Mapping _ Digital Shifts

"The Mapping Festival, renamed Mapping _ Digital Shifts on the occasion of its 13th edition, has offered from May 11 to 28 a broadened program over an exceptionnally extended duration.
First of all, we wish to send our most heartfelt thanks to the artists, who performed as part of a rich, avant-garde program including audiovisual performances, live shows, screenings, and DJ sets – namely Acronym, Aleksi Perälä, Alex Augier, Boris Labbé, Borusiade, Clara, DISNOVATION.ORG, ENA, Galabar, Graphset, Lacrema, Lea Fabrikant, Mah’Mood, Maotik, Maria Roszkowska, Mark IJzerman, Martin Messier, Neel, Nicolas Maigret, Paul Jebanasam, Pascal Viscardi, Peder Mannerfelt, Rainer Kohlberger, Refracted, Ruslana Koziienko, Serhiy Klymko, Sins, STEREO NIGHT, Tarik Barri, Temiri, The Mole, YON & POL.

Exploring digital cultures along the lines of three distinct strands – LAB, LIVE and EXPO –, the event attracted both experts and the general public, especially at the ACT space, created in collaboration with the Electron festival.
As a new center for art and creation in relation with technology, ACT, which was inaugurated by Electron on April 6, and then occupied by Mapping _ Digital Shifts from May 3 to 28, attracted close to 5000 visitors, seduced by the plethora of conferences, workshops, masterclasses, late openings, various animations as well as the two successive exhibitions it hosted.
Broadly speaking, the organizers wish to highlight the success of the festival's new orientations, and particularly the creation of its first international Forum, Paradigm Shift, which is bound to be renewed during the next editions. In this respect, we warmly thank the speakers for the quality of their talks and the abundant discussions thus initiated.
We would also like to say a huge thank you to all the instructors who conducted workshops and masterclasses intended both for young and older participants.
Finally, the festival team wish to thank wholeheartedly the volunteers, partners, venues, technical crews, as well as the audience, all of which have made this edition a true success and a rich experience.

See you in May 2018 for the next edition!"

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