Disco Cane 2017

Disco Cane 2017 from Justin Riley on Vimeo.

The Disco Cane project is about creating intimate, unique, stimulating, multi-sensorial, ephemeral experiences for people. It is an evolved extension of my Disco Bike project, which has been one of my most successful works to date because it combines functionality, arts, music, video, light, dance, and public social interaction. Disco Bike is a mutant tall bike with over 3,000 mirrors, ornamentation, a custom built sound-system, and a portable projector. From Disco Bike, Disco Cane uses ornaments, part of the sound-system, and the projector and condenses them into a portable cane version. In this project, the interactive element uses an iPad to control the audio and video. When this component is active, audience members have the freedom to play and explore the creative flow state where one is completely focused in the present moment. The most recent addition to the interactive element is an “ancient but futuristic, dichroic, spinning, geometric quantum photon entangler.” Essentially it’s four prisms joined together to form a cube, which is the heart of any old video projector. This is encased in a laser cut cube attached to a motor. Using a nob and a switch, an audience member can control the speed and direction of the motor’s rotation. Part of the motivation for creating this project was that I rarely see small roaming personalized interactive installations at festivals. Most of the focus is on the stages and large-scale art projects. Enter Disco Cane, which strives to create magical moments exposing the beautiful ancient, future hidden in this universe.

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