Ruwedata & 249_K en Martijn @ Twente biennalen 12-5-11

Ruwedata & 249_K en Martijn @ Twente biennalen 12-5-11 from 249_K on Vimeo.
Ruwedata & 249_K en Martijn at Twente biennalen, Metropool Hengelo 12-5-11 planetart

bars and tones by LAZEREYEZ

bars and tones by LAZEREYEZ from BleepBloop on Vimeo.
this was a very very very complicated process...
what i did, was attach tones to every piece of footage i made then sequenced them... while i did that, i sped up or slowed down the footage accordingly, to make alternate melodies...
the clicking you here, are the bars and tones being stopped, apparently the sound is somewhat of a initiation for a video, but i just used it as percussion... god i'm tired... anyway... enjoy, tell me what you think !



Live Animation Music

Live Animation Music from Mateusz Jarmulski on Vimeo.
Live animation and live music enclose in one coherent performance.
Double bass: Marcin Oleś
Percussion: Bartłomiej "Brat" Oleś
Animation: Mateusz Jarmulski
Concert booking:
More music from Oleś Brothers:

Malaventura+SonoraMasala+Voluble Live! @LaCasaInvisible (05-13-2011)

Malaventura+SonoraMasala+Voluble Live! @LaCasaInvisible (05-13-2011) from malaventura on Vimeo.
The night of the 13th of May, Andalusian electronic artists congregated in the Invisible House ( to celebrated the free culture. Experimenting with the Flamenco (, developing dreaming atmospheres (sonoramasala from or directly destroying the silence with pure noise (, all the guest have something in common, an audiovisual tongue that want to say something to your senses.
Filmed by Maricarmen Gutierrez Rodriguez

touchOSC suite

Malaventura touchOSC suite from malaventura on Vimeo.
A touchOSC layout for iPad that contains a step sequencer monosynth & drum machine, a ambient generator, a psychedelic fx unit & operator synth controller. All designed for works in iPad with touchOSC, OSCulator and Ableton Live in your computer. The layout and all the files necessary are zipped in this link:
Enjoy and share if you like it!


Visualma Mapping - Tequila Jose Cuervo

Visualma Mapping - Tequila Jose Cuervo from Visualma on Vimeo.
On the 13th of May, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Released the designs for the 2011 Collection boxes for Reserva de la Familia.
Reserva de la Familia is Jose Cuervo's most prestigious Tequila.
Visualma Multimedia Art Collective, was proud to bring out an astounding Mapping video projection for this exclusive event.
Follow us:

MAYA live at LPM Rome 2011

MAYA live at LPM Rome 2011 from Mowgli on Vimeo.
Live performance of Maya on the 20-5-2011 at Live Performers Meeting Rome.
The show created with Silveriofunk is performed from two MacBook Pro's running Modul8 and Ableton Live. A MIDI network allows both softwares to communicate with each other in real time.


With this app, YOU are the VJ! Available on the iTunes App Store "CyberGothVJFranzK"


Concert cut from 150 to 55 min.

Concert cut from 150 to 55 min. from Casper Øbro on Vimeo.
Bjørn Svin & Casper Øbro
Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary art center
Friday 20th may 2011

Max for Live

Arpeggio Heaven (Dan Grain / june74) from Fabrizio Poce on Vimeo.
Music: Dan Grain (
Video: June74 (​)
Performed & computed in real-time using a self developed Max for Live (M4L) tool called V-Module (​max.html).
Fractals (ducks / julia) generated by GLSL shaders, several parameters manipulated through a MIDI controller in Live (juliaX/Y, colors), some modulated using Live's clip envelopes. Everything done within the Ableton Live / Max for Live environment.

Phthalo Blue (Dan Grain / june74) from Fabrizio Poce on Vimeo.
Music: Dan Grain (
Video: June74 (
Performed & computed in real-time using a self developed Max for Live (M4L) tool called V-Module (​max.html).
Audio from Live drives vertex generation of objects and volumes. Render-to-texture feedback used to create a "mirror" effect. Position and rotation in space, colors and "scene" groups controlled in real-time through Live (clip envelopes and MIDI).

Are you in control? (Dan Grain / june74) from Fabrizio Poce on Vimeo.
Music: Dan Grain (
Video: June74 (
Performed & computed in real-time using a self developed Max for Live (M4L) tool called V-Module (​max.html).
Audio drives cubes scale distortions and vertex generation. Everything is done within Ableton Live / Max for Live.


Stage Design - Mapping Festival 2011

Stage Design - Mapping Festival 2011 from VJFader on Vimeo.
@ Le Zoo Club, May 20th 2011 Geneva
Stage Design - Fader
Visuals - Union by Motion & Fader
Soundtrack: Boom Baptist - 8 Bit Try Fader & Mandy Mozart Remix

Unstable Society - A Live Cinema Performance

Unstable Society - A Live Cinema Performance from Las CasiCasiotone on Vimeo.

Memo Akten (London)
At the intersection of technology, art and design, Mehmet (aka Memo) Akten’s work focuses on designing and developing technology to create emotional and memorable experiences. Founder of The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company, his work ranges from large-scale immersive interactive installations; live visuals for music / dance / theatre performances, music videos; to online works and mobile applications.
Experiments and blog:

Reincarnation from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

Kids + Body Paint in the MSAV Lab from Memo Akten on Vimeo.
Fun times at the MSA Visuals LAB during Netil House open-studio day.

Simple Harmonic Motion from Memo Akten on Vimeo.
When I saw this beautiful video -​lxZfTY - I wondered what the sonic equivalent would sound like. The oscillation frequencies of each pendulum is described on the webpage so putting this demo together and keeping it accurate to the original video was relatively straightforward.
made in processing, using themidibus library to send midi to Ableton Live
source code at​visuals/​?visualID=28555
Also check out Steve Reich (e.g. most of his early work using 'phasing' - though technically what's happening in the video above is not exactly 'phasing'), Norman Mclaren (e.g. horizontal / vertical lines series), Gyorgi Ligeti (e.g Poeme Symphonique for 100 metronomes), and of course Ollie Williams from Family Guy​watch?v=bg4-AtqhKh8
and many many more.
if the shortened link above doesn't work, try​icb/​
UPDATE: As an exercise in supercollider (which I'm just learning), i tried to recreate the audio element, and it sounds so much better (the timing is a lot tighter, unsurprisingly). Here is the code for that:
{o=0;{|i|*(1.0595**(3*i)), 0,, 0, 0.05, 0.1))}; o;}.play;
Note the sounds in the video above are NOT from supercollider. They are triggered from the processing sketch as midi notes sent to Ableton Live. The notes in the processing sketch are selected from a pentatonic scale. I wanted the supercollider code to fit in single tweet ( less than 140 chars), so I omitted the scale and instead pick notes which are spaced at minor 3rd intervals, creating a diminished 7th arpeggio. The base note is C#. Toccata and fugue in d minor anyone?

Blaze projection visualization excerpts from Memo Akten on Vimeo.
Excerpts from the projection visualizations for Blaze from point of view of the 'average' audience position.
Also check out excerpts from the live show (projected on the set with dancers) at
More info on the project at
Note: this is *not* the projector content, it is a simulation of what the audience sees. We used two very short throw (i.e. high lens distortion) projectors covering different parts of the set. The show went on tour of many venues, with different projector positions at each venue - often arriving at a venue in the morning, setting up and playing that evening, and loading out the same night - with no time for laborious content adaption / calibration. So all 3D mapping, calibration and geometry adjustments were done in realtime (even adjustable during live playback if need be). Each projector was fed dynamically rendered perspectives to be mapped extremely precisely onto the set using the realtime 3D mapping capabilities of the Mega Super Awesome Interactive Media Server Engine.

Blaze from Memo Akten on Vimeo.
Visuals for the west-end dance show BLAZE.
The Times - "The aptly named Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company eventually makes selective use of every available surface as a screen upon which to project a dazzling variety of digital graphics, from animated landscapes and pulsating lights to oozing liquid and raging flames."
The Guardian - "Es Devlin's clever set, constructed from piles of boxes, cupboards, TV screens and doors, gives the dancers plenty of levels to move on, and, better still, functions as a three-dimensional screen on which the lighting and video team can project their most astonishing effects. A B-boy trio performing against images of melting snow acquire a rare luminous purity; Lizzie Gough (also a finalist from So You Think You Can Dance) becomes a fiercely demonic figure, conjuring a kaleidoscopic storm of flashing light."
Financial Times - "Here is the most blissfully energetic, sassy, to- hell-with-everything-except-street-dance show. And it is superbly designed by Es Devlin ... Devlin has, tremendously, placed the action against a wall of grey, office-equipment- suppliers’ drawers and the occasional ice-box and a single bath. These serve as background, exits, launching pads for dance. There is stunning lighting by Patrick Woodroffe and Adam Bassett, and amazing video projections."
Too Much Flavour - "the projection effects were sensational at extending the effect of the routines. Although the back wall of the theatre was an odd construction made up of what appeared to be stacks of drawers when lit fully, come time for those projections and the wall burst to life with action. Memo Akten and Robin McNicholas did an amazing job at putting it to use. One of its best uses was a solo from Lizzie Gough controlling a projected ball of light with her choreography making it a visual treat to watch."
The Arts Desk - "This is a show blazing with talent and young exuberance, and it will rejuvenate you faster than a Red Bull. " - "van Laast has the showman’s touch and ‘Blaze’ is brilliantly designed by Es Devlin with a backdrop of cases, trunks, storage boxes and even a fridge, apparently piled on top of each other from floor to ceiling and cleverly concealing platforms, a trampoline, and the potential for pools of light and access points. It also provided texture for the brilliant video design by the appropriately-named Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company – there’s no point in hiding your light under a bushel when you’re this good!"


Night of Museums 2011 mapping

in Museum from AWESOME NAME on Vimeo.
Работаем над новым проектом для Ночи Музеев
music - Elphy Ant

Night of Museums 2011 mapping from AWESOME NAME on Vimeo.
Ночь Музеев 2011
Приходите в музей имени А.С. Попова
Music - Elphy Ant

CoGe - Everything is changing

After the latest, Beta 3 release of CoGe in July 2010, i found the current implementation in some cases are wrong, due the not enough abstracttion in the current functions. So, i felt its the time to rebuild the whole app from scratch. After the designing process and a lots of learn, the implementation of a very new CoGe started last year, October 2010.

In our days, the release of a final 1.0 version as a new CoGe is going to be close, but still needs some work. The testing of the new version just started 2 weeks ago for in-house beta-tester crew members – the guy’s opinion is very good. So, as i said, there is a completely new CoGe, rewritten from scratch, now see whats changed.

Long story sort, everything. CoGe just broke the 2 layers-and-a-mixer thing, and going to be very arbitrary. This means you can use an arbitrary amount of layers (synths), arbitrary amount of effects and arbitrary amount of sequencers. Better support for playing Quartz Composer files, a new way to assign Key/Midi/OSC controls for user interface widgets (sliders, buttons, etc.), a built-in Ram Disk support for provide faster playback for movie files, also some interface tweaks, support for syncing sliders and a very great support for Syphon, saving Synths and Effect Chains as well and a lots of other changes. I’ll recently write posts about the new features in the next few weeks, doing new quickstart and tutorial videos – and finally a PDF manual too. Ohh, and don’t forget we got a fancy new icon composed by Bechkey Studio.

I realized during the development this project i’ve started in 2006 is needs a lots of extra time, and because some changes in my life, i had to come to a really hard decision: stop the project or try to make some money from it, and i choose the last, just because i really loved to working on it in the last 4 years.

CoGe is going to be a commercial application. I know you guys now feeling something bad, but i really hope you will understand this decision. Making this app commercial is the only choice for me to spending enough time to the development. On your side this change will provide a much better support including faster updates and you will get a better piece of software – i did my best in the last few months. Making it commercial is also means to source code is going to be closed, but i love the open-source community, and started a new framework called CoGeOpenSource with helpful classes for developing with Quartz Composer and other apps, and the source code of the current Beta 3 version is also available. I actually working on this (CoGeOpenSource framework) too, recent updates will coming.

The app will be cheap as possible, and the demo version will fully working except the Project/Synth/EffectChain save and load functions. So many people donated the project in the last few years – thanks again guys! – and i’m really thankful, so all previous donators will receive a gift license after the launch.

And finally, the planned release is the end of June (maybe start of July) 2011, till then i will post about the new features weekly. Stay tuned!




Goldfish from Yogstar on Vimeo.
proof of concept for arc A/V performance patch. written in max/msp/jitter. live take. this track has a lot of sub-bass so it may be hard to hear on computer speakers.

EUPHORIE is 1024

EUPHORIE is 1024 from Jerome Monnot on Vimeo.
Team: François WUNSCHEL (1024 / EXYZT) + Fernando FAVIER (Soulmento / EXYZT) / Stage Design : Pier SCHNEIDER (1024 / EXYZT)
Camera : Jerome Monnot, Vania Jaikin Miyazaki, Camille Dedieu
Edit : Jerome Monnot

"Degeneration by the light" / light perfomance

"Degeneration by the light" / light perfomance from Taras Gesh on Vimeo.
"Degeneration by the light" is light perfomance with progection mapping was shown at "Museum night" in National Gallery of Komi Republic in Russia at 21 may 2011.
Picture: "Sunset at sea" by Ivan Aivazovsky, 1856
Music: "Bliss" by Slow
Project : Taras Gesh


Eclectic Method - The Apocamix

Eclectic Method - The Apocamix from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

aple restrukture competition entry_01

aple restrukture competition entry_01 from amoeba on Vimeo.
This AV re-mix was produced and submitted to the a.p.l.e restrukture
competition channel by marc adamo
It uses 7 of the HD loops available on the vimeo aav remix channel
_Subscribe to this channel
+Download the FREE exclusive
7xHD AV loops for Use along
with your own AV source to
remix+ konstrukt your own version
of an aple track,
to be featured
as an aple.RESTRUKTURE
If you think you can produce an AV restrukture from
my source loops, that could feature on the DVD album
go me what you can do......


Festival "Pierres en Lumières 2011" - BALNOLEUM par l'Atelier Composite

Festival "Pierres en Lumières 2011" - BALNOLEUM par l'Atelier Composite from Atelier Composite on Vimeo.
Dans la nuit du 14 au 15 mai 2011, les membres créatifs de l'Atelier Composite, assistés de Panoramique pour la diffusion vidéo, ont proposé un voyage à la découverte des eaux de Bagnoles-de-l'Orne en lien avec la dimension mystique qui lui est inhérente.
L'événement "Pierres en Lumières" met en valeur le patrimoine architectural de Bagnoles et notamment celui des Thermes. L'équipe de graphistes, concepteurs et musiciens ont imaginé un spectacle basé sur l'histoire et les légendes de l'eau de Bagnoles.
L'extrait ici présenté est la scène finale d'un film d'animation d'une durée totale de 17 min.
Diffusion : Panoramique
Création vidéo : l'Atelier Composite
Dimitri Blin
Pablo Géléoc
Benoit Anquetil
Ronan Le Ravallec
Musique : Jean-Paul dub

VJ Mix_01

VJ Mix_01 from DanWiseCreative on Vimeo.
An older VJ mix I made showcasing a load of clips I use for VJ'ing.

Bacardi Together Mapping Projection at the Kursalon, Vienna

Bacardi Together Mapping Projection at the Kursalon, Vienna from Darkroom Motion Graphics on Vimeo.
The Darkroom was enlisted by Stargate Group and Weare4 to help Bacardi promote the new worldwide brand campaign for ‘Bacardi Togetherness’ through the use of a projection in Vienna. The brief requested that the projection incorporate Cuban heritage, the Mojito, Social media, Clubs. The creatives behind the Darkroom, Emma Wolf and Bruce Ferguson along with director and long time collaborator Nick Meikle, worked with Alex Tomez of Stargate group to bring the vision to reality. The result, a mapping projection onto the Kursalon building, to bring the ‘Bacardi Togetherness’ campaign to life, one of the first ever projection mapping shows to be seen in Vienna.
Client: Bacardi
Agency Producer Austria: Alexander Tomez (Stargate Group)
Agency Producer London: Mark Hewitt (Weare4)
Project co-ordinator London : Jonathan Urquhart (Weare4)
Darkroom Crew:
Producer: Emma Wolf
Production Assistant: Ella Mizrahi
Creative Director: Bruce Ferguson
Director: Nick Meikle
Sound Design: Bobby Krilic
Animation Team: Stuart Wallace, Shaun Madgwick, Bruce Ferguson, Irrum Khan, Nicholas Meikle, Spencer []


video installation "Another place"

video installation "Another place" from Obscura on Vimeo.
This art installation was exhibited in Brorsons Kirke in Copenhagen April 2011.
It is a 3-way projection warp (using a Unity3d game engine) on a 120 cm sphere.
The title is 'Another Place' and it shows a strange planet with shy lifeforms that tries to get away, when specators get close.
It has been conceived and produced by art group Obscura with help from Gilbert Gordon and Jonas Jongejan.

Retro VJ set

Retro VJ set from Gonçalo Nobre on Vimeo.
This is a showreel of my main VJ set.
With a revivalist thematic, gathering references from the early's XX century to the late 60's, mainly from advertising, magazines and newspapers.
Estas são algumas imagens do meu principal VJ set.
Com uma temática revivalista, onde são reunidas referências desde o ínicio do século XX até ao final dos anos 60, vindas principalmente de antigos jornais e revistas.
Music: Ray Charles - I Got A Woman (Gold Digger Diplo-Edit

Interactive Visuals with the Kinect

Interactive Visuals with the Kinect from Kyle McLean on Vimeo.
The Edge, Queensland's digital culture center, held their relaunch this month after some down time to recover from Brisbane's monster floods. They asked us if we could provide some visuals that would be fresh and new- so we came up with some fun augmented reality Kinect hacks.
The scores are quite simple, and play with combining people's real silhouettes with the interactive media. This resulted in people leaping around, having fun and being quite silly.
Programing: Kyle McLean
Editing: Eva Luenig
Camera work: Pancho Colladetti
Music: CDK (CC BY)


Heavy_Light @ Electrovision 30th April 2011

Heavy_Light @ Electrovision 30th April 2011 from Joe Catchpole on Vimeo.
Highlights from the first performance of our new A/V show.
Visuals performed with Quartz Composer by Joe Catchpole.
Audio from Ableton Live by Ojah.

Samsara : In search of Freewill

Samsara : In search of Freewill from Bill Millett on Vimeo.
Soundscape "Strucke Back" by Scanner from Pavillion d' Armide
The presenting work explores the struggle within ourselves to break free from the constraints of determinism in our search for free will, unaware it is an illusion.
This work is premised on the writings of Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) and the concept of flow from Buddhist philosophy. As Spinoza states humans presume themselves to have free will, while being unable to understand the reason why they act as they do. Spinoza's philosophy has a similarity to buddhist thought in that any notion of a separate and distinct self is an illusion.


Ewan Pearson (dj) & movee (vj) @ Nabovarsel part. 1 from Morten Vee on Vimeo.

Ewan Pearson (dj) & movee (vj) @ Nabovarsel part. 2 from Morten Vee on Vimeo.


Interactive Live Video Projection

FUMUJ - Soul Cling - Interactive Live Video Projection from Nicolas Lhomme on Vimeo.
Interactive live video projection for french band Fumuj concerts.
Real-time animations react to voice and instruments.
Video interactives projetées pour les concerts du groupe Fumuj.
Les animations en temps réel réagissent aux instruments et à la voix.
Conception Nicolas Lhomme
Programmation Olivier Baudu / Labomedia
Fumuj - Play or die Tour 2011 - EPK ENGLISH :
Fumuj - Play or die Tour 2011 - EPK FR :
Music Fumuj :​fumuj

FUMUJ - Tic...Toc... - Interactive Live Video Projection from Nicolas Lhomme on Vimeo.
Interactive live video projection for french band Fumuj concerts.
Real-time animations react to voice and instruments.
Video interactives projetées pour les concerts du groupe Fumuj.
Les animations en temps réel réagissent aux instruments et à la voix.
Conception Nicolas Lhomme
Programmation Olivier Baudu / Labomedia
Fumuj - Play or die Tour 2011 - EPK ENGLISH :
Fumuj - Play or die Tour 2011 - EPK FR :
Music Fumuj :​fumuj

Vision'R 2011

Vision'R 2011 from Musiques et Cultures Digitales on Vimeo.
Vision'R, festival VJ, programmait cette année des performances poétiques et politiques à l'espace Mercoeur à Paris XI. Il a aussi lieu à Lyon, Nantes et Rome entre mai et juin.





A letöltött anyagok bármilyen módon felhasználhatóak, a végeredmény egy 1-3 perces, legális forrásból származó,
zenére vágott Enter the Void remix kell, hogy legyen. Az Enter the Void c. film hanganyaga szabadon felhasználható.


YouTube-ra való feltöltés, az "etvpalyazat" tag-ként való megadása.
A nevezéseket kérjük, a következő címre eljutattni:

A zsűri:
Gaspar Noé / Irréversible, Enter the Void /
Pálfi György / Hukkle, Taxidermia /
Laki L. László / Cinetrip /


A nyertes remixet a film hivatalos mozibemutatóján, május 27-én országszerte 15 moziban mutatják be.
A nyertes élőben is megmutathatja tudását a filmbemutató hivatalos afterpartiján a Merlinben és az UniFrance jóvoltából Párizsban is.

NEVEZÉSI HATÁRIDŐ: 2011. 05. 22.


Pavilon Deconstruction

Pavilon Deconstruction from vjlab on Vimeo.
photos and music: Simarafoto
visual: VJL(ab)
soft: VDMX

Refik Anadol (Istanbul)
Refik Anadol
Audio/Visual Artist & Designer
Istanbul Bilgi University - Photography&Video Dept. Graduate
Istanbul Bilgi University - Visual Communication Design VCDMFA Graduate
Born in 1985 in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently part-time instructor in İstanbul Bilgi University Visual Communication Design department. He is working in the fields of live video/audio performance and architetctural photography, particularly he is interested in the relationship between architecture and media.
For a resume or full portfolio, please don't hesitate
to get in touch. refo (at)

Spatium | Architectural Video Mapping Workshop from Refik Anadol on Vimeo.
Aesthetics of failure. Disruption of dimension, magnitude and quantity in the timeless gap. Delicacy of destruction. In a void that serves a nonconventional level of perception.
This is the Spatium as a detachment of an interval in a moment of glitch. Superposing architecture with a malfunctioning device to be surrounded with. Spatium defines the possibilities what these spaces can transform into for the audience that is given the opportunity to experience.
Performed at Taşkışla Festival 17 in 13th May 2011.
The work is a result of the one-week workshop ran by Refik Anadol with the students of the Architecture Faculty of Istanbul Technical University.
Alican Karalar
Begüm Hamzaoğlu
Cem Soner
Çağın Sergin
Deniz Gezgin
Egemen Nardereli
Emre Yazıcı
Işıl Karabulut
Melih Gençer
Mikael Pors
Sena İzgi
Yağız Söylev
Instructor : Refik Anadol
2d support : Can Büyükberber
3d support : Gökhan Emir
VVVV Patch : Sebastian Neitsch
Sound designer: C-Loud
Video Documentation : Maurizio Braggiotti + Efe Mert Kaya
Projection Company: Visions (Christe Roadster HD18K)

Daydream from Refik Anadol on Vimeo.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations AV | Ars Electronica Festival 2010 from Refik Anadol on Vimeo.
Maintenance, Repair and Operations A/V Performance | Ars Electronica Festival - 2nd of September, 2010
MRO is a is a live audio/visual performance project by Refik Anadol (formerly co-founder of GRIDUO) in collaboration with Sebastian Neitsch and TRYEK that took place in Linz's Tabakfabrik during the opening night of Ars Electronica Festival - Frozen Music, 2010. (Original performance 19 min.)
“Frozen Music” is the title of the event that kicks off this year’s Ars Electronica Festival and also marks the official reopening of Linz’s Tabakfabrik. This venue, a former tobacco processing plant that’s been closed since September 2009, is one of Austria’s most significant industrial landmarks
GRIDUO: Refik Anadol (TR)
NEITSCH: Sebastian Neitsch (DE)
TRYEK: Kerim Karaoglu (TR) and Johannes Schmidt (DE)
Visual Support;
3D-Animation: .AGA. Andreas Jalsovec (AT)
2D-Animation: Efe Mert Kaya (TR) + Ireti Olowe (US)
Thanks to;
Ahmet Atıf Akın, Ali Pekşen, Stefan Mittlboeck, Horst Hoertner, Manuela Naveau, Jochen Zeirzer, Yusuf Emre Kucur, YouWorkForThem
For further information;

Ways from Refik Anadol on Vimeo.
Hannover - Hamburg


Bill Millett (Glasgow)
Bill Millett Glasgow based photographer and video artist utilises the camera as a palette on which to paint with the presenting light. His work exists in the twilight zone between cognitive recognition and abstraction. Thus leaving the viewer to draw there own conclusions as they construct the emerging properties that exist in the play of light. My work is subjective a visual meditation, it aims to bring about a process of visual osmosis, allowing one to step beyond the horizon. Thus, offering the viewer the opportunity to explore ones own existence.

Ephemeral Panacea from Bill Millett on Vimeo.
Video Painting music by Plastikman/ Korridor

Postcard from a Stranger from Bill Millett on Vimeo.
Postcard from a Stranger : An abstract visual painting in an abstract world. The work is based around an individual who suddenly finds them-self in a world where they have become a stranger to them-self following a stroke. Soundscape by Endle8

Fall From Grace from Bill Millett on Vimeo.
Video Painting,ambient video
 Journey of the imagination
 Music Brian Eno& Harold Budd First Light

The Book from Bill Millett on Vimeo.
The plasticity of emotion, who moulds yours ?
 cognitive journey
 Music Aphex Twin/Ambient works
 Preacher ?
 Selected for the exhibition program "Human Emotion Project 2009" curated by South African artist Alison Williams.
 - February 25 Feb - 8 March: HEP 2009, Guilford Lane Gallery, Melbourne, Australia



40 from Kvamse on Vimeo.
Multiple universes, countless realities, no limits or boundaries. Open your mind, we're all behind someone else's door.
Sound and visuals by kvamse.

nodos sureños

nodos sureños from EDI FICA on Vimeo.
VIDEO realizado en vivo sobre el audio de Rodrigo Castellanos "Nación 2" del rarisimo disco TRIPULANTE CERO.
las imágenes son videoanimaciones de fotos que voy tomando y que manipulo con el software COGE.
video-pictures animated with COGE (thanks again ) , glitch ,
goto10_m8trace , etc


The MMOV from Visual Drugstore on Vimeo.
The MMOV is a multifunctional off-road vehicle, which features numerous applications. The MMOV Setup ranges from mobile video mappings to promotion campaigns, advertising space or stage area. Due to it's extreme off-road ability, the possibility of using the MMOV in various locations are endless.
The MMOV has a height of 2 meters which is the perfect height required for projections. Air conditioning is a permanent part of the vehicle which controls the temperature at the amount of 24 15k projectors or 6 Barco HD30/Christie Roadie HD+35.
For more info be sure to check out

MMOV gone mappin' from Visual Drugstore on Vimeo.
Spontaneous MMOV mapping around the city of Munich.
More projects coming soon!



quadratura - pablo valbuena from Pablo Valbuena on Vimeo.
Site-specific installation. Matadero Madrid. ES. 2010. Video projection on architecture.
Quadratura was the technique used in the baroque to extended architecture through trompe l’oeil and perspective constructions generated with paint or sculpture.
The site-specific installation presented at Matadero Madrid follows the same principles but manipulating space by means of projected light. The main axis of the room of Abierto x Obras is extended and the limits of the physical space dissolved.
This project has been possible thanks to the support of Matadero Madrid (Ayudas a la creación contemporánea) and Laboral Centro de Arte.
more info at

range rover evoque - mapping

range rover evoque - mapping from HELMUT BREINEDER on Vimeo.
Projection Mapping for the Range Rover Evoque Launch Party @ Hotel Unique / Sao Paulo
Credits: PIX, Vagalume, Front 360, Formentera
and SPot 11 (Thomas Mena, Helmut Breineder)

a/v: Max Hattler (visuals) + AlbiNOI, Hapax, Objeto Amarelo, This Time (music) @ NOVA RIO 2011

a/v: Max Hattler (visuals) + AlbiNOI, Hapax, Objeto Amarelo, This Time (music) @ NOVA RIO 2011 from Max Hattler on Vimeo.
Max Hattler (live visuals) + AlbiNOI, Hapax, Objeto Amarelo, This Time (live electronics/music)
Multi-collaborative, one-off, 75-minute live performance at ROJO®Nova Cultura Contemporânea, Casa França-Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23 April 2011.
"with respect to all the other shows... this one was THE BEST so far! Incredible HAPAX, Albinoi, Objeto Amarelo and special mention to MAX HATTLER (my vj god for the next decade!)" David Quiles Guilló, curator of ROJO®Nova Cultura Contemporânea​2011/​rio

This is a short clip taken from the video documentation by Lolo, Sosaku & Isaac Niemand. Full video here: (also includes wonderful work by Lucy McRae, Mark Jenkins, Craig “KRINK” Costello and Clemens Behr!)


Receiving data (from MIDI/OSC/data sources)(VDMX)

Receiving data (from MIDI/OSC/data sources) from Vidvox on Vimeo.
This video introduces the concept of receivers, objects which allow you to receive and work with data from various sources (MIDI and OSC hardware/software, or data sources created by other plugins and layers within VDMX). Every UI object in VDMX can have multiple receivers- which means every UI object can be controlled externally- so this is a fairly important concept!

mes. & .aga. live @ the future sound, stwst, oct 2010

mes. & .aga. live @ the future sound, stwst, oct 2010 from stefan messner on Vimeo.

Analog visual

.mrt @ S:F 2010 - Music Channel F from .mrt on Vimeo.
This is an edit of material Filmed during a live show at Sound:frame Festival 2010 (Mapping).
CAMERA // Markus Harthum, Maria Otter, Michael Seidl


Reality touchscreen University of Groningen

This is the curved (!) screen in our reality center of the University of Groningen. We just finished building our own touch detection for it.
We used six Optitrack v120 slim camera's which have a good sensitivity for infrared light. We used 16 cheap infrared emitters (the kind used for security systems) with a total of 1000 LED's.
The touch detection software runs on three old computers each with two camera's connected. One extra computer combines the output from the detection computers and send event data to our main visualization system.
This way we have (even using the old computers) enough processing power to be able to run the detection software at 60Hz and with a latency between 30 ms and 50 ms. It can detect without any problem 100 different touches at any time (more is possible, but it becomes slower)
We used a modified version of Community Core Vision (CCV) 1.4 ( (modified so it can do two camera's on one computer).
The communication protocol is preferable TUIO ( and we did install Multi-touch Vista (, which translates TUIO events to WM_TOUCH events for windows 7.
The demos you see in the video are from Multitouch for Java(tm) MT4J ( The part where the wizards are throwing fireballs at each other is using msafluid (project home is at ).
The curved screen itself is consist of a 3 mm dark acrylic layer, coated with a diffuser on the front. Illumination is from behind using six full hd Barco projectors.
The cameras and the ir-leds are also located behind the screen.
The music behind the video is an edited version of "not as it seems" by Kevin MacLeod, available from
more info at
more movie at
Good suggestions for names sofar: Touch Theater, iWall.
(sorry for the extra black at the end of the video)

Building Mapping Bicentenario Paraguay

Building Mapping Bicentenario Paraguay from Bluerider on Vimeo.
Proyección sobre el cabildo del Paraguay, en Asunción. Con motivo de la apertura del año del bicentenario Paraguayo.
. Esteban Sapir
. Joaquín Marqués
. Francisco Alcaro
Productor ejecutivo: José Arnal
Director de Producción: Emiliano Riasol
Productor: Sebastián Contreras
Directora del Arte: Romina Del Prete
Ayudante de Directores: Agustín Pedro Alcaro
Música & Sound Design: "El Mangrullo"
. Juan Pablo Alcaro
. Ramiro Flores
Realizador y fotografía 3D: Pablo Brancatela.
Realizador 3D y Compositor: Alejandro Hernandez.
Motion Graphics: Luciano Machi.
Programador MAX MSP: Nahuel Sauza
2do Ayudante de Directores: Cristian Holzmann.
Asistente de Arte: German Naglieri.
Asistente de Producción: Guido Guzzetti.
Motion Graphics: Sebastián Romero.
Motion Graphics: Jeremías Garritano
Motion Graphics: María Luz Riegelhaupt
Mattepaint: Roxana Vázquez.
Retoque fotográfico: María José Sánchez Chiappe.
Director de Fotografía en filmación: Leo Aguinaga.
Producción general del evento: Venue Brand Experience
Realización integral: La Doble A Lab
Cliente: Comision Nacional Del Bicentenario
Secretaria Ejecutiva: Margarita Moselli De Codas
Guión Literario: Guido Rogriguez Alcala / Margarita Duran Estrago / Víctor Flecha
Asesor de arte por el Cabildo: Carlo Spatuzza
Archivo histórico en Paraguay: Adriana Bonnin
Coordinacion general en Paraguay: Rosadelcarmen Amarilla


TAKE THIS HIT from Tripp/Jenna Watt on Vimeo.
Visual Journey #1
An eccentrically epileptic mashup of years of our projects edited to a soundtrack of some of our favorite artists.
Download, burn, set to loop, and play it at your next barbeque or pooooool party.
Emeralds :: Candy Shoppe
Starfucker :: Born
Flying Lotus :: Kill Your Co-Workers
Mux Mool :: Hog Knuckles
Panda Bear :: Last Night at the Jetty
Sugo Tokumaru :: LaHaHa
Dan Deacon :: Pink Batman
Katamari Damacy OST :: Untitled Track 16


Vj Shoken - Critters

Vj Shoken - Critters from VJ Shoken on Vimeo.
A short AV set using photographs and stop motion clips of Natalie Mandels creatures.

NiñoViejo show at Lunchmeat 2011

NiñoViejo show at Lunchmeat 2011 from vj_waky on Vimeo.
Some moments of our show at Lunchmeat festival in Prague last 19th March.
16 panels of 3m tall by 1m wide, covered with 3 projectors and Matrox Triplehead and mapped with Madmapper.
Big thanks to Kuba and Ondrej for the invitation and to Boris Edelstein to let us use Madmapper beta version.
music: luke abbott

Begin_Rec Tarragona

Begin_Rec Tarragona from vj_waky on Vimeo.
Time lapse de la actuación de Sais y Waky en REC LaNui, dentro del Festival Internacional de Cine de Tarragona con BEGIN.


MTV Brasil: Max Hattler Expressa

MTV Brasil: Max Hattler Expressa from Max Hattler on Vimeo.
Max Hattler 'Expressa' on MTV Brasil, 2011
By Beatriz Bittencourt

Realtime sound visualisation - Partitura

Partitura 001 from Quayola on Vimeo.
Realtime sound visualisation made with custom software "Partitura"
Sound by Telefon Tel Aviv
an ongoing collaboration between Abstract Birds and Quayola
Partitura is a custom software to generate realtime graphics aimed at visualising sound. The term “Partitura” (score) implies a connection with music, and this metaphor is the main focus of the project. Partitura aims to create a new system for translating sound into visual forms. Inspired by the studies of artists such as Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oscar Fischinger and Norman McLaren, the images generated by Partitura are based on a precise and coherent system of relationships between various types of geometries. The main characteristic of this system is its horizontal linear structure, like that of a musical score. It is along this linear environment that the different classes of abstract elements are created and evolve over time according to the sound. Partitura creates endless ever-evolving abstract landscapes that can respond to musical structures, audio analysis and manual gestural inputs. It is an instrument that visualises sound with both the freedom of spontaneous personal interpretation/improvisation and at the same time maintaining the automations and triggers of mathematical precision.
Partitura defines a coherent language of its own for the creation of new contemporary abstractions. It is within this system that Partitura creates worlds that expand from a single dot to multiple galaxies, from minimalism to complexity, from rigid to elastic, from solid to liquid, from angular to smoothness, from tentative to boldness, from calm to agitation, from slow to fast, from desaturated to saturation, from dark to lightness, from predictable to unpredictability. Literally ‘everything’ and its opposite... just like a musical flow.

d'Arc Vol.VIII // Installation

d'Arc Vol.VIII // Installation from dieBlase on Vimeo.
video Installation for d'Arc Vol.VIII
an electronic party at the schon schön kulturclub based in mainz/germany.
the idea was to project onto the edgy structured surface with 2 projectors
hooked up to a TripleHead2Go and controlled by VVVV
to do an soft edge projection & 3d mapping.
4 modules were build and hooked together for a big screen
they were made of thin paper/plastic plates and had a dimension of 2,5mx3m
unfortunately we'd run into some problems with the TripleHead wich wouldn't
send out the right resolution this happend quite some times before
- so now it will be banned from our setup.
this damn thing is just not reliable enough in order to do a good job.
so this costs us a lot of time and we had to reduce the setup to 1 projector
in order to get the mapping going. i due of the time loss we haden't any time
to do some fancy interactive 3d stuff on the surface wich was planned in the first time.
it turned out to be a more classical vj setup with a 3d mapping.
acer 3000 ANSI beamer
2 mac's with modul8
pc with resolume
pc with VVVV and a videocapture card
edirol V4
Korg Nano & micro Kontoller
if you want any more information or have any questions about our setup write us a line.
additional fotos under:
so here are the great people involved
dieBlase //
Chistoph Schulte
Flo Kuster
Kraftma&KussKuss //
Carsten Altmann
Robert Meyer
Documentation //
Seweryn Zelazny
We are Gosh //
Oliver Hafenbauer //
Jan Brauer //
schon schön kulturclub //
greetings to Ramon,Flo,Jan & the d'Arc family, Nobse & the schonschön team
and last but not least to all our friends who supportet us the whole night.


B-Seite 2011 - Disco Zwei

Disco Zwei Update 2011 from Swen Seyerlen on Vimeo.
Zur B-Seite 2011 haben wir der Disco Zwei ein weiteres Facelifting verpasst.
Es lohnt sich also um so mehr hinzugehen und bei grandiosen Visuals und schönem Discolicht der Housemusik (Freitags) oder dem Gay Clubbing (Samstags) zu fröhnen.

KODE9 - Black Sun visualized by LWZ & .mrt

KODE9 - Black Sun visualized by LWZ & .mrt from .mrt on Vimeo.
10.07.2010 we visualsized a (very very good) Dj Set by KODE 9 @ Praterunser Festival Vienna. This video is an edit of material produced for the evening.
 KODE 9 courteously gave permission to use his track 'Black Sun' for the video.
 Buy the Song here:
Check also the doku of the evening:
Music // KODE 9 - Black Sun
Visuals // LWZ & .mrt
Animation // Peter Mayer, Sefan Salcher, Markus Wagner, Martin Lorenz
Edit // Martin Lorenz
Links //

Video Projection Therapy

Intelligent Healing Spaces: Pattern Language - Full Body Test 11.05.28b from Jai.Tronik on Vimeo.
Video Projection Therapy is a single aspect of the Intelligent Healing Space, and it differs from Recursion Projection Therapy, in that clients cannot see themselves from the beyond-body perspective normally offered by video goggles or a face-cradle display.
The visuals are the result of a Processing sketch made with 240 still images, each a single frame of analog video feedback. Only 3 images are displayed at a time, but they are translated and rotated fast enough to give the illusion of motion in a way similar to using a strobe light to create animation from spinning objects. MousePress selects 3 more images randomly.
More Info:
Music: Ain't No Sunshine (Remix) by indaskes

Beyond-Body Perspectives and Out-of-Body Experiences from Jai.Tronik on Vimeo.
Recursion Projection Therapy - 2 Day Exhibition
Southern Exposure Art Gallery - San Francisco 2010.11
Recursion Projection Therapy (RPT) fuses Integrative Therapeutic Massage, Immersive Video Art, and a shared camera perspective to create a technologically mediated healing modality capable of inducing collective out-of-body experience.
Towards an Intelligent Healing Space
Inducing Out-of-Body Experiences in the Lab


Time Warp 2011

Time Warp 2011 from Visual Drugstore on Vimeo.
Time Warp is an electronic festival held annually in Mannheim, Germany. Since launch in 1994, it has become a tradition and home to some of the world's greatest DJs and visual designers throughout.
5 floors in total (main floors being 1 & 2) with Visual Drugstore occupying Floor 1 with VJ Mar-K.os playing alongside DJs Steffan Baumann, Laserkraft 3D, Lexy & K-Paul, Moonbootica, Slam, Carl Cox, Planetary Assault Systems, Len Faki and Chris Liebing.
Live performance by Mar-K.os for duration of 14 hours in total. Both live mixed content and into real time generated contents were used, which were crafted through a software specifically programmed for Visual Drugstore's stage design in this years event.

CasiMiniFest 3

CasiMiniFest 3 from Las CasiCasiotone on Vimeo.
El CasiMiniFest es un pequeño festival underground organizado por las artistas asturianas Las CasiCasiotone (LCC) que da cabida a grupos de música electrónica que se desmarcan de los sonidos habituales, así como de las técnicas más comunes de la producción musical.

a/v performance vjsuave + L_cio

a/v performance vjsuave + L_cio from vjsuave on Vimeo.
live audiovisual performance
 vjsuave + L_cio
 são paulo
camera: rafael henri


a/v performance vjsuave + L_cio

a/v performance vjsuave + L_cio from vjsuave on Vimeo.
live audiovisual performance
vjsuave + L_cio
são paulo
camera: rafael henri

Download loops packs

Download loops pack "CYBER ADVENTURES PART1" in 1280x720 pixels @

Download loops pack "CYBER ADVENTURES PART2" in 1280x720 pixels @

electronic night (3 channel video excerpt)

electronic night (3 channel video excerpt) from Rocco Helmchen on Vimeo.
Excerpts from 3 channel video projection for multimedia show...
visuals: Rocco Helmchen
music: Doc and Lena Selyanina



LightDisplace #1 from Rocco Helmchen on Vimeo.
The LightDisplace series of video experiments seeks unusual ways of looking at artificial every day urban light. The camera becomes a microscope, a "light sensor" to collect the light sources data. These data are then used for different ways of vizualisation.
In LightDisplace#1 the "light data" are interpreted and transposed into sound. The light becomes audible.
Sounddesign: Johannes Kraas
Photography/Editing: Rocco Helmchen

LightDisplace #2 from Rocco Helmchen on Vimeo.
LightDisplace #2 uses real shot videofootage of urban artificial lightsources as a visualization database. Using displacement mapping, the video sequences generate and animate virtual 3d „light spaces“. The sounddesign interprets these spaces into believable audiovisual worlds. Light is shown as the connecting link between the real and the virtual.
Animation/Editing: Rocco Helmchen
Sound/Music: Johannes Kraas


Black (Excerpt 1) from Rocco Helmchen on Vimeo.
Excerpt from panorama video projection in 3K resolution for corporate event.
Timelapse Visuals: Rocco Helmchen
Music: Chaos

Black (Excerpt 2) from Rocco Helmchen on Vimeo.
Excerpt from panorama video projection in 3K resolution for corporate event.
3D animation and fractal visuals: Rocco Helmchen
Music: Chaos

Rocco Helmchen (Ruhr Area, Germany)

Chaoscapes from Rocco Helmchen on Vimeo.
Fulldome Videoart Project 2007 with animated fractal structures in 2K resolution. Domevideo in "DomeMaster" (fisheye) format for projection on dome screen (e.g. planetarium), received Elevating Visual Award at Domefest 2007 in Albuquerque, NM
Visuals: Rocco Helmchen
Music: Andre Schröder

Walking With Light from Rocco Helmchen on Vimeo.
Fulldomeshow comissioned by Carl Zeiss Jena in 2009/10 as a branding/image show for "Powerdome" and "Velvet" projection systems. The idea behind the piece is following a beam of light from its "birth" through the world of optics, lenses and planetarium projectors back into space.
Animation, Photography, Editing: Rocco Helmchen
Original Music, Sounddesign: Johannes Kraas

Liquid / Light / Flow - 16:9 HighDef Remapped version from Rocco Helmchen on Vimeo.
Exploring the idea of "liquid light" using 3D fluid simulation. The viewer is inside a virtual transparent dome, immersed by a flow of glowing color.
Originally produced in 3K Fulldome-Video (Fisheye), remapped to 16:9 HD.
Visuals: Rocco Helmchen
Music: Davina Leonne
Full fisheye circle version:

Digital Notes (2002) from Rocco Helmchen on Vimeo.
Part of multi-angle DVD videoart project produced in 2002. Exploring the idea of bringing "visual samples" into a new context, using actors in a theatrical space to create a choreography of "movieposes".
This is one clip of 8 clips done by different artists, where each one uses a single camera angle on the final DVD.



#1 from donaufenster on Vimeo.
Artist: Didi Bruckmayr
untitled, 2011

Nespresso Roadshow

Nespresso Roadshow from PROJEKTIL on Vimeo.
For nespresso switzerland we produced the launchshow of PIXIE. It was a 3D video mapping surround sound show, where the main caracter suddenly jumps out of the movie canvas straight into our mapped 200 degree installation and brings the room to rock. Live musicians where part and plan of the show, which ended with the launch of the new nepresso coffee machine.

Ars Electronica Festival 2011

The next Ars Electronica Festival is set for SEPTEMBER 1-6, 2011. The OPENING will be held on the evening of September 1st, the ARS ELECTRONICA GALA on September 2nd, the KLANGWOLKE (Cloud of Sound) on September 3rd, and the LONG CONCERT NIGHT on September 4th. As always, the festival venues will include multifarious LOCATIONS throughout the Linz cityscape. The FESTIVAL THEME will be announced in APRIL 2011.
We’re looking forward to seeing you at Ars Electronica 2011!
Ars Electronica



Redshift from Rocco Helmchen on Vimeo.
Time is stretched as if in the proximity of a strong gravitational field, rendering visible the „empty“ spaces between the images in timebased digital media, which are normally interpolated by computer algorithms to give us the illusion of time as a continouus flow. We can witness the creation of artificial time and space.
Visuals: Rocco Helmchen
Sound: Johannes Kraas

Prymedia Visuals

Prymedia Visuals from Thom Buttery PRYMEDIA on Vimeo.
Visual clips and mixes, including live footage from events.
All material is made from Prymedia photography, video and stop motion animation.....
Edited to 'Tipper' 'Multiplexus'

Stills 3

Stills 3 from vjlab on Vimeo.
performed: JESZ Theater
photos: Simarafoto
video: VJL(ab)
soft: VDMX
Simara: Tibetiada