Murcof & Malo - Live A/V

Murcof & Malo - Live A/V from Visuaal on Vimeo.

Murcof & Malo - Live A/V - 2017

Malo created a light exploration and cinematographic view about memory, sadness and forgotten times. For Transient Festival 2015 (Paris) He had been commissioned to collaborate with Fernando Corona as Murcof. First approach of the whole set would be to dive between figurative sequences and total abstract light shapes. But quickly, He noticed a strong and grim shift in the music aesthetic. This live was really different from the previous things he did with Enki Bilal and Anti VJ: Malo didn’t found any jazz or organic rhythm but something much more slow and religious. From this Malo started to create unidentified landscape and ghostly shapes only made of light refracted through water and glass filmed with a camera.

Fernando’s music use to be serious, post romantic and full of tension, then Malo created pictures dedicated to item and machine which belongs to the past (a stereoscope with printed on glass photography has been used for this show), talking about dust, ancient places and forgotten people.

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