HypeGarden, Pt.2 by VJ Reign

HypeGarden, Pt.2 by VJ Reign from VJ Reign on Vimeo.

VIDEO: HypeGarden, Pt.2 by VJ Reign

The idea of the mapping installation HypeGarden is in collaboration between sevral artists in different techniques: string art work, human-made origami flowers and 3D printed flowers are brought to life with the dance of the awakened being. Also its about the connection to the Source and rising up our Souls.

actress: Valeriya Teslenko
shot on Sony A7sII
& produced by RE‡GN

string art by Ruslan Kolmykov
origami flowers by Denis Lyalin
3D printed flowers by Alex Shershun

MUSIC: There's Talk - All Is Full of Love (Bjork Cover)

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