (clicking) simultaneously with the desired key. In just a few minutes (or seconds, if you are one of those key-whizzes and know exactly what combinations will work for you) you can have an easy control set exactly customized to your needs.
The latest version if 2.6 and it comes with full FreeFrame and MIDI support (in fact MIDI signals can be configured to control the interface in a way similar to key-strokes) as well as for CoreImage filters; requires a 1GHz CPU, with Mac OSX 10.4.8/QuickTime 7.3.1 or higher, 1 GB RAM and AGP/PCI-Express Graphics with 64 MB VRAM; and the demo version is available here.

OpenFrameworks Music/Interactive Visualizer

" Intro:
Recently I was asked to fill in as a “VJ/video jockey” for a local club this past Friday. Dabbling quite a bit with openFrameworks recently it seemed a natural fit to create an interactive experience, with some controls so that I could still claim to be a VJ and not just a programmer! The following motion detection/sound detection visualizer is what I came up with:A clear video screencast of the project using my friend’s created cello track “Incidence”

The Beginning
While learning OpenFrameworks a while ago, and building an interactive environment project in school, a friend of mine asked to create a visualizer to go along with a cello concert he was playing near Toronto. At the time I was playing with particle and vector fields so using these tools seemed a natural fit. I came up with the following: trying to engage the audience by using their motion to move the falling particles ( which fall from the cellist playing at the top of the 8 foot stage/projection ).

Another Try
Again recently I was asked to create a music visualizer for a local club that would stretch across three rear-projected screens as opposed to just one front projection as above. Noticing how slow the Toronto gig projection was, with maybe only 300 particles, I knew I had a lot of optimizations to do! I decided to stick with particle fields but I also wanted to make sure the sound detection was much clearer, that I utilized some openGL effects for a more interesting and efficient look, and that there were controls built in so that one could control the visualizer during the performance as programming a computer to control everything by the sound is a difficult and expensive task. Also, I feel being part of the live performance in a more visceral sense can allow for greater creativity.
The live performance and setup of the three screens at the club

camera motion detection is transferred to a vector field which then is transferred to particles motion
wandering particles ( the big glowing ones ) wander randomly
ribbons are affected by camera motion
some basic FFT ( Fast-fourier Analysis ) analysis is done on mic sound to get an overall feel for the volume of the sound to detect beats which affect the size of the ribbons and wandering particles
colour change is affected by user which then translates smoothly between HSB hues using RGB to HSB and it’s reverse
ability to create or destroy the “wandering particles”
ability to make wandering particles spit out other “fireworks” particles
ability to change hues of background
ability to toggle on or off the ribbon field
Threading: This is huge as most modern processors utilize more than one core. Using threading to split up the workload more efficiently helped quite a bit. I used Rui Madeira’s thread classes to extend certain classes ( ). Basically you put all your updating code into the updateThread() class and call updateOnce() during your main class’s applications update to keep everything relativily in sync with main applications set framerate. The classes I put in threads are as follows:
RibbonField ( the ribbons in the background )
ParticleField ( the “fireworks” particles that flow from the wandering particles )
Optimizing opticalFlow. This includes:
putting it into a thread
changing the input camera resolution to 160×120 as opposed to 320×240 or 640×480 ( this makes a huge difference as there are less pixels to process )
blurring ofxCvImages not only looks cool but also decreases the amount of optical flow points while keeping everything relatively accurate
Using direct openGL calls whenever possible such as called glBegin( GL_QUAD_STRIP ) to create trails as opposed to one quad at a time or creating my own function.
Passing an image by reference to all particles that share a certain PNG ( This would be done within the “Field” classes wghen they create the individual particles ).
Setting a max on the number of particles on the screen so that when I am controlling it I do not add too many and slow things down to a crawl. In this case the max number was especially important on the fireworks particles as they took quite a bit of processing to look the way they do and often were created together in very large clumps.
FBO’s ( Frame Buffer Object ): using ofxFBOTexture I was able to create several FBO textures to try to lessen communication with GPU. It also provided useful for tinting the background image as one can use ofSetColor before drawing a FBO to tint it.
3 rear-projection screens ( approximately 8 x 6 feet )
3 projectors at 800×600 resolution each
1 Matrox Triple-Head-To-Go to bind all three projectors into one wide ( 2400×600) screen
1 MBP 2.4gHz to run everything on stage
1 PS3 EyeToy camera
Another laptop to control laptop on stage near DJ station
This was definitely a great and enjoyable experience getting everything working using so much equipment. I was definitely a bit worried about getting three projectors running this piece smoothly but the optimizations above helped quite a bit! I think it is a simple example of a visualizer but I believe in its simplicity it worked well. The owner of the club liked it and my friend and girlfriend liked playing with during the show so much that I never actually controlled it all night lol. Anyways, I am nowhere close to an expert in openFrameworks, openGL, or C++ but if you have any questions please feel free to throw them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer them.
Vector Fields / Particle Fields:
Video Processing ( in samples folder ):
Intro to additive blending and OpenGL graphics:
Badass cellist:
Supporting Artist Community: "


Light the Sound

Light the Sound from Josh Fitz on Vimeo.
Light~the~Sound... A documontage about the light, the sound, the..! J0$h F!tZ 2010...



With an 8 Channel solution, ArkaOS Grand VJ (priced at €279) is comparable to the other heavyweights we have seen. So it is midway in terms of layering and video mixing capabilities. It does support most of the Automated Mixing and LFO capabilities, in a way similar to Resolume’s Avenue. Thus it clearly has the advantage over VJamm Pro in this regard, but falls behind in the numbers of layers (8 vs. 16). Whereas its advantage over Avenue is in these very layers (8 vs. 3) it does fall behind in the ability to support external video streams or clips (8 vs. over a hundred). So it really may boil down to your need for the additional layers at a slightly lower price.
Otherwise the feature-set is pretty standard and comparable to the other options: FreeFrame effects, MIDI support, and supports both Live Text Creation and SMS to Screen; like VJamm Pro you can save your compositions/performances.
Download and give it a try, but seriously consider paying the shipping for the boxed version because it comes with a 2.8GB DVD of clips from various VJ artists. 1 GB RAM recommended, XP/Mac OSX 10.4 or higher, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200/ATI Radeon 9200/Intel GMA 950 or higher, and Quicktime+Flashplayer pre-installed.

AntiVJ, Grant Davis e VJ Spetto - Red Bull House of Art

AntiVJ, Grant Davis e VJ Spetto - Red Bull House of Art from Red Bull House of Art on Vimeo.