“Huddled projections”. Space2b ENG h264 4k

"Huddled projections". Space2b ENG h264 4k from Decembrist Agency on Vimeo.

Space2b is a service for short-term apartment rent in the historical center of St.Petersburg.
"Huddled projections" is not just an ad campaign, but an art project.
After dark projections of people cramped into their appartments appeared on buildings facades.
Different facades - different people. But they all didn't have enough space.

Agency: Decembrist, St.Petersburg (
Creative director/Art director: Anton Mokhov
Director/DOP: Ivan Egorov
Editor/Colorist: Victor Isamukhamedov
Helicopter Pilot: Alexey Nezdayminov (ONESKY.PRO)
Account Manager: Pavel Silchenko (Fullfarsh Team)
Production Manager: Oleg Isamukhamedov (Fullfarsh Team)
VJ: Vladimir Egorov (Fullfarsh Team)
Delivery and support: Yuriy Eremeev (Fullfarsh Team)
Backstage DOP: Bogdan Seredin
Music: Pavek Dovgal - Faust ( )

Client: Space2b (
Founder & CEO: Yuriy Bugrov

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