VPlay: An Interactive Surface for VJing

Ez az! Ilyen kell nekünk! Hol lehet kapni?
VPlay: An Interactive Surface for VJing from Stuart Taylor on Vimeo.
VPlay is an interactive multi-touch surface designed to open up the practice of VJing, encouraging new creative dialogues to be formed between VJs and members of the audience.

Gnarly Video Mixer by William Rood

Ez egy érdekes web-es videó mixer William Rood-tól, jól el lehet vele játszogatni... Kattintsatok a képre és elindul...
" William Rood has created a somewhat inscrutable—but mind-boggling—gnarl investigating page, just click on the screen-captured image [above]. It’s like flying an alien spaceship, with control buttons that you don’t understand. No matter, keep on clicking and gaze your fill. "


EXYZT is a inter disciplinary collective based in paris ( architects, artists, cooks, graphic designer, vj's, ... )

" Prototype du projet d'installation visuelle et sonore dans le cadre du projet momento monumento / année de la france au brésil Installation prévue à Sao Paulo Prototype réalisé au 104 rue d'Aubervi... "

" Boom-Box / Dj'stage / EXYZT / 1024 / Nuit-Blanche / Amiens / 4. oct 2008 "

Frames Per Second - Exhibition in Salon Projektionist - Vienna

" Video- and photoinstallation at Salon Projektionist (Vienna) by Bopa and Bruno Tait. The outcome of the artist collective Deutzer Freiheit’s time spent in the artist in residence programme hosted by Quartier21 in the Museums Quartiers in Vienna Nov-Dec 2008.
An exhibition of works based on the idea of using video and slide projectors to capture a random moment in time from animations on photographic paper. "
Frames Per Second - Exhibition in Salon Projektionist - Vienna from dirk rauscher on Vimeo.


Electrobooking artists @ BeKult 1.0

Electrobooking artists @ BeKult 1.0 from VJ TinTin on Vimeo.
ELECTROBOOKING DJ's & Vj's @ BeKult 1.0
MARSEILLE (fr) - Dock des Suds
::::::::: DJ'S & Liveset :::::::::
MAT Weasel Buster
GUIGOO Narkotek
Neurokotrol aka N'ko (UTF)
Elektrobugz aka beun's
BEN 9mm
:::::::::: VJ'S :::::::::::
Le Collagiste (AIE prod / Epyce)
TinTin (UTF / Vizuhell)
Bombaklak (AIE prod)
Templar (Vizuhell)


club le Zoo

VJ LEGOMAN (Yannick Jacquet) 2004 novembertől 2006 februárig volt a genovai Club le Zoo rezidense. Most ennek az időszaknak az anyagaiból válogatok.

Legoman - VJ demo feb 08 from lego_man on Vimeo.
filmed at "Le Zoo" - Geneva - Switzerland

My first VJ demo - 15 oct 05 from lego_man on Vimeo.
Filmed at "le Zoo" of geneva on october 15th 2005

Minimal - Calv^^os (Granada)

A granadai (Spain) Calv^^os minimalban (is) utazik:

wind tunnel from Calv^^os on Vimeo.

SEXDANCE from Calv^^os on Vimeo.
proyección erótica

dancefloor from Calv^^os on Vimeo.
live performance


Documentary exploring VJ Culture

A V.I.A. (Visually Impaired Artists) csapat Vj dokumentumfílm sorozatba kezdett a VJ kultúráról.

CTRL ALT SHIFT DOCUMENTARY from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
A documentary exploring VJ Culture.

3 Minute Wonder - CTRL ALT SHIFT from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
Ctrl Alt Shift.
Documentary Exploring VJ culture. 3 Minute Wonder Edit For Channel 4.

CtrlAltShift - Trailer: from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
CtrlAltShift is a documentary on VJ Culture.
This is a Trailer.
Documentary Includes interviews with
Light Surgeons
Addictive TV
Vj AnyOne

V.I. Artists (Visually Impaired Artists) Falmouth, Cornwall (UK)

With over six years experience in the live events industry, the V.I. Artists cultivate a range of digital disciplines for the mutual love of live performance.
With professional backgrounds in the Broadcasting, Film and Live events industries our live performances bring together a mix of Animation, Motion Graphics, 8mm, Film & Video, Video feedback, live camera work and Lighting Design.
As artists we like to create visual atmospheres that accompany live music performance. For this we use non based & modular based narrative.
We have extensive video & lighting experience, both install and live performance, within the live events industry.
Previous Live Performances Include:
Numerous Venues;
• Pendulum
• Benga
• Coolio
• Quantic Soul Orchestra
• Zero 7 (DJ)
• Scratch Perverts
• Dizzy Rascal (Lighting Design)
• Lemon Jelly (Lighting Design)
• DJ Yoda (Lighting Design)
• Mr Scruff (lighting Design)
• Zane Lowe (Lighting Design)
• DJ Format (Rip Curl Boardmasters Festival 2008)
• Rodney P (Rip Curl Board Masters Festival 2008)
• The Nextmen (Rip Curl Board Masters Festival 2008)
• Part Time Heroes (Rip Curl Board Masters Festival 2008)
• Kids In Glass houses (Rip Curl Board Master Festival 2008)
• Shapeshifter (Rip Curl Board Masters Festival 2008)
• Howard Marks (Surf Stock Festival 2008)
• Plump Djs (Custard Factory New Years Eve 2008)
• Simian Mobile Disco (Custard Factory New Years Eve 2008)
• 2ManyDjs (Custard Factory New Years Eve 2008)

Si LogiK-Music Compiled by Gawain Carey from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
Live mix by VJ's Dopamine @ Dizreli at logic sense Falmouth
A special blend for Si Van StrapMan

V.I.A MegaMix - Music Compiled and mixed by Gawain Carey from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
V.I.A MegaMix - Music Compiled and mixed by Gawain Carey

8mm Cini Splice from V.I. Artists on Vimeo.
These are some of the raw footage files I spliced together of an old 8mm home film - One for the post studio. . .



Ha valakinek szüksége lenne virág loop-okra és megelégszik a hagyományos flv felbontással, akkor Kevin Hackett Vimeos oldaláról a megfelelő programokkal 41-et letőlthet. ( Nem mindegyik virág!... )
Egy kis ízelítő:

4 Arm Flowers from Kevin Hackett on Vimeo.
This is the third set of flower animations made with love for a Guaranteed Lei, an annual music festival here in Phoenix Arizona. The flowers were textured in Photoshop and Illustrator by Jordi, who has been a source of inspiration throughout this project. Thank you, for making these that much more special to me.

5 Arm Flower Burst from Kevin Hackett on Vimeo.
This is the third set of flower animations made with love for Guaranteed Lei, an annual music festival here in Phoenix Arizona. The flowers were textured in Photoshop and Illustrator by Jordi, who has been a source of inspiration throughout this project. Thank you, for making these that much more special to me.

Easter Visuals 2009 clip 4 from Kevin Hackett on Vimeo.
Loop created for Easter 2009, but can be used any time of year. VJs download and enjoy.


Here the future! - Multimodal Brain Orchestra (Prague)

Agyhullámokkal vezérelt hangszerek és VJ!!!!!!

" ( Prague, hosted the world premiere of the, wait for it, wait for it, OK…Brain Orchestra. The Multimodal Brain Orchestra, led by both a traditional and an “emotional conductor”, preformed music and VJ’d using the “band’s” brain waves and heart rate.
Four members of the “orchestra” are equipped with special WWII Fighter Plane helmets with electrodes that take a real-time “photo” of the brain’s electrical activity, called an electroencephalograph. The graphs of those brain waves are projected onto one of two large screens above the orchestra. The performers launch sounds or affect their frequencies and modulations based on two well-characterised effects seen in EEGs: the steady-state visually evoked potential (SSVEP), and the so-called P300 signal. Two other members view a mini TV, with flashing rows and columns of letters, and told to look for a particular letter, which is then translated into sound. "


The art of mobile mapping

Kicsit mókás, de jó! :))

" They’re not as recognized as their sound counterparts, DJs, but VJs, as in video jockeys, are growing in number. Now no longer are they confined to techno-clubs or stuffy galleries, VJs and visual artists alike are building mobile video devices and taking to the street. WRS video journalist met with French mappers, VJ Lupin and VJ Oblivion, and Mexican visual artist, Fernando Llanos, and his video-dog Chamaco. The 5th Annual Mapping Festival takes place in Geneva until Sunday, May 17. "
By Amy Wong, World Radio Switzerland

Girls - Mono (Bucharest)

Mono (Mononoke), vagyis Monica Mono bukaresti ifjú művész, VJ, előadó, grafikus,képszerkesztő így vall magáról:

" arts&mathematics, communication without words, autism&sanatorium minds.
Music | i love music that makes me feel something | ------------------------------------------------------------ materidouska, aoki takamasa, tujiko noriko, AGRO, mlada fronta, brazda lui novac, my robot friend, electronicat, noze, silent strike, selfmademusic ... dynamo, log-in-out, kruder&dorfmeister, boards of canada, BUGGE WESSELTOFT, elysian fields, sixtoo, [mi]u-zik, lali puna, AIR, telepopmusic, thievery corporation, radiohead... ------------------------------------------------------------ | there's time for more experimental^industrial^noise^IDM^indie&... drum'n'bass.... C9H13NO3, ACIDULATE, Proket, Tech Itch, Dylan, Limewax, Ogonek&Cooh, Spor, Digital Soul, Counterstrike, BSE, Infiltrata, Raiden, Noisia, Cruel intensions...Psychofreud, DJ K, Capital J, Exile, Zombie fleash eater.......bla bla ragga-jungle^breakcore^HARDCORE RUFF RUFF RUFF STUFF |
Status: In a Relationship
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Occupation: VJ/ Promoter/ motionographer/ Image editor "

reel_m o n o_

THE rights



Vrgb VHS Visual Music Composition n.002

Egy példa arra, mit lehet kezdeni pár régi VHS magnóval:
Vrgb VHS Visual Music Composition n.002 from Jan Dybala JD Video on Vimeo.
" “Vrgb VHS Visual Music Composition n.002″ is video with excerpts from a live mixing session performed on 8 VCR decks with some analog feedback/delay effects by Jan Dybala. Glitches all over the place! "

first vj showreel

Stefano Rigano olasz fílmkészítő megpróbálkozott a VJ-vel is...
first vj showreel - vimeo milk shake ! from Stefano Rigano on Vimeo.
vimeo milk shake! just put everything in vdmx blender,
a pinch of quartz composer, volume set to max and wait for neighbours ;)
music by Kid606


Interface 27



TOULOUSE, 17 avril 2009.
REPORT Partouze Numerik 2.0 from Dc OLFTA on Vimeo.
c'était au BIKINI TOULOUSE le 17 avril 2009
JAMES PUMPING aka teknologik
Pour le son , et
pour la vidéo vivante....
et encore merci au KZP pour leur installation ,ce fut un réel plaisir de jouer sur ces écrans.
*Vidéo,image et montage made by DENDENMUSHI(VJ), TED BRICKMAN(VJ) et Dc OLFTA(VJ)
*musique james PUMPING


Dance and abstract

Jacob (Michigan, united sates) rakta össze ezt a kicsit széteső anyagot...

worldwidewarnings (Dennis edit) from jacob on Vimeo.
i took people's suggestions i'm open to critique or suggestions or any feedback really
the female dancer (Blakeley White-McGuire) is playing the part of Cassandra, a prophetess who sees visions of evil. she warns the people that the king is being murdered.
the male dancer (Kerville Jack) plays the part of the Messenger of Death, which is not a specific character from Greek Drama but was created by Martha Graham to create an atmosphere of foreboding and inevitability. this abstract figure can represent many things: Fate, Fear, Guilt, Inevitability, Karma, etc. in this solo, the Messenger of Death sets the tone for Graham’s telling of the Agamemnon saga in Clytemnestra.
a symbolic metaphor was established between the characters and our planet's many warnings of the serious and eventual irreversible consequences of climate change.


vj Fabinho (Brazil) 2

Újabb fílmek Vj Fabinho-tól.

Sobrinhas da tia - vj Fabinho from vj Fabinho on Vimeo.
loops render apple motion,mix clip in modul8

DJ MORGANA from vj Fabinho on Vimeo.

Goasia - Defected Reactor final master_Vj Fabinho from vj Fabinho on Vimeo.
photoshop,after fx,poser, mix modul8

Claudio Sinatti (Milano, Italy) 2

Azt hiszem érdemes folytatni Claudio Sinatti bemutatását...

Carillon Radioland from Claudio Sinatti on Vimeo.
excerpts from mixed media performance Carillon Radioland with Stephan Mathieu.
Carillon Radioland
Stephan Mathieu / Claudio Sinatti
live @ Museo della Triennale
Milano - Italy
May 13th 2007

Art of Football from Claudio Sinatti on Vimeo.
real time video mapping and sound reactive visuals...
Nike Art of Football after party
music: Sebastien Tellier, Mstrkrft, Juan Mclean
visuals: Claudio Sinatti
location: Magazzini Generali, Milano Italy
programming: Andrea Buono
compositing: Francesco Capone
agency: Sartoria
production: Emenem

Symbiosis Orchestra from Claudio Sinatti on Vimeo.
excerpts from Symbiosis Orchestra's mixed media performance.
Year : 2006
Location : Stazione Leopolda - Firenze
Event : Fabbrica Europa Festival
On stage: Scanner, Andrea Gabriele, Claudio Sinatti, Stefano Tedesco


Claudio Sinatti (Milano, Italy)

Claudio Sinatti olasz multimédia művész.
Beszéljenek helyettem a munkái!

" I am a multimedia artist.
I live in Milan Italy. "

Elevation from Claudio Sinatti on Vimeo.
real time projection on church facade
Claudio Sinatti 2008
music by Giuseppe Ielasi
Chiesa di S. Giovanni Battista ed Evangelista

Deaf Center / Sinatti from Claudio Sinatti on Vimeo.
Deaf Center + Claudio Sinatti mixedmedia performance
NODE festival, Modena
June 2008
camera and editing Andrea Buono

MITO Electronic Night Party from Claudio Sinatti on Vimeo.
with Saturnino, Alioscia, Villari, Stefano Fontana, Nicola Guiducci, Claudio Sinatti.
Milan, September 2008
camera and editing Gabriele Giussani

b-seite - festival

Élőben Mannheim-ből.
b-seite - festival für visuelle kunst und jetztkultur from sinsynplus on Vimeo.
live | mannheim 2009


Olga Mink 2

Olga Minkről már többször volt szó - link1, link2, link3 -, most itt egy újabb adag videó: 

musicvideo from Olga Mink on Vimeo.

Atlantida, Installation at 2nd Biennial of the Canaries 2009 from Olga Mink on Vimeo.
Commissioned work by Olga Mink and Scanner, presented at the second Biennial of the Canaries 2009 at Las Palmas.
A multi-channel video with immersive sound work, that addresses the themes of silence and landscape with location recordings of each of the seven volcanic islands captured in high detail. Its ten minute duration presents an ethereal sequence of scenes that resonates with the glory of the natural environment. Mink and Scanner captured the idea of silence and human intervention, by creating traces through different areas which adresses the existence of the real and imagined landscapes that they've confronted and readjusted throughout their journey...

Sans Soleil from Olga Mink on Vimeo.
Video by Olga Mink -
Sound by Scanner -
HD video and super8.


A PIXELS Transversaux kínálatából egy újabb anyag:

#14 - ETIENNE DE FRANCE @ VISIONSONIC (28 Fev. 2009) from PIXELS Transversaux on Vimeo.
Performance A/V : Etienne de France
Fable ou métaphore, Tales of a Sea Cow est un travail multimedia (texte, installation, video performance) illustrant de fictionnelles récentes recherches qui ont permis de nouvelles découvertes grâce à première traduction d’une pensée animale: celle d’une espèce marine que l’on pensait éteinte depuis 1768, la Rhytine de Steller (Hydrodamalis gigas). Dans cette performance A/V, le son and la video sont joués en live pendant environ 25mn. La video offre une structure narrative de base qui est modulaire et donc improvisable en live. L’improvisation (montage, utilisation d’effects, interaction son-image), proposent une version live de la video Tales of a Sea-Cow. L’ajout de nouvelles séquences et l’improvisation ne servent pas à présenter un remix de la video, mais plutôt à tenter de presenter ce travail métaphorique dans un sens élargi et de questionner ses structures narratives dans le contexte d’une performance.


Girls - Anna Olmo (ITALY)

Az olasz Anna Olmo sok dologgal foglalkozik: videó, fotó, web kódokat ír, flash, stb.

" I was born and live in Italy. From 1994 I use many kind of media to write: video, photos, codes like html, dhtml, php, javascript, flash and so on, and obviously: the pen. I worked in the advertising area from almost 13 years, 6 of them in collaboration with the painter Paola Rattazzi.
Some of my videos were showed in New York, Baia Mare (Romania), Italy, Germany and so on. For details about exhibitions and awards I won please visit or "

Cover version for VJ exhibition. Track: Colore - Paola Molgora. from Anna Olmo on Vimeo.
" Vedrete cose che voi umani non potete neanche immaginare....
Torino, Il Pueblo - 25 aprile 2009
dalle 22.
Grazie Menestrello! "

Lupa - Paola Molgora from Anna Olmo on Vimeo.
Video dal disco di esordio di Paola Molgora "Train to Loveland", 2009

Deriva 1: Il corpo // Detournement 1: The body from Anna Olmo on Vimeo.
An ipnotic carillon of lights and words: the body is covered by the images of our daylife, it's only the proiection of the Show (in the meaning of Guy Debord).
Un carillon ipnotico di luci e parole: quando il corpo diventa proiezione dello spettacolo, in-vestito dalle immagini che "accordano" il quotidiano.


PIXELS Transversaux

A PIXELS Transversaux a videó művészek platformja. Ma innen válogatok.

" Les PIXELS Transversaux is a platform dedicated to video art and to many disciplines using video (circus, danse, music, ...). Located in La Générale en Manufacture in Sèvres near Paris (supported by DRAC Ile de France), it is part of its ambitious programme to propose a creative and artistic place in particular towards to the visual arts, music and new technologies. For further information on la générale en manufacture, visit the website :
A year after installing in the Générale en Manufacture, you will find below an initial review and summary of activities of les PIXELS Transversaux.
At the opening, our objective was the development of a creative place, exchange and diffusion dedicated to video art live: A / V live, Vjing, live cinema, visual, ...
We have established artists residencies, workshops initiation, hosted meetings of reflection, organized broadcasts public works and promoted the current scene with VisionSonic dvds.
A few figures : 25 creations in residence, 50 performance and projections; 5 projects were born in Sèvres; slots open rehearsal for projects programmed festival Vision'r; 9 evenings VisionSonic with 29 performances and 50 artists, etc.
We have not yet fixed on the future of the Générale en Manufacture to the end of this year, but whateverwe stay on the current dynamic. We are right now:
. to create an internet platform dedicated to the video art live called URAMIA.
. to organize in partnership with the Center Rebérioux of Créteil a festival of AV performances called Cinesthesy
. to prepare the next VisionSonic by developing them at the international level.
. and finally to prepare the next residences.
Contact : "

#7 - MATTERLINK @ VISIONSONIC (20 Déc. 2008) from PIXELS Transversaux on Vimeo.
" erlink livre un show hybrid de live video/audio sampling. Son set le plus récent, “Dismembered Beats”, retravaille le sous genre de “Kung Fu manchot/cul de jatte”. Avec son clavier, il joue les sons provenant des films appropriés, plan par plan, avec les images originales attachées. Il joue ces samples live, créant des paysages sonores et des beats inattendus tandis que sur l’écran les images kaléidoscopent.
”Parmi les vamplers célèbres, les pionniers Negativland, Coldcut ou The Light Surgeons mais aussi Matterlink, spécialiste barré du cut-up vidéo, qui rejoue depuis son clavier, des plans de films en utilisant le potentiel sonore des images” (Liberation).
Matterlink a travaillé avec DJ Spooky, Andrew Sharpley (Stock, Hausen and Walkman), Alexei Borisov (Notchnoi Prospekt)… et plus récemment, Elmapi dans son projet Video Love. "

#6 - “éêËhu jaune" @ VISIONSONIC (20 Dec. 2008) / WORK IN PROGRESS from PIXELS Transversaux on Vimeo.
" “éêËhu jaune” (Pascale Gustin / performance vidéo de poésie sonore)
“éêËhu jaune” est déployé dans l’espace sur deux écrans.
L’écran jaune : des caractères typographiques se déplacent dans un environnement 3D selon un ensemble de trois règles formelles que la partie sonore vient perturber.
Réalisé à partir d’une image glanée sur le net de “Pavillon-livre” de Fortunato Depero, un poème vidéo est projeté sur le second écran. Dans cette partie, le sonore est utilisé pour générer les caractères typographiques et leur imprimer un mouvement qui dévore l’image.
Ce dispositif interactif a été réalisé lors d’une résidence à Pixels Transversaux du 8 au 14 décembre 2008. "

#9 - CHECKPOINT 303 @ VISIONSONIC (2 Fev. 2009) from PIXELS Transversaux on Vimeo.
" CHECKPOINT 303 [Palestine / France / Tunisie]
electro / break-beats / recycled audio / vidéo
L’expérience avant-gardiste naît en 2004 lorsque le Sound Cutter tunisien SC MoCha s’associe au Sound Catcher palestinien SC YOSH, basé en Cisjordanie, pour former Checkpoint 303. L’idée était de couper, pister, fragmenter et reconstruire le paysage sonore de la vie quotidienne au Proche-orient. une nouvelle forme de reportage audio sur l’injustice…Checkpoint 303 s’est produit aux quatre coins du monde (Japon, Australie, USA, Canada, France, Belgique, Suède, Palestine, Tunisie, etc…) et a ssuré la première partie de plusieurs concerts de Massive Attack (UK+FR)…
SC MoCha : machines, oud, percussions
SC Yosh : live vidéo + vj
Miss K Sushi : claviers, voix
Mehdi Douss : guitare électrique "

#12 - NTH SYNTHESIS @ VISIONSONIC (14 Mars 2009) from PIXELS Transversaux on Vimeo.
" NTH SYNTHESIS - Enregistrement au PIXELS TRANSVERSAUX (Mars 2009) "

#13 - HP PROCESS @ VISIONSONIC (8 Mars 2009) from PIXELS Transversaux on Vimeo.
" Philippe Boisnard et Hortense Gauthier, poêtes numériques présentent leur performance “Kleine Maschine”. "



" A hot little production. An amazing VJ set from a Sydney VJ Addictive Vision with music from DJ Cebiche. For full affect play full screen and loud.. Enjoy "


Eclectic Method - The Tarantino Mixtape

Ez pedig már a ma: Tarantino fílmek újramixelve by Eclectic Method.

Eclectic Method - The Tarantino Mixtape from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

Tarantino movies in Eclectic Method's blender


Hans Richter 1921-ben készítette ezt a kis "VJ" fílmet...

An early, serious abstract animation composed solely of squares and rectangles that change shape. Another attempt to apply musical principles to screen images.