VDMX & Motus.Lumina Quartz Composer Pack

VDMX & Motus.Lumina Quartz Composer Pack from motus.lumina on Vimeo.

A quick random mix of Motus.Lumina Quartz Composer Pack with VDMX VJ software. All the QC parameters and video FX are controlled by MIDI clock, step sequencer, audio analysis and LFO plugins of VDMX. We use similar presets for our installations or live shows to control our QC content.
Enjoy !!

Music: Stephan Bodzin-Wir

Motus.Lumina Quartz Composer Pack is a collection of our new QC works combined with the updated & fixed versions of our previous works. The pack offers minimalistic geometrical compositions, particle textures, generative 3D objects and generative 3D textures. Connect & control your visuals with audio, MIDI and OSC signals. 
Suitable for any type of visual performance. Tested with VDMX, Resolume and CoGe VJ.

/ 30 Quartz Composer patches (up to 60 presets) + neon lights, soft tracer and city lights presets for VDMX and Resolume /

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