APASHE - Copter Boy Tour Visuals

APASHE - Copter Boy Tour Visuals from Rémi Vincent on Vimeo.

Apashe is a music producer from Brussels who moved to Montreal. He is exploring all kinds of sounds influenced by hip-hop, neurofunk and electro.
Apashe asked us to create the visuals for his Copter Boy Tour.
We’ve created almost 80 black n’ gold video loops, and a custom Apashe helicopter, with a bunch of different techniques, from 2D to 3D animation.

Creative direction: Rémi Vincent
Art direction, motion design and VJ: Vincent Raineri, Josselin Bey, Rémi Vincent
Shots: Adrian Villagomez, Enoch Alexander Blackwell X, Vincent Raineri, Rémi Vincent, Josselin Bey
Music: Apashe - I'm A Dragon feat. Sway (buy it here:

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