VideoMapping Workshop

    • 2012. március 2., 14:00 - 2012. március 4., 16:00
  • Space VJ Meeting, Olsztyn
  • Space Vj Meeting and Kinocirkus Present
    ► Video Mapping Workshop ◄
    for VJs, Performers, Scenographist, Digital Artists, Graphic Designers,...

    Video Mapping is a technique of projection on 3D objects, ranging from origami to whole life size buildings. This offers more expressive possibilities than a flat rectangular screen could ever do!

    The aim of the workshop is to learn how to create a reconstruction of a surface or how to explore video work using a whole new spectrum of possibilities offered by the space itself.

    We will be creating special digital decorations and the result of the workshop will be exposed during the Space Vj Meeting

    To participate, please mail to
    write two words about your background, related software skills (drawing, Vjing, composing, etc..) and (if possible) link to your works. ◄ prof

VJ Diablos and VJ Forum International are organizing a four-day expo with workshops and performances, as part of the „Space VJ Meeting Poland" series by VJ Diablos.
This time VJ DIABLOS' idea was to prepare a small :)
party@small club with one VJ and one DJ, but BJORN SAMSON (VJ Forum International, Dizzy&Woozy) offered help so this event is international now, lets get started!
Are you ready to show your skills in an amazing location?
VJ Diablos invites us to the Planetarium in Olsztyn, from 1st of March till 4th of March (4day event), where we can connect our favourite toys to some projectors and all share an extraordinary moment by doing what we like.

Program: (more to be announced)
PLANETA 11: Space VJ Meeting Big Office for artists, workshop, open everyday from 11am-8pm, free WIFI Hotspot, free pc
RELAKS HOSTEL: Space VJ Meeting Office Room, open 24/24 from 1day before till next day after, mapping, workshop, accomodation & free wifi Hotspot
PLANETARIUM: th/fr/sat/su- performances & mapping
BWA ART GALLERY: sunday-installations: 3 VJs & 3 hours long film: "Diablos in Mexico"
GRAWITACJA CLUB: fr/sat/su- performances, mapping, structures + afterparty

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