iPod Jockey 2017

iPod Jockey 2017 from Takemi Watanuki on Vimeo.

“iPodJockey”is a new VJ system for the club or LIVE performance. 20~30 iPod Touch will glow like a VJ and they are all connected by wireless ,so it is possible to make a mass performance. VJ systems in the clubhouse or some kind of stage produce are not so much updating in these 10 ̃ 20 years , I thought this
“iPodJockey”will show a new direction for it. Also I thought the portait shape of the display and the brightness of the iPod (programmed to light up in the most highest level) will realize the audience it is a smartphone that we usually use every day and they are used as a different way . These realization are the most interesting points in this work .

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