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VDMX 7.40b

VDMX5 was created from the ground up to meet the demands of realtime video performance. Built around a robust data processing architecture it was designed to be used with whatever hardware - or software - you've got available. VDMX is a software based, media processing environment that lets you achieve stunning effects in real time. By linking together and controlling VDMX modules, you build your own virtual video studio, which is equally adept at event production, post production and motion design.
Following in the footsteps of audio software trends, video software and hardware are now fast enough to compete with expensive hardware boxes for doing real-time SD and HD mixing and FX processing. Using your Macintosh, you can achieve astonishing results that are infinitely more flexible than dedicated hardware, for a fraction of the cost. VDMX not only saves you money on hardware, but also saves time. Because of its real time architecture and a control design which encourages creative exploration, you can count on VDMX to get better results faster than working with timelines.
Download Now
Version 7.40beta contains many important bug fixes and other changes for improved compatibility with Snow Leopard.
Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later
QuickTime 7.2 or later
1GHz or faster PPC G4, G5 or Intel processor
512MB or more of RAM
AGP, PCI Express or Intel graphics processor with at least 32MB of video memory
OpenGL hardware acceleration

QLab 2.2

QLab provides live show control for your Mac. Create media designs for theatre, dance, composition, installation, and more. Play back audio, video, and MIDI from a single workspace.

The basic version of QLab is free and provides a powerful audio playback environment. If you require advanced functionality licenses are available to unlock additional features.
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Version 2.2: Release notes currently unavailable.
Mac OS X 10.5.2 or later.


Porno sacrale (video excerpt) ©2009

Porno sacrale (video excerpt) ©2009 from |-|-| Luxovisioni on Vimeo.
With the light between form and sign, sometimes softly sensual, with some impetus.
AVflying project (Fabio Barisani+Luca Spagnoletti)

Sziget 2009 - Panoramic projection

Vicsek Viktor panoráma vetítése a Szigeten.

Panoramic projection from Viktor Vicsek on Vimeo.
These are some samples of our vj show on Sziget festival 2009. The music begins with Anorganik's live act later its Naga and Beta.


Addictive TV

Addictive TV from Gestalten on Vimeo.
Addictive TV's Tolly and Graham have remixed the heck out of audiovisual material like Slumdog Millionaire, Fast & Furious, and even the 2008 Olympics—live.



GlitchScope from oktopus on Vimeo.
Video :
Music: Tobor Experiment
Creado con Quartz Composer por OKTOPUS.TV


Bi-Ma. City Dance Collage

Bi-Ma. City Dance Collage. TorpeDeArte Collective. from Oigovisiones films on Vimeo.
La retroalimentació és una tècnica utilitzada a la música moderna per crear diferents tipus de sensacions auditives. El mimetisme que experimenta actualment la imatge en la seva relació amb la música fa que pugui adoptar formes menys definides i conceptuals que combreguen més amb el so. Amb la utilització de tres projectors i una càmera dirigida cap a les tres pantalles cream una retroalimentació visual. L'efecte és parescut al que experimentam en un d'aquests ascenssors a on hi ha dos miralls enfrontats, la nostra imatge es repeteix fins a l'infinit. Els espectadors es converteixen en part de l'obra creant-la en temps real i es diverteixen veient-se transformats i deformats pels efectes i colors de la instal·lació.


Message in the bootle 4 (Sziget 2009)

Kitty Scratch of Death

Bryan Teoh művei.
Kitty Scratch of Death VJ Demo #1 from Bryan Teoh on Vimeo.
This is a demo vid for my realtime video performance project. The software is custom designed using Cycling '74's Jitter.
for booking, contact me at:
Music by Syndrone.
Kitty Scratch of Death VJ Demo #2 from Bryan Teoh on Vimeo.
This is the second demo vid for my realtime video performance project. The software is custom designed using Cycling '74's Jitter.
for booking, contact me at:
Music by Syndrone.

Message in the bootle 3 (Sziget 2009 - közjáték)

Most a vizuálvadász saját kardjába dől és összedob egy mixet a spanyol La Fura Dels Baus elődásáról. (Biztos észrevetétek, hogy volt egy kis szünet, de az vesse rám az első követ, akinek nem ízlenek a chilei borok...)


Visual Performance - Lichtfaktor vs Optix

Visual Performance - Lichtfaktor vs Optix from Jens Heinen on Vimeo.
This is a video about our visual live Performance we do with the guys from Optix. It is just a little teaser - stay tuned for more...

VJ rapidshare :)

Message in the bootle 2 (Sziget 2009 - második benyomások)

Szóval a második nap...
Kis változás pozitív irányba: koncerteken egyre több a vizuál, de a reklám falak nem kímélik meg a szemünket a már unásig ismert képektöl...
És a negtívum: a Sziget Sajtóiroda által kiadott pass és VIP kártya feljogosít, hogy bárhova mehessek és felvételt készíthessek, kivéve a Medusa sátrat, a tulajdonosa szerint... a tömegben normális uton bejutni nem tudtam, sajtósként meg nem engedtek be, így bármennyire is seretném, nincs róla egyenlöre kép.
Most egy kis hangulat régi Fatboy Slim zenére.


via @Resolume

Showreel - Human Beans LIVE 2009 - Audiovisual Live using a new technology developed by Human Beans called "real time mapping projection" music by human beans (magik kingdom) www.humanbeansproj...

Processing 1.0.6

Megjelent a Processing 1.0.6-os verziója!

" Processing is a programming language and environment built for the electronic arts and visual design communities. It was created to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook. The software exports Java applets which may be posted on the Internet and shared with other artists and designers.
Download Now
Version 1.0.6: Release notes unavailable at the time this listing was updated "

Message in the bootle (Sziget 2009 - első benyomások)

Tavaly panaszkodtam, hogy kevés a vizuál a Szigeten - ellentétben az utóbbi évekkel, mikor néha a Szárnyas fejvadász Los Angeles-ében éreztem magam -, most tele van led falakkal a tér, de... a legtöbbön csak jobb-rosszabb reklámok futnak. Szomorú!
Volt, ahova a tömeg miatt tegnap nem jutottam be mire végre vetítettek, volt ahova nem volt kedvem már elmenni... Koncerteken nem láttam vizuált, de nem is tudtam mindenhol ott lenni... Ha valaki látott és esetleg megörökítte, ossza meg velünk!
Most egy rövid kis hangulat, Quick Cut verzióban, zenél az Oi Vai Voi.


Matrox MXO2-Mini review for VJs. Uncompressed HD mixing laptop to laptop.

Matrox MXO2-Mini review for VJs. Uncompressed HD mixing laptop to laptop. from vade on Vimeo.
Learn out how to get Uncompressed HD out of one laptop, into another as a video source, through your VJ software of choice.
The Matrox MXO2-Mini is a fairly cheap HD video digitizer meant for post production/editing usage, but the fact that it supports HDMI 1.3 means it should be able to handle RGB DVI input as long as its a valid 'real' video standard frame-rate and resolution.
Using a laptop that has an Express Card 34 adaptor slot we can finally mix in HD with real HD sources, using whatever Quicktime compatible software we want.
This video shows you how to set up the MXO2-Mini, some of the issues it has with being a bit testy, issues with the Express Card adaptor slot on the Mac Book pro, and setting up Avenue, Modul8 and VDMX for HD mixing.
The MXO2-Mini should work similarly on the PC/Windows side of the equation so applications like VVVV and friends should see it; however I was not able to test this as I don't have a Windows XP Bootcamp partition set up.
This video also features me nerd-ing out and cursing, and generally making an embarrassment out of myself.
The MXO2-Mini retails for around $450 US.
*) Lets you also grab HD via component, and older analog S-Video and composite sources.
*) Works for editorial/post production workflows as expected
*) Really lightweight, portable and small.
*) Very finicky, as the video shows. Hopefully this can be addressed with software & driver updates.
*) Express Card 34 on Apple machines can be a bit touchy. Curious how alternatives handle this.
*) Need a really hefty video card to handle multiple effects at HD resolutions. This can crush your FPS fast.
Im honestly unsure if Im going to keep the MXO2-Mini. It's *so close* to being perfect but the fact of the matter is I really don't want to plug in at a gig and have to jump through hoops to get it working, only to have the Express Card get popped out because of a gentle nudge and be forced to reboot. The other issue is, as an Apple developer/Quartz Composer user and being tied to OS X, the next machine Id have to get would be a 17", as the 15" Mac Book Pros no longer have an Express Card slot. I mean, Id *much* rather have a SD card reader, because reading SD cards was absolutely im-fucking-possible to do before we had built in card readers.. right?
So so close, you can taste it. Its coming; portable, usable, cheap HD mixing.


Sziget Fesztivál 2009

Holnap kikötök a Szigeten és próbálom küldeni vizuál tudósításaimat képben, hangban, videóban. Az első csütörtökön lesz, ha lesz mit mesélni... Addig lehet, hogy néma csend...
A Szigeten találkozunk!


VJ Team live @ Beat in the Green 2009

VJ Team live @ Beat in the Green 2009 - Part 1 from SynFin on Vimeo.

VJ Team live @ Beat in the Green 2009 - Part 2 from SynFin on Vimeo.
VJ Team SynAck & SynFin live @ Electronic Minimal Openair Beat in the Green in Muttenz - Basel Land (CH)
On Stage: Philandon
The whole Festival was created by Acoustic Connection incl. us. We made the Deco Concept and builded the stage and screens with wood and conventional build material.
Multi Screen Installation
4 Beamer, 2 17" Monitor and 2 24" Monitor to control with 2 Hackintoshs running VDMX, Video Beamer and Monitors are combined as 2 Screens (2048x768px) with a Dual Head and 3 Screens (3072x768px) with a TripleHead.
Hardware Controller are 1 Korg NanoPad, 1 Akai MPD24, 2 Korg NanoControl, 2 iPhone 3G with Custom TouchOSC Interfaces


Live @ Active Layers !!

"UpDate [AIE prod] Live @ Active Layers !!" from BomBaKlaK on Vimeo.
///////////////... VIDEO REPORT ...\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
\\\\ UpDate [AIE prod] Live@Active Layers ////
Merci a Xanadu et l'équipe de la manekine pour l'accueil
et merci a Erelevil et Digital media services pour leur images !
////////////... UpDate [AIE prod] ...\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Issued from the meeting of two Different audiovisuals artists BomBaKlaK and Azop Corp
durring the Year 2005, Update have been created bY the common will of creating an immersive
live act.Durring the Past two years, they spent their time on Filming, monting, compositing ,
producing, and performing in Europe, always searching for cultural exchanges and inspiration.
Update is now coming back from japan, And proud to present is live act worldwide, please enjoy!
/////////// Live Video \\\\\\\\\\
\\\\\\\\\\\ BomBaKlaK //////////
/////////// Live Audio \\\\\\\\\\
\\\\\\\\\\\ Azop Corp //////////
An Audiovisual Live Set from the Audiovisual Label "AIE prod"
Video and music under Creative Commons License
Contact booking : booking(at)
Sponsored by
Midi Controler :
VJ Software :
Resolume Avenue


CoGePSDLayers QCPlugin demo

.lov. nem üll a babérjain: egyre érdekesebb dolgokat rak össze.
Ez a legújabb:
CoGePSDLayers QCPlugin demo from luma beamerz on Vimeo.
A short demo with CoGePSDLayers QCPlugin, which is a Quartz Composer plugin. It present an image structure from a Photoshop PSD file's layers, and a structure with the image resources - the image data "without the layer".
For more information and download:


Koolik Visuals (Detroit, MI)

Ma a detroiti Koolik-kal ismerkedünk meg.

" Im a live video artist living and working in Detroit. I work primarily with video/film to create experimental images by manipulating my footage and all kinds of found footage. My "style" can best be described as a blend between the sensual, organic, and psychedelic - i like to take people on journeys of the mind when they watch my mixing. "

Party Video: ft. Jeremy Ellis & John Arnold from Koolik Visuals on Vimeo.
PM Summer Mix: ft. Jeremy Ellis & John Arnold
Footage from 2 parties that Proper Mod held during the summer:
- Purple Drank @ The Magic Stick
- Summer Sessions @ Exodus
Music by: Transduction Research
Video: Koolik

Save the Cannibals: Troxler - Live Video Mix from Koolik Visuals on Vimeo.
A series of samples from a live video mixing recording i did in my studio. The music is a mix created by Seth Troxler for Save the Cannibals - a podcast and series of parties in NYC.
The footage itself is a mixture of my material and some samples from other sources such as:
baraka, the wall, and fantasia

Koolik Visuals: Seuil Ibiza Mix Part 1 from Koolik Visuals on Vimeo.

Koolik Visuals: Seuil Ibiza Mix Part 2 from Koolik Visuals on Vimeo.
This is a portion of a live visual set i recorded in my studio. Its an example of what i do at parties in Detroit and elsewhere. The clips are made up of my footage and various samples.

Koolik Visuals: Jin Choi April Live Set Part 01 from Koolik Visuals on Vimeo.
This is a live video mix i recorded to a wonderful live set by Jin Choi. It was recorded in my studio. Its a mixture of my footage and some samples.
Some of the samples are:
- some clips from vimeo (message me for more)
- a doc on DMT
- reworked images from Blue Planet
- The Wall
- Requiem for a Dream
- Altered States
Koolik Visuals: Jin Choi April Live Set Part 02 from Koolik Visuals on Vimeo.
This is part 2 of a live video mix i recorded to a wonderful live set by Jin Choi. It was recorded in my studio. Its a mixture of my footage and some samples (mostly reworked)
Some of the samples are:
- Fantasia
- Planet Earth
- The Cell
- Requiem for a Dream


Ha valaki ott volt a Led Zeppelin re-union koncertjén, akkor a Kashmir közben ezt a vizuált lázhatta...
kashmir from Steve Scott on Vimeo.
This is the on screen visuals I created for the Led Zeppelin re-union concert. They were used for the track Kashmir.


AVIT Kežmarok 2009, Review

Itt egy kis beszámoló at AVIT Kežmarok 2009 fesztiválról Lucy Benson tollából és blogjáról.

" From July 23rd-25th the inaugural AVIT ‘License To Screen’ VJ Festival descended upon the somewhat unsuspecting Slovakian city of Kežmarok.
The event was the first Central European VJ festival organised by AVIT and the emphasis for the weekend was firmly on developing a network of exchange and support between artists from East and West European countries. The event had originally been scheduled for 2010, but some last minute factors saw it take place this summer, meaning a short, sharp learning curve for the organisers and a host of unexpected technical difficulties. This led to the festival being branded a ‘beta’ version of the event to be held next year. Nevertheless, for three days workshops were run, artists met, shared, jammed and the majority of performances took place more or less as scheduled.
Each day of the festival kicked off at noon with workshops and artist talks, followed by evening public performances in the city square and all-night VJ jams at club Herña; an endearingly seedy club situated in the bowels of Kežmarok Castle and looking somewhat past its hey-day (nothing describes the passing of time with quite the same poetry as a broken-down disco floor with only three illuminated tiles)...."
continue, and, and


Fusion Festival 2009 live

shado set-e a Fusion Festival 2009-ről.

Fusion Festival 2009 live from shado on Vimeo.

church painter from iceland

Egy kis vizualis ujdonság sinsynplus-tól:

church painter from iceland from sinsynplus on Vimeo.

CoGePSBrushes IterTrans

.lov. nagyszerű CoGePSBrushes beta plugin bővitményével készített kis mozit Lee Grosbauer.
CoGePSBrushes IterTrans from Lee Grosbauer on Vimeo.
Quartz Composition. This study utilizes the newly released CoGePSBrushes beta plugin from Tamas Nagy and incorporates dual instances of a variation on Iterator - Transparency.qtz from the Conceptual folder of the Quartz Composer developer compositions.
The CoGePSBrushes beta plugin is available on the The Photoshop files Brushed Ink 18 Brush set.abr (juiceboxvisual) and Finger Paints by were utilized. Recorded with Kineme QuartzCrystal.


Drop Crossing from HOMEMADE on Vimeo.
Performance dansée avec dispositif interactif temps réel de captation de l'image et du son (30 minutes).
Dans certains états de conscience, l’être humain fait l’expérience d’un autre corps, un double de lui-même, dans lequel il vit des expériences diverses, le plus souvent sans contrôle. Parfois, les deux états du corps sont ressentis simultanément.
Captant la danseuse avec une caméra, la performer-video transforme l’image en temps réel pour la lui renvoyer et ouvrir le dialogue. L’image, fantasmatique, fait perdre à la danseuse le contact avec son propre corps, tout en la ramenant constamment à sa propre perception : la proprioception est constamment remise en cause. La dynamique de la réplique visuelle a plusieurs origines qui s’entrelacent, le mouvement induit par le corps dansant, celui induit par le geste vidéo et celui porté par le geste sonore.


Néhány visuals Sebastian Duran-tól.

Visual Mix from Sebastian Duran on Vimeo.

Visual Mix 2 from Sebastian Duran on Vimeo.

Gravedad 0 (Gaston) from Sebastian Duran on Vimeo.
Autor: Gaston
Tema: Gravedad 0
Disco: Explorador del Sistema Solar Part 1
Grabado en Lory Pucsin Records
Discografica: Independiente
Video: Sebastian Duran


Maula Reprise VJ mix

Maula Reprise VJ mix from Praveen Venugopal on Vimeo.
Music : Jalebee Cartel
VJ mix by PiXeLoiD

Overlap AV set (excerpt)

Overlap AV set (excerpt) from overlap on Vimeo.
clip taken from Overlap audiovisual show 2009

Beatpatrol festival 2009

Egy kis VJ hangulat St. Pölten-ből.

VJing for Benny Benassi @ Beatpatrol festival 2009 from martin_puehringer on Vimeo.
Beatpatrol Festival 2009 St. Pölten
Stargate Premium Stage

VJing for Paul Kalkbrenner @ Beatpatrol festival 2009 from martin_puehringer on Vimeo.
Beatpatrol Festival 2009 St. Pölten
Stargate Premium Stage

VJing for Adam Freeland @ Beatpatrol festival 2009 from martin_puehringer on Vimeo.
Beatpatrol Festival 2009 St. Pölten
Stargate Premium Stage

VJing for Stereo MCs (DJ-set) @ Beatpatrol Festival 2009 from martin_puehringer on Vimeo.
Beatpatrol Festival 2009 St. Pölten
Stargate Premium Stage

VJing for Tom Snow @ Beatpatrol festival 2009 from martin_puehringer on Vimeo.
Beatpatrol Festival 2009 St. Pölten
Stargate Premium Stage


New videos from LotteZ

A legjobb VJ-k listáján szereplő holland LotteZ videóiból egy kis válogatás: új kép, új videók.

White Pony from LotteZ on Vimeo.
VIDEO by LotteZ
'White Pony' by Bas Mooy & Ortin Cam
(Planet Rhythm, 2009)

GEEKS on HEELS (july 2009) from LotteZ on Vimeo.
VJ-mix by:
'Eclipse' by Nickolas Quartez
[ ]

LotteZ at VJ Festival Istanbul (2008) from LotteZ on Vimeo.

LotteZ @ Bar Weinig (live recording) from LotteZ on Vimeo.
19th of April 2008
Tivoli de Helling

" (excerpt from DJ Magazine 2007 vol.4/no.52)
'LOTTEZ is a surprise new entry in the Top 20, hailing from Alkmaar in the Netherlands. While relatively new to VJing, she made her mark by winning 2006's Red Bull VJ contest, which has given her wings into the international scene.
A music lover, LotteZ seeks to move her video work towards an ultimate synergy between music and visuals. To achieve this goal she has worked with DJ's, dancers, poets and even an opera singer on previous projects.
Now you can find her gigging frequently in clubs around Amsterdam and Utrecht, and also at the Utrecht literary festival.' "


amoeba a/v presents microglitchmachinefunk track_01 of 16 from amoeba on Vimeo.
1 from a set of 16 a/v tracks/vj tools from my [aple] Arrange Process Loop Edit live set.
These pieces were created using ableton midi patterns to control and trigger micro quicktime movies that contain after effects edits and amoeba created constructivist motion graphics with synched audio through arkaos vj.
These vj tools form part of a live 1 hour amoeba continually evolving typographical based constructivist inspired a/v set.
amoeba design
amoeba a/v


CoGePSBrushes QC Plugin

.lov. megint nagyot alkotott! Photoshop brush file-okkal lehet festeni a Quartz Composerben! A QC plugin-eket pedig köztudottan megeszi a CoGe. ( és a VDMX )

CoGePSBrushes QC Plugin demo from luma beamerz on Vimeo.
A little demonstration about CoGePSBrushes Quartz Composer plugin. This plugin allows you to use Photoshop brush file in Quartz Composer. For more information and download check