Audio Visuals Performing Arts

"Ciao Vj,
are you an organization that care about Audio Visuals Performing Arts or just a person interested about it?

Here are our all our channels, old, new and renewed:

WEBSITE (renewed) -
Here you can find all the network members' events and news, our mission, all the services and activities available for members and how to join the network.
The new community area for artists and organizations will be available soon (

You can get all the AVnode news and events direct on your Telegram App

You can find images from the events of AVnode members

You can follow all updates from AVnode and from events of the AVnode members

You can follow a selection of posts of the events of AVnode members.  
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AVnode is an international network of artists and professionals organising activities in the fields of audio visual performing arts.
AVnode Team"

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