Mapping LIVE

For its third and last week, Mapping _ Digital Shifts decisively takes a festive turn with the launch of the Mapping LIVE strand from May 24 to 28! Audiovisual performances, club nights, films, public screening at the Musem of art and history of Geneva...Discover the full line-up day by day!
Passes and tickets available online or at the main ticket office at ACT (2pm-8pm).
You can already have a look at the first photo reports of the 13th edition!

/// Mapping LIVE - wednesday, May 24 

Mark IJzerman - Presque Vu >> video synthesizer & organic resonances
Tarik Barri ft. Lea Fabrikant - Versum  >> 3D performance 3D and vocal art
// Doors 8:30pm / Performances 9pm

Club #1 @Le Zoo - Full on love and balearics
DJ sets by The Mole (Maybe Tomorrow / CA)
++ Borusiade (Cómeme / RO)
++ Pascal Viscardi (LoveNotes / CH)
Visuals par Graphset (FR) >> immersive installation "White Lodge" as a reference to cult series Twin Peaks!
// Doors and performances 11pm

/// Mapping LIVE - thursday, May 25 

Alex Augier _nybble_ >> digital minimalism and organicity
Martin Messier FIELD >> electromagnetic composition
// Doors 8:30pm / Performances 9pm

/// Mapping LIVE - friday, May 26 

Screening of short animated films, followed by a Q&A session with the artist
// Doors 7:30pm / Screenings 8pm

Public screening following the 3D mapping workshopconducted by Ivó Kovács, Viktor Vicsek and artist Laszló Zsolt Bordos, who performed at the MAH in 2011 (courtyard) and 2012 (main façade).
// Doors open at 8pm for a DJ set by Lacrema
// Public screening at 10pm in the courtyard of the Museum of art and history of Geneva

Club #2 @Le Zoo - Leftfield
Live AV by Peder Mannerfelt (Numbers, Avian / SE)
++ DJ set by ENA (Hidden Hawaii, 7even / JP)
++ Live by Aleksi Perälä (Clone, Clolundi Sequence / FI)
++ Live AV "Tension" par YON & POL (CH)
// Doors and performances 11pm

/// Mapping LIVE - saturday, May 27 

KINOTRON #1 - exhibition and screenings @Spoutnik Cinema
With Serhiy Klymko and Ruslana Koziienko, from the Visual Culture Research Center of Kiev, Ukraine 
- 2pm Guided tours of the Kinotron exhibition (free)
- 6pm Screenings: "Seven Steps Beyond the Horizon" (Felix Sobolev, 1968), "Approaching the Truth" (Valerian Pidpalyi, 1972)

Tarik Barri & Paul Jebanasam Continuum >> immersive and disorienting sci-fi / deep-listening universe
Maotik AERYON >> drone narration of an electronic and sonic landscape
Rainer Kohberger Brainbows >> sound layers and waves of pure light
// Doors 8pm / Performances 9pm

Club #3 @Le Zoo - Head to the spiral
Live by Neel (Spazio Disponibile, Spectrum Spools / IT)
++ DJ sets by Acronym (Northern Electronics, Dimensional Explorations / SE)
++ Refracted (Pole Groupe, Mind 2 Express / DE)
++ Clara (Nuisances sonores / CH)
Visuals by STEREO NIGHT (HU) >> Stereoscopic live!
// Doors and performances 11pm

/// Mapping LIVE - sunday, May 28 

KINOTRON #2 - exhibition and screening @Spoutnik CinémaWith Serhiy Klymko and Ruslana Koziienko, from the Visual Culture Research Center of Kiev, Ukraine
- 2pm Guided tours of the Kinotron exhibition (free)
- 6pm Screening: "The Target is Your Brain" (Felix Sobolev et Victor Olender, 1985)
IMPORTANT: for performances at Spoutnik Cinema, please make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early!

Also this week, two free masterclasses (no registration required): TouchDesigner for creative performance (May 25) and Design realtime content for spherical environment(May 26), both conducted by artist Maotik, who will perform at the Alhambra on saturday, May 7!
On top of this, don't miss the Paradigm Shift _ Forum on May 24 and 25 (schedule for Day One / Day Two) – and still, the exhibition DISNOVATION.ORG to enjoy at ACT until Sunday, May 28 (11am-8pm).

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