F.U.M. - Concrete Jungle Session Eight - MAUOQ 15/04/2017

F.U.M. - Concrete Jungle Session Eight - MAUOQ 15/04/2017 from Michele Tocci on Vimeo.

FUM - Foggia Underground Movement, Groove Live


15/04/2017 00:30-06:00


Fenomeno sinestetico, "Concrete Jungle" mostra la strada per la contaminazione plurisensoriale del concetto di contro-cultura.
Nuova sincronia di modulazione sonora e visiva, proietta su Foggia il suono di una sublimazione artistica, tecnica e spirituale.
Concrete Jungle non è un virus del Sistema;
Concrete Jungle è il protocollo di rigenerazione culturale di Capitanata.


Session Eight - 15.04.2017

Concrete jungle

Lee One (MC)
ActionGear, Raijin, Rash
Visuals by Vj Attitude

++ Special Guest ++

MAUOQ (Absys Records, CX Digital, Diffrent Music, Dispatch Recordings, Flexout Audio, Nurtured Beatz Recordings, Mauoq Music, Protect Audio, Terabyte Records and Terra Null Recordings )


Mauoq (born Mauro Campana) is a London based DJ/Producer originally from Rome, Italy.

After a few years spent in the early 90s playing italo-house and techno at student parties in Italy, he fell in love with the bass-rich breakbeat sound coming from the UK in the middle of the decade. Since then he has always pushed the deepest and grooviest side of the Drum’n’Bass spectrum and at the beginning of the new millennium he moved to London. Exposed to Dubstep a few years later, its dub-tinged sounds definitely caught his attention and redefined his dnb taste too. Less is more!

In 2010 he started a bi-monthly podcast series (Mauoq DNB Podcast) aimed at showcasing the most recent and interesting evolutions of this bass-driven electronic music genre at 170 bpm also known as Drum and Bass.

In terms of productions, he has been playing with basic music softwares since the late nineties but only took it seriously about ten years later and had his first release in 2011. Since then his releases have had Dj support from Dexta (Diffrent Music), Gremlinz (Hardware), Loxy (Cylon / Hardware), Mark System (Exit, Digital Soundboy), Reza (Cylon / CX), Skeptical (Exit), Stunna (Greenroom), Tokyo Prose (Samurai Music) and more.

In 2015 he has re-launched his record label Mauoq Music, a personal channel for his music and remixes of it.

Groove Live, via Manfredonia 29/C


Driver (Ugo): 3278628753

Roberto (Foggia): 3772103229
Ugo (Lucera): 3389093131

TRACK ID: Mauoq - Dream On

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