Ghost City

Ghost City from Jean-Louis Manzon on Vimeo.
Video Clip for Glocal's live performance


Showtime from Obscura on Vimeo.
This project was created only using old photos and clips from movies. The whole film is 75 minutes long and starts in 1880 at the birth of moving images and moves through film history and ends in the 60s.
The man you see walking through some of the scenes is created from one of the earliest experiments with moving images.
The project was originally commissioned by danish band TV-2 to act as a slow moving backdrop for their live shows. Here is a look into some of the scenes - with another music track added.

B-Seite 2011 - day 1

B-Seite 2011 Opening Performance from Swen Seyerlen on Vimeo.
B-Seite 2011 Opening Performance
Rafael Valdivieso, Victoria Söntgen and Karsten Schneider (Cyper) explore the world of clowns, video, electronic music and dance.

B-Seite 2011 ELEMENTUM from Swen Seyerlen on Vimeo.
B-Seite 2011 ELEMENTUM
Our 2nd performance ELEMENTUM by Aksel Jaatinen and Mathews Anthony is a video-dance-hybrid, visualizing the four elements fire, water, air and earth performed by Kamikaze Jane by a free expression of japanese butoh dance mixed with Capoeira.

B-Seite 2011 - Tag 1 from Swen Seyerlen on Vimeo.
Impression of day 1 ...


Crane (Vj Loop sample)

Crane (Vj Loop sample) from akustoOptik on Vimeo.
Crane (Vj Loop sample)

Soledades (vj set)

Soledades (vj set) from Juan López López on Vimeo.
Las "Soledades" es un poema de Luis de Góngora, compuesto en 1613 en silvas de versos endecasílabos y heptasílabos. El poema nació como un proyecto dividido en cuatro partes que iban a llamarse «Soledad de los campos», «Soledad de las riberas», «Soledad de las selvas» y «Soledad del yermo». De este ambicioso poema, Góngora solo concluyó la «dedicatoria al Duque de Béjar» y las dos primeras Soledades, de las cuales dejó inconclusa la segunda.
Tomando como referencia esta obra del Siglo de Oro español y en formato de set de vídeo en directo (veejing), se presentó para Cosmopoética 2011 esta libre interpretación donde la acción también transcurre en un paréntesis idílico del tiempo, pero interpretada por tres mujeres jóvenes y bellas que deambulan por paisajes arcádicos y espacios inestables, en tránsito, hacia un punto de conciliación con el futuro. La tecnificación de la Naturaleza situada al borde de los desastres del moderno artificio. Tres experiencias históricas discontinuas y precarias con final suspenso donde se suceden finales abruptos, y las protagonistas llegada la noche no hallan su destino.
Oneohtrix Point Never, "Grief and repetition" (Rifts, 2009).
School Of Seven Bells, "Dial" (Disconnect from desire, 2010).
Sally Shapiro, "My Fantasy" (My guilty pleasure, 2009).
Robyn, "Don't fucking tell me what to do" (Body Talk, 2010).
Ara Malikian & José Luis Montón, "Princesa" (De la felicidad, 2006).

Ferry Vs Wink (Tong & Rogers Boot Mix)

Ferry Vs Wink (Tong & Rogers Boot Mix) from Microchunk on Vimeo.
Video created for Pete Tong's opening set at Wonderland, Ibiza, 25th June 2010 - to be continued live at Wonderland...
Created by Mischa Ying using footage from Microchunk Wonderland video shoot... special thanks to the gorgeous Kia
Styling by COUTUREX:
Effects by Loki
Camera: Alex Reid



glitch from Klaus Fleischhacker on Vimeo.
Visuals: Resolume Avenue 3.3.1
Sound: Nathan Fake taken from the »BodytonicLive« (Label: border community,
more work to see:​people/​nichtkunst/​


LILA NEGR v1.0 from Jakub Lech on Vimeo.
Project leader - Łukasz Twarkowski
Video - Jakub Lech
Vocal - Paweł Wenderski
Performer - Adam Szczyszczaj
Music - Bogumił Misala
Michał Siwak
Błażej Haberla
Marcin Spera
Lights - Alicja Pietrucka
Sound - Adrian Delong
Technical manager - Karol Przesztrzelski
Video montage -
Multimedia music performance by Identity Problem Group inspired by songs and personality of Alexander Vertinsky, Russian artist, poet, singer, composer, who exerted seminal influence on the Russian tradition of artistic singing.
Lila Negr is a continuation of Vertinsky Project which awarded the main prize at the 30th PPA Festival (off). After the show Gazeta Wyborcza daily newspaper wrote: „There was one definitly interesting project (...) Łukasz Twarkowski’s Vertinsky involves spectators in a series of performative actions (...) what’s more a project prepared with an outstanding artistic vision and huge passion”.
In the brand new performance Lila Negr, combining video installation with electronic music, IP Group once again deconstructs a myth of one of the most original stage artists of the 20th century.


QC+Kinect-VJ_patch1 from VJ Anomolee on Vimeo.
Ok so I decided to shoot a quick video with my iPhone to show off one of my new VJ performance tools created with QuartzComposer and the depth camera (from the Kinect).
Its un-edited with multple takes
What is it??? you ask?
Its basically using the Depth image from the Kinect to generate a particle system on me and move the particles out based on how loud the music is.
Also Credit due to + +for their awesome Quartz Composer plugins.
Music by Cloudkicker (great band i just found out about)


Thought's Grinder [Moedor de Pensamentos (Ver.1.3)]

Thought's Grinder [Moedor de Pensamentos (Ver.1.3)] from Guilherme Pedreiro on Vimeo.
Performance audiovisual "Moedor de Pensamentos" (versão 1.3)
Apresentação no Verão Arte Contemporânea, na Mostra Não Onda, no dia 19 de fevereiro 2011.​​
SINOPSE:Uma estranha visão sobre a brutalidade humana contada a partir do reprocessamento de imagens figurativas da história do cinema ficcional e documental. Considerando as imagens como idéias e pensamentos, é criado um texto imagético de intensa transfiguração simbólica que estabelece um diálogo entre o que as imagens originais dizem, e o que a associação dos fragmentos passam a dizer e sugerir. O território da mixagem torna-se um espaço de convergência de múltiplas idéias, culturas e épocas de diferentes regiões mundiais que, sem este “Moedor de Pensamentos”, não teriam relações.
Um projeto do videomaker e VJ Guilherme Pedreiro
Desenho de som e live PA: Lucas Miranda, aka OscilloID
Cobertura: Gabriel Caram

Purform - White Box

Purform - White Box from Gridspace on Vimeo.
On location video documentation of White Room A/V performance by Purform.
Visual: Yan Breuleux
music: Alain Thibault
Video content generated with Trapcode Form + After Effects
Broadcast on 3 independent screens using VDMX

amoeba v decadnids-shabldub music video

amoeba v decadnids-shabldub music video from amoeba on Vimeo.
/amoeba .design .motion .broadcast .installation
Created for decadnids/hermetech records
I tried to recreate the angled architectural sounds of the code generated audio track with midi video edits and sharp angled viewing areas in an ever changing self replicating pattern of video and typography.


CPU (Central Processing Unit) - 2min edit

CPU (Central Processing Unit) - 2min edit from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
A stereoscopic Realtime Performance based on Kafka´s "The Trial"
by 1n0ut (Robert Praxmarer, Reinhold Bidner)
Winner of the Media Art Award Salzburg
In Franz Kafka’s THE TRIAL, 1n0ut found a world full of loops, repeats, instructions and protocols which are familiar parts of every computer programme. This classic text becomes the springboard for a stereoscopic real-time dance theatre piece. The images of the performers are gathered digitally, manipulated and remixed live to plunge an audience each wearing 3D cinema glasses headlong into a thrilling and disturbing illusory world. What steers mankind, what goes, what is lie, what is the logic of the absurd and what the illogicality of reality?
A remarkable adventure, which discovers new forms of expression to question the nature of reality and personal identity.
Artistic Direction
1n0ut (Robert Praxmarer, Reinhold Bidner)
Dance - Acting - Choreography:
Michael Kuttnig (Josef K.)
Ulrike Hager
Kathrin Wankelmuth
Nanina Kotlowski
Doku Cam: Ramsy Gsenger (Ars Electronica Futurelab)

Still Time?

Still Time? from 1n0ut on Vimeo.
A Paris-24th of Dec-Night-Portrait with a corresponding Paris-Sound-Track by Sam Auinger.
A Metropolis takes breath, lonely streets instead of tourist crowds reveal canyons of light and leave impressions of a near death like experience.
The viewer floats through fragments in time and is confronted with different scales of valences and perception.
Rays of light move while time is captured in gloomy photographs, no one walks except the viewer through meditative images, silent noise and arising questions about time, pace and transience...
The central idea of the sound track is based on the melody of Eric Satie´s Gymnopédies (1888)
Video: 1n0ut (Reinhold Bidner/Robert Praxmarer)
Sound: Sam Auinger
supported by: Arts&Culture Department of the Region of Salzburg, Cité Internationale des Arts Paris

pikilipita | SUPER PIKIX for Caanoo

pikilipita | SUPER PIKIX for Caanoo from pikilipita on Vimeo.
Leave your Mac Book Pro at home, SUPER PIKIX is a free VJ software for the portable console Caanoo!
Project page​superpikix


noise from Klaus Fleischhacker on Vimeo.
Inspired by the supershape formula and the perlin noise animations by various artists.
Visuals: Resolume Avenue 3.3.1
Sound: Seth Troxler taken from the »Bodytronix Podcast« (Label: Ghostly Crosstown Rebels Wolf + Lamb Wagon Repair)
more work to see:​people/​nichtkunst/​


Shhh_ift #5 - Leeds Cage

Shhh_ift #5 - Leeds Cage from therefore[we]are on Vimeo.
Shhh_ift #5. 12/03/11. Visuals by Therefore[we]are.
There were two parts to the visuals of the event. One was generative visuals made with processing. The second was done with motion graphics produced in After Effects, Cinema 4D and they were run through VDMX.
The set-up consisted of seven projectors, six of which were connected via three splitters on to a Matrox Triplehead2Go, therefore two enormous mirrored projections. The seventh was running alone and was pointed towards the Cage, which was projectable due to a mesh that was installed on it.

random dance/plaid/bob jaroc @ the big chill 08

random dance/plaid/bob jaroc @ the big chill 08 from bob jaroc on Vimeo.
Concept, Direction & Choreography: Wayne McGregor
Music: Plaid
Video Design & live mix: Bob Jaroc
Lighting Design: Lucy Carter
Premiere: 24 May 2006, Brighton Dome, Brighton Festival
Also performed @ big chill festival 08 main stage.
Cast: 9 dancers
Length: 20 minutes
Commissioned by: Brighton Festival


Guilty from Jean-Louis Manzon on Vimeo.

Video Clip created for Vj live performance
by: Jean-Louis Manzon



saved from Jean-Louis Manzon on Vimeo.
video clip for Sub6 live show
I do not own the copyright to the footage of woman in the water

Zavoloka "Terroid po dolynah"

Zavoloka "Terroid po dolynah" from kvitnu on Vimeo.
video made by v4w.enko
"thr// one mesh displays modifier with some glitch and codec bugs"
Music and voice by Zavoloka.
Lyrics inspired by Lesya Ukrainka.
Released on NTT040 - Tetroid 2012.
Gratitude to Eugen Vashchenko!

VJ Loop

VJ Loop from Stefano Messina on Vimeo.


Love Ambassade : VJing Session

Love Ambassade : VJing Session 01 from Meyzo on Vimeo.
First video mixed for LOVE AMBASSADE by VJ MEYZO.
Soundtrack mixed by DJ BANANA MUFINE.
Podcast Love Ambassade -> Follow us on iTunes for free !!! :​podcast/​love-ambassade/​id390061412
Meyzo :​meyzo​meyzo
Banana Mufine :​Banana.Mufine​bananamufine

Love Ambassade : VJing Session 02 from Meyzo on Vimeo.
2nd video mixed for LOVE AMBASSADE by VJ MEYZO.
Soundtrack mixed by DJ BANANA MUFINE.
Podcast Love Ambassade (Follow us on iTunes for free !!!) :​podcast/​love-ambassade/​id390061412
Meyzo :​meyzo​meyzo
Banana Mufine :​Banana.Mufine​bananamufine

Love Ambassade : VJing Session 03 from Meyzo on Vimeo.
Finally, the 3rd episode is released !!!!
Once again, big thanks to Banana Mufine for this awesome soundtrack !!! Your mix is my inspiration, mate !!!!!
Video mixed for LOVE AMBASSADE by VJ MEYZO.
Soundtrack mixed by DJ BANANA MUFINE.
Free Podcasts Love Ambassade on iTunes !!! :​podcast/​love-ambassade/​id390061412
Meyzo :​meyzo​meyzo
Banana Mufine :​Banana.Mufine​bananamufine

fragments of RGB

fragments of RGB - 01 from onformative on Vimeo.

fragments of RGB - 02 from onformative on Vimeo.
Interactive Installation experimenting with illusion and perception. The classic LED screen as a medium was simulated and disintegrated by the creation of a pixel-like LED optic with the ability to change and transform with the viewer’s movement and, hence, his perspective and point of view.​work/​fragments-of-rgb
Music: Agoria - Simon​agoriagoria

VJ set "Жуткий лазер" (Terrible Lazer) mix by DJ SLON

VJ set "Жуткий лазер" (Terrible Lazer) mix by DJ SLON from VisualSound Studio on Vimeo.
Mix by DJ SLON [Russia],
mixing software VDMX.
Recorded live at VisualSound.TV Studio


oddish (Kiev)

In search of experiments with video.
In search of travel with video installations.

Ideologia 2010 from oddish on Vimeo.
Attempt to create 3d-illusion on flat surface. Mostly all footages created by myself and basic idea is good. But projector was not enouch powerfull and too much environment lights on the stage.

3d mapping on "Jugendkultur" event in Shanti(Moscow) from oddish on Vimeo.
3d mapping on "Jugendkultur" event in Shanti(Moscow).
Slava Finist (RU)
Ryba (Kompakt, RU)
CIO D'OR (Prologue, DE)
Yuka (Fullpanda, RU) vs. Andrei 0ID (Fullpanda, LV)
VJs и Mapping
Kirill Rave (RU)
Виталий ODDISH & Обмен Разумов (UA)
Alex Roff (RU)
Events on facebook:​event.php?eid=134276739971790​event.php?eid=150605534994178

render from real-time synthesized scene for IAMTECHNO festival from oddish on Vimeo.
render from real-time synthesized scene for IAMTECHNO festival

3d mapping on facade of building in Odessa on Twister issue#1 from oddish on Vimeo.

Make the Line Dance

Make the Line Dance from 1024 on Vimeo.
2011 / Augmented dancing experimentation.
While using a Kinect to track the human skeleton, we're mapping a video layer over a moving body.
Using :
Kinect + QC + MadMapper + MaxForLive.
More info on


U+223D from sagishiboy. on Vimeo.
U+223D (Reversed Tilde) is a multi-projector club visual setup featuring a non-planar sculpture, which consists of four separated canvases.
The video shows the setup installed at the Eiskeller Hagenberg. The left projector shifted upwards during the night, but still, you can get the idea :)​2011/​02/​18/​u223d/​


PD a/v live video experiment

PD a/v live video experiment from N. Nenov on Vimeo.
some more footage of patch I'm working on.
The audio is actually a track I made a while ago, put through an array where the play head position is controlled by the same controllers affecting the visual effects and vice versa.

PD a/v live experiments from N. Nenov on Vimeo.
This is a patch in pure data I've been working on.
The audio signal is synthesized then modulated by itself, the parameters are controlled by motion tracking and midi control. The audio itself also controls certain parameters.
Everything is essentially linked up.
I'm working on a more streamlined version of this at the moment.

B-Seite 2011 Trailer

B-Seite 2011 Trailer from Swen Seyerlen on Vimeo.
This is our trailer for the B-Seite festival 2011. Check out for more information ...

Lunchmeat Festival 2011

Lunchmeat Festival 2011 - teaser from ...::LUNCHMEAT::... on Vimeo.
The official teaser for Lunchmeat Festival 2011​festival​#!/​event.php?eid=126583614070331

visual: Martin Pokorný, Vít Zemčík, Franta Sklenka a Kuba Pešek
audio: Martin Hoffer

LUNCHMEAT FESTIVAL 2010- documentary from ...::LUNCHMEAT::... on Vimeo.
18min, 2011
Documentary from last year´s LUNCHMEAT FESTIVAL- pure audiovisual extravaganza
* international festival of independent electronic music and visual art
* 9-13/03/2010 - Prague - Czech republic
* MeetFactory & NoD Café
* first artist in residency program - aalto (antivj) - special stage design and mapping
* Nosaj Thing vs. Aalto | Ikonika vs. Video Jack | Kidkanevil vs. Inity | Ad Bourke vs. VJ Kolouch | Annie Hall vs. Pintaycolorea | Jahbitat vs. Junior | Yes, Robot vs. VJ Entter | Torent de Bites | Rec_Overflow | Fuss! | The Stereovideo Project | Ghostmother | C.H.District vs. VJ Comankh | GLGN & Jimmy Pe(é) vs. Tvprodukt
* Thanks for support to Embassy of Spain,, Red Bull Music Academy, City of Prague, Ministery of Culture of Czech Republic & Jägermeister
dir: Vladimír Turner (
cam: sgnlr, Marek Matvija, David Brož, Venca Hanuš
edit: sgnlr
+ Show of "Nosaj Thing & Aalto" at Lunchmeat Festival 2010 hold in MeetFactory:​18402677
+ Trailer:​10611615




reflection from Patrick O'Neil on Vimeo.
.meditation on reflection.
Video used for a 3 channel installation inside of the MassArt video installation room. Installed using three projectors connected to a mac mini computer through a matrox system sync box. Video was edited in FCP and After Effects, the audio was finished in Ableton.


The order of things

The order of things from Geert Mul on Vimeo.
Dutch Embassy, New Delhi, 2005
The installation projects images of monuments enlisted on the Unesco World Heritage List for India. Four identical projections are projected on the ceiling of the Dutch Embassy, overlapping the centre of the ceiling.
The images form a symmetric ornament of information,in the middle of the ceiling, symbolizing ‘the east’. A square grid with the images is visible at the sides of the ceiling symbolizing ‘the west’.


Road Kill

Road Kill from lucidhouse on Vimeo.

Lovely tune Inspired me to mix up some visuals...
Sound track: Jennifer Cardini, Shonky - "Come Down To Earth" (Edited-Original)
Visuals: lucidhouse
Find some of the video loops used in this piece @​vj_loops/​silent_singles/​10.htm

Kinect + MikuMikuDance + Grand VJ + webcam

This proof-of-concept shows MikuMikuDance running using mr moggs extended openNI drivers that include neck, wrist and ankle articulation. It's running on a green background and then Hymelyoff labs' VHmulticam driver to pipe the screen capture into Grand VJ, where the green is keyed out and put over effected live video. not bad for a single computer.


House/Trance Visuals

House/Trance Visuals from Michael Todd on Vimeo.
Set by Kevin Carlisle (​). Most video clips were made by beeple (​). Video effects made within Ableton Live using maxforlive. All effects and clip triggering, etc are real-time and controlled live by myself using an APC40. There are no presets or prerecorded scenes or anything like that - I try to stay improvisational and only do things in one take (plus I hate editing).
If anyone out there needs visuals for a show hit me up - I can certainly work with you to create different aesthetics and to work the interactivity into your existing workflow and performance setup. I specialize in making things talk to each other :)


Sans Issue (restored version 2011)

Sans Issue (restored version 2011) from Geert Mul on Vimeo.
Sans Issue
Geert Mul 10 min 1997
Sans Issue resulted from sorting scenes in a database, as an alternative of putting scenes on a linear timeline. It's an 1997 experiment in true non linear montage and has been shown in Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, the Cartier foundation in paris and Witte de With Rotterdam where it was adapted in Micheal Shamberg his Home Screen Home programme.


God's Browser_01

God's Browser_01 from Geert Mul on Vimeo.
Geert Mul
God’s Browser
Work in progress NL, 2010
Generative interactive installation
V_01 Developed at Baltan Laboraties
Distributed by V2_Agency
Programmer: Carlo Prelz
Generative interactive installation with projector, projection screen, theremin, computer, and custom software.
God’s Browser is a generative interactive installation that features a film whose every frame is an image taken from the Internet. Specially developed image recognition software sorts images available on the World Wide Web and places them in sequence, resulting in a generative film made up of thousands of online images.
‘God’s Browser (first version)’ was shown in a church at Mul’s solo exhibition for winning the Art and Technology award 2010. In ‘God’s Browser', Geert Mul reflects on the Internet as a repository of innumerable terabytes of information, an archive (or dump) of users’ knowledge, thoughts, daily experiences, desires and fears. In Gods Browser Mul sees the millions of on‐line photographs as the scattered frames of a movie. The internet is for him a universe of dispersed stills which can be put back in the ‘right’ order, reconstructing the movie. God’s Browser is thus a generative and interactive installation that features this movie whose every frame is an image taken from the Internet. The essence of the movie / animation medium is that every frame differs a little from the preceding frame and when we play these frames at a speed of eight frames a second we perceive motion. Specially developed image recognition software sorts images available on the World Wide Web and places them in a sequence, resulting in a more or less abstract generative film. Thus instead of making a film the usual way, Geert Mul selects by means of software thousands of internet images as frames for an abstract generative film. On top of this, visitors can interact with God’s Browser and influence the ‘narrative’ by using the Theremin connected to the installation. The visitor interacts by changing the speed of the film and zooming in and out. The film as a medium becomes deconstructed when images are displayed at a slower rate, and the figurative becomes abstract when an image is zoomed in to the level of one single pixel. The movie‐soundtrack is also generated with the image recognition software, which assigns similar notes to images that resemble each other.
Past Post Modernism: Not an universal image, but an universe of images:
Never before in history have more images been produced than in today’s modern society. Never before have history images been as easily accessible as they are now. ‘The Internet’ is playing an important part in this process. It invites people to produce images because it’s so easy to publish and share them. The Internet has evolved from a textual environment (who can still remember that?) to a visual environment where an almost endless amount of images and photographs are stored: a universe of images. The idea of the Internet as an endless library of images was the subject of an earlier interactive work by Geert Mul when the interactive installation: ‘The Library of Babel’ interactive installation (2003) utilised vast amounts of its images. Further experiments with image analyses software resulted in a series of works, such as ‘The Match of the Day’, and the image‐book ‘Match Maker’ (2005). The obsession addressed in these two works, is to formally construct or compute something we call ‘content’. That what we consider to be the essence of all arts and philosophy is now the product of a machine.
Geert Mul 2010


ATHENS – PARIS – MUNICH @ Harry Klein live

ATHENS – PARIS – MUNICH @ Harry Klein live from shado on Vimeo.
Visuals by..
sinsynplus (shado, | München)
Audio by..
DARIO ZENKER (Harry Klein, Vakant, Ilian Tape, München)
THOMAS MÜLLER (Bpitch, France)
MR. STATIK (Bpitch / Mo´s Ferry, Athen)
live at Harry Klein Club Munich | 05.03.2011​​programm/​detail/​content.php?id=1186

loops packs

Download loops pack "TUNNEL EFFECT" in 1280x720 pixels @​
Blog will be update regularly.

Preview of the video loops pack "COLOR BOX" available at​vj-loops-sd/​vj-loops-sd-pal-ntsc/​colorblind/​vj-loops-pack-592-colorblind-color-box
Pack contains 30 vj loops


VJ Clip Packs - Demo Mixes

VJ Clip Pack 'Android Dreams' - Demo Mix from DanWiseCreative on Vimeo.
Music: Armand Van Helden 'I want your soul'
This is a demo mix showcasing the pack of VJ clips I made called 'Android Dreams'.
All the clips used are available to purchase from the Resolume online store for use in your own AV mixes and performances. The demo was made in after effects, however everything you see is achievable using your own favourite VJ software. No extra effects have been used. The clips were originally created independently from this track.
This is an unofficial mix, and no connection is claimed with the musicians involved in the production of the music. If you like the music, please support the artist by purchasing it!​footage/​
*note* Vimeo's compression has killed the subtlety if the grade which is somewhere between old vhs and halftone - the original files on the Resolume site are much better quality

VJ Clip Pack 'Fabric of the Cosmos' - Demo Mix from DanWiseCreative on Vimeo.
Music: Phaeleh 'AfterGlow'

This is a demo mix showcasing the pack of VJ clips I made called 'Fabric of the Cosmos'.
All the clips used are available to purchase from the Resolume online store for use in your own AV mixes and performances. The demo was made in after effects, however everything you see is achievable using your own favourite VJ software. No extra effects have been used. The clips were originally created independently from this track.
This is an unofficial mix, and no connection is claimed with the musicians involved in the production of the music. If you like the music, please support the artist by purchasing it!​footage/​

VJ Clip Pack 'Razzle Dazzle' - Demo Mix from DanWiseCreative on Vimeo.
Music: Stanton Warriors 'Turn me up some'
This is a demo mix showcasing the pack of VJ clips I made called 'Razzle Dazzle'.
All the clips used are available to purchase from the Resolume online store for use in your own AV mixes and performances. The demo was made in after effects, however everything you see is achievable using your own favourite VJ software. No extra effects have been used. The clips were originally created independently from this track.
This is an unofficial mix, and no connection is claimed with the musicians involved in the production of the music. If you like the music, please support the artist by purchasing it!​footage/​

Muse - United States of Eurasia Tour Visuals

Muse - United States of Eurasia Tour Visuals from DanWiseCreative on Vimeo.
Client: Muse
These are the tour visuals I made for the band Muse and their song 'United States of Eurasia'. Working alongside director Ben Strebel, I helped work out the treatment for the visuals, then built the animation. The visuals were used for their world tour, and the response from both the band and the audience has been fantastic. The visuals were designed to have a slightly retro computer feel, a bit like the graphics in the film 'War Games'.



ceedoo (loop) from beeple on Vimeo.
Free source material released under Creative Commons.
Cinema 4D project file:​resources.php
video: beeple / audio: teebs "humming birds"
daily artwork:​beeple

slowjam from beeple on Vimeo.
Free source material released under Creative Commons.
video: beeple / sound: teebs - "while you doooo"
daily artwork:​beeple
sound design:​us/​album/​ardour/​id394361096

Mask projection mapping

Mask projection mapping from sodazot on Vimeo.
This installation was made for the club Birds opening @ 18.02.2011
Mask made by: Marina Demidova, Vilena Dikorastushaya, Igor Sodazot
Video and live performance by Igor Sodazot

Anaglyph 3D VJ demo

Anaglyph 3D VJ demo from abe nehrer on Vimeo.
A sample bit from an anaglyph 3D vj set for Camo & Krooked @ Spektrum XL (Club Patronaat, Haarlem, NL - Jan 2011). The visuals are based of graphics from the flyer (which I had also designed in 3D). Red/blue 3D glasses are recommended.
for more information go to
music : Future Prophecies - "September" (Kamo & Crooked Remix)


Geert Mul
Geert Mul (b.1965) studied at the Academy of the Arts at Arnhem from 1985 until 1990 where he eventually specialized in computer animation. From 1990 till 1993 he travelled various countries
such as Mexico and the U.S.A and lived in Tokyo Japan. The audio and video recordings made during these journeys were later exhibited in Dutch art spaces.
To become financially independent, Mul, in the mid- 90’s, started to create video screenings combined with pop music for a Rotterdam discotheque, which marks his first steps as a VJ performer. These events grew into interactive video and audio environments, in a variety of settings: museums, pop festivals, public-space and concert halls. In his work Mul addresses the function of the space it will inhabit, varying from hectic discotheques, art-events, musea or public space. From 2000 on Mul made site-specific installations and art-works in Holland, U.S.A., Italy, Spain, India, Japan, China and South Africa

The best real live show from Geert Mul on Vimeo.
VJ / Music concept and performance by Geert Mul, Koot, and DJ Alien at LowLands 2000

Vocal Void from Geert Mul on Vimeo.
Een film van Geert Mul & Michel Banabila
30 min. 2010
Vocal Void bestaat uit acht audio-visuele portretten van bewoners van de Boschstraat te Breda. De film is gaandeweg gegroeid op basis van de samenwerking tussen Michel Banabila (muziek) en Geert Mul (beeld). Zowel in muziek als in beeld proberen de makers het karakter van de geïnterviewden te vangen. Fragmenten van tekst en beeld worden als in een droom, maar wel doordacht, opnieuw gerangschikt. De geïnterviewde personen transformeren in personages.
De interviews met de acht bewoners vormt de aanleiding voor een film die het locale met het globale, en het individuele met het algemeen menselijke te verenigt.
Geert Mul
Michel Banabila
In opdracht van: Stichting WoodWind Breda
Productie: Frank van der Kooij
Coördinatie: Lisette Spee
Interviews: Edine Wijnands
Met speciale dank aan de geïnterviewden:
Zyiad Haedar, Tineke Bakkers, Ton Kroes, Angela van der Roest, John Schietecat, Peter van Middelkoop, Joep Adank en Guido de Bue.
Gemeente Breda, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, IFFB, Vereniging Platform Boschstraat, Studio 106, Schietecat en K+VL.

WordsMakeACity from Geert Mul on Vimeo.
Words Make a City
Installation with two digital prints and LED light
Geert Mul 2010
at MGL fashion
Magiel La Riviere
Soundtrack Michel Banabila:
'my brain is electric'

Video-recentie expositie Witteveen+Bos prijs from Geert Mul on Vimeo.

RUHR 2010 Preparations For A Possible Future by Geert Mul

RUHR 2010 Preparations For A Possible Future by Geert Mul from Geert Mul on Vimeo.
Installation in public space at RHUR 2010 European Capital of Culture by Geert Mul.
On 300 meters of motorway with 20 animated digital prints using LED light shifting colour. By changing the color of the light, the prints show different images. The ledspots replaced the regular street lights over a distance of 300 meters.
I Specially developed this technique with LED spots and digital prints to work with large and dynamic images in public space. It can be used for both temporary and permanent installations in public space on a large scale.


Casper Øbro (Denmark)

Live Panning, Zooming Manipulling Visuals For Bjørn Svin from Casper Øbro on Vimeo.
Visuals for the opening show at Kultuværftet, Helsingør 2010.10.10

Troels Abrahamsen – Strøm Festival 2009 from Casper Øbro on Vimeo.
Live visuals for Troels Abrahamsen at Strøm festival Copenhagen 2009.
Made with Rutt-etra Video Synthesizer quartz composer plugin by and further live manipulated with eMotion​emotion/​eMotion.html
Fottage by Søren Rye

Copenhagen Jazz Festival – short cut from Casper Øbro on Vimeo.
Music: Daedelu: "Soulful of Child" – taken fraom the album "Invention"
Video footage: David Kahr

paintscapes from Casper Øbro on Vimeo.
A reinterpretation of 85 classic landscape paintings.
Rough cut of a 30 min concert at Statens Museum For Kunst.
Music by Rumpistol
Recording from live performance.
Visuals made with eMotion, Quartz Composer & photoshop.

Art World Magazine Shanghai 2010

Art World Magazine Shanghai 2010 Part1 from Casper Øbro on Vimeo.

Art World Magazine Shanghai Part2 from Casper Øbro on Vimeo.
August Engkilde Global Units
Feedback Noise musician Yan Jun
Free Jazz Drummer Tao Yi
Justin Sebastian trumpet


her name is maya from pixel noizz on Vimeo.
from my gl_emotion patch, audio is databend-ed in a clasic way. Very intimate scene from a very bad sci-fi movie.

you will be thankful for those drugs from pixel noizz on Vimeo.
short experiment,
the picture is heavily distorted, but the soundtrack is the original. the result is really audio-visually sensitive. this time i used a better solution for the export (syphon).

distortion in 35 seconds from pixel noizz on Vimeo.
older experiment of mine.


Kinect Mapping and VJ for outdoor festival

"From author:
Neuquén, Argentina, Februray 2011
We did a couple apps for the Art and Technology festival “TDI 04- Umbral”.
This is the first live test we did as Pixel Perez (dogrush + visuales manuel) using VVVV + Kinect during the festival of new trends in art, TDI, Argentina.
We made 2 applications, the first consisted of a displacement map that distorted the wall’s plane of the museum, with interactive silhouette of a person that casted shadows to accentuate the three-dimensional volume.
The control of the virtual light over the building was directed with the right hand of the subject, thus virtual light affected the shadows casted by the volumetric letters that identify the facade of the Museum of Fine Arts Neuquén “MNBA”
Finally we did an interactive app with particles generated by interpreting the three dimensional volume of the public that approached the stage for dancing. Impeccable music by Bad Boy Orange and interactivity of the dancers broke out in an instant turning the show into a fun party
The use of Kinect outdoors in summer in the south of the planet is probably the most beautiful thing that has happened to technology in recent times.
Thanks to the friends of TDI by launching such a cool festival."
(Igor Barinov)

Pixel Perez @ TDI 04 Neuquen Argentina, Kinect Mapping from dogrush on Vimeo.
Esta es la primer prueba en vivo que realizamos con Pixel Perez (dogrush + visuales manuel), usando Kinect y VVVV en el festival de Nuevas Tendencias en el arte, TDI, Argentina.
Hicimos 2 aplicaciones, la primera consistia en un mapa de desplazamiento interactivo que deformaba el plano del edificio con la silueta interactiva de una persona, la cual arrojaba sombras para acentuar el volumen tridimencional.
Con la mano derecha, esta persona podia controlar una luz virtual que afectaba las sombras arrojadas por las letras corporeas que identifican la fachada del Museo de Bellas Artes Neuquen.
Finalmente hicimos una app interactiva que generaba particulas al interpretar el volumen tridimensional del publico que se acercaba a bailar. La musica impecable de Bad Boy Orange y la interactividad de los bailarines explotaron en un instante convirtiendo la muestra en una fiesta acalorada y divertida.
Poder usar kinect al aire libre, en verano, en el sur del planeta es lo mas lindo que le ha pasado a la tecnologia en los ultimos tiempos.
Gracias a los amigos de TDI por poner en marcha un festival tan genial.

DIGITAL COMPOSITE - (Mala-vj Paz) live

DIGITAL COMPOSITE - (Mala-vj Paz) live
Uploaded by djpaz. - Discover more animation and arts videos.Cette vidéo est le fruit du travail de vj Paz (Atelier Composite) autour de l'univers de Digital Mystikz (dub step U.K) à l'occasion du festival de musique électronique Nordik Impact, sur la scène 8-bits, le samedi 24 octobre 2009 au parc exposition.
This video results from a work creation of vj Paz about the musical world of Digital Mystikz (dub step U.K) , on


Fader + Kinect + visualSynth

Fader + Kinect + visualSynth from VJFader on Vimeo.
music: Zero 7 - Ghost Symbol

Forever, Never Tired

Forever, Never Tired from Colin Evoy Sebestyen on Vimeo.
This project was created in 2010 as a live video challenge.
School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco
Department: Computer Arts, VFX
Class: Compositing for Motion Graphics 2
Instructor: Colin Evoy Sebestyen
"Memento Mori"
Creative Brief:
We will be creating a collaborative video project for San Francisco based musician Edison. Edison has been gracious enough to lend us audio stems for our visual experiment. The piece will be broken into sections and handed off to different designers. Each section of the track will be broken into individual pieces for each of the designers.
We will break into 3 teams and share assets and art direction.
Each team will be given an A section and a B section to produce. These design elements need to work together overlaid in add or multiply blend mode, as well as work individually as pieces of design. As such, this will be a design challenge of designing in systems and layers.
Art Direction:
Each team will receive the same design packet containing typefaces, color palettes, and art direction. Each team is required to use the elements in the art kit, and then also incorporate 3 additional design elements of their own concepts into the system. Each team can draw from their customized art kit for their animations.
Art Kit concepts and elements:
• Human skull scanned from a high quality cast using DavidLaserScanner software
• Aller Type family
• Platonic primitives
• Utilize the 30 60 90 diagonal system in the Smile HD Gridsystem as a guide in AE and in C4D for the basis of your animation
• Optional type-
Two stanzas typical of memento mori in mediaeval music are from the virelai ad mortem festinamus of the Catalan Llibre Vermell de Montserrat from 1399:
"Vita brevis breviter in brevi finietur,
Mors venit velociter quae neminem veretur,
Omnia mors perimit et nulli miseretur.
Ad mortem festinamus peccare desistamus."
“Life is short, and shortly it will end;
Death comes quickly and respects no one,
Death destroys everything and takes pity on no one.
To death we are hastening, let us refrain from sinning.”
Audio sync technics:
2D or Keyframe animation-
Set markers or keys and hand animate parameters of your design elements. Examples include: 2D animation in Flash and assigning these elements as materials on your geometry inside C4d.
Sound Effector:
To create movements based on the sound with your audio amplitude, you may import the stems via the sound effector and pipe the output from the sound effector into your mograph objects, or to any parameter inside Cinema4d utilizing expresso, and the mograph sample data node.
Post Production:
To create visual sync with your animations based on the melody, you may create visual changes in post production utilizing After Effects. You can achieve this parametrically using the keyframe assistants > convert audio to keyframes or Trapcode’s soundkeys, or just tap in the rhythm and do it by hand. Examples of these visual changes in post production include: driving masks, effect on layers using adjustment layers, or reintroducing 2D elements from your art kit back into the composition.
Due Next Week:
• Designs and additions to your team’s art kit
• Sketches for motion
• minimum 3 test sound sync renders utilizing the mograph module, cloner objects, and effectors, using simple platonic objects as your clones.
Due in two weeks
• Renders “A Section”
Due in three weeks
• “A” Section revisions
• Renders “B Section”
Digital Files:
• Don’t forget to bring copies of the digital files you used for every assignment. These files may become valuable tools when troubleshooting files with problems. If you do not bring your files, it will not be possible to take the time to solve your problem.
Thank You!


Peacock Lee / Weapons Destruction

Peacock Lee / Weapons Destruction from mat flemo on Vimeo.
Made by Deb, Annette and I in Berlin last week and the week before that. This is version one just to show a few people until we sort out the colours. The music is Weapons destruction by Warm Digits. The transfer was by Chris.


:D3LUZ!0N4L: from ProHD Videography on Vimeo.
7 Video Tracks + Multi VFX
--Photo Booth Pics of Yours Truly
--Royalty Free VJ Loops
--Blood Splatter & Blood Hammer taken from a Dexter Add.
--Blood Cow taken from PETA PSA
--Music: Audio::Delusional::Freak Recordings [Purchased white-label Vinyl promo from the UK ;-]


Beatgraphica VJ (Udon Kagawa Japan)
// Art Director, Designer
// VJ [Beatgraphica & 68k]

Particle Explosion from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
Particle Explosion​?eid=116
// Cheetah3D+Explosion Script+AE
// Music by Hz Records​

Metal Balls from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
Particle Emitter+HDR+Fresnel reflection
// Cheetah3D+AE

Primitive Om from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
Beatgraphica VJ motion graphics.
3D line polygon test
// Create & Edit by Cheetah 3D+AE
// Music by System7 and Derick may

VJ competition for interact at.ageHa from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
Beatgraphica VJ 30min demo reel for
ageHa 8th anniversary "interact" VJ competition.​announce/​101218_box.html
// Play software by Motion Dive 5 Compact
// Recorded by Quicktime 7.6.6 (from Mew2Camera device)
// DJ mix by MAYURI "ageHa 8th anniversary "interact mix"

KATANASHI.graphic edition from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
KATANASHI Set.03 "graphic edition"
Event digest report movie.​
2010.11.20@nattsu music cafe (Kagawa, Japan)
// Guest VJ&DJ : YAKO at.flapper3!!!
// DJ's:
U-TA (The Travel)
+09 (TOKU/Sort VJ's)
T÷E÷N (Sort VJ's)
SNS8 (:Pranky!)
// VJ's:
Sort VJ's
// Edit Movie by Takehito Nakatsu

Colorful 3D border from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
Beatgraphica VJ 3D motion graphic
// Created by ino;graphica
// Cheetah3D v5.5+AffterEffects
// Music by DJ Krush "dig this vibe ver.2


TORUS-vjmix from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
Beatgraphica VJ Clip mix
// Cheetah3D+AE
// Music by Go-qualia "koku" (Past Works | Bunkai-Kei records)​release/​bk-k_000/​

Visualist, an instrument for the VJ/ artist

Visualist, an instrument for the VJ/ artist from Berto Aussems on Vimeo.
Searching the internet you can find many audio effect circuits but analog video effect circuits are rare. Why? Is there no interest?
The aim of this project is to make a video instrument for VJ's and other artists and open enough to experiment further. The parts are cheap and easy to find. Some knowledge of electronics is a pre. Special for the d.i.y. artist I made a PDF with building instructions:​bertoa/​VisualistKl.pdf



ellctor (loop) from beeple on Vimeo.
Free source material released under Creative Commons.
Cinema 4D project file:​resources.php
video: beeple / sound: Mr. Oizo - (ee) from the album "Moustache (Half a Scissor)"
daily artwork:​beeple

frankenstyle. from beeple on Vimeo.
Free source material released under Creative Commons.
Cinema 4D project file:​resources.php
audio: The Gaslamp Killer - "Shattering Inner Journeys" / Death Gate EP

squarepusher - significant others

squarepusher - significant others from A.K. Brushart on Vimeo.
so here is another no cents collective piece me and some young chaps formulated by sharing online.
the film footage is by tom ellis. it is of the LED exhibit outside the wexner center in columbus ohio.
artist pending...
and the black and white orb of sickness was made by my good friend Kevin Smalley.
if you'd like to see what i'm talkin' bout, and not just pokin' your head out the goeffer hole...