CoGe plugs

CoGe Effects - v002 Blurs and Optical Flow from luma beamerz on Vimeo.
v002 Blurs and Optical Flow for CoGe.
More info and download:

CoGe 1.0 Beta 2 Teaser and interactive Quad Warp demo from luma beamerz on Vimeo.
The first video of the upcoming CoGe 1.0 Beta 2 release, so now you can see what's going on - stay tuned, visit often :)
This video also a demo about how to using the new interactive Quad Warping fx based on Memo's fantastic msa_QuadWarp patch. Download:
Music: Philipp Weigl - Monsters [THN090]

Dancing in the sea

Dancing in the sea from sabina hag on Vimeo.

Dancing in the sea2 from sabina hag on Vimeo.

Line -QuartzComposer

Line -QuartzComposer from kidz18s on Vimeo.
download here.
(i used os10.5/Quartz Composer 3.1)


Paint Dropper

Paint Dropper from Liik on Vimeo.
An audio responsive Quartz Composition i made for live VJing use in VDMX.

Mapping Festival 2010 teaser

Mapping Festival 2010 teaser from mappingfestival on Vimeo.
Mapping Festival 2010 Teaser (poster making off).
Shooting & editing : Boris Edelstein
@ Local F11_Sandra Pointet & Baptiste Coulon
Music : Dachshund, Stressless_Original_Mix
Concept of Cloths Design : Solo-Mâtine
Models : Angela Marzullo, Lucas Pointet, Laureen Philibert, Virginie Gerbev, Ben Thé, André Meyer, Nina (dog).
Make up Artist : Nicole Hermann
Final poster :
Photo © Local F11_Sandra Pointet & Baptiste Coulon
Graphic design : Dimitri Delcourt


032910Sommeilv2 from Visualicious on Vimeo.

Dance with WiiMote

Dance with WiiMote from instructions on Vimeo.
My cousin Cajsa (the dancer) and I decided to do a performance for my uncle's 60th birthday party. It was the first time I worked with a real dancer and this being my cousin and all made it extra fun!
We were using a WiiMote, a battery driven IR sensor bar, the VDMX VJ software and Quartz Composer. The IR sensor bar was used for some drawing we did after the performance, the drawing part went so-so. The dance was interpreted by using the WiiMote's accelerometer. Cajsa expanded her movements to get more action out of the accelerometer. That's a trade off that Cajsa thought looked a bit wack when seeing this video afterwards. We will improve our techniques in our next performance, whenever that will be.
The full story:


Wonderland 2009

Wonderland 2009 - Visuals Demo - Part 1 from Muthabored on Vimeo.

Wonderland 2009 - Visuals Demo - Part 2 from Muthabored on Vimeo.
Highlights some of the vast array of visuals content produced for Pete Tong's Wonderland at Eden Ibiza 2009 season. When playing live each composition you see takes a few tracks to build up to - using 4 layers of HD mixed live on the Hippo (incl live camera feed) while the Addict Server runs bespoke visuals on the LED beads that surround the screen. Soundtrack taken from Pete Tong's live set on closing party 26-09-09. This demo edited by muthabored, using recordings from final 6 gigs of the Wonderland residency.


Vj Beyonder (Boston MA)

Vj and visual artist working in the Boston area. Possibly addicted to abstract motion and color.
Currently he resident visualist of the Boston8Bit collective
Drums of Navarone - VJB Visuals from Vj Beyonder on Vimeo.
Visuals by Vj Beyonder
Render of an old demo reel, sorry about the interlacing issues.
All visual material copyright 2010.
Music is by Transglobal Underground

VJ Demo - Domina from Vj Beyonder on Vimeo.
Darker video mix - Done as a promo for a Fetish/BDSM and general gothclub night.
Music = God Is God by Juno Reactor.

Chiptune 4 @ Together 2/12/10 from Vj Beyonder on Vimeo.
Visuals by Vj Beyonder
RadioScotVoid playing an opener set at Boston8Bit's Chiptune 4 party. Part of the Together festival
2/12/10 - Pozen center @ MassArt


MappingTest #2 from StereoNoize on Vimeo.
mapping, video - StereoNoize, частично использованы фрагменты видео-лупов с
music - Nikita Zabelin (
camera - Vj E.Q

VJ Loop HD

Download loop packs in 1280x720 pixels @

LC15 from COLOR BLIND on Vimeo.

BM6 from COLOR BLIND on Vimeo.

DYNA6 from COLOR BLIND on Vimeo.

ROBOT1 from COLOR BLIND on Vimeo.


CoGeWebKit QCPlugin Beta2 quick demo

CoGeWebKit QCPlugin Beta2 quick demo from luma beamerz on Vimeo.
CoGeWebKit is a Quartz Composer plugin that leverages WebKit to allow offscreen rendering of web technologies including interactive Flash and Java content. Control mouse input, browse normally and post process rendered web pages in Quartz Composer.
More info:

Kit Webster (Melbourne)

" I am a new media installation artist and composer from Melbourne, Australia. "
ENIGMATICA from Kit Webster on Vimeo.
Enigmatica acts as an experimental platform for the combination of light, sound and space in order to develop immersive synthasthetic environments.
A series of suspended frames diminish in size down the length of the gallery creating for a multifaceted sculptural installation, simultaneously acting as a canvas for the display of surface specific projected visual sequences.
By positioning the frames in a perfect series, and developing visualisations that are isolated to these frames, I aim to play with the sense of perception by creating a work that does not entirely exist in one or two dimensions but in a form of hybridised digital/physical reality.
It is this constructed inter-dimensionality and the development of freely flowing abstract visual and sonic sequences that aims to demonstrate the potential for new forms of digital sculpture.

LIFE ON MARS from Kit Webster on Vimeo.
Site specific projections over MARS Gallery, Melbourne.

PUB CRAWL from Kit Webster on Vimeo.
Builders Arms Hotel in Gertrude Street, Melbourne Australia for the annual Gertrude Projection Festival.

Musikmesse - iCon kontrollerek

" iCon kontrollerek: pofátlanul lemásolták a Korg ötletét, de itt sokkal jobb a megvalósítás, több funkcionalitás és több ötlet, tele kontrollokkal, 100 EUR körüli ár – van miért félnie a Korg-nak… Link-em még nincs, de a részletek alább…

iStage: velocity érzékeny pad-ek, duál színes LED-ek, 1 enkóder
iCreative: multitouch érintőfelület többféle kontroll lehetőséggel
billentyűzet: 16 billentyű az X tengelyen és 8 lépéses moduláció az Y tengelyen
dob: 8 dob pad
fader: 8 fader az X tengelyen, az Y tengely a fader pozícióhoz
Creatic 1-3: frázisok létrehozása különféle kontroll gesztusokkal
iDJ: USB DJ kontroller érintésérzékeny optikai kontroller tárcsákkal "


Electric Delicate

Electric Delicate - Tok Tok live from Genelabo on Vimeo.
Electric Delicate - Tok Tok live @ Freiheizhalle Munich Februar 2010 - Visuals by Doublevisions

Electric Delicate - Kalkbrenner from Genelabo on Vimeo.
Electric Delicate - Fritz Kalkbrenner live @ Freiheizhalle Munich - Visuals by Doublevisions - Februar 2010

Wonderland Live VJ Excerpt

Wonderland Live VJ Excerpt 01 from Muthabored on Vimeo.
little snippet of my live vj set at wonderland 14 august 09 , eden ibiza
geek info:
mixing 4 layers HD on a hippotizer
dj was timo maas

Wonderland '09 VJ Excerpt 02 from Muthabored on Vimeo.
little snippet of my live vj set at wonderland 14 August 09 eden ibiza
geek info:
mixing 4 layers HD on a hippotizer
dj was timo maas
content me, mischa ying, todd graft, BBC

Wonderland '09 VJ Excerpt 03 from Muthabored on Vimeo.
little snippet of my live vj set at wonderland14 Aug 09 eden ibiza
geek info:
mixing 4 layers HD on a hippotizer
dj was timo maas
content me, todd graft, mischa ying

Wonderland Live VJ excerpt 04 from Muthabored on Vimeo.
little snippet of my live vj set at wonderland 11 sept 09 eden ibiza
geek info:
mixing 4 layers HD on a hippotizer
content me, mischa ying, todd graft

Wonderland '09 VJ Excerpt 06 from Muthabored on Vimeo.
little snippet of my live vj set at wonderland 28 aug 09 eden ibiza
geek info:
mixing 4 layers HD on a hippotizer
dj was pete tong
content by me, todd graft, naomix

Wonderland '09 VJ Excerpt 07 from Muthabored on Vimeo.
little snippet of my live vj set at wonderland 4 sept 09 eden ibiza
geek info:
mixing 4 layers HD on a hippotizer
dj was pete tong
content me, loki, ladypat

The Wanderer Productions: Antipodean VJ Artifacts 2009 (sample)

The Wanderer Productions: Antipodean VJ Artifacts 2009 (sample) from Naomi Lamb on Vimeo.
Antipodeans VJ Artifacts 2009
(sample of 32min DVD)
Antipodean VJ Artifacts 2009 is the result of an open work project designed for multiple performances. Four veteran Kiwi VJs (rayzordoll, VJ UJI, Warp TV, and Lightforms Media) were afforded the rare opportunity to re-interpret Lamb’s VJ samples in response to a 30 minute specifically mixed music track (that incorporates the work of eight New Zealand based electronic artists). Although the VJs worked in isolation, Antipodean VJ Artifacts 2009 enables the audience to see the results of all four mixes arranged in a spatial montage alongside each other.


Colin Sebestyen (SF, CA)

Coffee. Cream. Sugar. Jameson (On Sundays.)

CSTNG-SHDWS x Nonagon Live Video/Audio from Colin Sebestyen on Vimeo.
Live video performance at LoveTech in San Francisco.
Live video by CSTNG-SHDWS, Music by Nonagon- We exchanged data over MIDI and designed an all original 45 minute show, based on math, decay, the natural world, organics, patterns in nature, and typography.
Live Vocals by Angie Donkin.
More details to come.

CSTNG-SHDWS x Aesop Rock None Shall Pass demo reel from Colin Sebestyen on Vimeo.
Visual Demo for Aesop rock 2007 Tour. Multiple artists worked on these visual tracks- 80 minutes of original motion graphics were ultimately produced. Need a whole wrap up? Check out the blog post:
Also full credits and promo site at:
Thanks to Aes, Rob, Big Wiz, Shaun Roberts, Upper Playground, Buddy Giguerre, Alex Tarrant, and Lisa Klipsic.


π from VideoSampleur on Vimeo.
Mashup From the movie "Pi" and the song "2(pi)r" of Clint Mansell from the original soundtrack.

spectacles 2009

spectacles 2009 from spectacles on Vimeo.
Some of the stuff we did in 2009.
music: You Can Hear Them by Moonbeam

Resolume Kraak & Smaak VJ Clip Design Competition

" Kraak & Smaak (meaning 'crunchy and tasty' in Dutch) are a producers trio from the Netherlands and are one of Hollands major dance music exports touring the world with their LIVE and DJ / VJ set-up. They have played at Festivals like Glastonbury, Bestival, Big Chill and Coachella and headlined superclubs like Ministry of Sound. They have released two albums so far, 'Boogie Angst' and 'Plastic People'. The latter album included their biggest single to date, 'Squeeze Me'. You can check out the video for that track below.
Kraak & Smaak - Squeeze Me from Kraak & Smaak on Vimeo.
Currently they are working on their third album, to be released during the Fall of 2010, and they want you to help take their DJ / VJ sets to the next level by designing VJ loops for them.
Design Brief
Modern Disco, Retro Funk! Be inspired by the music of Kraak & Smaak. For more musical references you can check their website or YouTube.
Create 3 of your best, bespoke VJ loops that fit the Kraak & Smaak music style.
Upload the clips to YouTube or Vimeo tag with "kraakvj". Use the form below to enter the competition. Each video loop should be at least 5 seconds, maximum 30 seconds.
At least 1 of your 3 loops should include a text or logo animation. Example text: Kraak & Smaak / K&S / Dynamite / Boogie Angst / Plastic People / Squeeze Me / Mad as Hell (Ain't gonna take it no more) / Money in the Bag / Jalapeno / But You Make Everything All Right - When you Hold and you Squeeze me Tight / Keep Me Home
For a logo animation, you can use any of he supplied assets but it's best to create your own. (11 MB)

1st Prize
- 500 Euro contract to make 20 VJ clips that will be used in the Kraak & Smaak DJ sets
- Resolume 3 boxed license
2nd & 3rd Prize
- Resolume 3 boxed license
Rules & Regulations
- Artist (that's you) must own copyright of all used assets (except for the K&S logos)
- Artist remains copyright of all entered material. K&S will not use any submitted content without your explicit permission.
- Deadline is Monday April 26! Winners will be announced 2 weeks later on May 10th. "(resolume)



visualist duo
STATO. from STATO. on Vimeo.

07.11.09 - live visuals - sobremonte mdp -

STATO.@NICETO from STATO. on Vimeo.
30.01.10 - STATO. live - minelek - niceto b-side -
shots: Soledad Suarez & Emmanuel Rouzic

iPad Gets Networked-MIDI Touch Controller: midipad for iPad, iPhone

" The iPad could have its first killer controller app, if you like the looks of midipad. While just a series of screenshots at this point (also promised for iPhone, but not yet available), midipad promises some intriguing features: it’s pretty, it features lovely control layouts and widgets, and it makes use of MIDI networking to make setup and configuration a cinch (especially on the Mac).
It uses network-MIDI: connect and play. With support for the Zeroconf standard (what Apple calls Bonjour), and MIDI over network communication, the midipad can appear as another network device on the Mac. (It sounds as though you still need software to translate the network MIDI data on Windows, though more on that thought in a separate story.)
Pre-built layouts and controls: Buttons, trigger pads, sliders, ribbon controllers, rotary knobs, and pre-defined macro “blocks” like transport control combine to form studio, DJ, launching (as in Live), and effects layouts.
Submixes/multiple setups It’s a little sketchy in the description, but it sounds as though you can also combine different layouts.
No pricing or availability yet, but you can peruse the site:
The inevitable comparison will come to the Lemur, the pioneering multi-touch controller from JazzMutant. Those comparisons are fair, indeed. Certainly, the primary appeal I’ve heard from many Lemur users – unique control widgets available on the Lemur platform – are just software. There’s nothing stopping clever developers from making appealing controllers for the iPad (or other Android, Windows, or Linux pads, if any of those prove worthy). And the Lemur doesn’t support this intelligent use of the Mac’s network MIDI support for zero-configuration setup.

Some of the Lemur’s tradeoffs are reproduced here, too, however. Like the Lemur:
You sacrifice the tactile feedback of real hardware for flexibility.
It appears you have to create controls in advance, not on the fly.
The controls still largely emulate the interface paradigm of conventional hardware, rather than imagine new controls for a screen.
It’s just a controller, separate from a screen, rather than your sound-making software itself having this sort of touch interface.
Those aren’t necessarily criticisms: these kinds of controllers are clearly useful, and it’ll be great to see how this gets used. What I’d say is there’s an opportunity to design touch-based musical tools that aren’t just Lemur-style controllers. (Consider what happens if the sound-making software uses touch in place of the mouse – that could inspire an entirely new entire generation of software, not just one or two useful apps. We’re still just missing the appropriate hardware. More on that soon)
Actually, I only have one potential criticism, which is that while this low-contrast, white-background layout looks refreshingly different and pretty, it’d likely be blinding in a darkened performance environment.
But I’m looking forward to seeing how this works – and I imagine we’ll see a number of other similar apps available even from launch day on the iPad, with more to follow. I’m not buying an iPad, but I will be looking for early adopters who can report back. I am genuinely interested to see how the platform evolves and what developers design for it.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, and yes, Synthtopia beat me to writing this up.
What about JazzMutant and Stantum?
I think this requires a postlude. JazzMutant is in no danger of going out of business, as far as I know. You’ll see one little line at the bottom of the about JazzMutant page:
“Since mid 2007 JazzMutant has become the Music & Media product division of Stantum Technologies.”
That line means everything. Stantum is a vendor in multi-touch technologies to OEMs, including makers of Windows 7-powered touchpads and laptops:
One of the things I wrote back in 2004 was that I thought, cool as the Lemur was, eventually we’d see the touch display and the software making music, visuals, and the like merge into one and the same device. (Look at it this way: you don’t buy a separate computer to connect your mouse and keyboard to, do you?) Stantum is the sort of company that could enable just that sort of technology. The fact that they’ve stayed in the Lemur business seems to me to be very intelligent, because it means they continue to interface with musicians and DJs – many of whom have remained loyal to the Lemur. Even if you’re not in the market for a Lemur and get an iPad, Stantum remains one to watch. And if you get neither a Lemur nor an iPad but are interested in where touch is going, Stantum is definitely one to watch.
More on Stantum and the rest of the touch landscape soon; the iPad is important, I think, but partly because there is a bigger picture. "

Pénteken Pure Dara audio-vizuális workshop

" Nagy Ágoston: Pure Dara audiovizuális workshop
A Pure Data ( egy szabad és nyílt forráskódú,
valós idejű grafikus programozói környezet, amelyet széles skálán
alkalmaznak művészek a vizuális művészetekhez, színházhoz, tánchoz,
hanghoz, installációhoz, perfomanszhoz és egyéb kísérleti
médiaművészeti alkotásokhoz. A Pure Datával könnyen készíthetőek
interaktív környezetek, valós idoben generált zene és kép, könnyen
összekapcsolható a vizuális tartalom a hanggal.
A workshop soran a kovetkezoket erintjuk:
video texturak
kamerakep feldolgozas
3d transzformaciok
A programot erről a linkről lehet letölteni: "
(MAO, nonamevj)

Hmmmm...! Ez hol lesz MAO?



Sonar from Renaud Hallée on Vimeo.
Rhythmic cycle w/ abstract animation.
Basic keyframe animation using flash, without scripting.
Official selection :
Annecy International Animation Film Festival - Out of competition
Sommets du cinéma d'animation de Montréal : Quebec-Canada
Festival des Films de la Relève

Grinder Thoughts [Moedor de Pensamentos]

Grinder Thoughts [Moedor de Pensamentos] from Guilherme Pedreiro on Vimeo.
Moedor de Pensamentos
Grinder Thoughts
Schleifmaschine Meinung
Projeto de Conclusão do curso da Pós-Graduação em "Processos Criativos em Palavra e Imagem" na PUC-MG, apresentado na Club Galeria MP5, BH/MG, no dia 26/02 às 02h50min, durante a festa "Groovy".
O projeto consiste na produção de imagens ao vivo, que no caso, é chamada de VJING,
e seu tema é a brutalidade, misturando tecnlogias digitais e analógicas.
Nome: "Moedor de Pensamentos"
Sinopse: "Imagens, o que seriam? Idéias, de onde vêm? Para onde vão?"
Duração: Variável, entorno de 30min.
A proposta é a mixagem de imagens em tempo real a partir de um banco de dados composto por variados filmes como Metropolis (1933), O Gabinete do Dr. Caligari (1920), Diário de uma garota Perdida (1929), e também documentários como O Triunfo da Vontade (1934), imagens documentais entre 1898 e 1904 e do ATARI de 1980, criando narrativas efêmeras e singulares a cada apresentação e que fazem do terreno da mixagem um lugar de encontro de diferentes idéias, culturas e espaços-tempos, que, incialmente, não teriam relações. O tema central é a brutalidade em amplo sentido, desde o bruto que remete à própria natureza, como também à violência. Em fusão com as narrativas visuais, a música eletrônica em sua vertente Techno faz fundamental participação junto com o DJ Sillas e seus vinis, resultando em uma mistura de tecnologias analógicas e digitais.
O público, aqui, participa ativamente com o corpo, mente e espírito, neste sinestésico túnel videográfico com referências históricas re-des-construídas em um terreno linguístico contemporâneo.

Luuk Meuffels (Utrecht, NL)

Graduate Master student Digital Video Design at Utrecht School of the Arts, HKU.

Live visuals at Source on Ice from Luuk Meuffels on Vimeo.
Plotfarm gave me the opportunity to create the stage design and live visuals for Source on Ice festival, 27/02/2010, Utrecht/NL. Together with some fellow HKU students we managed to realize a projection mapping visual setup with fourteen circular shaped objects. It was a big test to go live for ten hours with Resolume Avenue for the first time.
Themes of the event were winter, ice, Russia.
Further participants in the project:
Jessica Dreu
Boudewijn de Kraaij -
Bram Snijders -
Carolien Teunisse -
Music: Sigha - Rawww (Unofficial Short Edit)
Special thanks to:
Plotfarm -
KBK Visuals -
Source -
DJ's: Supermayer, Steffen Bennemann, Dollkraut & Bert de Rooij, Jackmate & Pitto

VJ Performance using 3D Shapes from Luuk Meuffels on Vimeo.
My debut VJ performance for Zodiak Commune's "Fifteen" at Stroomhuisje Eindhoven - 15-11-2008
Music: Radioactive Man - Dalston to Detroit

Projection on Gate from Luuk Meuffels on Vimeo.
27-03-2008 - Utrecht, NL
Project: video installation in public space in the Museumkwartier area of Utrecht.
This gate was the entrance to the other part of the installation; projections on a tree
Made together with Bram Snijders and Rob Versteeg.
We used the mapping technique for both the gate and tree projections, inspired by works of Crustea,
Pablo Valbuena and Claudio Sinatti.
Setup: 1 beamer, no sound setup (music added in postproduction: Alka - Abandon)


.lov. szombaton postolta a következőt a nonamevj-n:

" B-Seite
Idén harmadik alkalommal kerül megrendezése a B-Seite Festival a németországi Mannheim-ban. A fesztivál a mai napon indul és egy hétig tart, remek programokkal, és ezúttal magyar vonatkozásban is tartogat két igen érdekes workshopot: Pixelnoizz 3 napos Quartz Composer workshopját illetve Lucy Benson CoGe workshopját. Utóbbi érdekessége, hogy a hamarosan megjelenő beta2 változat kerül bemutatásra, így a fesztivál látógatói az elsők közt próbálhatják ki a szoftver új funkciót.

Szóval, aki Németországban lesz az elkövetkezendő 1 hétben, ne hagyja ki a fesztivált!

A fesztivál teljes programja itt található: " B-Seite


QC Plugins

_1024_Particle Cloud QCplugin from 1024 on Vimeo.
Finally, 1024_ Particle Cloud plugin for Quartz Composer in action.
For higher quality without compression artifacts
Download the plugin from here:
Visit the official website:

_1024_WaveGenerator QC Plugin from 1024 on Vimeo.
A rendering of our WaveForm Generator QC plugin,
that will output a waveform structure of values, to be rendered with KnM GL Tools Line Structure patch.
Download it from here:


CHOCOBEETS @ IGLOOFEST from Chocobetterave on Vimeo.
Court VJ set lors d'une tempête à Igloofest, au Vieux-Port de Montréal. Avec les DJs de COCKTAIL CLUB SOUNDSYSTEM.
Short VJ set during a snowstorm at Igloofest in Montreal.

Free source material released under Creative Commons.

stringers (loop) from beeple on Vimeo.
Download this video

lawnchairs (loop) from beeple on Vimeo.
Download this video

orbroom (loop) from beeple on Vimeo.
Download this video


Lucy-X (Europe)

Reves Electriques ( Rencontres Numériques museAAV ) from Lucy-X on Vimeo.
Performance for " Rencontres Numériques "
with Allessia Lovreglio ( dance )
Tilia Weevers ( music )
LucyX ( video )

Bloody Valentine Show ( Outcrossed,le chat ailé ,Compagnie Chauner Galan ) from Lucy-X on Vimeo.
For the D-form exibit ending at the museAAV Outcrossed created a fantasmagoric show around the theme of love, heart, and creation.
-"Chauner Gallan" company
-Le chat ailé

first hope for a digital sea from Lucy-X on Vimeo.
first hope for a digital sea is a short experimental movie.
Film edit and perform by: LucyX
Within - a robot for christmas
Sweepglade - hustler
Axc labs - zahrin
Mix by:
edit FCP

Babylon Lounge

Melting Pot (Interactive Dance Installation) @Babylon Lounge (01.03.2010) from NODEBASED on Vimeo.
At Nodebased's first event Melting Pot privileged few interacted with both sound and visuals for two hours. Along with improvised electronic dance music the performance took place at Babylon Lounge. This was a preview performance included in Babylon Audio\Visual Mondays for a future event.
Two projectors were used, one for the dj cabin, other for interaction surface.
Thanks to Baris Koc, Yetkin Yilmaz and Reuben de Lautour

FAIRMONT - Nodebased @Babylon (26.02.2010) from NODEBASED on Vimeo.
Nodebased did the visuals for an intimate performance of Fairmont while they were working on Melting Pot. Thanks for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful musician.


cheveria (Prishtina)

" Cheveria is not just a simple VJ project brought to the masses by two Kosova-based visual artists. It is a platform for visual reckoning. It is a trip worth visiting regardless of your state of mind. It is a movement against the video chic. Finally, it is what we call "visual masturbation" – our second favorite kind. "

Cheveria.VS.Moody from cheveria on Vimeo.
VJ Session at Gagi's Crib...

BG_VJ from cheveria on Vimeo.
For Yacine and Dusan, going in!

my_eyes from cheveria on Vimeo.
Jimmy Van M - My Eyes
Gabe RMX (Dub Master)
Visuals by Cheveria

speakb4uthink from cheveria on Vimeo.
speakb4uthink / Audiofly
visuals by Cheveria

Free Paul Johnson vj Loops by Alex Marco



fugWrapperGL: FreeFrame 1.0 plugin-ek FreeFrameGL 1.5 környezetben

" Vannak arcok/közösségek, akik elhivatottsága és munkája nyomán ezrek kapnak új lehetőségeket. A Bigfug új fugWrapperGL plugin-je a legújabb kedvenc: lehetőséget nyújt a VJ-knek a régi klasszikus FreeFrame (1.0) effektek futtatására FreeFrameGL (1.5) környezetben, az utóbbi minden áldásos előnyével – és itt főképp a szuper teljesítmény növekedésre gondolok.
A plugin még alpha fázisban van, ezért ne csodálkozz, ha néha fagyásokba vagy egyéb fura dolgokba futsz bele, javaslom, hogy ne élőben használd, hanem vedd fel a kimenetet, és azt mix-eld össze más layer-ekkel.
A hardcore arcoknak még jó hír, hogy szintén elérhető a Bigfug FreeFrameGL Streaming plugin, amellyel videó osztható meg FFGL alkalmazások között. A programozók pedig örülhetnek a fugCompilerGL-nek, mellyel saját FFGL plugin-ek készíthetők (viszonylag) egyszerűen.
További infók a Bigfug weboldalon, a plugin-ek pedig ingyen letölthetők itt. "

Praise the Modul8

Mos Def - Quiet Dog (bite hard) from vj decoder on Vimeo.
I originally intended this to be entered into a Vimeo weekend Project (Split screen) a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't finish it in time. All visual effects done in the fantastic modul8.

birds and technology - music visuals from vj decoder on Vimeo.
Visuals created by vj decoder for vimeo's 'Eye Candy For Strangers' video series. All effects were created using the fantastic modul8 software on saturday night, while listening to 'music has a right to children' album by Boards Of Canada the track used is Telephasic Workshop. I didn't edit to the music except the cut at 37 seconds where the track comes in. If you like this check out my vimeo site.

Aira Visuals

Aira Visuals from databhi on Vimeo.
Aira Vjset mini report.
Audio Track: "In my eyes" - Burns (His Majesty Andre rmx)


Flyfire Vision

" Mechanical fireflies could help create a new kind of 3-D display, say researchers at MIT.
Standing in for the bioluminescent beetles will be LED-fitted, remotely controlled micro-helicopters that can be choreographed electronically to display shapes and images as they hover in midair. The project, called Flyfire, would use RC helicopters similar to the toys sold at the mall today.
“Each of the helicopters then acts as what we call a smart pixel,” E Roon Kang, the MIT research fellow who is leading the project, told “By controlling their movement, we can have the pixels flying through the air. "


SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo.
This is an experimental film made up of over 35,000 photographs. It combines an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques



VideoStar from LeavingSunday on Vimeo.
A selection of LiveSet Visuals, triggered while listening to
VideoStar by Panama

VJ Übergeek & DJ Big Mouth at COLAB, Syracuse

VJ Übergeek & DJ Big Mouth at COLAB, Syracuse from Amy Alexander on Vimeo.
VJ Übergeek (Amy Alexander) & DJ Big Mouth (Harrison Willis) at COLAB, Syracuse, NY, March 2010. Featuring a cast of Dancin' Dinosaurs and Hopping' Humans. Part of the Syracuse University Matrilineage Symposium.
The Internet search query here is: "and all I wanted." The words flying around the screen are the search results. The colorful pixelotic graphics are made from the flying words and the wiggling Übergeek. And so it goes.
VJ Übergeek:
DJ Big Mouth:
Video by Annina Rüst

The Rope

The Rope from Ondrej Synacek on Vimeo.
A short visual, the footage are manipulated images of different shots of stairs. Originally some of it were loops for live performance. Later I manipulated them in After Effects and edited them into sequence. Music by Sky to Speak.


AntiVJ presents:

AntiVJ - SONGDO from lego_man on Vimeo.
AntiVJ presents:
an audiovisual performance, August 2009
New Songdo city, South Korea.
Yannick Jacquet
Joanie Lemercier
Olivier Ratsi
Romain Tardy
Thomas Vaquié
Nicolas Boritch
AntiVJ is a visual label

AntiVJ : NUITS SONORES from lego_man on Vimeo.
AntiVJ presents:
Stage design + live visuals
23.05.09 / Lyon / France
by Yannick Jacquet (legoman), Romain Tardy, Olivier Ratsi, Joanie Lemercier
Full details on

The Light of Life

The Light of Life from daihei shibata on Vimeo.
Life is transparent, warm and swirls randomly like a soft light. And it constantly changes...
Life illuminates itself and then it begins to illuminates a new life.
A sprouted mass of innumerable lights become a flow before long, and then become the part of the life-throb of ages.
That ties life, this moment now. --
Director : Daihei Shibata
Piano : Naomi Yaguchi
Music : Debbusy "clair de lune"