ACT opening!

It's done! The two major electronic and digital arts events in Geneva come together to propose a new project: ACT, a space dedicated to Art and Creation in relation with new Technologies.
Although Electron Festival and Mapping Festival belong to the pioneering events which have grown alongside with the rise of digital arts on the Geneva scene as of the early 2000s, it is now clear that they missed a place entirely dedicated to technological creation that could foster the sustainability and development of its players under a common roof. That is why today, Mapping and Electron festivals rally together around the creation of this space.
From April 6 to May 28, ACT celebrates the numerous shapes of digital arts, with a program in two steps: ACT1, presented by Electron Festival, and ACT2, presented by Mapping Festival. Located at Le Commun (Rue des Bains 28), ACT will dedicate its first floor to two exhibitions. For two months, the ground floor will be turned into a welcoming space, hosting meetings, debates and exchanges, which will also take the form of workshops, conferences, masterclasses, performances and afterwork parties.
Partly intended for a well-informed public, this program, built jointly by Electron and Mapping Festival, is also meant to reach a wider audience, whose interest in new technologies keeps growing.
Program and infos on
"Hz" exhibition opening: Thursday, April 6 at 6pm
Rue des Bains 28 - 1205 Geneva

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