Live Generative Visuals for Henry Art Gallery Gala

Live Generative Visuals for Henry Art Gallery Gala from Alexander Miller on Vimeo.

This video consists of highlights from a VJ performance I did for a Gala event at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle.

The visuals are generated in realtime using custom made software. During the performance, I manipulate the parameters of the algorithms in an improvisational way using a MIDI controller. The result is sometimes orderly, sometimes chaotic—I don't know exactly how the visuals will respond. Things get messy when experimenting live like this, but occasionally I stumble across a cool combination of parameters.

Henry Art Gallery /
Music by Amateur Hour /

- Processing /
- Quartz Composer / Apple
- ISF /
- VDMX /

- 2015 Macbook Pro
- HD26 Optoma Projector
- Novation Launch Control XL MIDI Controller

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