Eclectic Method - A Dubstep Mix

Eclectic Method - A Dubstep Mix from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.
"i f&^%*&^ love dubstep"

Murcof + AntiVJ

Murcof + AntiVJ from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.
Live audio visual performance with Murcof and the AntiVJ label.
Visuals by Simon Geilfus.
More details soon on​murcof

"NARKULE" (indoor mapping)

"NARKULE" (indoor mapping) from nerdworking on Vimeo.
Gated communities are accepted fictional living forms of the big cities. Most of the families want to live in a secure and well-prepared constructions with active social possibilities. The construction have also been designed for new communication ways and privacy limits of the visitors. Technologies and eco-friendly approaches in daily architectural visions direct urban planners to add really simple and effective designs on whole area. Taking all this into consideration; gated communities convert all this parameters into a reliable social networks with a specific design path.
NARKULE (​) is located at the top of Narcity, which is designed by Nevzat Sayın (​). Their first public housing project has a major public building now. Story of our performance is built on facts behind the curtain, such as energy of life and abstract links of the buildings. We covered walls / stage floor / stage background to project our visuals on it. NARKULE, its trade center and C Block of Narcity built by architects as a 1/50 models. We synchronized and projected our visuals on independently mapped 5 different surfaces at the same time.
Art Direction & Visuals:
Deniz Kader – Candaş Şişman
Music & Sound Design:
Görkem Şen
Project Management:
Erdem Dilbaz
Project Co-ordinator:
Elif Demirci
Modelling: Canan Erten, Alper Yıldırım, Elif Karaköse
Archive: Mert Şahbaz (photo), Volkan Çağalı (video)
Special Thanks to: Berna Erkartal, Cihan Kandaz, Pınar Karaduman, The Seed
Special Hates to: Dataton Watchout Systems.


Video projection mapping

Video projection mapping from Alexandr Sinitsa on Vimeo.

Sinitsa A.
Yudchenko M.
Music - Elphy Ant
Prepared for 5 days

The World is Your Canvas - SHOWWX+TM laser pico projector

Enjoy movies, photos, presentations and streaming video up to 100” in image size with the NEW 50% brighter SHOWWX+TM laser pico projector.
With the MicroVision SHOWWX+TM , the world's first laser projector
is now even brighter - our PicoP® display engine allows you to enjoy
deep, rich color projection with bright and vivid laser images that
are always in focus.
Even on curved surfaces. We call this 'infinite focus'.
Brings you a BIG picture from a small and quiet device. SHOWWX+TM single cable connection plugs directly into your iPod, iPhone and iPad. Works with any other mobile phone, notebook or device with TV-Out or VGA functionality.
Infinite Focus
Plug & Play
Thin & Light
Movie Capable
Wide Field of View
Wide Screen Resolution
Bright & Uniform
The SHOWWX+TM works with some of your favorite iPhone, iPad, iPod apps. Click on any of the app logos below to see how they work with the SHOWWX.

Enjoy movies, photos, presentations and streaming video up to 100" in image size with the SHOWWX+™ laser pico projector.
With the Microvision SHOWWX+, the world's first laser pico projector is now even brighter - our PicoP® display engine enables you to enjoy deep, rich color projection with bright and vivid laser images that are always in focus. Even on curved surfaces. We call this 'infinite focus'.

Instantly stream Netflix movies or television shows in big screen formation virtually anywhere with the SHOWWX+™ laser pico projector. First, turn on your SHOWWX+, connect it to your iPhone 4, iPad or iPod touch (4th generation), open the Netflix app, find what you want to watch and tap the play button. Instant big screen.
Learn more at:



Syphon is an open source Mac OS X technology that allows applications to share frames - full frame rate video or stills - with one another in realtime. Now you can leverage the expressive power of a plethora of tools to mix, mash, edit, sample, texture-map, synthesize, and present your imagery using the best tool for each part of the job. Syphon gives you flexibility to break out of single-app solutions and mix creative applications to suit your needs.

Syphon Teaser from vade on Vimeo.
Syphon, 720p mixing from VDMX to Unity 3.0 Beta. A taste of whats to come. Applications are incidental.

Syphon provides an ecosystem for sharing imagery between applications and new media development environments. Syphon is designed to be efficient and will not duplicate resources unnecessarily, keeping your frame rate and best interests in mind.
Hardware acceleration on the GPU - Servers and Clients share video on the graphics card - where it belongs, allowing for HD or larger video at 60 FPS
Alpha-channels - share rendered 3D content and video with masks and keys, allowing compositing to happen easily and naturally.
Out-of-the-box support for Quartz Composer, FreeFrame GL, Max MSP Jitter and Unity Pro
A simple SDK so developers can add Syphon to just about any application

Syphon Implementations
We provide implementations for some of our favorite new media applications.
Quartz Composer: Syphon.plugin (download)
Max MSP Jitter: (download)
FreeFrame GL: Syphon.bundle (download)
Unity 3D Pro: SyphonUnity.bundle (download)

Syphon Apps
We are looking forward to announcing Syphon support in some major applications in the near future. When that happens, we’ll list them here.
Simple Server/Client
A pair of applications to demonstrate Syphon and try out the other implementations

Syphon Introduction from vade on Vimeo.
Syphon is a new open source framework for Mac OS X 10.6 that allows users to share frames of video across applications. Sharing happens on the graphics card, and thus is hardware accelerated and very fast. Sharing of HD frames, at full 60 frames per second is more than possible.
Syphon is "opt-in", meaning applications can natively support Syphon frame sharing by linking to our framework and writing some additional code, or by supporting an existing plugin architecture that Syphon has implementations for, such as Quartz Composer, Free Frame GL, or Max5 externals, etc.
Sharing requires no additional applications, and an application can publish multiple distinct frame sources, and receive multiple distinct fram

Syphon for FFGL & Resolume from vade on Vimeo.

Syphon for QC & VDMX from vade on Vimeo.

Syphon VDMX 5 Beta 8 integration Demo from vade on Vimeo.
Ray from Vidvox was kind enough to share a hint of upcoming Syphon integration with the latest internal Beta of VDMX.
"Feature-wise, VDMX will have/already has complete and seamless integration with Syphon: any published Syphon servers on your system are automatically made available and can be triggered as if they were files or passed to fx/plugins/other layers/anything via taps. Likewise, you can publish any layer, group, or plugin in VDMX via Syphon and make its contents available to other apps on the same machine."

Skyence – INSCT

Skyence – INSCT from Johannes Timpernagel on Vimeo.
Collaboration between Skyence (Hamburg) and Johannes Timpernagel (Berlin).
Animation generated in VVVV, Editing in After Effects.
Direction & Animation: Johannes Timpernagel –
Sound: Jochen Mader / Skyence / Audionerve –
For more Information about VVVV –
See you at NODE10 –
»INSCT« coming out soon on Project Mooncircle –

Video Mapping Interface

This short video is a behind the scenes view of Michelle running the video mapped projection system at Asylum. This 6 projector wide installation is designed to be run in real time by a VJ to synchronize the visuals to the music. The monitor on the left is connected to a Mac Pro tower running Modul8. The monitor on the right is connected to an PC running resolume 2.4. The Mac Pro is controlling the 6 seemless projectors. The PC runs videos on a series of collumns around the room. The two machines are linked to each other and to the lighting controller with midi allowing one interface to control all 3 machines.


LoFi Life

LoFi Life from George Toledo on Vimeo.

DUFFSTEP - live AV set

DUFFSTEP - live AV set from REBELOVERLAY on Vimeo.
@ beat redemption (20/11/10)

KATANASHI.graphic edition

KATANASHI.graphic edition from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
KATANASHI Set.03 "graphic edition"
Event digest report movie.​
2010.11.20@nattsu music cafe (Kagawa, Japan)
// Guest VJ&DJ : YAKO at.flapper3!!!
// DJ's:
U-TA (The Travel)
+09 (TOKU/Sort VJ's)
T÷E÷N (Sort VJ's)
SNS8 (:Pranky!)
// VJ's:
Sort VJ's
// Edit Movie by Takehito Nakatsu


Live 2010

Live 2010 from Vision Nocturne on Vimeo.
Live capture during VJ set 2010
music: Emotional Joystick - Hardcore

Zäna (demo video)

Zäna (demo video) from Kovács Gábor on Vimeo.

"Touch Resolume"

"Touch Resolume" Live Demo & Install Guide from Martin Thoburn on Vimeo.
“Touch Resolume” is a custom layout for TouchOSC that allows you to control Resolume 3 over a wireless network directly with your iphone or ipod touch WITHOUT midi mapping, just load the software and start controlling dozens of functions in Resolume, no mapping required.. Touch Resolume controls Resolume 3 directly with OSC commands.
Download Here:​vj/​touch-resolume-1-0-ustom-touchosc-layout-for-resolume-3/


World League - 14 Jahre - Monika Kruse

World League - 14 Jahre - Monika Kruse from Genelabo on Vimeo.
Freiheizhalle Munich Oktober 2010 - Visuals by Doublevisions

Arcade the show

Arcade the show from NEWFUTURENOW on Vimeo.
Walk through of Solo Show
Dundee Contemporary Art Centre. UK. 2010


LAMENT:Remix from Simone Smith on Vimeo.
Top-tipped by BBC Scotland's Music:​blogs/​scotlandsmusic/​2010/​10/​top-tip-spad---lamentremix.shtml
Remix music by electro musician Spad
Original fiddle samples from track called 'Lament for Thomas Grant' from the album 'Strewn with Ribbons' by Scottish Fiddle player Lauren MacColl.
Directed by Simone Smith
Filmed by Simone Smith
Edited by Simone Smith & Spad
'Girl on Beach' - Big sister Natalie Smith


Project GuitARS HD

Project GuitARS HD from artcore visuals on Vimeo.
Project GuitARS brings the rock out of your living-room! It is a game played with a guitar-shaped usb controller on a 5100m² LED facade. The player has to hit the buttons and stroke on the controller at the right time, depending on the falling blocks on the building.
The game was developed during the course "interface technologies" with Robert Praxmarer at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.
Project GuitARS was written in Java, the controller input is piped via xpadder. A note-recording tool was written in C++.
for more awesomeness, visit
special thanks to:
*Emil Bulls (
*MMT (
*Ars Electronica Center Linz (
*Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (

6 min vj set

vj Livyatan 6 min vj set from Lior Sadeh on Vimeo.
a 6 min vj set made with materials that were mixed live and edited.
music: dj Koze-dont feed the cat

Luminair for iPad

An overview of the new external MIDI input feature in Luminair for iPad. Compatible with Apple's USB camera connection kit and Line 6's MIDI mobilizer dock accessory.
In this video, Livid's Ohm64 control surface is connected to Apple's USB camera connection kit via a powered USB hub.

An overview of the new external OSC input feature in Luminair for iPad. This video shows TouchOSC and a Nintendo Wii-mote controlling various parameters in Luminair.

A quick preview of Luminair for iPad. Luminair for iPad is a revolutionary multitouch DMX lighting control app, built exclusively for iOS. Available now.


Tünet Együttes: Nincs ott semmi | The Symptoms: Nothing there

Nothing there
or do dreams go to sleep during the day?

My dear senses, you have let me down. You too, my one and only imagination. I keep tweaking my own portrait, over and over again, and I bend the contours of everything and everyone. But does this make it the world according to me, once and for all?
How does one look outside of here? And what if there's nothing out there to look at? Is that just another thing that I project?
I want clothes to protect the outside world from me. For I have come to the conclusion that there are no miracles.

The real-time video technology employed by this piece reacts to the position in space of a body in motion, as well as its shape, direction, and dynamics of movement, transforming the gestures of the six dancers into the projection of their anxieties and fantasies, and their web of relations into a mobile abstract painting.

„Innovative to the bone, Réka Szabó's new work is based on an overwhelmingly creative idea. Thanks to superb dance character performances, first-rate jazz compositions by Albert Márkos, remarkable costumes by Fruzsina Nagy, and fascinating space and lighting design by Attila Szirtes. (...) We glimpse the outlines of an emerging opus whose originality, intellectual drive, playfulness, wit, and refinement must be declared truly exceptional."
(Krisztina Horeczky, Népszabadság)

Rendező | Directed by: Szabó Réka
Táncosok | Dancers: Dózsa Ákos, Góbi Rita, Nagy Andrea, Szász Dániel, Vadas Zsófia Tamara, Varga Csaba
Dramaturg | Dramaturge: Peer Krisztián
Interaktív technológia | Interactive technology: MTA SZTAKI Médiatechnológia Csoport (Papp Gábor, Sárosi Anita, Vicsek Viktor)
Zene | Music: zeneszerző | composer: Márkos Albert, hang | sound: Németh Márton, szoprán | soprano: Kozma Orsolya, mezzoszoprán | mezzosoprano: Harcsa Veronika, gordonka | violoncello: Márkos Albert, zongora | piano: Puskás Péter, nagybőgő | doublebass: Hock Ernő, dob | drums: G. Szabó Hunor
Fény és tér | Light and space: Szirtes Attila
Kosztüm | Costume: Nagy Fruzsina
Produkciós vezető | Production executive: Paizs Dóra
Külön köszönet | Special thanks: Gideon Obarzanek
Koprodukciós partnerek | Co-production partners: Trafó KMH, MTA SZTAKI

free vj loop: Light It Up

Light It Up from akustoOptik on Vimeo.
free vj loop in 852x480!!
Download this video

Lovely Bloodflow

Lovely Bloodflow from Thom Buttery PRYMEDIA on Vimeo.
A mix of Prymedia visuals edited to Lovely Blooflow by Baths on Anticon record label...
All the visuals were made under or in front of camera and edited together in Final Cut Pro.
Some video feedback and long exposures using a record player....

Video splitter, DMX light, Video jockey,

Video splitter, DMX light, Video jockey, Computer DJ, Power Distribution, Virtual DJ, Martin Light


Villa Nah live with visuals by Synthetics

Villa Nah live with visuals by Synthetics from Synthetics on Vimeo.
Synthetics performing live visuals for Finnish synth pop duo Villa Nah at The Drop, London on 7th July 2010.
A film by Synthetics.
Special thanks to Tom Bunning for his beautiful camerawork.
Credits: -
Music: Villa Nah
Visuals, Edit and Post Production: Ben Cook
Director of Photography: Tom Bunning
Villa Nah:​villanah
Tom Bunning:

Live visuals at ZOO Usine

VNBC - Live visuals at ZOO Usine from VNBC on Vimeo.
Live Visuals by VNBC
Performed at ZOO Usine (CH)
On top non stop with Modul8 !
Music by Maelstrom (Expressillon) | 2008 from box36 on Vimeo.
composizione del gruppo e ruoli all'interno del progetto
luca mannino | disegno e art director
antonio cusimano | editing video, programmazione & suoni
l'uomo, svuotato di contenuti, ora trabocca di azioni meccaniche, standard, una vita ripetuta, una litania snervante che implica un punto di rottura [tortura] imminente: un ritorno alla bestialità, l'istinto primordiale/animale che diventa simbolo della follia e prende forma attraverso un percorso grottesco e allucinato capace di riscattare per pochi istanti la follia di quella stessa vita.


01 Zentrale - Projection Mapping

01 Zentrale - Projection Mapping from Johannes LDC Guerreiro on Vimeo.
The project 01 Zentrale was planned to be ready to install at platine festival 2010 in cologne.​10/​?p=71 It was the first time experimenting with Video Projection Mapping on real Objects. It is a pity to film all the stuff, because the real light mapping experience is too impressive in live.

Interview - 01 Zentrale from Johannes LDC Guerreiro on Vimeo.

Max/MSP 5.1.6

Max/MSP is a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia. In use for over twenty years by performers, composers, artists, scientists, teachers, and students, Max is the way to make your computer do things that reflect your individual ideas and dreams. Version 5 is a dramatic transformation of Max that begins a new chapter in the program's history.
Download Now

Version 5.1.6:
pattr: fix for crash upon receipt of 'bindto' with no argument twice (caused by previous bug fix reinstating helpful error messages when binding fails)
parameter: resolves a condition where, under certain circumstances, moving a parameter would cause an automation event to be generated for another parameter plugged memory leak when loading movies with @window set
subpatchers set to open in presentation mode when parent patcher is opened now first draw in presentation mode to prevent first rendering from happening in patching mode
floating point byte ordering fixes for audio, network, and jitter objects empty lists are now output in the editor, as well as within Live (for instance, observing the 'devices' property of a track, when all devices are removed, an empty list is output)...


various objects - projection mapping

various objects - projection mapping from Johannes LDC Guerreiro on Vimeo.
Some objects deliver an attractive surface for throwing light with a beamer on it. Some others show an intensive inside space, like the harddisk. the projections are proposed to be frontal from one top direction - so its always about the top surfaces to be projected on. In some cases its possible to work with free forms, which do not break the 90° angle of the top surface like the hemisphere obejct, or the sound-damping peaks...
also check the main project 01 Zentrale:​16554053

Mapping Festival 2010

Monster of Tech @ Mapping Festival 2010 from mappingfestival on Vimeo.
Monster of Tech @ Théâtre de la Parfumerie, Mapping Festival 2010, Geneva.
Artists featuring : Lucille Calmel, Crazy Girl, Anat Ben-David, HK 119, Chicks On Speed
Video by Jerome Monnot and Vania Jaikin Miyazaki.

"Loss Layers" by A.lter S.essio @ Mapping Festival 2010 from mappingfestival on Vimeo.
"Loss Layers" by A.lter S.essio @ Théâtre de la Parfumerie, Mapping Festival 2010, Geneva.
Conception / Sound / Video : Fabrice Planquette
Choregraphy /Interpretation / Costume : Yoko Higashimo / Yum
Drawing : Matthieu Levet / Cécile Attagnant
Camera / Edit : Jérôme Monnot
Extra / Cameras: Vania Jaikin Miyazaki, Camille Dedieu, Ilan Katin

zôl & charlie mars - mapping festival 2010 from charlie mars on Vimeo.
Charlie Mars & Zôl @ Mapping Festival 2010, Zoo / Usine.
Captation : A-LI-CE

MAPPING FESTIVAL: Call for entries extension until DECEMBER 5th, 2010!

The call for submissions to the Mapping Festival is now open until the 5th of december 2010. This year’s 7th edition of the festival will be held from the 19th to the 29th of May 2011, in it’s usual place, the beautiful city of Geneva, Switzerland. If you have any projects you would like to submit now is the time to share them with us!

The festival promotes the concept of mixed disciplines and will accept proposals for the following categories:
• VJing
• Audio/Visual performances
• Installations
• Lectures/Workshops/Presentations/Demos

The application for submissions is available under the tab “Call for entries 2011″ on our website:

Mapping 2010 Exhibition @ Bâtiment d'art contemporain from mappingfestival on Vimeo.
Opening night of Mapping Festival 2010
Featuring : D-Fuse / Raphael Diluzio / Alex Posada / Herman Kolgen / Granular Synthesis / Matthias Oostrik / Solo-Mâtine & Delko.
video by Jerome Monnot and Vania Jaikin Miyazaki.
extra footage : Camille Dedieu and Ilan Katin.


V2C (Cologne)

V2C_Showreel 2010 from V2C on Vimeo.
A brief impression of our work.

5Cycles from V2C on Vimeo.
Live AV-set at Galery Conrads in Düssledorf. Musik from Sandro Böge. (New Dehli FM)

V2C_Showreel 2008 from V2C on Vimeo.
older work


Zäna |002 from Kovács Gábor on Vimeo.

Zäna |003 from Kovács Gábor on Vimeo.

Zäna |004 from Kovács Gábor on Vimeo.

Zäna |005 from Kovács Gábor on Vimeo.

Zäna|006 from Kovács Gábor on Vimeo.

Zäna|007 from Kovács Gábor on Vimeo.

VFG -VJing Workshops

2010. december 17. · 16:30 - 19:00
Planeta 11
Pilsudskiego 38
Olsztyn, Poland

How 2 mix films live? Workshops. Free Entry! Streaming.
1. short story of vjing -by Jaroslaw Balabanski aka DIABLOS (POLSKA) -pl.
2.vjing & live cinema -Sandra Real Quintanar aka CHANA (VJMX) (MEXICO) - (skype) -eng.
3. vjing in Mexico -MXFEST -by Israel Estrada aka AZLAB (MEXICO) (skype) -eng.
4. vjing in Venezuela -by Eduardo Garcia aka VISUALDUB (VENEZUELA) (skype) -eng.
5. vjing in Germany (VISUALBERLIN) -by Kiritan Flux
6. vjing 4 free - FLXER -by Gianluca del Gobbo (flxer) (ITALIA)- (skype) -eng.
7. Marco Donnarumma
8. modul 8 (supported by Modul 8) & Arkaos -by Jaroslaw Balabanski aka DIABLOS (POLSKA) -pl
whats more?
more info soon!
You like it?

this is part of my project: Visuals from Grunwald (workshops & vid),
supported by: Major of Warmia-Masuria, Planeta 11, Flxer, Modul 8, MXFEST, VISUALDUB


markus mehr & stefanie sixt: "KOMO"

markus mehr & stefanie sixt: "KOMO" from stefanie sixt, sixt sense on Vimeo.
“Komo” is an aural Mantra. The introverted and self-contained a minimalistic string phrase circles upon itself. The use of a traditional canon compacts the already repetitive character of the piece.
Digital sound irritations by IPhone App, Laptop and analog distortion are conciously builing up a contradictory Dialogue, based on the melancholy atmoshpere of the loop.
The minimalistic progression of the sound elements are emphasized by visuals.
Comparable to the music the originally formalistic structures are opened out beyond recognition by stylistic devices as blur or reduction, as well as the manner of composition and mixing and are set into a new context.
The origin of the visuals are most of the times black and white nature shots, which remain in the end as a feeling.

meander // live performance | Robert Seidel & Heiko Tippelt | ROJO NOVA @ MIS Brazil

meander // live performance | Robert Seidel & Heiko Tippelt | ROJO NOVA @ MIS Brazil from Robert Seidel on Vimeo.
meander // audio-visual live performance
Motion Painting: Robert Seidel
Soundscape: Heiko Tippelt
How does it feel to enter an ever-expanding system whose complexity exceeds the personal imagination? How to capture the fluctuating state of non-processed perception and continuously overwritten memories?
From a convolute of intertwining temporal and geographical impressions Seidel and Tippelt try to reconstruct these fractured perspectives into abstract tableaux of fibrous motion paintings, amalgamating with their cinematic soundscape…
premiered at ROJO NOVA exhibition
Museum of Image and Sound
13th and 14th August 2010
São Paulo, Brazil
... again, Vimeo looks very blurred - please download the Quicktime on the right...

Neon Golden vs. Digitalism

Neon Golden vs. Digitalism from NEON GOLDEN on Vimeo.
Freakwave Festival 2010, Bregenz, Austria


The Visual Rhythm of Dance

The Visual Rhythm of Dance from stefanie sixt, sixt sense on Vimeo.
Stefanie Sixt (visuals/music) and Anina von Molnar (dance/choreography) create an interdisciplinary audiovisual performance inspired by the beauty of close up shots of moving microscopic cellular structures in relation to the melodic, minimalistic sound compilation which ignites the fully developed human form into dance.
The visuals blend sequences from the life of protozoa with abstract, digital and live mixed animation. Through Sixts´ coloring and composition (often reminiscent of Pop-Art style) and von Molnars´ both staccato, rhythmic and round, smooth movements, the microcosmos melts back and forth with the macrocosmos.
This show was recorded at H2 - Museum for Contemporary Art, Augsburg (10/23/2010)

CLUSTER & LUMA.LAUNISCH | ZKM karlsruhe | 12.11.10

CLUSTER & LUMA.LAUNISCH part 01 | ZKM karlsruhe | 12.11.10 from luma launisch on Vimeo.

CLUSTER & LUMA.LAUNISCH part 02 | ZKM karlsruhe | 12.11.10 from luma launisch on Vimeo.
audio : CLUSTER : hans joachim roedelius & dieter moebius
live visuals : LUMA LAUNISCH :


Datafizz from Kitchen Budapest on Vimeo.
DATAFIZZ, an installation by Kitchen Budapest, draws attention to the continuous flow of social data fragments that herald our transitions between the online and offline worlds.
More about the project:
Music: Pablo Díaz​pablodiazpianista



■■■■■■■■ from Rachel Knoll on Vimeo.​

Video Mapping Sequencer Demo by Fader

Video Mapping Sequencer Demo by Fader from VJFader on Vimeo.
Live demonstration by VJ Fader @ Los Angeles Video Artist Meeting 11/09/2010.
Software: Processing, Ableton Live

Pedro Maia /
hello. my name is pedro maia!
hello. my name is!

diana combo + @ general public from Pedro Maia on Vimeo.
Music: Diana Combo + Live Image: | 12.08.2010 | General Public, Berlin/DE | | |

jacaszek + pedro maia @ porto, portugal from Pedro Maia on Vimeo.
Music: Jacaszek (​jacaszek) + Ensemble "Mi Contra Fa" | Image: Pedro Maia ( | Production: Visões Úteis/Diocese do Porto | 27.10.2010 | Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, Porto, Portugal @ center de cultura contemporània, valencia, spain from Pedro Maia on Vimeo.
Solo visual performance | S0N1V1S10 cycle | Octubre Center de Cultura Contemporània (Valencia, Spain) | 23.01.2009 |​s0n1v1s10 |

Super 8 Series / Installation from Pedro Maia on Vimeo.
Super 8 Series by Pedro Maia / Several Durations, Super 8 transfer to DVD, Loop, Multi-screen, Color, 2009 / One day Installation for Super Pecha Kucha Lisbon integrated at Experimenta Design 2009 / 13.09.2009 / Thanks to Gonçalo Prudêncio (Munge)
video by pedro maia / music "holy ghost" by rita redshoes / with barbara magalhães /// super 8 transfered to dv pal / 2'20'' / 2010 /// video included in DVD "Thirteen Films About Lights & Darks"



Spaceship from Ploomers on Vimeo.
This is an edit of mine and Tad's video for Musion's VJ hologram award. Just in SD for now.
Artist: Jon Hopkins
Track: Vessel

VIDEOKATAPULT! (Graz, Austria)​videokatapult
we refuse the fact that penguins can't fly.
we don't believe in strawberries.

wemisfiredthoseprimitivesagainsir. from VIDEOKATAPULT! on Vimeo.

elektrophil - 19hertz w/ videokatapult from VIDEOKATAPULT! on Vimeo.

lateatnighticanseethesuncry. from VIDEOKATAPULT! on Vimeo.

Organized by Microcosmos

Side Liner (Greece) in "The Place" club St-Petersburg 6.11.2010 from VisualSound Studio on Vimeo.
Side Liner (Greece) in "The Place" club St-Petersburg 6.11.2010
Organized by Microcosmos.
Recorded live by VisualSound Studio
About video background:
In the first part of this video it is a native and important part of Side Liner performance.
In the second part - it is a live improvisation by VisualSound TV Sudio VJs

Psyfactor in "The Place" club St-Petersburg 6.11.2010 from VisualSound Studio on Vimeo.

Alexander Daf in "The Place" St-Petersburg 6.11.2010 from VisualSound Studio on Vimeo.

Aedem The Place 6 11 2010 from VisualSound Studio on Vimeo.
Organized by Microcosmos.
Recorded live by VisualSound TV Studio.
Video by VisualSound TV Sudio VJs.


Eclipse Festival 2010 - Dubstep Visuals at Stellar Stage

Eclipse Festival 2010 - Dubstep Visuals at Stellar Stage from VJ Epochapex on Vimeo.
VJ Epochapex and DJ Om Shanti at the Stellar Stage during Eclipse Festival 2010, in Quebec, Canada. VJ Hotbot assisting and footage by VJ Protocobb

The Glitch In The System

The Glitch In The System — Video Flyer from VJ Epochapex on Vimeo.
On October 9th, beasts of magic, music and performance art will be released upon unsuspecting Torontonians in true cirQlar fashion!
This triple-headliner event and iLL.METHODOLOGY Album Release will showcase sights and sounds of local and international performers: VibeSquaD (California), Mochipet (California), and iLL.GATES (Toronto), backed up by Rollin' Cash (cirQlar, Hot Pie, Bassgators), ...Purrpelle, T-Minus (Bassgators), dBOOM (Kismet), and Niko (Guelph). The spine-tingling stylings of Miranda Tempest, Peter Jarvis, Circus Alchemy, PyRomeo, Marlowe Porter, and Hala will delight and amaze alongside VJ performances by Epochapex, Protocobb and Hotbot.
Hosted by IT’S NOISE, cirQlar has pulled out all the stops and can't wait to entertain you for the 3rd and final event of our 2010 season!
Saturday, October 9th - 9 pm to Late!
VibeSquad (California)
Mochipet (California)
Rollin' Cash
Niko (Guelph, Ont.)
Miranda Tempest
Peter Jarvis
Circus Alchemy
Marlowe Porter
VJ by SMUC — Epochapex, Protocobb and Hotbot
Decor by Tomasz Ceisla
Live Painting by Rob Sandberg
Hosted by ITS NOISE!
The Great Hall
1087 Queen St. W.
LIMITED $25 Advance Tickets Available Sept 1 at
Earth & Fire (No Service Charge)
489 Queen St
Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 2B4
(416) 203-4138
The Fairies Pyjamas (No Service Charge - Cash Only)
29 Kensington Avenue,
Toronto, ON M5T2J8 -
(647) 343-1876
Shanti Baba
Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 2B5
(416) 504-5034
$30 at The Door
JOIN THE CIRQLAR FACEBOOK GROUP AT​group.php?gid=100505009989130&ref=ts
Music: Bassnectar-Boombox (Bassnectar+iLL.GatesRemix)

The Glitch in The System — Ending from VJ Epochapex on Vimeo.

The Glitch in The System — In Audience from VJ Epochapex on Vimeo.

The Glitch in The System — Backstage from VJ Epochapex on Vimeo.

The Glitch in The System — Up Close and Personal from VJ Epochapex on Vimeo.
The Glitch in The System, October 9, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. This was one event worth remembering.
A 24ft by 16 ft grid screen was built in front of the stage. Each square was 4ft x 4ft. Various actors and actresses were filmed in front of a green screen and mapped on to the grid in different dimensions. The footage was beat matched to the music. The same characters were also at the event doing performances.
Shoutouts to SMUC (Super Mega Ultra Crew): VJ Protocobb, VJ Hotbot, VJ Epochapex.


VFX CONTROL is a complete package to mix video and music files at a glance, thanks to powerful software and a complete MIDI controller featuring a built-in 3 stereo outputs soundcard. It emulates a standard DJ booth including 2 players and a central mixer, coupled with a powerful VJ tool allowing the most amazing effects and transitions, working in sync with your videos and your music!
MixVibes VFX software not only supports most music and video file formats, but also lets you add exclusive content to your performance, such as flash texts and animations, visuals and logos etc. Each audio effect is translated into a visual effect, so that visual effects can be synced to audio. The program even lets you display live video camera feeds!
The supplied MIDI controller was designed to be light and mobile. It fits easily in installations such as bars, clubs or restaurants (19? rack), and comes with a built-in soundcard featuring 2 separate outputs and an extra headphone output for monitoring. For high precision mixing, the 2 touch-sensitive jog wheels will perfectly adjust the BPM (pitch bend) or scratch your music and video files without any latency.
- Artwork cover browsing
- Over 20 effects (audio, video or audio video)
- Effect synchronization on music beat/tempo
- 6 simultaneous effects per deck with parameters settings
- External Control (with MixVibes Vinyl/CD) of up to 4 decks
- Compatible with every soundcard
- Integrated visual generators based on the music energy
- VJandDJ MIDI Controller with 6CH output sound card
- 2 separate RCA line outputs separate 6,3mm jack headphone output
- Complete hands-on control for keyboard-free use
- Media library browsing directly from the controller
- 4 cue points and 4 loops memories per deck (on controller)
- Sensitive jog wheels for precise scratch and pitch bend
- ASIO driver Support
- 3 Band EQ
- USB connection for computer
- Fits standard mobile 19?? DJ racks
- Removable rack plates
- DJ-Tech i-Mix
- DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload
- DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload MK2
- Hercules DJ Console Rmx
- Hercules DJ Control Steel
- Korg nanoPAD
- Korg Pad Kontrol
- MixVibes VFX Control
- Numark Total Control
- Numark Omni Control
- Numark Stealth Control
- Pioneer CDJ-400
- Pioneer MEP-7000
- Reloop Digital Jockey
- Stanton SCS.3d DaScratch
- Vestax VCI-100
- Vestax VCM-100
Minimum System Requirements
WindowsŽ XP SP2 or WindowsŽ Vista SP1 or WindowsŽ 7
Processor IntelŽ Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz or equivalent
3D video card with 256 MB dedicated video memory, DirectX9 compatible secondary monitor output (VGA, DVI, HDMI)
One available USB por
Hard drive space for music and video files
PLEASE NOTE: MixVibes VFX is only available for Windows.
Performance advice:
These are the minimum requirements to run VFX CONTROL. For best performance results, we recommend you buy a higher spec computer.
We recommend Windows 7 over Vista and XP.
We recommend Intel processors.
Global performance depends mainly on CPU, hard disk drive speed and GPU performance.
- Integrated audio sampler
- Video titler: flash animations, pictures, text with animations
- Camera live feed compatible
- Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible
599.00 EUR - See more - Buy online


Create dynamic Flash text for GrandVJ

Heres the second tutorial by Ben Guerrette, aka VJ Ecin from, showing how to take advantage of the Flash capabilities within ArKaos GrandVJ. Note that it will also work for NuVJ and MediaMaster since the variables are the same.
"This one covers the creation of dynamic text visuals. Ill go explain how to tap into the statement variable within Flash so you can create your own text based clips.
Ill also touch on the duration and position variables, which if used properly, allow playback speed adjustment of code based animations. Well be using some basic ActionScript 2.0 thats a little more advanced than the previous tutorial.. "

(vs) XT Text (layer) Module

a demo of visionsonore's text management module for modul8.

Majistrate & Nicol - Bill Murry


El Vuelo De Los Muertos

El Vuelo De Los Muertos from Nick Benidt (VJ Bandit) on Vimeo.
This is a live mix I made. I only did it once and here it is, my first of its' kind.
(Also my first video En español)
Made November 5th
I have listened to this song many times, but I haven't heard it in a couple months. I've always wanted to use this footage with this song to make a video... but didn't get around to it until last night.
I loaded up 5 clips (little sections of Que Viva Mexico by Sergei Eisenstein) into Modul8. I've been using these for a few months as VJ clips at shows so I'm pretty familiar with the clips.. but since it was Day of the Dead on Tuesday, I figured it was time to make it.
So I loaded up the clips into Modul8, listened to the track on itunes while I mixed the clips with my Midi controller, and recorded.
I only did one mix. This is the first and only take. I usually use this same method to create my music videos, except I'll do several or many mixes... and then edit pieces from each trial together and fine tune it in a different program to create the final result.
For this I wanted to do something different, and raw...
Titles done in post.
Music is 'Aves' by Jyraph
Currently free to download and stream at:
Thumbnail is of Jyraph from his E.P. 'La Fuga'

Giant Spiders

Giant Spiders from Tomek Pawluczuk on Vimeo.
a found footage video for music by Grzegorz Mańko

Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ El Molino Opening

Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ El Molino Opening from Telenoika on Vimeo.
Omar Alvarez: 2D, Edition.
Miki Arregui: 3D, Edition.
Albert Callejo: 3D.
Sergi Casero: Audio.
Miguel Gozalbo: Audio.
Irma Vilà: Event management
Santi Vilanova: 2D, Audio, Timeline Sync System.
>> LINKS ksero
· video contents produced using 2D video composition and 3D rendering softwares.
· projected with a 20.000 lumens video beamer at 1024x768.
· used WarpMap as video warper and player. WarpMap is a surface warping and video-player software developped by Eloi Maduell from with Openframeworks libraries.
. used LedMap as 39*237px content player for the Media Facade


BomBaKlaK // VJ Reel // 2010

BomBaKlaK // VJ Reel // 2010 from BomBaKlaK on Vimeo.
Here is my VJ reel with some motion that I play in live.
Audio by :
Dan le Sac Vs Scrobious Pip
Places in order :
Le Zoo (Génève)
Bekult (Doc des suds - Marseille)
Activ Layers (Pont Sainte Maxence )
Partouze Numérique V3 (Bikini - toulouse)
Sweat lodge (Mix'art Myrys - Toulouse)
Partouze numérique V4 (Bikini toulouse)
Live on (Rubiz - Quimperlè)
Chantier numérique #2 (Chantier - Rennes)
Stroke party (UBU - rennes)
Video content :
BomBaKlaK [AIE prod]
Audiovisual label :
AIE prod
Scenography :
“Update” sceno video by BomBaKlaK
“Partouze numérique V3 and V4” sceno video by AIE prod Crew
“Live on” (Rubiz - Quimperlé) sceno video by Scouap and BomBaKlaK
“Stroke party” (Ubu - Rennes) sceno video by Scouap and BomBaKlaK
Thanks for watching

CoGeWebKit Beta 3 released

After a long while an update of the CoGeWebKit Quartz Composer plugin available. The new version fixes some threading issues discovered in Quartz Composer host applications, speeds up the rendering, and enables flash rendering again. The last version of this plugin couldn’t render flash content due the changes in the latest flash player plugin, but i found a solution to do the trick and now – and now, mouse interactions works with flash as well.

Download here – player modules for CoGe and examples included.

CoGeWebKit Beta 3 from luma beamerz on Vimeo.
CoGeWebKit is a Quartz Composer plugin that leverages WebKit to allow offscreen rendering of web technologies including interactive Flash and Java content. Control mouse input, browse normally and post process rendered web pages in Quartz Composer.
More info:

Troker - Visualma - Teatro Diana

Troker - Visualma - Teatro Diana from Visualma on Vimeo.
Visual Design made by VISUALMA for Troker jazz vinyl band that presented their new disc at Teatro Diana in Guadalajara Jalisco, México.
Credits: Michel Meza, Yazz, Diguital Trip, Diego Delmar
Special thanks to: Mónica Rodríguez Licea for her astounding performance.


BAU Infogespräche 2011

BAU Infogespräche 2011 from Genelabo on Vimeo.
BMW Museum Munich - Oktober 2010 - Visuals by Doublevisions for Servicebroker

VJ Set 2

VJ Set 2 from VisualSound Studio on Vimeo.
VJ In-Visible.
Misic by CR42 Ultrapop
Some unknowns artists models ... and custom made in Xeno Dream 2.3
Mixing software VDMX

Ballet Alcoholique

Ballet Alcoholique from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
"Ballet Alcoholique" is an audiovisual experiment which was inspired by Holger Hiller´s "Ohi Ho Bang Bang" (1988) and "Ballet Mecanique" (1924, Fernand Léger, Dudley Murphy)
The Audio Track and its corresponding Video were recorded and created solely out (and unfortunately also under the influence) of Alcohol (and one cigarette). Therefore a typical Austrian artistic approach.
Reinhold Bidner
thanks to
1n0ut / Gold Extra



Showreel #1 from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
some works from 2007

Showreel #2 from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
Showreel with various Material of 1n0uts Visual/VJ sets.
Sound by: Evirgen

1n0ut (Austria)
1n0ut is an artist duo that works both collaboratively and individually on a variety of video and interactive art projects with a focus on generating synesthetic experiences. The artists mix analogue and digital processes in their work to achieve a perfect aesthetic blend which can be understood as a reflection upon all of our lives. Cross-disciplinary by nature, their approaches reach from a self programmed real-time multimedia system based on Robert Praxmarer's code experiments to the charming photo stills and composed video works from Reinhold Bidner. Both like to think in shades of grey - between black and white - which gives the audience an experience of fuzziness, fault and, despite algorithmic perfection, harmony.

CPU (Central Processing Unit) - 13min Version from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
A stereoscopic Realtime Performance based on Kafka´s "The Trial"
by 1n0ut (Robert Praxmarer, Reinhold Bidner)
Winner of the Media Art Award Salzburg
In Franz Kafka’s THE TRIAL, 1n0ut found a world full of loops, repeats, instructions and protocols which are familiar parts of every computer programme. This classic text becomes the springboard for a stereoscopic real-time dance theatre piece. The images of the performers are gathered digitally, manipulated and remixed live to plunge an audience each wearing 3D cinema glasses headlong into a thrilling and disturbing illusory world. What steers mankind, what goes, what is lie, what is the logic of the absurd and what the illogicality of reality?
A remarkable adventure, which discovers new forms of expression to question the nature of reality and personal identity.
Artistic Direction
1n0ut (Robert Praxmarer, Reinhold Bidner)
Dance - Acting - Choreography:
Michael Kuttnig (Josef K.)
Ulrike Hager
Kathrin Wankelmuth
Nanina Kotlowski
Doku Cam: Ramsy Gsenger (Ars Electronica Futurelab)

CONfusions from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
CONfusions is an experimental realtime video sound portrait of Prague. With algorithmic deconstruction of architectural photographs the city is reconstructed in a visual flow which serves as a metaphor for transition and change. This work tries to catch the vibe and speed of Prague, steadily reconstructed, torn apart for new shopping centers, blending all together and leaving the illusion of beauty in a monotone but colorful self-consuming void.
It is an exploration departing from urban microstructures to a more general view onto our lifestyles of speed, consumption and visual entertainment. Analog fragments are melted with digital algorithms to question what is left ?
Sound produced and authorised by "the ecstasy of saint theresa" (Prague/CZ)
Thanks to Palac Akropolis Prague, CIANT Prague, Pepinieres pour les jeunes artistes, EU Culture 2000, Prague City Hall, MAP XXL, Prague Ministry of Culture
This work was first shown at the Digital Transit show of ARCO Madrid (ESP).

1Dentity from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
Live Performance, Paris 2009, VisionSonic Festival
1d_entity is a live interactive dance performance which explores the paradigm of recordings and playback of a dancer. The work reflects methaphorical on topics of data mining (googleism), simulation and surveillance in the digital realm and counterphrases it with us as human beings.
Sampling of life will go beyond DNA analysis, so this work tries to focus on the aspects of sampling human patterns and emotions, and remix and deconstruct them.
Can human behaviour be coded as a chain of granular recordings and synthesis of us, is there a microcosm of feelings which can be arranged like atoms in molecules ? Did all start in one point and are we converging to this first dimension again? This is no answer but an experiment...
by 1n0ut
Dancer: Yasmine Hugonnet

MOVE - Installation from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
„Move“ ist eine interaktive Installation, die es den Besuchern erlaubt Teil einer endlosen Choreographie zu werden. Konkret kann jede/r 3 Sekunden seine besten „Tanzmoves“ zeigen, die Installation speichert diese, verbindet sie mit bereits vorhandenen Tanzmustern von anderen Besuchern und zeigt eine immer neu collagierte Choreographie aus dem gesammelten Bewegungsmaterial.
Eine spielerische Auseinandersetzung mit Tanz und Choreographie, die auch nicht professionellen Tänzern Spaß an Bewegung vermitteln soll. Endprodukt ist ein kollektiver Tanz aller Besucher, der sich ständig neu erfindet.
Darüber hinaus hinterfragt die Installation Themen wie Sampling, Remix und Artificial Life. Ist es möglich durch Speicherung von menschlichen Mustern, einer Maschine so etwas wie Kreativität einzuhauchen?
MOVE entstand im Rahmen der Ausschreibung Podium09 des Landes Salzburg.

Classical music projection

Amèriques from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
A live visualisation of Edgar Varése´s 24min piece "Amèriques", performed live with Bruckner Orchester Linz (conducted by Dennis Russell Davies) at Ars Electronica Festival 2008, during the "Sonorous Embodiment" Concert Night at Brucknerhaus Linz.
Dance: Nanina Kotlowski
Software: C++ / Openframeworks
Doku Cam: Ramsy Gsenger (Ars Electronica Futurelab)

Klangdimensionen from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
Realtime Stereoscopic live piano concert visualisation​klangdimensionen
Software: C++, Openframeworks
Doku Cam: Ramsy Gsenger

Klangdimensionen Showreel from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
Showreel for our performance Klangdimensionen:
A realtime stereoscopic live piano concert visualisation​klangdimensionen
Software: C++, Openframeworks
Visualisation: 1n0ut
Piano: Juri Sachno


ste-sco (loop)

ste-sco (loop) from beeple on Vimeo.
Free source material released under Creative Commons.
Cinema 4D project file:​resources.php
daily artwork:​beeple

Intangible States by Stray Dogs & Legoman

Intangible States by Stray Dogs & Legoman (long version with interview) from legoman (AntiVJ) on Vimeo.
Intangible States
Live audiovisual performance by Stray Dogs & Legoman
Intangible States evokes the world of the urban nomad. Always in transit, everything seems a series of dreamlike states in which memories, the real and the imaginary collide.
Stray Dogs (Frederik Meulyzer & Koenraad Ecker) / music
Legoman (Yannick Jacquet) / visuals, lighting, scenography
Simon Geilfus / creative coding


X from l'oeil dans la main on Vimeo.
musique : Monster X​beatzemonster
video : l'oeil dans la main​odlm


A Visual Journey for Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity by DiDi Rengin & Zerdesh

A Visual Journey for Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity by DiDi Rengin & Zerdesh from zerdesh on Vimeo.
A Visual Journey for Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity (Ott's New Yoghurt Loom mix)
Footages from :
Light Of Life
Water and Color

Orchidelia - a one minute film

Orchidelia - a one minute film from Udart (Vibeke Bertelsen) on Vimeo.
In Orchidelia a small orchid lights up and becomes the canvas of a living light painting. The moving shapes and patterns on the delicate white petals pulse with the music. Perhaps the small flower is trying to communicate something to our species?
Materials: A white orchid, video projector, After Effects.
Film by: Vibeke Bertelsen
Music by:
Genesia - Ds Machine
Stidiek - Boxing For a Job
Both artists available from

VJ Tourna 2010 Budapest summary

"This has been my third Tourna thus far, not including the two tournaments that were held in Geneva during the Mapping Festival editions 2009 and 2010. My first experience with a VJ tournament, VJ Tourna Budapest 2008, was a revelation. I had very low expectations in a field that I thought, for the most part, was more community oriented and not about being competative. What made me change my mind about VJ tournaments or battles is what such an event demonstrates: what exactly consitutes the act of VJ’ing.

Our most recent Tourna was in Sao Paolo, Brazil. We were flattened and flattered by the energy of this young and energetic community. 50 VJ’s battling for the top 3 titles. Even as people were elminated, the majority of the participants were there to watch the drama unfold. I heard from one of the contestants that in the days leading up to the tournament the VJ’s from out of town would stay in their rooms working and playfully shouting insults at each other.

Of the group mentioned above there were a handful in Budapest. VJ Victor Robson, the winner of the tournament in Brazil came to try and retain the title, Erms with his live video feed mask dancing and his images of sexy inuendo, Rodrigo Saba with a darth vader like mask that barely hides his enthusiasm for VJ’ing and life in general, etc…

For me the highlight of VJ Tourna Budapest 2010 was the final deliberation. The numbers added up to Erms assuming the titles of VJ Champion and VJ Battle Champion. While the numbers from the jury voting stated that the top title was his, there were dissenting voices that felt that the work of VJ Victor Robson deserved recognition, as his work made serious attempts at transcending the VJ medium by incorportating clear and simple messages about monetary values. The example that moved us was a simple switching of two clips, the first of a rotating diamond and that of a person searching for diamonds, kneed deep in muddy water.

It was decided in the end that Erms should receive the title of VJ Champion, the big prize: flight and accommodation for the next Tourna that will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, and Victor Robson the title of VJ Battle Champion. The reason for this decision was to make a statement. Overall performance should be matched with the abillity to communicate ideas. The third place was clearly settled on the Hungarian contender Exlex. Also of mention was VJ Chico and the special award went to Rodrigo Saba for sheer enthusiasm.

While the overall quality of the work at VJ Tourna Budapest 2010 was not as solid and strong a showing as what inspired me back in 2008, the back story is that there were 3 editions prior to our attendance that year where the VJ’s and been coached via commentary by the jury. We had witnessed the product. In contrast, the now growing community of VJ’s from Brazil is relatively new. The work of fostering this new and highly energized community has just begun and I very much look forward to assisting, guiding and witnessing its evolution."


Light Installation @ UAP Unlimited Dinner

Light Installation @ UAP Unlimited Dinner from Kyle McLean on Vimeo.
Everyone is Happy Productions was asked to create a site specific light installation for Urban Art Projects (UAP). As a part of the Unlimited Asia-Pacific design triennial, UAP hosted a dinner bringing together 70 leading business people, policy makers, designers, researchers and academics.​
Programing: Kyle McLean
Editing: Eva Luenig
Camera work: Pancho Colladetti, Eva Luenig
Music: Antony Raijekov (CC BY)

building mapping

Kaptam egy segítség kérő levelet, melyet most nektek továbbítok:

"Sokéves analóg vetítés után szívesen belemerülnék a building mapping vetítésbe, de valójában nem tudom, hogy is fogjak neki. A szükséges programok kiválasztásához átolvastam jó pár fórumot, de a számos javaslat miatt döntésképtelenné váltam, és attól tartok, hogy olyan progikra szánok feleslegesen időt, amikkel a végén nem is tudom megvalósítani az elképzelésemet, vagy épp ellenkezőleg: túllövök vele a célon, miközben azt egyszerűbben is megoldhatnám.

Szóval abban kérném a segítségedet, hogy adj tanácsot, milyen programokkal kezdjek neki, illetve ha van néhány gyakorlati javaslatod az induláshoz, azt is szívesen fogadnám. Ahogy a fórumon is írtam, nem tudom, van-e jelentősége, de Premier, Photoshop, Corel alapokkal vágok bele."

Aki tud valami okosat mondani, bátran írjon!

On iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone, New MIDI Support, via Wires, Wireless

A demonstration of using the Pianist Pro with the Apple Camera Connection Kit as a USB MIDI interface. Plug in a MIDI sound module and control it from your iPad. Alternatively plug in a MIDI keyboard and use Pianist Pro as a simple MIDI recording studio.
Coming soon in Pianist Pro V1.8.
Note that although the iPad will not recognise unpowered USB devices, bus-powered keyboards can be used with a dual-input USB cable and a powered USB hub.

For more info, please visit
iConnectMIDI enables connecting your iOS Application running on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to MIDI devices or computers running other MIDI applications.
Note: The iConnectMIDI shown in this clip is an early prototype and may not exactly represent as released.

Learn more at
MIDI Mobilizer™ is the first MIDI interface for iPhone and iPod touch. Play, record, and backup MIDI data including POD® patches, synth sounds, and more any time, any place.
Post a video postcard with the tag midi mobilizer postcard, and well post our favorites in the Line 6 blog.

MIDI interface for your iPad - yes it DOES work with that as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Comes with MIDI Memo a basic recording app. More reviews, news and videos at

New for Pianist Pro in the V1.2 update.
Control your DAW and hardware synths wirelessly via OSC with Pianist Pro. Use Pure Data (a free application for both OSX and Windows) on your PC to receive the OSC calls and translate them into MIDI messages to suit your setup.
Play your digital piano from the sofa, or even from another room...
For more information see our website at-

(Link: createdigitalmusic)


αperformance | 2010

αperformance | 2010 from box36 on Vimeo.
composizione del gruppo e ruoli all'interno del progetto
luca mannino | ideazione & progettazione
antonio cusimano | editing video & programmazione
luca rinaudo | audio composing
fabrizio pietrolati | performer
daniele della valle | shooting
roma | galleria1 | teatro mitreo | 24.09.2010

CoGe and Syphon

"Guys, let me show you some new, really interesting and important stuff called Syphon.

Syphon is a new media framework for Mac OSX 10.6, developed by Anton ‘vade’ Marini and Tom ‘bangnoise’ Butterworth, designed for sharing frames on the GPU within application. What does it means exactly? In a nutshell, a Syphon enabled app can send/receive frames from any other Syphon enabled app, basically for free – where free means the framework is free, but the more interesting point Syphon shares frames within application without duplicating any resources – full frame rate video or still sharing, so you will not loosing a lots of FPS using this tool, so it is exremely fast!

This means you can receive full frame rate video to CoGe from any ‘Syphon-able’ application like Max/MSP/Jitter, Quartz Composer, Unity 3D or FreeFrameGL hosts – and can send as well!

Actually, CoGe has no built-in support for Syphon, but Syphon has a Quartz Composer plugin, which you can download on the project site with bundled modules for CoGe!

More info and download on the Syphon project site:

And here is a quick example video about CoGe and Syphon:"

CoGe and Syphon #1 from luma beamerz on Vimeo.
Simple demonstration of how to using the Quartz Composer powered Syphon Client and Server in CoGe with Syphon QC bundled CoGe player and fx module.
More info on Syphon:​
More info on CoGe:​

loops pack "ABSTRACTION"

Download loops pack "ABSTRACTION" in 1280x720 pixels @
Please,if you download packs,make one or two clicks on the ads by google.
Blog will be update regularly.


kAyce FA(s)T 001

kAyce FA(s)T 001 from kAyce Video on Vimeo.

Capturing the screen as a DV signal over Firewire

"I have found a way to transfer a live video screen capture from one Mac to another Mac using DV over Firewire.
This might be useful for VJs who want to mix video from two computers without using a capture card – the 5$ in the title of this post is for buying a Firewire cable.
Have a look at this video tutorial or read on for a text version – sorry about the less than optimal video and audio quality – this is my first attempt at doing a tutorial:

Capturing the screen as a DV signal over Firewire from Udart (Vibeke Bertelsen) on Vimeo.
First of all you need to download a couple of components which I have collected in a handy zip file: DV screen capture components
Here are the links for the original sources of the components in the zip file:
Please be aware that as I have not created the software I have no way of making changes or helping out if this hack does not work for you.
1. Connect the two Macs with a Firewire cable.
2. Download the software and start up the VirtualDV app on both computers. This is to fool the computers into believing there is a hardware DV device connected
tutorial 1
Step 2
3. Unpack the file and install the plugin into /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins
4. Start up QuartzComposerLiveDV on the computer that you want to capture video from.
5. Click apple+o and open one of the files inside the ’screen sizes’ folder – select a file that matches the area of the screen you want to capture.
tutorial 2
Step 5
6. Now if you see a live screen capture in the window inside QuartzComposerLiveDV you’re up and running.
tutorial 3
Step 6
7. Check that it works by going to the receiving computer and open Quicktime Player. Open the Recording tab in the Preferences pane of Quicktime to check that a new video source has been created.
tutorial 4
Step 7
Things to note:
- I have only tested this on Leopard. Let me know if get it working on other versions of Mac OS.
- There is a visible delay as with other DV sources. This is because DV is a compressed format and so it also takes some CPU resources on both machines
- No sound is transmitted although sound is a part of the DV codec. I think this i because there is no sound included in the QuartzComposerLiveDV app.
- It’s only possible to capture the primary screen due to the way that v002ScreenCapture works.
- Keep the QuartzComposerLiveDV app visible – if you go apple+H the DV signal stops.
Other uses:
- You could also connect a DV camera and record the screen cast if that is of any use to you…
- Or you could load up any other Quartz Composer file in QuartzComposerLiveDV and send that instead. (I tried this and not all QC comps work. I am not sure why…)"