[module8] teaser of our brand new module

[module] teaser of our brand new module from Iduun on Vimeo.
Well, the structure is not perfect, and the colors are not very nice. It's a quick test for a brand new Mapping Module for Modul8 we are working on. Here is a very short teaser... Public version soon.
Even if you see the monome in action, it does not require the monome to work. It use our module Monomal.


Second Fullscreen VJs Bday in Vilnius

Pilni ekranai: gyvo vaizdo naktis @ WOO from Kultūrinis veiksmas on Vimeo.
Antrasis Fullscreen VJs gimtadienis Vilniuje.
Second Fullscreen VJs Bday in Vilnius.

different style

different style from pixelschubser on Vimeo.
just a performance where i played a totally new Set.
music: dj Krush, Nosferatu

Video tutorials: Quartz Composer in Resolume Avenue 3.2

" Quartz Composer playback is one of the main new features of Resolume 3.2. If you are totally new to Quartz Composer then checkout this video tutorial by Momo the monster where he explains how to patch an interesting audio responsive quartz composition from scratch. If the video is going a bit too quick then you can read the step by step tutorial on the VJ Kung Fu website.If you're already familiar with QC patching then checkout this video made by Joris, our support guru He explains what you can do with Quartz Composer in Resolume. From basic mixing to exposing parameters. For even more details checkout the Quartz Composer chapter in the Resolume manual.
Download the demo patches made by Joris and start patching! "
(bart, resolume)


[LIVE] Exil @ B-Seite Fest, Mannheim

[LIVE] Exil @ B-Seite Fest, Mannheim from Iduun on Vimeo.
Sorry for the noise on the video.
Thanks to Auderoseselavy for the camera -
Exil. Chapters 0 & 1
Live @ B-Seite Festival, Mannheim, 27/03/2010
directed by Bart
performed live by Bart & Charles Dubois
drawings by Alexandra Petracchi -
cast: Alexandra Petracchi & Charles Dubois
sound design: Charles Dubois
music from "exil" ost directed by Tony Gatlif
© bart for iduun 2010 -
Modul8 + Monomal Module + Monome 40h

Mapping Night

O.U.T @Boombox (26.03.2010) - Mapping Night - Dj Funky Project / Dj Gonul Tekin from Ahmet Said Kaplan on Vimeo.
Our first ride with the mapping setup we have done for Boombox. It consists of three pieces. One for back projection to the street for the nightly events, second on the giant Boombox mascot: both running from dvds. The last one for the back wall of the stage, running with a live vdmx setup.
Thanks to Ercan Photography for helping us with the shooting.

Boogeebasement / Root Down - Infected

Boogeebasement / Root Down - Infected from ochoresotto on Vimeo.
Dj Hell [münchen - international deejay gigolo records]
C-Rock [frankfurt - simple|freerange|aus]
Rainer Trüby [Freiburg - Compost] Sinclair, Yoshiva, Norman David [Graz|BB]
Allister McLane [Graz|BB], Prinz Plbert [Graz]
Bogdo [houseverbot|Graz], Pilatus [Graz], Eos [Graz]
Visuals: OchoReSotto / Tagtool

Major Lazer - Pon De Floor - Visual by VJ Fader ( :) )


Forward MotionTheater (Long Island City, NY)

Forward Motion Theater is a New York City-based dance-theater-media company founded in 1995 by choreographer Eric Dunlap and media artist Holly Daggers. Their mission is to explore movement and technology through original works combining physical performance and digital media.
Called "stunningly inventive" by Jennifer Dunning in The New York Times, this successful collaboration spawned full-length dance theater productions. Performances have also spilled out of the black box of dance theater into a spectrum of other media and venues, site-specific installations and events.
A non-profit arts organization with 501(c)3 status, FMT fosters collaboration and experimentation between artists by curating events, providing tech support and media services, and fiscal sponsorship. Current goals are to develop works and new venues for live theater and interdisciplinary performance including the EyeWash live-mix VJ series and FMT Studio Sessions where performance can be developed intimately with media art.

COLD from Forward MotionTheater on Vimeo.
Cold was created as a studio performance at FMT. The audience experienced the dance simultaneously on stage and in video. Slipping in and out of sync, the camera creates another perspective of the actions on stage, where movement has been time-shifted and altered, challenging the viewer's memory and perception of time.
Video artist Holly Daggers captured the dancers against bluescreen, divorcing the performers from their environment. The camera feed was processed with live effects and dynamic time sampling through a video buffer. Dancers Eric Dunlap and Rebekah Kennedy created a structured duet investigating themes of emotional distance, longing, and regret.

EyeWash from Forward MotionTheater on Vimeo.
Forward Motion Theater organized EyeWash as a showcase for VJs and live-mix video artists in New York City. The goal was to present the artist at the center of a concert performance, with gear and process in clear view of the audience. Originally only four nights were planned but EyeWash ran more than 6 years, monthly and bi-monthly, changing locations and formats and DJs, but always presenting four live audiovisual performances. Through EyeWash, FMT produced over 200 live visual artists and their collaborators in music, performance, and dance.
This video was compiled in 2004 and shows the incredible amount of creativity in the scene: Ben Neill, Bec Stupac, Missy Galore, Eniac..., the music is by Glomag. We had a lot of fun coming up with new ways to present the artists including VJ battles and bluescreen nights. The main locations shown are Freight and Remote Lounge and each location presented challenges.

Midlothian: Providence Art Windows from Forward MotionTheater on Vimeo.
music by Aerostatic
video by Forward Motion Theater based on footage by Terry Golob
Created for Providence Art Windows 2008

KGD Co improv from Forward MotionTheater on Vimeo.
video and movement improvisations at Forward Motion Theater with Eric Dunlap and dancers from Kim Gilbilisco Dance. recorded December 5, 2009

Blue Muse Dance - Lost & Found Maze of the Mind from Forward MotionTheater on Vimeo.
Lost & Found...The Maze of the Mind
Blue Muse Dance
choreography - Mayuna Shimizu in collaboration with Maiko Matsui & Hitomi Nozawa
video - Kyoungin Jung & Hyunsuk Kim
sound - Peter Lew
presented at Re:Vision Ritual • Myth • Legend
March 24, 2010
produced by Forward Motion Theater

D-Fuse 'Particle' Performance [On_Off / 2009]

D-Fuse 'Particle' Performance [On_Off / 2009] from toby*spark on Vimeo.
This is a quick edit of the first performance of Particle, as part of the On_Off festival, São Paulo.
Thanks to Itaú Cultural, all the staff there who helped made it happen, and their photographer for the title shot.


ACDC Vs Iron Man 2 - Architectural Projection Mapping on Rochester Castle

ACDC Vs Iron Man 2 - Architectural Projection Mapping on Rochester Castle from seeper on Vimeo.
On the site of a thousand years of violent history, ACDC were pitted against Iron Man in a ground breaking architectural projection mapping project. The front facade of the Great Keep at Rochester Castle, was brought to life using the latest in 3D animation techniques. This onslaught of the senses, saw the castle confront it's ultimate challenge. Warping, morphing, spewing and collapsing before the audiences eyes. Let there be rock!

jaka8xdrak1 (Michigan, united sates)

graphic design / live media / research
jacob rendell, b. 1985, detroit
easy going, fascinated by creative processes, infatuated with image and sound, likes collaborations

_boxt > 4/15/10 > seperate I from jaka8xdrak1 on Vimeo.
using two different patches at once here; thinking about adding an audible environment which responds to color... more soon

_boxt (captured 3/20/10) from jaka8xdrak1 on Vimeo.
made with a custom app which was built specifically to explore visual form and texture and their relationships with sound in an impromptu execution. if you'd like to try out this app please contact me. i am still working on it, so i guess you could say it is at some "beta" stage (lol) but currently _boxt utilizes openGL, and supports most webcams.
music: Chaos A.D., D'incise, jkp, ddm, Diatribes, Mira Calix

children talking from jaka8xdrak1 on Vimeo.
made with a patch programed by masato tsutsui
the patch is called mai_planet_b and you can get it here:
music: AFX

booty edit from jaka8xdrak1 on Vimeo.


George Toledo (San Serriffe, US)

Quartz Composer Programming and everything else blog @:
cube recursion 2 from George Toledo on Vimeo.

Particle Attraction from George Toledo on Vimeo.
This is an example of making something similar to Traer physics examples using the Vee based Kineme Particle Tools 3.

Head from George Toledo on Vimeo.
While "music video" ish, the basic thing is that it exists as a quartz composer composition (qtz), which is audio reactive via kineme audio tools. Copious use of v002 analog glitch, but I used CI for blurs and morphology.
This is a production I did in a couple hours time, writing the song, layering myself playing the parts, then taking some video clips and developing the qtz file.... For upload's sake, I did a render to vid with Quartz Crystal, and re-synched the music with iMovie

iPad, OSCulator,touchOSC and Modul8 / Nortec ™

Most mondjam azt, hogy én megmondtam előre? :)

This is how the visuals are manipulated in our presentatios with Bostich+Fussible.
The live video performance and programing was by Ernesto Aello aka VJ Pr4


malaventura (Spain)

Malaventura is an audiovisual artist from Spain. His production range from the Videoart to the experimental music and audiovisuals live performances. Check the malaventura website for more information:

Malaventura's Audiovisual sampler (in action) from malaventura on Vimeo.
Recorded Live, made with Quartz Composer for the Video & Ableton Live for the audio.

My life as a Bellydancer (weekend project mix) from malaventura on Vimeo.
Recorded Live without postproduction, sounds added or even quantization. Made using Quartz composer (tiger version) & Ableton live. All controlled by the Novation Launchpad.

My life as a Bluesman from malaventura on Vimeo.
Audiovisual cut&paste made with excerpt from the live acting of Lonesome Jimmy Lee, Thelonius Monk, Junior Wells & Max Roach. Made using Quartz composer and Ableton Live, synced thanks to the Novation Launchpad. All Recorded live.

Sea Monsters from malaventura on Vimeo.
Award winning Videoart about impossibles creatures that live down deep in the ocean. Best Videocreation in the 5th Shortfilm contest of diputacion de Malaga 2006, Awarded in the Magmart 2007, finalist in the One take film Festival of Zagreb 2008.


WarpMap 0.1

" So finally we present here our first release of WarpMap, an small application that we're using to play videos with advanced warping capabilities in our projection mapping projects. This first release it's just the binaries on Mac (10.5.7) and Windows (XP) systems,once we've cleaned the code and test it on some hardwares we'll publish the entire code project. This project has been developped in C++ with OpenFrameworks libs.
WarpMap it's a simple media-player application that let's you play several layers of images or videos with a quad-warping and mesh-warp deformation effect for each layer. Configurable via XML files and controled via keyboard, mouse and OSC.
Download and test the software (please read first the documentation)
WarpMap_0.1 for Windows XP 32 bits
WarpMap_0.1 for MAC OS/X 10.5.7
This is a beta-test release, so there could be some bugs and weird stuff ;-) Give it a try and let'us know if it runs on your system. We wellcome your feedback and questions ! And if you use it, please support our project with a donation ! (Paypal or Bank Transfer). There are a lot of new features we want to include and we need your support. "
Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival, Figueres 9/2009 [FULL] from Telenoika on Vimeo.
Finally we made it ! We've been some months behind the scenes preparing this show with the Telenoika crew. It's a facade audiovisual mapping made for the Ingravid Festival in Figueres, Girona. From Playmodes we developped the video-warper-player which just played a 20 minutes video on the facade. Also some of the 2D and 3D moments of this show were created by us with compositing and 3D rendering software. The video-warper-player was made in 0.05. We're cleaning the code and we'll put it online soon, as well as a report of the process we followed to create this audiovisual performance. Enjoy !l
Credits : Omar Alvarez, Miki Arregui, Miguel Gozalbo, Sergi Casero, Eloi Maduell, Santi Vilanova from Telenoika.NET audiovisual community.
Thanks to : Telenoika, Mas Queló, Festival Ingravid, LABfabrica.NET, BAF G.C
Here we'll post all the source code for the video-warper-player we developped for the Telenoika audiovisual mapping in Figueres, 2009.

Playmodes installation at Tarragona's festival "REC la nui" from eloi maduell on Vimeo.
The Playmodes interactive installation was placed in REC la nui 2009 festival in Tarragona. This festival is part of the REC festival, an independent cinema event. REC la nui basically it's a contest of audiovisual performances and it showed some of the best a/v shows arround Europe. We were operating the controls of the effects to the music, kind of dance-vj-ing improvistaion with users. The installation was placed in a party situation and people could dance into it freely. After 4 nights of moves, that's what we got to edit as a sample of how people plays with Playmodes. Enjoy !

Playmodes : L8P experiment from eloi maduell on Vimeo.
We have been working a little with the L8P mode we used for the Reflexus show. The basic idea was to capture 8 AV loops and then use them as instruments in a musical composiiton. As we want to play this loops polyphonically, we have developed a system for placing the loops in different parts of the screen, allowing us to do up to 208 different compositions. Each captured loop can be placed on screen as follows:
There are 26 possible options for each loop, but we are using only 25 due to some software restrictions.
We trigger the 8 loops with 8 different MIDI notes, and we decide which composition to use with each loop by assigning different Note On Velocity values to each of the notes.

Playmodes Time Stretching Sampling from eloi maduell on Vimeo.
This is one of the first try to achive a time-stretching live sampling. We've developped this with the original Playmodes software (coded in Openframeworks for the video side) and Reaktor engine (for the audio side). Both softwares communicate via OSC protocol.

Super 8 Privátfilmek

A SUPER8.HU Európa egyik legnagyobb online kutatható archívuma mintegy 2000 órányi tartalommal. Az egyedülállóan gazdag gyűjtemény az 1930 és 1990 közötti hat évtized vizuális ujjlenyomata, olyan filmarchívum, amely hitelesen mutatja be, hogyan nézett ki a világ a digitális korszak előtt. Magyarország első és egyetlen Super8 lelőhelye időutazás a múltba, hiszen Alaszkától a kínai nagy falig, a május elsejei felvonulástól a karácsonyi vacsoráig a világ szinte minden pontjáról és pillanatáról kiderül, hogyan nézett ki 30, 40 vagy akár 70 évvel ezelőtt. A folyamatosan bővülő mozgóképtár kötelező feladat archív anyagokra vadászó filmkészítőknek, reklámfilmeseknek, VJ-knek, vagy azoknak a filmszeretőknek, akik pusztán látni szeretnék, hogyan éltek a nagyszülők.

"The SUPER8.HU is one of Europe's largest searchable online archive with approximately 2,000 hours of content. The uniquely rich collection is the visual fingerprint of six decades between 1930 and 1990, such a film archive, which credibly shows how the world was looked like before the digital age. Hungarys first and only Super8 site is a kind of time-travel into the past, as it presents almost every point and moment of the world from Alaska to the Great Wall in China, the May Day procession and the Christmas dinner, how the world was 30, 40 or even 70 years ago. The continually expanding archival visual materials are optional task for movie producers, commercial makers, VJs or those film-lovers who just simply want to see how the grandparents lived.

Képi világ : Six és Senon , Easy Rob
Zene: Rizkid & Kormix & Six


Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping

Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Plaza de Toros de Albacete 14/4/2010 [full] from Telenoika on Vimeo.
>> Audiovisual mapping for the Feria de Teatro de Castilla-La Mancha, held in Albacete, Spain [12-14 april 2010].
Omar Alvarez, Mikel Arregui, Sergi Kasero, Eloi Maduell, Santiago Vilanova
Assoc.Cultural Telenoika
Feria de Teatro de Castilla-La Mancha
· video contents produced using 2D video composition and 3D rendering softwares.
· projected with a 15.000 lumens video beamer at 1024x768.
· used WarpMap as video warper and player. WarpMap is a surface warping and video-player software developped by Eloi Maduell from with Openframeworks libraries. Download it in our website!

Telenoika audiovisual mapping // Centre d'Art Cal Massó // Reus // 12 març 2010 from Telenoika on Vimeo.
Audiovisual mapping by Telenoika 12-03-2010 Cal Masso Reus
Omar Alvarez, Miquel Arregui, Sergi Casero, Miguel Gozalbo, Eloi Maduell i Santi Vilanova
Dual projection mapping, 2048x768px powered by warpmap (
2x 10K lumens video projector
Centre d'Art Cal Massó,
BAF General de Catalunya,
Blai Mesa

[namethemachine] 04.20.2010 visual system test demo

[namethemachine] 04.20.2010 visual system test demo *HD* from archo_p on Vimeo.
" My work so far in creating the visual side of "beta system 0.4" for [namethemachine]. This looks at many of the techniques and pieces I have been building with my new set of tools. Some parts are somewhat frantic, fast, and pretty 'loud' considering there is no music, but it shows quite a bit!
The general framework is 'automatically' animated and keyframed and is combined with a decent amount of knob and slider twiddling on the fly. This is the best take so far.
Also a submission for the Eye Candy For Strangers vimeo group/call for art.
Thanks for watching! ( ) "


VisualBerlin Festival - 2010. 06. 10 - 12

"Berlin’s original Videokunst Club, VisualBerlin reflects the richness of the city itself. With members from nine countries we are a diverse family bound together by a shared commitment to the progression of audiovisual art forms, performance and technology. Our artists have rocked festivals and parties across the globe and in 2010 it’s our turn to return the favor. From June 10-12 we will host the VisualBerlin Festival, a community driven event focusing on live performance, VJing and experimental media. The festival is an excellent opportunity to connect with an engaged audience of public and peers. Share with us your passion, your creativity, your experiments and your fun. Wir freuen uns!
Over three days, guest VJs, performers and developers will have the opportunity to present their work in Berlin’s most unique locations. These headquarters will act as a hub and meeting point for all artists with free wifi, event information, technical support and a daily breakfast club for participants.
The night program takes place in external clubs, transformed by the VisualBerlin team to offer you the best setting for your performance.
The festival will be a mix of curated programming and open-exchange. Innovative projects and developments will be presented daily across a schedule of workshops, performances and discussions. Additional jam sessions will take place in the lounge area giving you the opportunity to test out new collaborations, experiment and exchange ideas on the big screen.
more details soon...
application form:
application deadline is APRIL 30th 2010"

london meeting

A meeting about the show will take place in London Saturday 24th April in the garden of Cargo at 16 pm. We will give you more information about the show, meet each other and see who is planning to present what... Bring a picture/sketch/brief of what your are planning to do for the show.
This message is for the artists base in London and wanting to take part of the show.
You can contact Helene at 07746603372 for more info.

cargo: 83 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY;


Visual-Audio festival and Deviant Electronics
The Mapping Festival will be held from the 6th to the 16th of May 2010 in Geneva!
10 days to discover VJing and digital art.
VJing – Audioviusal Performances – Installations – Performing Art – Clubbing – Workshops – Lectures
Granular Synthesis / Skream / D-Fuse / Hostage / Chicks on Speed present « Monsters of Tech » / Debmaster / Herman Kolgen / Kate Wax / A1 bassline / Luke Slater / Jaimie Fanatic / Dat Politics / Otto Von Schirach / Hijak / Subsound / Gangpol und Mit / Scratch Massive / Le catcheur et la pute / Aphte Punk / Solo-Mâtine & Delko / 1024 Architecture (EXYZT) / Alex Posada-MID / Anti VJ et Mapping present “St Gervais” / Nosaj Thing Visual Show & Fair Enough / Matthias Oostrik / Charlie Mars & Zôl / Round Table Knights / Pierre Audétat / Soni Riot / Tony Snake / Matthias Oostrik / Subsound / Re-thinking visual / A.lter S.essio / The Erasers / Vj Kolouch / Me and Blanche / SDNA / PIPS:lab / :NÄ: / Nohista (V-Atak) / Delphine Depres & Diatribes / Anat Ben-David / Crazy Girl / A.L Steiner / HK 119 / A Free mind / VJ Ivy / PinaYcolorea / Graphset / M&Y / Startsladd / KRMT / Loccomotion / Motomichi / Syndrome WPW / MC Sergent Pokes / Jellyfish / BüroDestruct / I C::NTR::L Nature / Uiutna & Steaknet / Andrecco & Teatrino Elettrico / Dan Wilcox / BewegtBildBau / Sinner DC et Alexia Turlin / Tagtool / Loccomotion / MC Sergent Pokes / Marie Avril / Live Performers Meeting / Sound:Frame VJs / No domain...
Where :
Bâtiment d’art contemporain (BAC) – Théâtre du Grütli – La Parfumerie – Cinéma Spoutnik et Zoo de l’Usine – Espace St Gervais – MÀD

Plus d’informations sur :

Program Printing from mappingfestival on Vimeo.
First run of prints for the programme.

Mapping Memories 2008 from mappingfestival on Vimeo.
Track: Motorpitch beware, El Toro Original Mix
Video: Thierry Bouscayrol
What is never on the program is the unexpected that can be expected when you invite so many artists and get them into a party atmosphere.
An impromptu performance by VJ Lupin in the Spoutnik in its chill out mode.
This footage was found last year and has never been displayed anywhere publicly before.
We are also using this as a test preview of the motion graphics that will accompany the daily shorts, video updates highlighting the best of the best from the preceding days performances and activities.
You can find them all at



CAN HELP from Matthias Bierig on Vimeo.

SUPERBIEN (Paris France)

SUPERBIEN est une agence créative spécialisée dans la direction artistique, la création et la réalisation de contenu animé."
Aqua from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo.

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo.
ENVISION : Step into the sensory box. Sous ce nom se cache l'expérience immersive offerte par ALCATEL-LUCENT à ses clients lors du dernier Mobile World Congress. Une expérience à base de vidéo mapping conçue par l'agence SUPERBIEN et le département New Media de l'Agence \Auditoire. Le public était invité à entrer dans un cube et à découvrir une vision artistique de la tagline de l'événement : Transforming the mobile experience.

Kaleidocube from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo.

PATACHROMO™ est une installation lumineuse dont le contenu animé est basé sur des notions de CHROMOthérapie vues à travers le prisme de la PATAphysique. Présenté sous forme d'un enchaînement de plages d'animations lumineuses d’environ 2 minutes, ce programme vous permettra d'aborder la grisaille hivernale avec sérénité grâce à l’exposition de vos chakras à une lumière bienfaisante diffusée par un support LED de 6,65 m2.


Jeux Divers

Jeux Divers from visual kitchen on Vimeo.

Jeux Divers #2 from visual kitchen on Vimeo.
Visual made for a triplehead setup at a restaurant & club 'Jeux d'Hiver' in Brussels, where two 1920x460 screens were built in the natural sandstone walls flanking the lounge and the restaurant. A whole set of visuals were made for the different timeslots. This is one of two sets that were created for the night-slot.


avj_vk from visual kitchen on Vimeo.
a 1h live set mixing audio and video with just two hands…


KervaL from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.


Resolume Avenu without Footages

Resolume Avenu without Footages from Taras Gesh on Vimeo.
Once we ran a contest in the Adobe After Effects group on vkontakte. All the participants make one video imagery by turn (3 seconds each), adding to it his own part and sending the project to the other. The most interesting thing was a condition that banned using importing files (video, pictures and sound). And the program is for making video from some material! So, only means of After Effects should have been used (effects, solids, masks and text). Finally there were an unusual, very diverse from the point of view of the form and the content video imagery.
Well, recently I’ve begun to use a new version of a popular VJ soft and I was impressed by new possibilities and greater similarity with cut programs. Besides using of a prepaid video and camera’s signal it is possible to use so-called solid (just a particular colour or gradient fill) and use some effects. So, I’ve remembered the After Effects contest and make the same experiment with Resolum!
So, it is something like a VJ has suddenly forgotten his material and tries to find a way out. Or if you are a DJ and you should get sounds from Abelton for example, not importing music there.
P.S. the video is a little bit fast, that’s why it is difficult to watch it, but everybody interested will have to watch with pauses.

Error Warp

Error Warp from Dmitry Subochev on Vimeo.

Error Warp 2 from Dmitry Subochev on Vimeo.

Error Warp 3 from Dmitry Subochev on Vimeo.
3D graphics visualisations based on "error warp" reflect effect. Programming and rendering done in max/msp/jitter.
(c) Dmitry Subochev


Cell DNA VJ Software

Overview of our new VJ software Cell DNA for Mac and Windows by Livid Instruments.

Here is a overview of how the Ohm64 works with Cell DNA VJ software. The buttons appear to flicker here but that is because of my camera settings, and doesn't appear that way in reality.

Quase-Cinema VJ software

Quase-Cinema VJ software - version 2 work in progress (coded in C++ and openFrameworks).

Quase-Cinema 2 open source VJ software interface. Audio in English. Versão em português:

"Nuestro propio cine"
Un artista brasileño creó un programa gratuito que permite a los usuarios crear su propia sala virtual. Informe de CNN, Lucrecia Franco
Soundtrack: Komka, As you say

Entrevista com Alexandre Rangel sobre o software de VJ Quase-Cinema. Galeria Espaço Piloto - UnB

Quase-Cinema VJ software. Performance VJ Xorume 23-jun-2007. Free download at


Alvaro Posadas (Barcelona)

lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll "
IEI from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.
Music by Glaznost

LLADRO from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.
Music by Portabot

U ntitled IV scr from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.

Polígons de colors ballen Drum'n Bass

Polígons de colors ballen Drum'n Bass from Tràfak aka Altered Loopz Vj on Vimeo.
Warning: The pace and frequency of the images may even cause epileptic seizures in people with it in his medical history.


AntiVJ - ENGHIEN from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.
AntiVJ presents:
an audiovisual performance, June 2009
Bains Numériques festival
Enghien les Bains, France.
Yannick Jacquet
Joanie Lemercier
Olivier Ratsi
Romain Tardy
Thomas Vaquié
Nicolas Boritch
AntiVJ is a visual label

MIGZ FESTIVAL 2009 (Moscow, Russia)

MIGZ festival 2008 official video /Moscow, Russia/ from MIGZ Festival /Russia/ on Vimeo.
Full report from the MIGZ Festival 2008 /Moscow. Russia/. Check for more information.

MIGZ 2009 Official Trailer from MIGZ Festival /Russia/ on Vimeo.

MIGZ 2009: MIGZ CLASS - Pfadfinderei "Moderat show" workshop from MIGZ Festival /Russia/ on Vimeo.
Pfadfinderei workshop "Moderat show" on MIGZ FESTIVAL 2009 (Moscow, Russia)


Viktor Vicsek (Budapest Hungary)

Panoramic projection from Viktor Vicsek on Vimeo.
These are some samples of our vj show on Sziget festival 2009. The music begins with Anorganik's live act later its Naga and Beta.

Split feedback from Viktor Vicsek on Vimeo.
A flickering feedback split frame by frame to 3 separate channels. Made in 2003.

Mess 1 from Viktor Vicsek on Vimeo.

Mess 2 from Viktor Vicsek on Vimeo.
Projection on Radiokraft party in Budapest 2009.02.13. Mainly testing our new software which is capable of mixing realtime generated content and videos up to 3072x768 pixels. So its kinda messy.

Paint up! virtuális-épületfestő pályáza

A hazánkban első és egyedülálló architekturális vetítéssel foglalkozó pályázatot cégünk, a Visualpower Kft. (Magyarország piacvezető vizuáltechnikai szolgáltatója) hirdette meg. A döntő lebonyolításában együttműködő partnerünk a Magyar Nemzeti Galéria. Szakmai segítőtársunk, az architekturális vetítéseiről ismert világhírű Bordos.ArtWorks (Bordos-Kovács-Vicsek) művészcsoport. Az ő nevükhöz fűződik többek között, a dubai Pálma-sziget hivatalos avatóünnepségének vetítéséhez készített óriás felbontású 3d animáció.
A pályázatról röviden
Ilyen még nem volt!
Paint up! Visualpower virtuális-épületfestő verseny címmel egyedülálló pályázatot hirdetett animáció és mozgókép készítőknek a Visualpower Kft.
A nyílt versenyben bárki részt vehet, aki ki szeretné próbálni a hazánkban még kevésbé ismert architekturális vetítés műfaját.
A Magyar Nemzeti Galéria „B” épületének középső homlokzatához illeszkedő, 3’-es, zenei aláfestéssel komponált pályaműveket 2010. május 21-ig kell eljuttatni a kiírónak.
A verseny döntőjét, amelybe a legjobb 12 pályaművet a vizuális kultúra neves hazai szakértőiből álló zsűri választja be, június 19-én a Magyar Nemzeti Galéria Múzeumok Éjszakáján rendezik meg.
A pályázattal kapcsolatban minden információ elérhető a oldalon, illetve a –n keresztül.
A zsűri tagjai
Bordos László Zsolt – architekturális vetítéssel foglalkozó 3D művész, Bordos.ArtWorks
Káel Csaba – filmrendező
Petrányi Zsolt Dr. – Műcsarnok igazgató
Szép Fruzsina – programigazgató, Sziget
Szirtes János – képzőművész, Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem Vizuális Kommunikáció Tanszék, tanszékvezető tanár
A virtuális-épületfestésről (architekturális vetítésről) röviden
A virtuális-épületfestészet rendkívül látványos, különleges műfaja a kivetítésnek. Az épületek architekturájával összhangban elkészített mozgóképek (pl.: animációk) óriás fényerejű projektorokkal történő vetítése a kortárs vizuális kultúra egyik legfiatalabb megjelenítési formája.
A szórakoztatás e válfaja világszerte nézőcsalogató eseménynek számít. Külföldön az ilyen és hasonló jellegű vetítések népszerűsége, a kreatív tartalmakból eredő lehengerlő látványnak és a monumentalitásnak köszönhetően, egyre nő.
Hazánkban még kevésbé ismert ez a forma.
Más technológián alapuló, állóképes kezdeményezésekkel korábban Budapesten már találkozhattak a nézők (Matáv Székház, Deák tér, Erzsébet híd), de az első magyarországi projektoros kivetítésekhez készített mozgóképes, óriás felbontású 3d animációk a Bordos.ArtWorks ( nevéhez fűződnek.
Ebben a műfajban tudomásunk szerint még soha nem rendeztek versenyt.
Példák virtuális-épületfestésre
Dubai, Pálma Sziget hivatalos megnyitó (2008); Pécs, EKF 2010 megnyitó; Bp., MÜPA, M. Telekom Évindító (2010) stb.
A virtuális-épületfestésről linkek találhatók a oldalon a „zsűri” menüpontban, Bordos László Zsolt bemutatkozó anyagában.
A versenyről röviden
Mivel a virtuális-épületfestés hazánkban még nem nagyon ismert, rendezvényünkkel alkalmat szeretnénk teremteni a műfaj gyakorlati kipróbálására, ezzel együtt a kreatív, művészi tartalmak közönség előtti megjelenítésére, és az alkotók megmérettetésére.

A pályázat beadási határideje: 2010. május 21.
Döntő: 2010. június 19., a Magyar Nemzeti Galéria Múzeumok Éjszakája programjában

Június 19-én a versenyprogram mellet egy igazi kuriózum vetítésére is sor kerül majd.
Szakértő partnerünk, a nemzetközi hírű architekturális vetítéssel foglalkozó csapat a Bordos.Artworks (Bordos-Kovács-Vicsek), kifejezetten erre az alkalomra készít egy bemutatófilmet, melyet a döntőn tekinthetnek meg az érdeklődők!
A verseny egyedülálló eseménynek számít, ezért szeretnénk, ha minél több emberhez eljutna a híre.
Bármilyen kérdés esetén készséggel állok rendelkezésükre.
Vaskó Tünde főszervező
Telefon: +36/1 204 14 02
+36/20 9 450 448

Mapping the Hungarian Palace of Arts Concert Hall from Viktor Vicsek on Vimeo.
This is the intro and outro of the event. We used 2 x 20k and 2 x 16k Christie DLP projectors. Total resolution was 3840x 1024 pixels. We didn't have any opportunity for test projections, so the mappig was done in 5 hours just before the event.

VJ software tutorial modul8

basic functions of Modul8, a Mac OS Vj application

creative audio-reactive techniques for modul8

real world example of modul8 use

how to add a live feed to your VJ software

applying video windows to 3D real world objects with VJ


Faceless (Chapel Hill / Savannah)

"An audio visual producer experimenting with the now.
Motion Media
I'd love to cook something up for you, get at me if you want a rate or would like to collaborate."

VJ Faceless - August Dubstep Mix feat. Rusko and Kromestar from Faceless on Vimeo.
Audio by Rusko and Kromestar
Video Mixed by VJ Faceless
Pineapple Express
The Spirit

VJ Faceless - Future from Faceless on Vimeo.
Intense video using the movie "Star Trek" and a dirty dubstep song "The Future" by Trolley Snatcha.
VJ FACELESS - The Future.
Look forward to shows in 2010 by myself and members of The ABC

- Severance Shove - from Faceless on Vimeo.
Audio : Deftones - Shove It! (Bar 9 Remix)
Video : "Severance" (2006)
Mixed with Resolume Avenue by VJ Faceless
More at

Prack! 3 Screen setup test

Prack! 3 Screen setup test from PrackVJ on Vimeo.
testing new setup to triplehead2go. All made with Quartz Composer and VDMX. Screen record with Snapz Pro X.

Resolume Avenue 3.2 Released!

"We're thrilled to release another Resolume update! Version 3.2 has many improvements, most noticeably Quartz Composer playback and a new version of the DXV Codec which now supports alpha channels.
Checkout the video below for a quick overview of what's new and hit the download."
What's New in Resolume 3.2 from Resolume on Vimeo.
Resolume 3.2 has many improvements, most noticeably Quartz Composer playback and a new version of the DXV Codec which now supports alpha channels.
Checkout the release notes on the Resolume Blog.


saw / blink and remove (Regensburg, Munich /Germany)

Blink and Remove - Kollektiv für Gestaltung
Video & Visual Art, Live Video Performance, Club Visuals, Music Video, Graphic Design
SAW aka Stefan A. Wisiorek grew up at lake Chiemsee near Munich.
Studies of literature, art history, film & media science at university of Regensburg (MA).
Since 2006 freelance VJing, graphics, video and visual art with his Blink And Remove project.
Since 2008 artist of HarryKlein Booking & HarryKlein Records Munich.
HarryKlein Booking Munich
Invitations / Performances:
Shots Party / Cannes Lions 2009 (Cannes), sound:frame Festival (Vienna), A/V-battle Innsbruck, Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart, fluctuating images (Stuttgart), Harry Klein (Munich), Registratur (Munich), 8seasons (Munich), Backstage (Munich), Monsters of House(Munich), Zündfunkparties, Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche, Theater Regensburg, Suite15 (Regensburg), Gloria (Regensburg), K2H (Kunstkaufhaus Regensburg), and many more
Framepool, HarryKlein, 8seasons, Eisele International, Akademie dbK Stuttgart, Kunstforum KOG (Regensburg), Pfeil&Bogen (Regensburg), Dams.Fahrner (Regensburg), Alte Mälzerei (Regensburg), Suite15 (Regensburg), Stadt Regensburg, trio ELF, and many more

Live Visuals at Harry Klein Club Munich 07/2009 from saw / blink and remove on Vimeo.
Live Visuals at Harry Klein Club Munich 07/2009
Visuals: saw & rmo / Blink And Remove (Harry Klein Booking)
Music: Roland Appel (Compost) plays his hit "Dark Soldier"

catch the sun from saw / blink and remove on Vimeo.
music video for spruce (markus güntner rmx). autumn atmo, stop-motion groove.
production: saw & rmo / blink and remove 2006.
music: spruce (markus güntner rmx).
video featured on cd "roommates - a compilation of schinderwies productions" (bavarian indie label).
also featured on (music magazine from berlin).
review in intro magazine (music magazine from collogne).

live visuals at shining festival 2007 from saw / blink and remove on Vimeo.
live visuals at shining festival 2007 at chiemsee / southern bavaria
visuals: rmo, saw & xl / blink and remove
music: dj-set: micha klang, moonbootica