AlienScapes_Deformable Mars

AlienScapes_Deformable Mars from thomasvallianatos on Vimeo.


AlienScapes_Deformable Mars
The artwork is a rendered version of a broader audiovisual performance (see also fractus Machine: through VJ and visual performance software
Visuals: 3d displacement based on Hirise experiment's imagery Image rendering in 3ds max.
Music visualization via ISF (interactive shaders) in Magic Music Visuals. Audio: Composition in FLstudio with NI Massive sounds.
The aim of the project is to explore the aesthetics of extraterrestrial patterns and nature fractals through new media art. The aesthetics of extraterrestrial landscapes, CGI and nature fractals and especially the aesthetics of moving fractals is the basic concern of the "AlienScapes" project.
The goal is being achieved by 3d programs and real time visual performance software.

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