DUAL - Led facade

DUAL - Led facade from Optikal Ink Lab on Vimeo.

Direction and concept by Laura Ramirez - Optika
Music by Ivan Panqueva

Commisioned by SP_Urban Festival - LED facade - Galeria de arte SESI -Brazil

Inspired by digital culture and the impact of technology on interpersonal relationships. The planet has never been as interconnected as it is now but at the same time digital tools have become electronic drugs that separate us from the physical world. We feel that we are effectively connecting with other people through electronic devices but this intense electronic relationship paradoxically generates a sense of social isolation. We subtly substitute physical relations for electronics or confuse electronic relations with real situations. DUAL is the reflection of this duality, we are no longer a single person, we are a combination of different versions of what social networks, databases and digital systems show of ourselves.

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