Motus.Lumina Quartz Composer Pack / Neon FX

Motus.Lumina Quartz Composer Pack / Neon FX from motus.lumina on Vimeo.

A quick demonstration of Motus.Lumina Quartz Composer Pack / Neon FX update with VDMX VJ software.

Motus.Lumina Quartz Composer Pack is a collection of our new QC works combined with the updated & fixed versions of our previous works. The pack offers minimalistic geometrical compositions, particle textures, generative 3D objects and generative 3D textures. Connect & control your visuals with audio, MIDI and OSC signals. 
Suitable for any type of visual performance. Tested with VDMX, Resolume and CoGe VJ.
/ 30 Quartz Composer patches (up to 60 presets) + neon lights, soft tracer and city lights presets for VDMX and Resolume + 22 patches with built-in Neon FX version /

If you already have the Motus.Lumina QC Pack a free download link will be sent to your e-mail. If you are interested in Motus.Lumina QC Pack please check our website

Enjoy the video !!

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