K Machine v2 demo (quick overview)

K Machine v2 demo (quick overview) from Kolargon on Vimeo.

K Machine is back with a completely new v2 version !
You can now upload you own audio samples (up to 24
simultaneous different samples) through Audioshare or ITunes File Sharing, have access to all the audio parameters of each track, upload your own visual shaders though ITune file sharing, unlimited number of loops, save/load your projects, have access to a sequencer for each track's parameters (including visual track).
Almost every controller can be mapped to up to 3 finger positions on the screen, or assigned a randomisation event.
Visual shader files are 100% compatible with's vertex shaders, so you can work on your shaders online on and then import in the KMachine (through ITunes File Sharing).
Shaders have access to sound frequencies history(about 2,4 sec) through texture access and screen touch history.
And a ingenious 'code in the comments' allows to expose up to 8 float parameters of your .glsl code to the Machine.

Complete (almost) list of new features:
-Audiobus 2.3.1 added, one receiver port, one sender port.
-Samples import with AudioShare.
-Shader/Audio files/animations files import with ITune file sharing
-Project can be saved/open in .kol format in the Documents.
-Live video capture through EveryPlay. Captured video are automatically saved to the photo album, and can also be shared on youtube or EveryPlay space.
-3 Audio Samples Tracks, each with:
Up to 8 players, supporting wav or aiff 44100 Hz files
Controls for:
Tempo Factor
3 parameters Flanger
4 parameters Reverb
Filter Resonant LowPass
Filter Resonant HiPass
Filter LowShelf
Filter HighShelf
Filter Parameteric

-Main Audio track, with:
Tempo BPM, Beats per scene (local parameters).
Global Volume as animation parameters.
3 band Equalizer as animation parameters.

-Visual track, with:
Background color parameter.
Up to 8 loaded glsl shaders.
Up to 8 shaders parameters exposed from the glsl code.

-Loop edition tools:
Unlimited number of loops
Clone current loop to end of the animation
Delete current loop
Copy/Paste current loop

-Play/Record tools:
Play animation sequencially
User action recorder save the actions to the project.
Start/Stop live video capture
Captured video is automatically saved in photo album
Possibility to share video on Everyplay
- 2 action modes added: change first event, no change
- 3 levels of rendering quality to adapt the rendering to your device.
- second screen projection without UI for live performances.

- Configurable beat per loop for each loop
- Configurable tempo for each loop
- immediate loop switching on touch event
- event splitting function allowing 1/2-1/3-1/5-1/7-1/11

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