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Before launching the Mapping LIVE strand, which will feature, among many others, The MolePeder Mannerfelt and Acronym over the course of three clubbing nights at the Zoo, as well as a series of audiovisual performances at the Spoutnik, the Fonderie Kugler and the Alhambra, Mapping _ Digital Shifts invites you to enjoy the late openings and other free events taking place at ACT (Le Commun) over the next few days.

/// Nuit des Bains special evening 

This thursday, May 18 for the "Nuit des Bains" – a collective exhibition opening by all galleries and cultural spaces of the Quartier des Bains in Geneva –, you can visit the exhibition DISNOVATION.ORG until 10pm and have a drink at the Bar.temp until midnight, in the company of Galabar (CH / WFmusik, Central Station).

/// Conference The Recode Project: A Process for Generative Design 

On friday, May 19 from 5pm to 6pm, Camille de Dieu and Laurent Novac will present their work for the ReCode Project, a community-driven effort to archive and bring pioneering works of computational art back into circulation, notably through their research around iconic artworks born from the encounter between computer science and graphic design in the 70s.
In collaboration with the HEAD – Genève

/// Nuit des musées: cocktail & night party 

For this "Nuit des musées" special evening, the Centre photographie Genève and Mapping _ Digital Shifts team up to offer a night party on the ground floor of the Bâtiment d'art contemporain.
The exhibition DISNOVATION.ORG will be open until midnight and the Bar.temp will welcome visitors until 2am, with a musical selection chiseled by DJs Temiri et Sins.
By way of introduction, the Mapping will also be host to a participative warm-up cocktail with Museomix CH from 6pm to 9pm.
The entrance to all these events is free!
On those evenings, you can also purchase passes and tickets for the night parties, performances and screenings coming next week, enjoy free guided tours and get information about the two days of free conferences which will take place on May 24 and 25 as part of the Paradigm Shift _ Forum.
We will be glad to welcome you!

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