The EARTH ELEMENT stage animation 2017

The EARTH ELEMENT stage animation 2017 from Dorian Natan - Vj MasterDamus on Vimeo.

A Tribal visual animation clip created As part of dance show.
Dancers were placed and danced on a gigantic Led floor with powerful tribal music as we created this clip to accompany & stylize their actions & music played played.
The theme was The Elements of nature, This one being the EARTH ELEMENT.
The screens were pretty intense as we used a Gigantic led floor,
followed by x3 full 360 circular LED balls hovering above it all from the ceiling.
we love the amazing outcome, beat precision & the tribal full power vibe that came out :)
Client: Studio Pixel סטודיו פיקסל​
Animation & Creative direction by: Dorian Natan VJ Masterdamus​

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