Light Drive

Light Drive from Kim Pimmel on Vimeo.
Stop motion form and colour, using light painting techniques.
Lighting: Kim Pimmel
Sound: Tron Legacy trailers
I've been interested in taking my Light Study photo series and evolving them into motion pieces. I shot a lot of footage for a VJ gig for FITC San Francisco. So I edited together those stop motion sequences, mashed up some audio from the Tron Legacy trailers, and out came Light Drive.
The video is stop motion, so every frame is an individually shot photograph. Each photograph is a long exposure photo, with exposures reaching up to 20 seconds in some cases.
To control the lights, I used an Arduino controlled via bluetooth to drive a stepper motor. The stepper motor controls the movements of the lights remotely from Processing.
The light sources include cold cathode case lights, EL wire, lasers and more.
If you like this video, check out:​9630188
Light Studies​photos/​djspyhunter/​sets/​72157615077454920/​

The 600 Years

The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.
Mapping during 600 years anniversary of the astrological tower clock situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague.
The Macula (
Coworking animators:
Michal Kotek
Lukáš Duběda
data-live (
Tomato Production (

VJ QUARK vs SKREAM! - Roxy, Prague 2010

VJ QUARK vs SKREAM! - Roxy, Prague 2010 - pt1 from VJ Quark on Vimeo.

VJ QUARK vs SKREAM! - Roxy, Prague 2010 - pt2 from VJ Quark on Vimeo.

VJ QUARK vs SKREAM! - Roxy, Prague 2010 - pt3 from VJ Quark on Vimeo.

VJ QUARK vs SKREAM! - Roxy, Prague 2010 - pt4 from VJ Quark on Vimeo.

VJ QUARK vs SKREAM! - Roxy, Prague 2010 - pt5 from VJ Quark on Vimeo.
Vj Quark vs Skream!
Roxy club, Prague 2010


Beatgraphica VJ (Udon Kagawa Japan)
// Art Director, Designer
// VJ [Beatgraphica & 68k]

Handspider Remix from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.Beatgraphica VJ movie
"Handspider" Remix
Effect with hand like a spider.
CASIO EX-F1 Hi speed movie edit.
// Created by ino;graphica
// Music by DJ Krush "Decks-athron"

Colorful 3D border from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
Beatgraphica VJ 3D motion graphic
// Created by ino;graphica
// Cheetah3D v5.5+AffterEffects
// Music by DJ Krush "dig this vibe ver.2"

Monotone Trip from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
Beatgraphica VJ's 3D motion graphic.
// Created by ino;graphica
// Cheetah3D v5.5+AffterEffects
// Music by Johannes Heil "Freaks R Us"​jp/​album/​freaks-r-us/​id129555860

Twisted Electro Town from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
Beatgraphica VJ's 3D motion graphic.
// Created by ino;graphica
// Cheetah3D v5.5+Pixel Bender+AffterEffects
// Music by Jeff Mills "The Visitor"​jp/​album/​sleeper-wakes/​id341743475

TAKI KOTA+Beatgraphica Session Live from Beatgraphica VJ on Vimeo.
2009.12.6(Sun) @Bar RUFFHOUSE
with Beatgraphica VJ Session​watch?v=sm6DdKpmKew&playnext_from=TL&videos=ChLCAphTBsE
// Guitar : TAKI KOTA (amatuti dub drawing space)
// ES335+LINE6 DL-4×3
// VJ : Beatgraphica

Visuals for Golestan

Visuals for Golestan from vjlab on Vimeo.


Erms vs Bios

Erms vs Bios from bios on Vimeo.
The clash of VJ Erms and VJ Bios on the first day of the Cinetrip VJ Tournament. Erms qualified for the next round and later won the Challenge Champion category.
Thanks for the recording Tintin.

fluidity HD

fluidity HD from nebulus design on Vimeo.fluidity real-time interactive fluid simulation for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.​fluidity
Soon available for free in the Apple App Store.
Clip music by Materia:
Fluid simulation library based on MSAfluid:
Available free on the app store here:​gb/​app/​fluidity-hd/​id399403909?mt=8

Gantz Graf Reincarnated

Gantz Graf Reincarnated from Lick Nowd3r on Vimeo.
Video made with "ganz graf live 1.0" a max for live patch made by vh over at​library/​device.php?id=133
The original Gantz Graf video was made by Alex Rutterford
for the artist Autechre. I basically just made a beat in live and then had a midi instrument trigger the patch via those midi notes, and then put some miscellaneous midi effects on the clips to make them a little more chaotic, and put some audio effects on the master channel. You can rotate the imagery around in 3d and assign the different knobs for the ganz graf patch to a midi controller or change them manually to alter the look. Also the different attributes to the audio affect the distortion of the patch, so some tweaking may be needed. Also the frame rate doesn't look very smooth, it plays out of live at about 50 fps, and i captured it at 60, but the switch back to ntsc makes it look sort of stuttered, but i assure you in live it's smoooooth.


MUSKHA. Live Visuals and Video Mapping- Space Ibiza 2010

MUSKHA. Live Visuals and Video Mapping- Space Ibiza 2010 from muska on Vimeo.

Brutal minimalism and low-fi: Ultra-Violet Live

Ultra-Violet Live (3) from plusmoins on Vimeo.
Ultraviolet is an improvised performance audio / video.
Brutal minimalism and low-fi aesthetic characterizes this singular proposition. The musician Jerome Montagne and the filmmaker Philippe Fontes do nothing more than using tanning lamps and a mixer (no input).
Since their first collaborations, more "filmic”, the duo has always wondered about the possible coherence between sound and image. With Ultra-violet they create a "harmonious object" where the glass tube fluorescent, its cold color and its light impact logically, bind the textures and the timbre of an electric mixer with no input. The aim of this formal bias is to make sensitive and less ambiguous possible the interactions picture / sound.
Philippe Fontes : video device
He became a photographer by his own, using video since the 90's. At this time his passion for musical improvisation led him to work with a lot of musicians and composers. In year 2004 he co-created the PLUSMOINS collective, in wich he always works nowadays.
Jérôme Montagne : mixing table
He uses for his compositions an only mixing table locked on itself. He likes to mix frequencies, white noise and binary rythmes in an abstract form of improvisation, so the machine is able to reveal his secret noises, in an electric and silent weather of emotional strain.

Light Sculpture @ mirror space x MOMENTUM - Venice Art Crawl 10/21/2010

Light Sculpture @ mirror space x MOMENTUM - Venice Art Crawl 10/21/2010 from VJFader on Vimeo.

Light Sculpture designed and constructed by Jason Saunders and Fader. Live video mapping software developed by Fader in Processing (
Cinematographer Damon Cirulli.
Music: Tegan & Sara - Alligator (Toro Y Moi Remix)



BODHISATTVA PROJECTIONS from Kit Webster on Vimeo.
Projections over the bodhisattva statue at Section 8 bar in Melbourne, Australia for Grolsh Grid


GlitzerTeppich 1 from BildPeter on Vimeo.
GlitzerTeppich (GlitterCarpet)
The idea of this composition is emergence of patterns. Ordered structures are introduced followed by a chaotic flow. As a third stage there a slightly different chaotic flow, in which you can see moving and changing patterns.
- Chaos becomes order -
This little set is live rendered and recorded.
Programmed with Quartz Composer (see picture below).
Controlled by a midi controller.

///VJ SET///

///VJ SET/// from KIBORZ on Vimeo.


Mollusk Disco

Mollusk Disco from Max Tigai on Vimeo.

The LightLine of Gotham

The LightLine of Gotham from seeper on Vimeo.
Introducing 'Light Lining' to the US. A technique of projection mapping 3D content. Working in collaboration with Vimeo to conclude the Vimeo Festival and Awards, the Frank Gehry IAC HQ provided the perfect canvas for our transformation of sight and sound.


edicisum from candas sisman on Vimeo.
directed by Candas Sisman -
soundtrack by Isambard Khroustaliov
you can look the interview about edicisum from here​?p=431​?page_id=6​


Mapping at Carlsberg, Kulturnatten 2010

Mapping at Carlsberg, Kulturnatten 2010 from Obscura on Vimeo.
This project was created for the annual Kulturnatten event in Copenhagen and the mapping took place on the wall of a brewery building at the old beautiful Carlsberg area.
Obscura and Dark Matters were commisioned by Carlsberg via Distortion to do this project. A lot of the graphics were created by Dark Matters and the rest by Obscura. The production was made possible with great help from Comtech who provided and set up three big 20.000 ANSI Lumen projectors. The music and sound effects were created by Zack Christ.

DeadMau5 @Amnesia August 2010

DeadMau5 @Amnesia August 2010 from Todd Graft on Vimeo.
Todd Graft -VJ for Deadmau5 Live (off piste) gig at Amnesia, Ibiza in summer of 2010

VisualBerlinFestival - Notendo

Notendo from VisualBerlinFestival 2010 on Vimeo.
Jeff Donaldson began playing guitar at the age of 12 while making in-camera edits of local skateboarders. From 2000-2001, Jeff pursued a degree in jazz guitar and music composition at University. In 2001, a shift toward more visual work occurred which has lead to international recognition in new media art. During the 1st decade of the new millenium, Jeff was also part of the local Baltimore band Wzt Hearts with Jason Urick, Shaun Flynn and Mike Haleta. Wzt Hearts went on to release 2 full length LPs on Carpark/Hoss records gaining recognition by NME and Pitchfork as well as inspiring the British band Klaxons. Jeff currently resides in Brooklyn, NYC.
Jeff Donaldson began the noteNdo project in 2001 with the intent to create animation entirely with his own hardware modifications of 8bit NES and 16bit SEGA Genesis/Master Systems. There is no new code involved, only machine logic.
Since going public with the noteNdo, Jeff’s work has influenced people world-wide to try similar pursuits. This is most obvious with the release of glitchNES by Don Miller (No Carrier) in 2009 which is software for the NES that approximates an effect Jeff pioneered years earlier and which Don Miller was privy to observe working side by side with Donaldson at NYC’s monthly Pulsewave events. The inclusion of Jeff’s work in the release of Glitch: Designing Imperfection (2009 Mark Batty)further solidified Jeff’s stature as a pioneer in the field of glitch aesthetics. Past events include :: MEDIATECA EXPANDIDA. PLAYLIST at LABORAL CENTRO DE ARTE Y CREACION INDUSTRIAL 2009/2010 Gijon, Spain Second Hand Illumination at Fabio Paris Art Gallery 2009, Brescia Italy File 8 Bit Game People 2009, Rio de Janeiro Brazil READY>RUN at the Esther M. Klein Art Gallery 2009, Philadelphia PA Lunchmeat 8bit Session 2009, Prague CZ Open Spaces at PMgallery 2009 Neukölln, Berlin DE Bent Festvial 2005/2007/2009 NYC BLIP FEST 2006/2007/2008 NYC SQUARE EYES FESTIVAL 2008 Arnhem, Netherlands BITMAP @ the Leonard Perlstein Gallery 2008 Philadelphia, PA West Nile Style w/ Talk Normal at D’Amelio Terras Gallery 2008 NYC BLIP @ Sperm Festival 2008 Prague, Czech Republic American Museum of the Moving Image 2008 NYC CARTUNE XPREZ Wham City 2008 Baltimore, MD Flipped Chips @ Art In General 2008 NYC Playback @ ARC/Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris 2007 Paris, France Rockland Center for the Arts 2007 NY BITMAP @ VertexList Gallery 2007 NYC +es+ pa++erns 2006 Baltimore, MD Craptops vs. Laptops 2006 Brooklyn, NY ICR 2005 NYC MACHINISTA 2004 Glasgow, Scotland once.twice:festival 2004 Baltimore, MD Pulsewave NYC


Reportage France 3 - Le Tour du Cadran - Nordik Impakt 2010

Reportage France 3 - Le Tour du Cadran - Nordik Impakt 2010 from Atelier Composite on Vimeo.

VisualBerlinFestival - Ran Ancor

Ran Ancor from VisualBerlinFestival 2010 on Vimeo.
Ran Ancor (IT)​?cat=6
Ran ancor, videomaker and musician, born in 1969, lives in Rome, Italy. He studied philosopy with a minor in computers, then started to work in between art and informatics. During last years he worked on electronic live-set with video and music and also as a vj. Most significant elements in his video works are immateriality, movement and metamorphosis, visual fluxus, fusion with sound and space. VJ WORK
The Mask Generator may be used for vj set and played live with an external controller or screened as a solo installation in an audio reactive mode. I also use the 3xvga for a larger space of projection Mask Generator is a generative software that produce a geometrical bidimensional world where a single sharp is multiplied through its opposite polarity positive/negative. Un software generativo produce un mondo geometrico bidimensionale in cui una sola forma viene ripetuta e moltiplicata attraverso le sue opposte polarità positive/negative. Una logica combinatoria di elementi semplici genera una complessità di forme ortogonali, frantumando una iniziale pretesa dualistica. Nella videoproiezione il mondo è bidimensionale e aspira a dimensioni superiori nello spazio planosferico. Nelle curve dello spazio la possibilità di nuove prospettive.

VisualBerlinFestival - :NÄ: (FR)

:NÄ: (FR) from VisualBerlinFestival 2010 on Vimeo.​themagicspaceofna
NÄ: is the meeting of A-li-ce (video artist) and Mectoob (musician and video artist), who began to play together in 2009, creating an audiovisual set for the opening night of Pocket Films Festival, at the Forum des Images in Paris, which will become then «A mad tea-party’. They play also sets for clubs. They performed in Cognac at Coups de chauffe festival in september 2009, for an outdoor «mad tea-party», then at Paysages électroniques (Lille) for a special audiovisual set for kids in november 2009. Next gigs : Creil (april 2010) / Mapping Festival (may 2010)
:NÄ: is the meeting of A-li-ce (video) and Mectoob (Music), creating some electro / breakbeat / experimental live sets and dubstep mix sets, evolving into some graphical colorful universes, full of strange and absurd creatures. Le Goûter chelou / A mad tea-party is their first project together. Surrounded by electronic happy sounds, some mysterious creatures, space fishes and little human things get out from dark and fabulous lands. Welcome to the electro and video mad tea party cooked by A-li-ce and Mectoob.



Spriteology from bios on Vimeo.
Some of my favorite Quartz Compositions played with CoGe.

Lucidloop -VJ loop- Freebies -2

. . Tasty Video art downloads to spice up Club nights and festivals. Find More luscious downloads at Lucidloops.
This item belongs to: movies/vj_loops.
This item has files of the following types: 512Kb MPEG4, Animated GIF, Cinepack, Metadata, Ogg Video, Thumbnail

Visual Berlin Festival - Exlex

Exlex from VisualBerlinFestival 2010 on Vimeo.
Exlex performance and interview. Visual Berlin Festival. 12. June in Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.
Sanfranciscobeat aka Profile25 was chosen in the top 5 DJs in Hungary, 2009. He played together with names as Richie Hawtin, Magda, Hernan Cattaneo, Tiga, Matyas Kalman and Daniel Besnyo are both founders of the Hungarian VJ movement and independent studio, VJ Centrum (, they worked with numerous theater groups, they projected at almost all the party places in Hungary, and some festivals abroad too.
Audiovisual live act of the CODE36 DVD. A strange fusion of techno music and silent film introducing various sights of Hungary from an original, modern point of view.
Exlex Matthias Kamann Daniel Abeshny
Katja Holbaum
Thomas Kelling
Thomas Kelling
Interview and production::
Pedro Deltell Colomer
oigovisiones films


1024 (2)


META-MAPPING from 1024 on Vimeo.
a workshop in La Parfumerie / Geneva / 2010
Video report of our one week workshop during the Mapping Festival.
Thanks to all participants ! You were awesome.
Features a live drawing engine, fully audio reactive.
Video shot with a 5D SLR. Audio by Audion.
More info on
or our blog

BOOMBOX from 1024 on Vimeo.
BOOMBOX / A live DJ Show / worldwide 2008 - 2010.
The Boombox is an electronic music stage for the Godskitchen parties.
Features DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Sasha, David Guetta, Above and Beyond, Benni Benassi ...
Design, visuals and software by 1024 Architecture.
More info on , and our blog

3D Bridge / Report #1 from 1024 on Vimeo.
3D Bridge, a sculptural installation at Nuit Blanche / PARIS / 2010
Video report #1
60m long by 12m high, made out of scaffolding structure and semi-transparent screens, this video mapping was built on the Pont St Louis in Paris, close by Notre Dame church.
It was running through our custom made video mapping software, which allowed us to draw the architectural lines live on location, directly on the structure.
More info on and our blog
The audio track of this video report is Sabotage, by the Penelopes, who kindly gave their permission to use it.
This video was shot in stop motion using a 5D DSLR.

NuFormer Projection (Zierikzee, The Netherlands)
NuFormer Digital Media: a full-service multimedia bureau in The Netherlands.
Expertise: 3D projection on buildings, motion graphics, video production, 3D modelling and animation, post production, special FX.

NuFormer - California, USA. August 2010 from NuFormer Projection on Vimeo.
NuFormer was invited by an international organization to design and develop a demo of a 3D projection on a building in California, USA. The façade of this modest building turns into a middle-age wall, hiding and showing surrealistic elements. It also turns into an African jungle cabin and later into a US metrostation. Even the whole building flips over! High standard 3D modeling and animation, skillful 2D compositing with eye for detail and supreme mapping. This projection was executed on August 2010. Full production by NuFormer, in corporation with Creative Technology USA.

NuFormer - Toshiba, Berlin. August 2010 from NuFormer Projection on Vimeo.
The IFA fair in Berlin is the worlds biggest and most important trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. For their client Toshiba NuFormer developed it's first official indoor 3D mapping projection onto two big white objects in the Toshiba hall of this 50th IFA. From September 3-8, 2010 the visitors of the Toshiba hall were blown away by the projection which added a new dimension in 3D projection. Projection was done in two big boxes and their surfaces as well as the objects that were standing inside these boxes.

NuFormer - Kazan, Russia. August 2010 from NuFormer Projection on Vimeo.
Kazan is the capital of the republic Tatarstan in the eastern part of the Russian Federation. Kazan is hosting the 2013 Universade and candidates for the 2018 World Championship Soccer. It is to be expected that this city is going to be the number one city of sport in Russia. August 30 is their national day and specially for this occasion NuFormer was invited to do a 3D projection on the Theatre in the city centre. The projection was a gift from the city to it's citizens. The Theatre is a beautiful monumental building and formed the canvas for the projection. The content has been designed and developed to use as much of the buildings architectural elements. In this projection NuFormer modeled and animated the national symbol, the snakelion, and integrate it into the projection. 20.000 people were present on the venue and watched the show. Full production by NuFormer together with JVR (Holland) and Smart & Bright (Moscow).

NuFormer - Sony, Madrid, Plaza de Santa Ana, May 2010 - One take from NuFormer Projection on Vimeo.
Immediately after the finals of the UEFA Champions League, Madrid had the scoop of two 3D projections. Commissioned by Sony, NuFormer developed two beautiful projections on two different buildings on two different locations in Madrid. The 3D projections turned the facades of the buildings into two giant pinball machines in which soccer played a central role.
The theatre at the Plaza Santa Ana as well as the Colegia San Augustin on a busy square in the middle of the city centre, were the two buildings chosen for the projections. Opposite the Bernabeu Stadium a VIP party was held. The 3D projection was shown to this particular group of approximately 1500 people.
For both projections the central theme was “Imagine Football in 3D". In order to design these projections we had to make use of an advanced chromakey technique. The 3D content and animations were of outstanding quality.
Location: Plaza de Santa Ana, Madrid
Producer : Papa Projects, London, UK
Story board: Anomaly. London, UK
Design: NuFormer, The Netherlands
Implementation: 22 May, 2010
This is an one take registration.


iPhon projection (iVJ)

Pár napja még ki gondolta volna, hogy iPhone-nal fogok vetíteni?
Németországba kísértem egy zenekart és a dalok közötti szünetek alatt harmadik bejátszónak az iPhonon futó iVJ-t használtam. Meglepődtem a minőségén és eredményességén. Egy kicsit még fapados, de már most is két csatornát keverhetünk egy szöveg layerrel. Csúcs! Még csak az 1.0-ás verzió, de látszik, hogy nagy lehetőségek vannak benne, csak a vas szab neki határt.

Cinetrip VJ Torna Budapest

Ezt sikerült megint annyira fű alatt szervezni, hogy hiába írtam róla, utazásaim közben kiment a fejemből...hmmm...

ARE YOU READY !? from L.Laki Laszlo on Vimeo.
Cinetrip VJ Torna Budapest
18-24. october 2010

Mapping festival - Battle vj mimikrakra Vs vj Offonol

Mapping festival - Battle vj mimikrakra Vs vj Offonol from Pauline Angotti on Vimeo.
Mapping festival 2010 - Genève, Suisse - Battle Vj


kasumi (usa)
A video/sound artist whose interdisciplinary activities have included professional activities as a concert musician, exhibiting painter, published writer, theatrical designer, and film producer, Kasumi is one of the leading innovators of a new art form synthesizing film, sound and video in live performance. She has won global acclaim for her work in venues worldwide: from Lincoln Center with The New York Philharmonic to collaborations with Grandmaster Flash and DJ Spooky. She performed at Wuerttembergischen Kunstverein Stuttgart and at the Chroma Festival de Arte Audiovisual in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her work, BREAKDOWN, premiered at Carnegie Hall in concert with the American Composers Orchestra. She was awarded an EMPAC Dance Movies Commission 2009-2010 by the Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and Performing Arts, Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.
Her film The Free Speech Zone, cited in The Encyclopedia of Underground Movies, was featured at the Nemo Festival at the Forum des Images in Paris, the Milano Film Festival, Expresion en Corto, Mexico City, and the Sapporo International Short Film Festival where it won First Prize. The Stuttgarter Nachricten described her work as "a modern age version of Francesco Goya's Disasters of War”.
Her work has been screened at festivals in Iran, the Slovak Republic, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Romania, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Holland, France, England, the US and Canada, and at distinguished institutions including Muzeul Florean, Romania; Itau Cultural Center, Sao Paulo; The Butler Institute of American Art; The Museum of Fine Art, Houston; Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro; San Diego Museum of Art; Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires; Anthology Film Archives among others and has received the Adriano Asti Award for Best Experimental Film at Montecacini, Italy; Director's and Program Staff Citation at the Black Maria Film Festival; the Seoul Film Festival's Special Jury Award; IFP Chicago's Best Experimental Film award and many others.

Five Portraits (Installation) from kasumi on Vimeo.
"Even in recent video-based works Kasumi’s political concerns are not always preeminent. Often an examination of the distance between emotional expression and communicative ambiguities (especially within the closed circuit of self-perception) is a more central subject. This is notably true in montages produced between 2001-2005 where she makes provocative use of texture and gesture and where her training as a painter is evident. One idea she explores is that the construction of identity through gesture may sometimes amount to a betrayal of self. Such concerns cast the whole project of expressive art in a suspicious light. There is a paranoid tendency latent in montage, a secret belief that any personal expression reveals an effective method of manipulation, of interrogation. From this point of view every true self-portrait is a kind of suicide, or martyrdom.
In the installation Five Portraits in Five Minutes (2005), Kasumi’s cast of characters here are, in order: a young man, raising and lowering his face, a child, an old man in a cap, a young woman in a 1930’s-era bathing suit, dancing with arms out-stretched, and another young man, filmed in very tight close-up. Two of the men are double, either literally beside themselves, like the man with the cap, or the one who faces himself, melting and separating as if reflected in two halves of a mirror. Many viewings are needed to perceive all, or even most, of the constituent images in Five Portraits, flickering as each frame blends into the next. In fact Kasumi has set her characters ablaze, shimmering and flaring amid arcs of penumbral light. These are portraits, but portraits executed in the medium of time – recursive images which evolve and repeat. They capitalize on the swift passage of multiple views, ranging in subject from the formal shifts of the angling of facial planes to the psychological implication of a given posture.
Viewers may recognize the young woman as Hitler’s lover Eva Braun. Her expression appears to shift between pleasure and terror and her extended arms are like wings in flight, outspread as if to offer an embrace, but also evoking the iconography of crucifixion."
Text by Douglas Max Utter

MO-SO excerpt from kasumi on Vimeo.
A three-channel videoart installation (short excerpt)
Music, Deluge=Fang Man
Dance=Chan U Hong

Memories of a Dead Princess from kasumi on Vimeo.
mémoires d'une princesse morte
Gedächtnisse einer toten Prinzessin
memorias de una princesa muerta
memorie di una principessa guasto
Experimental film/video art/dance
TRT: 5”
Premiere: Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, 2005
Original production format: DV and painted 16mm celluloid
Camera: Kitao Sakurai
Ballet: Valerie Madonia
Synopsis: This expressionistic dance piece originally appeared in a production of l’Histoire du Soldat with the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center, Pinchas Zuckerman, violinist. Presented here, it has been re-cut to original music.

Transmissions from kasumi on Vimeo.
People reveal themselves in small gestures and fleeting facial expressions that, no matter how deliberate, self-aware or artificial, are invested by the person performing them with an element of totally unconscious feeling. I created “transmissions” to capture these tiny revelations and explore their meanings, translating them into a metaphorical language synthesized from all forms of artistic expression: image, movement, music, shape, light and composition. The point is to illuminate the mysteries of human thought and behavior on their own terms -- viscerally, instinctually – and to trigger viewers’ similarly unconscious feelings through their powers of perception and association

BREAKDOWN the video **2010 VIMEO AWARDS REMIX WINNER** from kasumi on Vimeo.
BREAKDOWN, a mashup of thousands of public domain samples, is the ageless tale of corrupt power-seekers perpetrating hideous deceptions on gullible masses.
NY TIMES:​2010/​10/​11/​9-winning-videos-from-the-vimeo-awards/​
PR Newswire:​news-releases/​vimeo-announces-winners-of-inaugural-2010-vimeo-awards-at-nyc-event-104649374.html
EIN Presswire:​pr-news/​182125-vimeo-announces-winners-of-inaugural-2010-vimeo-awards-at-nyc-event​channels/​staffpicks​news/​2010/​10/​vimeo-announces-vimeo-awards-winners/​​inthenews/​kasumi101410.aspx​breakdown-kasumi-2010-vimeo-awards-remix-winner/​​blog/​animation/​and-the-vimeo-award-winners-are/​​ingenuity-artist-kasumi-win-vimeo-award
For the full, uncut version:​8423450


Amazing Building Mapping - Vimeo Festival

Amazing Building Mapping - Vimeo Festival from Dan Ilic on Vimeo.
Saturday the 9th October, Evan Grant's Seeper collective mapped the IAC building in Chelsea, New York, NY.
The video giant art project was made to celebrate the openeing of the the awards afterparty held in the foyer of the IAC building.
I was lucky enough to be there on behalf of Shot on Canon 7D, No Tripod, Tamron 18-270


Interactive Videojockey (i-VJ) is the experimental production developed by Activa Multimèdia during the project.

Click here for a demo! (Internet Explorer required)

The production is a digital television broadcast over Internet TV. We understand Internet TV to be multimedia services that are distributed on “open” internet that is using the already existing structure, without any operator controlling the network. Internet TV is in line with two growing trends in digital content, making the TV experience more interactive and allowing for customization.

i-VJ (interactive Video Jockey) is an Internet TV music channel presented by an interactive virtual character and based on a 24/7 automatic broadcast and VoD (Video-on-Demand) services. The content of some sections can be customized by users.

This experimental production is an interactive service, so the structure is not linear. The main services are as follows:

My i-VJ: allows users to decide the virtual VJ’s appearance.
My Playlists: users can create their own playlists.
My News: users can activate music news headlines.
My Account: users can set up and manage their account.

Control: allows users to have the control of the video with the trick mode options
Go to next video
Go to previous video
Repeat video

Play similar videos

Go to the list of songs

Add this video: allows users to insert the music video they are watching into a playlist.

Info: users can view additional information of the video.

Search: users can search music videos with a virtual keyboard.

There are currently two levels of content customization:
First level: users can prepare their own music video playlist and see the videos they want. They can also choose the music headlines they wish to see.
Second level: users can customize the channel presenter’s (virtual Video Jockey) appearance by choosing gender, hairstyle, clothes, accessories, etc.

CTP VJ Workshops

::CHECKTHISPECKER:: are a collective of live visual performers; an amalgamation of professional graphic, illustration, video and media artists working to produce original visual material.
More info:


LeCollagiste - Loops

LeCollagiste - Grid Stain Loop from LeCollagiste on Vimeo.

LeCollagiste - Crash Grid Loop from LeCollagiste on Vimeo.

LeCollagiste - Thor A from LeCollagiste on Vimeo.

LeCollagiste - Mesh Eyes Loop from LeCollagiste on Vimeo.

LeCollagiste - Mesh Mano loop from LeCollagiste on Vimeo.​

Visual Therapy Mushroom Chillout 8 3D animation, motion graphics & directed by VJ Love Mushroom aka Yo Suzuki.
From DVD
"Visual Therapy - Mushroom Chillout" (2006)
Track 6-1: Far Away From Home (2006)
Designed for Chromadepth 3D glasses viewing.
Soundtrack: Far Away From Home by Bjørn Lynne


Color Magic

Color Magic from reaktorplayer on Vimeo.
Abstract color and audio.

Visual Therapy Mushroom Chillout 5-6 3D animation, motion graphics & directed by VJ Love Mushroom aka Yo Suzuki.
From DVD
"Visual Therapy - Mushroom Chillout" (2006)
Track 3-2: Heavenlies (2006)
Designed for Chromadepth 3D glasses viewing.
Soundtrack: Heavenlies by 3D animation, motion graphics & directed by VJ Love Mushroom aka Yo Suzuki.
From DVD
"Visual Therapy - Mushroom Chillout" (2006)
Track 4: (2006)
Designed for Chromadepth 3D glasses viewing.
Soundtrack: Ice Station by


EU - 99

EU - 99 from Taras Gesh on Vimeo.
realtime visual

Visual Therapy Mushroom Chillout 3-4 3D animation, motion graphics & directed by VJ Love Mushroom aka Yo Suzuki.
From DVD
"Visual Therapy - Mushroom Chillout" (2006)
Track 2-2: Liquid Incense (2006)
Designed for Chromadepth 3D glasses viewing.
Soundtrack: Liquid Incense by Bjørn Lynne 3D animation, motion graphics & directed by VJ Love Mushroom aka Yo Suzuki.
From DVD
"Visual Therapy - Mushroom Chillout" (2006)
Track 3-1: Heavenlies (2006)
Designed for Chromadepth 3D glasses viewing.
Soundtrack: Heavenlies by


[splaf7] live w/ Matthew Dear @ VIA - Pittsburgh

[splaf7] live w/ Matthew Dear @ VIA - Pittsburgh from rux on Vimeo.

[splaf7] live w/ Matthew Dear @ VIA - Pittsburgh _02 from rux on Vimeo.

[splaf7] live w/ Matthew Dear @ VIA - Pittsburgh _03 from rux on Vimeo.
Matthew Dear dj set w/ Splaf7 live-visuals performance at VIA-AudioVisual Festival _Pittsburgh

Visual Therapy Mushroom Chillout 1-2 3D animation, motion graphics & directed by VJ Love Mushroom aka Yo Suzuki.
From DVD
"Visual Therapy - Mushroom Chillout" (2006)
Track 1: Sunshine Mushroom (2005)
Designed for Chromadepth 3D glasses viewing.
Soundtrack: Imaging World by John Radford 3D animation, motion graphics & directed by VJ Love Mushroom aka Yo Suzuki.
From DVD
"Visual Therapy - Mushroom Chillout" (2006)
Track 2-1: Liquid Incense (2006)
Designed for Chromadepth 3D glasses viewing.
Soundtrack: Liquid Incense by Bjørn Lynne


COLORBOX5 (loops pack)

Download loops pack "COLORBOX" in 1280x720 pixels @
Please,if you download packs,make one or two clicks on the ads by google.
Blog will be update regularly.


TouchOSC & VDMX - How to set it up from Jan R. on Vimeo.
How to connect TouchOSC on your iPhone with VDMX (uplink & downlink).

TouchOSC & VDMX - Random examples from Jan R. on Vimeo.
Just playing around with TouchOSC & VDMX.



Flow from cnone on Vimeo.
sinan buyukbas
Self-initiated project
Experimenting on the flow of the colors and light in harmony.
Shot with Nikon d90 and Canon 5d MarkII
Music: Milosh - Wrapped Round My Ways

Pretzlcoat @ Old Bridge Fest

Pretzlcoat @ Old Bridge Fest from Annapurna Kumar on Vimeo.
July 1-2, 2009, Amissville, VA
Thanks x1000 to Count Pyro's Castle for putting this together
performing with pretzlcoat-​pretzlcoat
- used a low shutter speed to get more light into the camera; it wasn't nearly this choppy/blurry in real life...

VJ Clip - iPhone Feedback

VJ Clip - iPhone Feedback from Ian Page-Echols on Vimeo.
Made with a combination of video mixers (Panasonic WJ-AVE3 and Edirol V4) and an iPhone 3GS with another camera shooting the screen of the iPhone. The iPhone added delay and some picture quality changes.
Just let me know if you use any of my clips for a show, and if you feel like it, give a link to any clips from twitter, facebook, or your site.


visuales Alejandro Sanz Tour 2007

visuales Alejandro Sanz Tour 2007 from visitor on Vimeo.
montaje para 6 pantallas para el inicio de los conciertos de la gira "Tren de los Momentos" de Alejandro Sanz

MGFest Austin 2010
MGFest stands as the premier creative conference for motion design, visual effects, sound design and interface technology. The Motion Graphics Festival presents a year-long, regionally focused program of events including: art showcases, workshops, classes, panel discussions, studio tours, theater screenings and industry mixers.
New Motion + New Sound + New Code
"* Austin Motion Graphics Festival 2010 *
New Motion + New Sound + New Code =
October 18th through 24th
Austin TX --- The Austin Motion Graphics Festival provides seven days of educational, entertainment and networking events featuring artists such as: Herzog & de Meuron, Lucas Arts, N.A.S.A. w/ Tom Waits and Kanye West, Basement Jaxx, Warp Records, Ninja Tune, Royksopp, The Crystal Method, Puma, The Flashbulb, Carl Burgess, The Mill, Dvein, Pleix, Psyop, Max Hattler and many more..."

Motion Graphics Festival 09 from Carmen on Vimeo.
Carmen Navarrete ~ Producer
Lift Motion Design :: Production + Direction + Graphics
Secret Frequency :: Sound Design


Rominger Selva

Rominger Selva from visitor on Vimeo.
visuales live de ROMINGER en el Sonar 2009
el sonido esta mal grabado en un ensayo, sorry
musica: ROMINGER (Pendrive Records/Miga Label)

Lucid house 06:2009 - chapter 6

Lucid house 06:2009 - chapter 6 from lucidhouse on Vimeo.
Another cut taken from “Lucid house June 2009” - Twelve bite-sized portions, starting from the back of 27 minute piece and retaining original 4:3 aspect ratio.
So here's “Chapter 6”
.Audio visual mix > Lucidhouse
Sophia Loren, Bruce Lee
Film Samples:
El Cid (1961)
Power Rangers
The Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)
The Green Hornet (1966)
Lucas Tesselhoff-Body's Perfect
Tom Clark & Daniel Dreier-Smells Like
.visual clips:

VisionSonic 2010 - Trailer

VisionSonic 2010 - Trailer from visionsonic on Vimeo.
Festival Visionsonic 2010 > A/V acts music and arts
13.10 > 07.11.2010 (Ile-de-France)
....and so much more!​visionsonic
film by Rko (v-atak) & Strom Varx
Director of Photography: Guillaume Le Grontec
sound design by Tzii
field recording by Anton Mobin
mastering by Ripit
assistant: Héléne Tafrihi


Incomplete story

Incomplete story from v4w.enko on Vimeo.
Some video from the audiovisual work "Pack" made by .at/on, v4w.enko and aiuto.

Het Negeren

Het Negeren from Carolien Teunisse / Lucidlien on Vimeo.
This dual screen installation visualizes a poem from Ramsey Nasr called "Het Negeren" what means to ignore.
translation of the last sentence: I pretend just like you that everything is allright, but it's no consolation to know that all this doesnt move you a bit.
this was a school project made together with lieneke.


Vessels 2010

Vessels 2010 from Johann Nortje on Vimeo.

Wanderer Productions: VJ improv

Wanderer Productions: VJ improv from Johann Nortje on Vimeo.

Wanderer Productions: VJ improv (2) from Johann Nortje on Vimeo.
This sample is part of a jam where each VJ (Naomi Lamb and Johann Nortje) responded directly to each others mix using original samples.

Persistence of Illusion

Persistence of Illusion from Johann Nortje on Vimeo.
This is the final documentation of my Masters project.
It is performative Projection Mapping.The controllers I used I made out of hacked Wii-remotes, re-organised components and remodeled shell. The virtual 3d space is mapped onto the physical 3d space, creating a feedback loop that generates the content.
This is a VERY short description, please feel free to ask me more about it!


Cinetrip VJ Torna 2010

" Helleluja! Elindult az idei, budapesti VJ Torna aloldala. Még aktívan dolgozunk a tartalmon, de már a versenykiírás és a nevezés módja megtalálható. A részletes programot hamarosan közzétesszük, addig is terjesszétek a hírt, nagyon erős lesz a felhozatal! Ide kattintsatok / Click here!"

Human mapping

Mortal Engine is a intermedia dance performance using movement and sound responsive projections to portray an ever-shifting, shimmering world in which the limits of the human body are an illusion. Produced by well known australian dance company Chunky Move. Director Gideon, Interactive System Designer Frieder Weiss, Laser performance Robin Fox, Composer Ben Frost

A highlight from "Glow", performed by "Chunky Move" , that will be hosted during the 7th International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Venice, on June 05 and 06 2010. previews the innovative 'Glow' from Dance company Chunky Move!

Hailed by The Australian as the countrys best modern dance company, choreographer Gideon Obarzaneks Chunky Move dazzles audiences with its use of site-specific installations and interactive sound and light technologies. Obarzanek's avant-garde performances explore the tensions between the rational world we live in and richness of our imagination.

ABOUT US Chunky Move
Founded by Artistic Director Gideon Obarzanek in 1995, Chunky Move has earned an enviable reputation for producing a distinct yet unpredictable brand of genre-defying dance performance.
Chunky Move’s work constantly seeks to redefine what is or what can be contemporary dance within an ever-evolving Australian culture. The Company’s work is both diverse in form and content; to date the Company has created a number of works for the stage, site specific, new-media and installation work.
Chunky Move’s multi-tiered programming initiatives foster and support a strong and vibrant dance culture in its home city of Melbourne and also creates critically acclaimed and popular larger productions for touring. Recent cities toured include: Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Dresden, New York, Vancouver, Edinburgh and Lisbon.
In 2008 Chunky Move received Best Dance Work for Glow and Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production for Mortal Engine at the Live Performance Australia Helpmann Awards. In 2009, Mortal Engine received an Honorary Mention in the Prix Ars Electronica awards in the Hybrid Arts category.


Graffiti Analysis 3.0

Graffiti Analysis 3.0 from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Graffiti Analysis: Media Facades Festival from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Graffiti Analysis: POV from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Graffiti Analysis: Tudela 2010 from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

chiral | documentation projection & paper sculpture | MOCA Taipei 2010

chiral | documentation projection & paper sculpture | MOCA Taipei 2010 from Robert Seidel on Vimeo.

Chiral | Projection & Paper sculpture | Taiwan/Germany 2010
Please check here for the Projection Artwork:​14641476
Projection & Paper Sculpture: Robert Seidel
Soundtrack: Richard Eigner
Chirality is a scientific term describing a structure that is not identical to its mirror image. “Chiral” collects cinematic etudes, which develop various conceptual approaches in order to expand the two-dimensional image into space. They are projected onto a sculpture (510 x 260 x 370 cm) and a screen (250 x 200 cm) made from handmade Taiwanese paper and develop very different lives on these configurations of the same material.
The amalgamation of volumetric lights sets ideas from Chinese calligraphy into motion and melts them with influences from European Art Informel as well as impasto painting to an abstract-organic sculpture. The installation is completed by a soundtrack by Austrian composer Richard Eigner ( With the premiere in MOCA Taipei the first iteration of the long-term project was presented…
Premiered at Tripolar Exhibition - 3 Positions of German Video Art
Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei, Taiwan)
Date June 15th 2010 - July 18th 2010
Supported by Council of Culture Affairs Taiwan, Taipei Culture Foundation, Goethe-Institute Taipei, Eden Book Store
Sponsored by Optoma, Transcend, Asus
More info​chiral.174.0.html

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

This film explores playful uses for the increasingly ubiquitous ‘glowing rectangles’ that inhabit the world.
We use photographic and animation techniques that were developed to draw moving 3-dimensional typography and objects with an iPad. In dark environments, we play movies on the surface of the iPad that extrude 3-d light forms as they move through the exposure. Multiple exposures with slightly different movies make up the stop-frame animation.
We've collected some of the best images from the project and made a book of them you can buy:​mfmbook
Read more at the Dentsu London blog:​blog/​2010/​09/​14/​light-painting/​
and at the BERG blog:​blog/​2010/​09/​14/​magic-ipad-light-painting/​


Mapping en La Pasionaria

Mapping en La Pasionaria from P∆NDILL∆ on Vimeo.
Edición del mapping que hice, festejando los 2 años de La Pasionaria.
Agosto 2010
Montevideo, Uruguay.

Glitch Telemetry

Glitch Telemetry
Glitch Telemetry
About this video:
"A visual parataxis

Video & Sound Maria Niro 2010

2010 Screenings

Video Dumbo, 24 – 26, September 2010. DUMBO Arts Center Brooklyn New York, USA

WNDX Festival of Film and Video Art 30 Sept- 3 Oct. 2010
Winnipeg, Canada

Alpha-ville @ Whitechapel Gallery. 17 September, 2010. London UK

International Digital Art Festival @ The National Academy of Art, 13-17 September 2010 Sofia Bulgaria

Tweak Digital Art Festival 13th and 24th September 2010 Limerick, Ireland."


Audio Visual Sculpture @ AutumnLights 2010

Audio Visual Sculpture @ AutumnLights 2010 from VJFader on Vimeo.
Sculpture built by VJ Fader and David Johnson
Projection mapping and sound design by VJ Fader
AutumnLights is a multimedia light based group show, more info:​

PSM! (Valencia)​soldemexicoproducciones
PSM! -live- es un proyecto audiovisual que nace de la conexión entre música electrónica y cine. Difícilmente clasificables, se alimentan de influencias electrónicas innovadoras, con el fin de realizar composiciones arriesgadas y comunicar así su particular análisis sobre la realidad social. Cuatro jóvenes productores de música y vídeo se unen en un escenario mediante el uso de samplers y sintetizadores construyendo así un viaje sonoro digital titulado PSM 2.0 .
PSM! -live- is an Audio-Visual Project that comes to life through the connection between electronic music and film. Very difficutly classifiable wihtin in its genre. This project is nurtured by risky yet innovating electronic influences with the objective to realize and execute complex rhythmic compositions to communicate it..s particular analysis as to how we perceive social reality, by bringing it all together through images on screen. 4 young Audio-Visual producers come together on stage with their samplers and synthesizers to create an audio-visual trip which they titled: PSM 2.0 The Final result being “Electronic Live Cinema”. - So you ask, what is Electronic Live Cinema?

PSM! "Nine" live at Mimaa Festival from PSM! on Vimeo.
PSM! participo en la pasada edición del Mimma [Muestra internacional de música y audiovisuales avanzados] celebrado en la ciudad de Elxe. Plaid y Mira Calix fueron algunos de los artistas que este año pasaron por el Mimma.

PSM! [Paper Plane] from PSM! on Vimeo.
Música y audio de PSM! dentro del directo PSM 2.0
Electronic Live Cinema.

PSM! Live at REC 08. from PSM! on Vimeo.
Live in REC 08 Esta grabado en el Festival REC 08 de Tarragona donde PSM! participo dentro de la sección
Live Cinema.