Live VJ-performance by The Lightbulbs

Live VJ-performance by The Lightbulbs from Leonie Spachtholz on Vimeo.

The Lightbulbs invite you to a visual music experience with lights and flames guiding you through a journey of emotions. Joy is a feeling we are all looking after, and visual music enables to affect the mind though the synergy of musical and visual stimuli in an atmospheric ambiance. A set of different loops was first created to perform and play with them and make a live visual composition following and visualising a narrative through the feelings and stages of the music. Fire and light and their motions are elements of this performance, visualising the joy conveyed through the used music, mainly from the 60's.

KISD - Köln International School of Design - 2017
Leonie Spachtholz & Alan Chismechian
Short term project: Motion Experience Lab: Visual Music — Loops in Space
Project lead by Prof. Nina Juric and guest lecturer Michael Titze "Pfadfinderei / Berlin"

Film Soundtrack:
- Can't Wait Too Long by The Beach Boys
- Heaven knows I'm Miserable Now by The Smiths
- Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen
- Goodnight by The Beatles
- If I Needed Someone by The Beatles
- Love and Mercy by Brian Wilson

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VJ-Performance by The Lightbulbs: Leonie Spachtholz and Alan Chismechian, using source video material created by filming poi juggling with fire and led.

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