Jacopo Bacci - Organic/Synthetic

Jacopo Bacci - Organic/Synthetic from Jacopo Bacci on Vimeo.

This project was born from the idea of using sound and visual parts related to rocks and plastics. The resulting work is a concatenation of several audio and visual landscapes that follow one another, all accompanied by an acoustic background made with synthesizers, which links the different stages that occur. The resulting environment corresponds to an extended and abstract space changing over time, full of prospects that alternate between closeness and distance. The sound part is formed by recordings made of rocks in a quarry and by recordings made of plastic materials in closed environments. The key point of the work, sonically, is the right density calibration of sound impulsive elements, and where to place the fragments of the recordings so that they interact with each other in a fluid and natural manner. Another peculiarity of the song is undoubtedly the dynamic evolution of the parts: crescendo and diminuendo alternate phases to create tension/relaxation and stability/instability, accompanied by glissandi more or less long. Drawing inspiration from the materials did not affect the structure of the project, it was developed according to the choice of composition of the authors, which in this case let themselves be guided by the elements of matter themselves.

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